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This month in The Saxon Messenger we are reprinting Chaucer's The Prioress' Tale, which is a story about young Hugh of Lincoln, who lived and died in the 13th century. Nowadays, when The Canterbury Tales are reprinted, the story is often omitted from publication. It is about a young boy killed by the Jews in what is commonly called a Jewish ritual murder. Similar circumstances surrounded the deaths of many other young boys and girls of medieval and modern Europe. It should be no wonder, with the prevalence of Jews in society now, that many children each year are still disappearing.

It is not recorded, that any Jews lived in England after the Saxon conquest, up to the time of the Norman invasion. However Jews came to England with the Normans, and in the 12th century they were able to create settlements in many large English towns, under the license and protection of the kings. In these places, they soon became quite unpopular for their pandering and their usury – things which Christians were barred from and which only Jews could practise. This alone made them despised by the people, however the kings found them to be a useful and convenient source of tax revenue. The Jew would feed on the weak, and the king could tax the Jew heavily. The Jew still managed to amass wealth at a far faster rate than if he had actually engaged in labor, and was able to acquire or establish many other businesses through his profits from usury and other seedy endeavors, making him despised all the more.

Once the Jews became established as a special and protected class in the towns of old England, Christian children began disappearing. Some of the bodies were found, and we shall never know how many were not found because - so far as we can tell - such records were never kept. One of the better summaries of the known history of Jewish ritual murder of Christian children in England, which also mentions cases from elsewhere in Europe, is My Irrelevant Defence being Meditations Inside Gaol and Out on Jewish Ritual Murder by Arnold S. Leese in 1938. In it, Leese describes the recorded circumstances surrounding the deaths of William of Norwich, Simon of Trent, and several other famous and lesser- known cases, and Jews were believed to be the culpable perpetrators in all of them. Many of the bodies of the victims were clearly crucified or sacrificed, and severe repercussions against Jews often followed such discoveries. Leese shows that, following a long history of such cases, one month after “a Jew, Isaac de Pulet, [was] detained for the murder of a Christian boy at Oxford ... King Edward I issued his decree expelling the Jews from the Kingdom. There is, then, every reason to believe that it was the Oxford murder which proved the last straw in toleration.” Of course the Jews had other problems, associated with a general Christian backlash against the evils of usury, and therefore they were not so useful for revenue purposes as they had been. However that alone would not have caused their expulsion, if they had been otherwise peaceable residents. Leese also shows, from documented historical sources, that Jewish ritual murder of Christian children was “one of the chief factors” in the decision of Ferdinand and Isabella to expel the Jews from Spain in 1492.

In 1944, Dr. Hellmut Schramm wrote a book, Der jüdische Ritualmord Eine historische Untersuchung, which has been translated into English by one R. Belser as Ritual Murder in Kiev. This book details the events surrounding the death of the young Andrei Yustschinsky in 1911, and also summarizes the known history of Jewish ritual murder of non-Jewish – and mostly Christian – children in Europe and elsewhere, including many of the cases which Leese also discussed. The book, full of historical references and citations, also tells how the Jews were often successful at covering up their crimes with bribes, extortion, and other more barbaric methods, things which the Leese book also relates in certain instances.

According to official FBI statistics, in 2010 there were 692,944 missing persons reported to law enforcement authorities, of which just over 50% were classified as White. Representative of the population, 51% were females. Over 74% were children. 61,225 were listed as “endangered” and 19,853 as “involuntary”. As of December 31st 2010, 85,820 of the cases were still listed as active, of which nearly 45% were children under 18, and nearly 12% were between the ages of 18 and 20. For the year prior, as of December 31st 2009, there were 96,192 active missing person records. Juveniles under the age of 18 accounted for over 46% of the records and 13% were for juveniles between the ages of 18 and 20. That year, of 719,558 total reports, 52% were female and nearly 61% were White. Of the total, 542,632 were juvenile, 82,564 “endangered” and 20,191 listed as “involuntary”. One thing which is not listed in the published statistics, is how many of the 180,000 or so cases open at the end of each of these two years are still open currently, and how many of those thousands of children are still missing. Even worse, the statistics provided by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children were last compiled in 2002, based on estimated data from the 1990's.

