Liberalism is both Racist and Hypocritical

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Not that we even accept the false Liberal vs. Conservative as paradigm – for both ideologies as they are practiced in the West today are severely flawed - however here we shall comment upon the blatant hypocrisy of Liberalism when it comes to the issue of race. It is the Liberal who insists upon programs – in the United States anyway – such as so-called equal opportunity and affirmative action, unlimited third-world immigration into traditionally White nations and massive relief and aid campaigns for the people who remain behind in those third-world nations, especially whenever there is some sort of natural disaster. We have, in the past, compared these actions and attitudes to the relative indifference towards White areas hit by equal calamity.

Often the more conservative among us are decried by Liberals for being “racists”, when we speak out against certain Liberal policies. These policies include, but are not limited to, such things as handouts to those who do not deserve to be the recipients of other people's money, jobs for applicants who are unqualified for certain positions yet who still get hired for them, or university admissions for marginal students, all to meet someone's ideal of equity. Liberals use all sorts of schemes, veiled and otherwise, to implement these policies, such as adding unearned points to test scores for minorities, the waiving of certain requirements, and so on up to outright quotas.

Yet when a Liberal insists that a non-White person be given points on an employment or promotional exam simply because the person is not White, then the Liberal is in essence insisting that non-White people are unqualified failures who cannot get a position without such help. Even non-Whites who actually earned such positions fairly are then disparaged. It is therefore the Liberal who is the racist.

And when a Liberal insists that non-White countries need a handout every time one of them suffers some sort of disaster, then the Liberal is in essence insisting that non-White people cannot help themselves. It is therefore the Liberal who is the racist.

When a Liberal insists that the White nations are flooded with aliens, so that the aliens can have some opportunity that they cannot have at home, then the Liberal is in essence insisting that the plight of these aliens in their own countries is hopeless, and that they are unable to provide any opportunity. It is therefore the Liberal who is the racist.

When a Liberal insists that students of color must be awarded university admissions that they cannot obtain without special consideration, then the Liberal is in essence insisting that non-White people are academic failures or have deficiencies in intelligence that prohibit them from eligibility without such consideration. It is therefore the Liberal who is the racist.

And the hypocrisy of Liberals is even more glaring than their systematized racism. For most Liberals would indeed profess to believe in Darwinian theory. Just ask one Liberal about evolution and you will most often find this to be so. Yet they do not practice their belief. For it was Darwin who described natural selection as a mechanism of evolution, and who also used the phrase “survival of the fittest” in reference to it. Yet it is the Liberal who insists upon bypassing natural selection by educating, employing and promoting those who are – by their own tacit insistence – less fit to be educated, employed or promoted. And this is, of course, at the expense of the “more fit” who can meet the qualifications without preferences. Therefore, the Liberal is a racist, and a hypocrite.

Liberalism as it is practiced today is a self-righteous arrogance which is destructive of all cultures while claiming to embrace all cultures. Yet it is destructive of White culture beyond all others, since Liberals in their hypocrisy only beat the drums of diversity in White nations. Nobody, for instance, has been demanding third-world immigration into China, a monolithic society of one-and-a-half billion yellow people. For that reason, Isaiah the prophet wrote of the day when “The vile person shall be no more called liberal, nor the churl said to be bountiful” (Isaiah 32:5).

The inevitable outcome of integration claimed to achieve diversity is that diversity is destroyed. This is already evident in many nations and regions which once had ethnically diverse populations, which are now ethnically ambiguous. Zoologists know that in order to preserve diversity in the animal kingdom, that diverse groups must be isolated from one another. Therefore Liberalism is racist, being purposely destructive of all distinct groups.

In order to effectively counter its disease, those who stand against the devices of Liberalism must cease from fearing its calumny. Conservatives must not fear the “racist” slander. Since God is the author of race, and His law as it is often repeated in Genesis is “kind after kind” and “everything after its kind”, then racism is in essence love – and not hate. Racism is the love of God's original creation, and the desire to preserve it. Anti-racism and miscegenation are the desire to destroy that original creation. This is true regardless of one's opinion of non-Whites and other cultures. It is also true if your god is evolution, or the God of the Christian Bible.

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