Olympic Disenfranchisement

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If White people ever needed a clear sign of ongoing disenfranchisement from their own society, it would be the 2012 London Olympics. And as for the English, not only did they suffer the immediate insult of seeing French designated as the official language of the games, but far worse, the games' ceremonies were committed to the care of marginal-Irish-Catholic-Englishman-turned-atheist-Hollywood-filmmaker Danny Boyle.

A panorama of English history being the theme of the games' opening ceremony, it was a typical Hollywood-style presentation, replete with images tailored to elevate the aliens who are currently being empowered to overrun White society everywhere. The fact that the Hollywood agenda is the same as that which is found in media, ecclesiastic and government offices from Westminster to Washington should be proof enough that filmmaker, pundit, priest and politician all have the same hidden master.

As we discussed here several months ago while presenting another topic, in an editorial entitled Lambs to the Slaughter, filmmakers and psychologists know well that people – especially children - “learn” through play-acting, whether they are participating or even merely watching. The impressions made through theatre, television, and play-acting of any sort imprint indelibly on the young child's mind, and even on the minds of older children and many susceptible adults. Here the objective is clear: to make it look as if the negro was an important part of a developing English society, and to move that idea into the minds of the general population, when nothing could be further from the truth. This represents the rewriting of English history, and the history of Western society in general, for the advantage of those aliens who are more recently being forcefully introduced into every Western nation as if they belonged. It bestows on these aliens an ownership role that they never earned and are not capable of earning. In reality non-Whites had no active part in the creation of modern society. Modern society was created in spite of non-Whites. But the aliens are now reaping all of the benefits of modern society as if they had such a role, and the history of White nations is being rewritten to accommodate them.

The opening scene of the Olympics opening ceremony presented a stone marking the sources of the Thames, and then a winding trip downstream towards London, with several bucolic scenes along the way. Early on there is a scene of a cricket match which is apparently set in the early days of the Industrial Revolution. However one glaring incongruency with British history is that in the cricket game as it is presented, the pitcher is a negro youth. Hardly an accurate scene in the middle or even in the latest parts of the nineteenth century, where the English countryside was completely devoid of negroes.

Presenting the transition from a pastoral to an industrial England, images of the Industrial Revolution feature black men quite prominently as nineteenth-century British businessmen, as well as the inclusion of significant numbers of black men and women among the factory workforce. Yet the presence of negroes in 19th century England was rather insignificant compared to the population as a whole. The role which negroes played in the industrial revolution in Britain, in any capacity, was absolutely negligible, and they certainly weren't the overlords of British business. So insignificant was their contribution, in fact, that a black character cannot be found in Dickens, many of whose stories were centered around the dregs of London society, nor in Austen, whose realistic writings accurately portrayed the higher classes. There are no black British counterparts to Huck Finn's Jim or to Robinson Crusoe's Friday.

The gods of diversity are perverting history to the disadvantage of Whites, and they are also perverting justice for that same cause. Even the most innocuous display of racial consciousness is punished swiftly and harshly, but only if those who make such displays are White. Voula Papachristou, A White female long jumper from Greece, was expelled from the Olympics for posting on Twitter a rather harmless joke about Africans in Greece: "With so many Africans in Greece, at least the West Nile mosquitoes will eat home made food!" White Swiss soccer player Michel Morganella was expelled from the Olympics for posting a Tweet in which he referred to South Korean soccer players as "a bunch of Mongoloids". One White Lithuanian basketball spectator was arrested for making monkey noises at Nigeria's basketball players, and another White Lithuanian was arrested for making a straight-armed "Nazi" style salute during a game. Most troubling was the story of Nadja Drygalla, the German female rower who was forced to leave the Olympics after it was revealed that her boyfriend belongs to a "far right" political party, although she herself had not expressed any political sentiments. The Drygalla story shows that Whites in the public eye are not permitted to think independently, or even to associate in any way with those who do.

Following the Drygalla affair, a very Orwellian headline appeared in Reuters which read “Germany may demand democracy pledges after rower quit Olympics”. What happened to Drygalla was an affront which outrages the concept of democracy even as it is trumpeted by the gods of diversity. The word democracy is Greek for rule by the people. If the people rule, then the individual must be allowed free expression, because the voices of the people must be heard whether any given majority may agree with them or not. Since not one European government ever held a referendum for diversity or mass immigration of non-Whites, Europe is clearly not a democracy, and the word is merely tossed around by the media to serve as a smokescreen for tyranny. Whites still getting everything that they think they know from the media, they have not yet noticed the problem of their own disenfranchisement because the media does not present it as a problem: the media presents it as a solution. When will Whites realize that the disenfranchisement of Whites is considered a solution only because Jews and other aliens consider Whites themselves to be the problem?