We discuss all of this because, if there is any particular racial group which has a recorded history of abusing another group's children, it is the Jews. And, since the Jews have since the 1920's once again become a dominant group within Christian society, if there are thousands of missing Christian children each year, then the first questions which should be asked are inevitable. However very few people, if indeed anyone at all, seems to be asking those questions. And one thing which is incredibly obvious is the hypocrisy which permeates society because of its own self-imposed blindness.

Let's look at NAMBLA, for instance. In America today, even a simple discussion of the desire to commit certain crimes can land one in prison under a charge of conspiracy or racketeering, long before any such crime may actually have been committed. At the end of 2010, approximately 25,000 young men under the age of 21 were still listed as missing, who disappeared during the course of the year. And NAMBLA - a group which openly advocates sexual relations between adult men and male children - is allowed to function openly, and it actively recruits members and support from society-at-large. Yet the only attention that this group seems to get is some off-color jokes on late-night television. To say that Jews are over-represented among NAMBLA members, writers and those whom it otherwise celebrates is an understatement, and the group's political tendencies as understood from the articles on its own website certainly lean heavily towards leftist ideologies.

In 1989, Jewish congressman and admitted sexual deviant Barney Frank was embroiled in a scandal when it was discovered that one of his sexually deviant paramours was running a male prostitution operation out of the congressman's home in Massachusetts. Frank also had this man on his congressional payroll as an aide, and had lied about the man's being on probation in order to hire him, among other inappropriate activities. Yet Frank was somehow able to keep both his job and his home, even in an age where law enforcement officials are seizing apartment buildings to punish the landlords for not eradicating drug dealing in the apartments (see Seizure Fever: The War on Property Rights). Accounts of the scandal have been highly sanitized by the sympathetic Jewish-controlled media. Frank's later behavior, where he used his office to run cover for another of his deviant lovers after helping the man get a position as an economist for Fannie Mae, cost the nation much more dearly in economic terms. But Frank is not merely an anomaly. Rather, it is slowly becoming apparent that he is representative of those who dominate Western politics in general.
Click here for the PDF version of Brice Taylor's / Susan Ford's Thanks for the Memories.

Susan Ford's Thanks for the Memories, originally written under the pseudonym of Brice Taylor, is about government agencies abusing children in mind-control experiments, and then the use of those children as sex toys for the rich and famous, namely Henry Kissinger, the Bush family, the Reagans, the Clintons, and even celebrities such as Bob Hope (hence the book's title), among others including governors and foreign leaders. Ford asserts that she, and also her own children, were and still are victims of a criminal government elite. Her book is even available at where it is listed as a biography. While we do not agree with Taylor/Ford's comparisons to the “Nazis”, where she is merely repeating much of the standard Jewish propaganda concerning National Socialist Germany, her book provides a list of names from among the American oligarchy that is astounding, yet the Jewish-controlled mainstream media that feeds “news” to nearly all American households seems to pretend that it isn't even there. The allegations in the book are so shocking that if they were false they should have had their day in court and shut down from public distribution as slander many years ago. If they are not false, then no matter how credible they are, the implications are far beyond belief. Ford describes how satanic ritual was used to “brainwash” her so that she was completely submissive to her governmental handlers. Her awakening process, triggered by an auto accident, was described as a very painful and terrifying experience.

Brice Taylor Exposes Mind Control and Slavery in The U.S.

Click here for the PDF version of Cathy O'Brien's book, Trance: Formation of America.

