Not Waffling with Dinner Disappointment

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Tonight my wife and I went to Waffle House for supper after shopping. We sat in a booth next to a booth containing an old guy wearing a Vietnam Veteran hat and his wife who are toting around a little mixed mongrel baby. Maybe his granddaughter or maybe even great granddaughter, I don't know. He was holding the kid and smiling and cooing with it, obviously happy with some aspect of his family's racial extinction.

I was thinking to myself, here's this Vietnam veteran, maybe he was drafted or maybe he volunteered but he fought against international Communism on the far side of the planet. He had to witness its horrors. He had to understand the tenets, the ideologies of Judeo-Communism and what they want to push on our Western world. Or did he? Did he care? Did he know that he was supporting and promoting the death of our civilization or even of his own blood line? Did he feel trapped and powerless to do anything about his family's situation and figured he'd just try to make the best of it or did he condone it? Did he love his daughter or granddaughter so much that he would tolerate her destroying his descendants? Or was this old veteran who had seen the horrors of war such a coward that he feared the label of "racist" more than he feard Communist bullets, mines and schrapnel? I couldn't understand it.

After the vet and "family" got up to leave in walks this fair-skinned, blond-haired young White girl, maybe in her early 20's with her black as coal boyfriend in tow. They sit nearby as well. I study the two and wonder. Did her parents approve of this? Were they a couple of libtard jackasses who taught their daughter to be this way because they were so full of White guilt and shame that they wanted to extinguish their past "sins" from the planet forever? Or was the girl in rebellion to her parents and wanted to teach them a "lesson" on something? By her facial expressions and body language she was obviously in love with this chimp.

I had no question in my mind at all regarding what he was doing with her. She was his conquest over Whitey. She was his trophy in the on-going race war that only one side is fighting. He was doing what he and his kind were genetically predisposed to do from the beginning. Like worms in a dog they are the parasites of our society. Destroying us while, most of the time, not even realizing it. What they are not easily given of ours they take by violent force. They demand to drink from our water fountains, to eat at our lunch counters, to go to our schools, to take our jobs, to move into our neighborhoods, to take a place in our government, to rule our cities and to take our women for their wives and whores. Nothing we can do for them is ever enough. Their appetite for our destruction is insatiable.

As my wife and I were leaving the Waffle House we saw a mixed couple walking down the side of the road from a nearby hotel, probably heading to the Waffle House. Judeo-Communists are smirking at us right now. They feel their victory is soon.

I started to feel like Noah must have felt when only he and 7 members of his family were the only Adamic people left on earth who had not mixed with the Nephilim.

Dear Lord, please bring the rain. Or, I will make it rain myself.

- Michael Tubbs