In the meantime, during the games themselves a non-White female Columbian soccer player assaulted White American player Amy Wambach on the field and went unpunished. A black Cuban women's judo contestant bit her White Greek opponent, Ioulietta Boukouvala on the hand and was never punished, and unnerving Boukouvala the cheating Cuban went on to win the match and was actually rewarded. White British handball player Marie Berbron was choked by a black player from Angola, and in a different contest another black Angolan placed a choke-hold on a White player from Montenegro, Milena Knezevic, who subsequently left the match on a stretcher. The Angolans apparently went unpunished, however this was difficult to determine since their animalistic behaviour was virtually ignored by the media.

More repulsive than any of these displays of black savagery, however, was the act put on by the “woman” tennis player called Serena Williams, who seems to be for tennis what Lance Armstrong has turned out to be for cycling. After winning the final match of the Olympics, Williams broke into a performance of a dance called the “Crip walk”, a dance which even MTV has refused to broadcast. The dance is a signature of the violent black racist street gang called the Crips, and Williams performed it with markedly proud effrontery. If a White athlete had put on a similar display with some markedly White symbolism after a victory on the court there would have been a public lynching.

There was one lengthy presentation at the end of the opening ceremony which precisely revealed the political agenda which the London Games endeavored to express. It was entitled "Frankie and June say … Thanks Tim" and was applauded in the Telegraph and other media as “Danny Boyle's masterpiece”. The Tim in the title was Timothy Berners-Lee, developer of the protocol which drives the World Wide Web, or what people commonly call the Internet (of which the web is really only a part). It portrayed a modern English family with a White woman, a Black man, and several mulatto children. One of these children is June, a teenager who meets Frankie over a lost cell phone and from the moment of its return the romance is on, with thousands of both White and alien teenagers portrayed in its celebration.

The real story which Boyle's “masterpiece” presents has nothing to do with Tim Berners-Lee or with the other amazing technological accomplishments of the English people. The real story is the ongoing replacement of the White race in Western culture with something rather different. Therefore the projection of a mixed-race family as the ideal family is prominent, its results are celebrated, and nobody seems to even notice since all Whites have apparently been deracinated, cleansed of any sense of ethnicity. The inevitable result is the disappearance of Whites through miscegenation, and the gods of diversity are already celebrating its achievement. If they have their way, England, and all of the formerly White portions of the world, will soon come to look like the Sudan.

The closing ceremonies of the London Olympics followed suit, filled with such Marxist propaganda as a choir of young children singing “Imagine”, which among many other anti-Christian sentiments also expresses the desire that “the world will be as one”, the embodiment of communist globalist propaganda. In the end, a stadium filled mostly of White people were asked to stand and idolize three black athletes. Sebastian Coe, the British former track athlete turned politician and chairman of the London Organising Committee for the Olympic Games, could not be outdone fawning over black athletes such as Mohamed Farah or the mulatto Jessica Ennis. Coe smothered Farah with superlatives for his medals in the 5,000 and 10,000-meter races, although what Farah did had already been done by many others and was therefore no really special accomplishment. Coe called Farah “the greatest runner we've produced in this country” in spite of the fact that Farah is a Somali native who was not at all produced in Britain.

If indeed Coe had spoken so ebulliently of greater achievements among the British, the media must have missed it. Chris Hoy's record 6th gold medal made him the Brit with the most gold medals ever. Alistair Brownlee became Britains first-ever triathlon champion, and in the same event his brother Jonny won the bronze. Ben Ainslie became the most successful sailor in Olympic history. A host of other White and actually British athletes brought glory to the nation, yet news of their accomplishments were eclipsed in the media by all of the plaudits being piled upon a Somalian immigrant and a mulatto born of a Jamaican immigrant and a wayward White social worker.

White people are the last to know that they don't belong. They don't belong anywhere. Unless of course they happen to be groveling before some Negro or other alien and then they belong only temporarily: so long as they are useful to the media and the agenda of the policymakers, those who lurk behind the corporations, churchmen and politicians who are all dancing the same destructive waltz. Or perhaps it's now a “Crip walk”.

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