Very much like the Ford story is that of Cathy O'Brien. O'Brien even talks about participating in the same type of hunter/prey game that Susan Ford claimed she was forced to play with George Bush. Her book is called Trance: Formation of America and is also publicly available in retail outlets such as and Barnes and Noble. There seems to be a complete disconnect between what is actually going on in the world and the reality perceived by the general public, and that disconnect is possible because almost all of the population are beholden to the Jewish-controlled media and their Jewish-controlled church propaganda.

One description of the O'Brien book advertises that the “book names names at the very top--the so-called leader of America (and elsewhere), including presidents, senators, the military, churchmen and even well-known entertainers and will horrify law-abiding citizens who think they live in a democratic society that values freedom, truth and justice. Cathy reveals a smattering of what really goes on in the halls of power: perverse scenarios of pedophilia, prostitution, pornography, beastiality, occult rituals, narcotics trafficking, gun-running, sordid state secrets, and disturbing New World Order agendas designed to enslave us all.” As this was written, the O'Brien book ranked 24,598 in sales among books at Amazon. The Ford book ranks 132,541. While the rankings are not very high compared to the current crop of pulp novels, they are nonetheless significant. Yet since many of the people named in their pages have no want of resources, why are these books sold, if they are indeed libelous? They would indeed be libelous, unless, of course, the accusations were true. When the accusations of Ford and O'Brien were made public, they should have been in the mainstream media every night until something was done about them. Only if the mainstream media was legitimate, rather than being merely a tool for the Jewish-controlled oligarchy.

Cathy O'Brien and Mark Phillips in Edmonton. .

Cathy O'Brien - The Most Dangerous Game.

Another book describing the sexual abuse of children - abuse perpetrated by people in high positions and accompanied by the use of drugs and satanic ritual - which has long been available is The Franklin Cover-up: Child Abuse, Satanism, and Murder in Nebraska. This book was written by John DeCamp, a lawyer and a a former member of the Nebraska Legislature, and has a sales rank of 83,900 among books listed at, where it may be purchased. We mention these rankings in order to show that these books are indeed being read, however the mainstream public media arena is virtually silent in regards to the implications of their assertions. The failure of Omaha, Nebraska's Franklin Community Federal Credit Union “ looked like a financial swindle, soon exploded into a hideous tale of drugs, Iran-Contra money-laundering, a nationwide child abuse ring, and ritual murder.” Evidently, forty million dollars was missing from the credit union, yet that may have been one of the minor crimes committed by those behind it. The extent of the cover-up has been such that some of the young people who testified in dead-end investigations of their abuse as children ended up in prison for doing so, such as Alisha Owens and Paul Bonacci – who was, apparently, unjustly set up with a child abuse case of his own, which was hardly abuse at all. It is said that nineteen months after the Nebraska legislature began an independent investigation of the credit union, “the legislative committee's chief investigator died - suddenly, and violently, like more than a dozen other people linked to the Franklin case.” DeCamp then writes in the conclusion of his introduction:

The Franklin case, which has dominated political life in Nebraska for three years, has chilling implications for the whole United States. The unfinished business of the Franklin investigation is a matter not only of justice for children in one state, but of the lives of untold numbers of children everywhere. Evidence developed from Franklin and King's activities leads into drug-trafficking, money-laundering, pornography, child prostitution, and the kidnapping and sale of children in different parts of the United States, and abroad.

The shocking treatment of Alisha Owen and Paul Bonacci by the courts in Nebraska is one give-away, of what a high stake has been wagered on suppressing the Franklin scandal. Members of the state Senate and investigators who sought to discover the truth of the matter, found that out earlier on, in a personal, violent manner.

