A Tale of Two Englishmen

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Early this month a nineteen-year-old White man, Danny O'Shea, was stabbed to death in Canning Town, and both the police and the man's mother soon began making excuses for the race of the perpetrators, who were black. This same scene plays out with different actors hundreds of times across England each year as more and more women are raped, men are robbed, beaten and murdered, and White businesses are looted. In past times, this was called an invasion. Today, the English people, having been smitten with the disease of jewish liberalism, their destruction is called immigration and in that manner it has been made legal! Where are the men of England, when England is literally in its darkest hour ever? Danny O'Shea was chased down like a dog by a gang of blacks, and stabbed in the neck to die in the street. The men of England won't find their spines at the bottom of Dave Jones' locker. He doesn't even have a spine of his own. Yet if the men of England don't soon find the backbone somewhere, that they may stand up for England, soon there shall be no England to worry about finding.

It is a sad reflection on them that a woman must come forward to say the things that they themselves cannot, or rather will not say. The eighth Psalm tells us that “Out of the mouth of babes and sucklings hast thou ordained strength because of thine enemies, that thou mightest still the enemy and the avenger.” Thus is Emma West. Whether the men of England don't care for England any longer, or whether they have been emasculated by tyrannical hate-speech laws and therefore do not have the courage to stand up, does not matter. Emma West is your prophetess, and the last prophetess you may get. She is your modern-day Jonah, warning you to repent, or to be destroyed!

The most telling aspect of the Emma West tram video was what was going on in the background. While Emma made her appeal for the defense of England, apparently White British women in the background felt a sudden need to coddle the offended black savages. With the first mention of Africa, they immediately took to stroking and embracing the beast as if they were soothing an injured dog. Another seemingly White woman then began assailing Emma West, evidently outraged that she had the courage to speak her mind. The things that she said, all England had better consider. Danny O'Shea's blood, and the blood of thousands like him, is on the hands of these sick White liberals who have created and defended this climate in London, where all of the wild beasts of the jungle are allowed to roam freely and devour the sheep, as the liberals continue to embrace them. Emma West was arrested. Danny O'Shea's murderers roam free. The animals have certainly taken over the farm!

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