DeCamp has also mentioned many other cases of child abuse in his book, including those scandals of the Roman Catholics (which seem to be among the only cases which the Jewish-controlled media enjoys trumpeting). Former FBI agent Ted Gunderson has long been independently investigating the child abduction and abuse phenomena in the United States, and had been instrumental in trying to get the Susan Ford story into the public arena. Gunderson died of apparently natural causes in July, 2011. Mysteriously, his Wikipedia page mentions nothing of his investigations into child abuse. In the introduction to his book on the Franklin scandal, DeCamp speaks of Gunderson thus:

Evidence from Gunderson's investigations has convinced him that tens of thousands of children or young people disappear from their homes each year, and that many are ritually sacrificed. A decade ago, one estimate, printed in Reader's Digest in July 1982, was that "approximately 100,000 children are unaccounted for" each year. That number sounds too high, but nobody knows what the true figure is, because the FBI does not keep count. Gunderson observes:

"The FBI has an accurate count of the number of automobiles stolen every year. It knows the number of homicides, rapes, and robberies, but the FBI has no idea of the number of children who disappear every year. They simply do not ask for the statistics. Every month, every major police department in the United States files its uniform crime statistics with the FBI. It would be simple for the bureau to add one more column to the statistics and get a breakdown of every reported case of missing children-not to even mention children who are kidnapped for ritualistic purposes, and, in some cases, murdered. I am convinced that the FBI does not ask for these statistics because they do not want to see them. They would be confronted with an instant public outcry for action, because the figures would show a major social problem. That problem would demand action."

Click here for the PDF version of John DeCamp's The Franklin Cover-up.

The Franklin case involved some prominent people, many of them among Nebraska's business elite, including billionaire Warren Buffet, all who were acquainted with a man named Larry King. King is a 300-pound negro Republican who apparently enjoyed all the benefits of being such a novelty among truly liberal Nebraska conservatives. There is much evidence presented by DeCamp and others that King, one-time manager of the Franklin credit union, also ran a child sex and pornography ring. King also had ties to Omaha's famous Boys Town, and eventually the former police chief of Omaha, the publisher of the state's largest daily newspaper, and several other political associates of King all found themselves accused of patronizing King's child prostitution ring. King was taking boys from Boys Town and flying them around the country, where they were used for the enjoyment of men in high places and then returned, their silence being bought with money, privileges, and threats. Also involved with King were former president George Bush and former Nebraska Governor and U.S. Senator Bob Kerrey, among others. King ended up doing a 15-year federal prison sentence for defrauding the credit union, but the child-abuse scandals have been swept under the rug, and are now mostly dismissed as “conspiracy theory”.

While major media attention slowed to a trickle after the death of Joe Paterno, the Penn State pedophilia scandal goes far beyond the football team's locker rooms. Nick Bryant, who also wrote a book about the cover-up in Nebraska called The Franklin Scandal, available at (where it is ranked 154,140 in sales) and also at its own website, has gotten interviews with several minor media outlets where he has discussed the similarities between the Franklin and Penn State child abuse cases, and he admittedly - and justifiably - has been trying to force the issue into the mainstream media, with only minimal success to date.

By now many people have heard of Jerry Sandusky, the ex-football coach at Pennsylvania State University who presently stands indicted with 40 counts of child abuse. This is the scandal – because it was reported years too late - that led to the ultimate disgrace of his former boss, Joe Paterno, and another assistant coach who witnessed some of Sandusky's behavior. However few people have heard of the much wider accusations surrounding his crimes. The website, which reports news and events throughout Pennsylvania, has reported of Pennsylvania governor Tom Corbett, while he was the state's Attorney General, that his office served as an obstacle preventing investigation of a 'VIP' child sex ring. The ring is said to have included Jerry Sandusky. Also involved was a man named Russell Wantz, Jr. Wantz, who has a previous conviction as a pedophile sex offender, owns the Schaad Detective Agency of York, PA. Schaad is said to hold multimillion dollar security contracts with the administration of Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett.

Jim Sneddon was the City of York Controller, and he was also the editor and publisher of the York Dispatch. Sneddon recounts how the attorney for the daily newspaper, Niles Benn, secretly hired a private detective to uncover the truth about the ‘VIP’ sex ring. But then Sneddon was fired, and the newspaper and its lawyer concealed the work of their private eye..

Yardbird reports that York County District Attorney Tom Kearney has asked the FBI to investigate longstanding allegations that Wantz has ongoing close ties to a prostitution and pedophile ring centered in and around the York County courthouse. Also named in the allegations are three York County PA judges, Richard K. Renn, Stephen Linebaugh, and Maria Musti Cook, all said to have concealed complaints of a courthouse pedophile ring involving Wantz and Attorney Larry Heim.

In this video, former Pennsylvania Police Chief Herbert Grofcsik discusses how he was forced to ask federal agents for an investigation into the sex abuse of young people at the hands of prominent and protected Pennsylvanians. Grofcsik seems reluctant to admit the nature of the crimes involved, which is fair since they were never properly investigated. 

Greg Turchetta explains how Pennsylvania attorney Larry L.C. Heim boasted of a relationship with an underage prostitute in Costa Rica. . hosts a video interview featuring former York City Police Chief Herbert Grofcsik, where he discusses the 'VIP' sex and pedophile ring protected by the Pennsylvania attorney general's office. Grofcsik discusses how he was forced to ask federal agents to investigate the sex abuse of young people at the hands of prominent and protected Pennsylvanians. The site also attributes Kearney as having written to the FBI that "I note that both (former York City controller) James Sneddon and former York City Police Chief Herb Grofcsik both confirmed in recorded interviews that information ... was forwarded to ... Federal authorities although it is unclear what bec. This book details the events surrounding the death of the young Andrei Yustschinsky in 1911, and also summarizes the known history of Jewish ritual murder of non-Jewish – and mostly Christian – children in Europe and elsewhere, including many of the cases which Leese also discussed. The book, full of historical references and citations, also tells how the Jews were often successful at covering up their crimes with bribes, extortion, and other more barbaric methods, things which the Leese book also relates in certain instances.span style=font-size: small;ame of that investigation...." It is, apparently, still unclear as to what is happening - if indeed anything is happening.

If the case of York, Pennsylvania, seems unbelievable, even more surreal is the case of Robert Green in Scotland. Twelve years ago, young Hollie Greig, who has Down’s syndrome, revealed to her mother that she had been the victim of horrific sexual abuse. The abuse has been confirmed medically. Hollie alleged that her abusers included her own father, a brother, high-ranking police officers, social workers, and others in high authority in Scotland. Soon after her mother Anne reported the abuse of her daughter to police, Anne claims she was dragged from her home into the street by police and hospital staff, then injected in the buttock in view of her neighbors. Anne woke up in hospital, sectioned under the mental health act and told she was paranoid about her husband. After following advice on a help line she was able to phone from the hospital, she 'played the game' and managed to get discharged. She was later told by an independent doctor that there was nothing wrong with her.

Robert Green, then aged 63, was arrested in February 2010 on a breach of the peace charge relating to his campaign as a candidate in a General Election in Scotland. Green was running for office on behalf of Hollie Greig: for the girl was allegedly abused in Aberdeen by a pedophile ring over a 10 year period, Green was running on a platform insisting that the case should be investigated, and he was arrested on his way to hand out campaign leaflets. Green's arrest for this alleged “crime” by Grampian Police officers was evidently made on orders from the Crown Office. His Birchdale Road property was also subsequently raided by Grampian police officers, who have yet to produce a valid warrant explaining why a search was necessary. Sheriff Principal Edward Bowen, sitting at Stonehaven Sheriff Court took the unprecedented step of jailing the anti-abuse campaigner and election candidate.

Robert Green has been unjustly sentenced to twelve months in a Scottish prison for his “crime”. There are no official records of Anne ever being in hospital. Despite her receiving £13,500 in "compensation" from the Criminal Injuries Board no investigation of Hollie's claims has ever taken place, but great effort has been taken to cover it up and persecute those seeking justice, as we see in the treatment of both Anne Greig and Robert Green. Watch the Free Robert Green website for further developments in this case. There is also an online petition organized demanding his freedom.

Apparently, case after case of child abuse in high places gets swept under the proverbial rug, covered up by officials, thought to be far too unbelievable by the average person, ignored by the mainstream media, and therefore for the most part forgotten. Yet thousands, or perhaps tens of thousands, of young children disappear every year, never to return to their families. The mainstream media selects a few examples to showcase every now and then, trumpeting certain cases of child abduction, neglect, or abuse until everyone is tired of hearing about them. But this only gives the average citizen a false sense of assurance that if an attempt is made on a child, the guilty are sure to be discovered and apprehended. In reality, the destroyers of thousands of our children each year are never apprehended. As Susan Ford explained in her book, the rich and powerful use our children in order to entice and to corrupt those whom they want to control. Once they compromise their targets, they virtually own them, and they then support them for positions where they can assert their desired influences. The Jewish-controlled mainstream media is evidently facilitating the corrupters of our society. As Gunderson wrote, the powers that be do not want us to know how many children are permanently missing each year, and therefore those numbers are never published in an accurate and timely manner. All civilization should be up in arms, but the mainstream media keeps them sedated with lies and distractions.

"Then said he unto the disciples, It is impossible but that offences will come: but woe unto him, through whom they come! It were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he cast into the sea, than that he should offend one of these little ones." (Luke 17:1-2)

For many centuries in medieval Europe, when children began to disappear from villages, the people quickly discovered who was to blame. Therefore the Jews were expelled from one place or another in Europe on well over a hundred different occasions from the eleventh through the 16th centuries alone. In fact, many of the folk tales of old Europe were designed to warn children of the dangers of getting close to the odd strangers. Among these are Rumpelstiltskin, the impish demon who could weave gold from straw, but required a far greater price in return – a princesses' first-born child in the case of the fairy tale. There was also Hansel and Gretel, the story about the children who were enticed to their deaths with cakes and candies by a child-eating hag, but fortunate enough to miraculously escape with their lives – at least for the story. Now through their “holocaust” and persecution propaganda, the Jews have once again become established as a special and protected class in Christian nations everywhere, and Christian children are disappearing. But we shall never know how many are never found because - so far as we can tell - accurate records are never kept. It is well known today, that the Jews in eastern Europe have been kidnapping or otherwise luring young Christians to the brothels of Palestine, and once they get there they are trapped in a life of sex slavery, until they are too old and then they are disposed of. What makes us believe that things should be any different in the West? When children go missing, the estate homes and synagogue basements of the Jews are the first places that should be searched.

Resources (copies of all resources will also be hosted at the Saxon Messenger website where possible):

Arnold S. Leese's book My Irrelevant Defence... is found here:

The English-language version of Hellmut Schramm's wrote a book, Ritual Murder in Kiev, is found here:

FBI Missing Persons reports can be obtained at

The website for the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children is at

The Saxon Messenger hosts a copy of the text of Ritual Murder in Kiev at hosts facsimiles of Arnold Leese's book on Jewish ritual murder at and the full text may be found at

For the article Seizure Fever: The War on Property Rights see

Brice Taylor's Thanks for the Memories can be purchased at she presents her story on video, a copy which can be found at Google Video: and there is an interview of her with Ted Gunderson on YouTube:

Cathy O'Brien talks about her life as a victim of child abuse, a mind-control victim and a child prostitute on YouTube:

Cathy O'Brien's book, Trance: Formation of America, is available at here: and at Barnes & Noble here:

John DeCamp's The Franklin Cover-up is available at here:

The Wikipedia article on Ted Gunderson is found at

The book by Nick Bryant, The Franklin Scandal, is available at here: and also at its own website:

The article Pennsylvania DA Tom Kearney asks FBI to investigate Corbett security contractor with ties to pedophile sex ring is found here:

The article PA Attorney General Tom Corbett's office was obstacle preventing 'VIP' sex ring investigation is found here:

There is a petition demanding freedom for Robert Green here:

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Not mentioned in the article, here even a Jewish actor complains about pedophilia in Hollywood.


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