Worshipping the Beast

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Black History Month? The manner in which American history is being taught today, one may think that every month of American history has been Black History Month. Wherever one looks, negroes are being foisted upon the public consciousness. Wherever one looks, imagined negro achievements are exalted and trumpeted while actual and tangible White accomplishments and White history are being diminished and ridiculed, and even criminalized.

Framing our history within the context of negro slavery is a very narrow and biased way to look at the founding of this great nation. Taken by the author last year at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia.

For instance, walking through the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia, there is nothing at all of any real substance on display about the American Constitution itself. And you certainly will not find the actual text of the Constitution. Rather, there is talk about negro slavery, freedom, and civil rights at every turn. The only other topic treated at length is woman's suffrage, wherever the Center has exhibitions for the period following the Civil War. The entire purpose of the National Constitution Center seems to be the exaltation of negroes in American society, and secondarily the exaltation of women, all while White culture is denigrated and White men are marked off as hypocrites. Absolutely forgotten is the inconvenient truth, that the American Constitution was a document created by and for White men, and for those White people whom the men that created it were representing. Explicitly stated in its preamble is the declaration that it was written to “secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity”, which means the descendants of those very same White people. It was never the plan of the founders of this nation to include anyone but Whites in its polity. Negroes were never intended to be considered as equals, as citizens, or as the recipients of this great White heritage. In taking them into the fold, so to speak, Whites have spit in the face of their ancestors, who actually had cared about them as their posterity that they left them a document whereby they could preserve their freedom and their independence - if only they'd have actually read that document.

The so-called American Civil War was not even about slavery, although one may convince few people in the general public of that fact today. Slavery was only a minor issue at the start of the war, which was really about States' rights and the sovereignty of the individual states. The Union was formed for the benefit of the States, and not the States for the Union. But the National Constitution Center also denies the plausibility of the sovereignty of the individual States, therefore denying the basis upon which the federation was originally built. That basis - the sovereignty of the separate States - was something even the Federalist and former President John Quincy Adams fully acknowledged in 1839. Therefore even the very premises of the Center as it presents the Constitution are founded upon lies.

The negroes were only used as a wedge by Abraham Lincoln to cause division in the South when he issued his so-called Emancipation Proclamation in 1863, over 24 months after the secession of the southern States. Mary Boykin Chesnut, the wife of a Confederate general from South Carolina, wrote in her memoir A Diary from Dixie on p. 67 that “Yesterday some of the negro men on the plantation were found with pistols. I have never before seen aught about any negro to show that they knew we had a war on hand in which they have any interest.” This section of her diary is from May 25th through June 24th, 1861, over 18 months before Lincoln's so-called Emancipation Proclamation was issued. During the war itself, negroes being used as a wedge against southern Whites, slavery and the prospects of freedom for negroes only then became an issue. Convenient for the Jewish intent to elevate the status of the negro in White society after the war, the true causes of the secession, and the fact that the war was truly an act of northern aggression, have been purposely forgotten.

In a true civil war, competing interests fight for control of the same government. In the American so-called “Civil War”, the South, which wanted its own government, was conquered by the North and forced to do its will. That is not a civil war: it is a conquest. The people who produce history books and text books today have largely overlooked that. Such is the propaganda of imperialism, and many more things have also been forgotten in its wake.

Taken by the author last year at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia.

In the years prior to the Civil War (better labeled the War of Northern Aggression), the debates over whether newly inducted U.S. States would allow slavery or not had little to do with empathy for negroes. Certainly there were some wealthy upper-class, elitist Whites - much like the liberals of today - who had such misguided empathy, they themselves not actually being acquainted with negroes on a social level - however these were few. Alexander Hamilton was early and prominent among them, but even Aaron Burr evidently agreed with him in that one area. Rather, those debates had much more to do with jobs for working-class White men, and the working-class White men of the 19th century had no empathy for negroes: they instead saw them as loathsome economic competitors. Working-class Whites knew that they could indeed compete with and prevail over negroes for jobs when all else was equal, but they could not compete for jobs with negroes who were slaves and still expect to earn a decent wage for their own labor.

Working class White men, who were of course by far the majority of the White population, therefore had an enmity for the institution of slavery that was totally independent from any thought for the supposed plight of the negro. Just like the illegal immigration issue of today, where the power-brokers who control capital and industry can exploit cheap labor and put free White men out of work, Whites were concerned with a loss of economic opportunity in any state where cheaper black slave-labor was imported in quantity. The capital barons of the North, where they in turn could not control the southern slave labor market, and where they also could not promote the use of slave labor as it was quite unpopular in the more densely populated North, took advantage of the division over slavery and sought to destroy it, freeing negroes so that they could then bring them north and exploit both them and the White working class. The involvement of English bankers in Southern affairs and the competition for the raw materials of the South only exacerbated the situation. The slavery issue had everything to do with the advent of Jewish capitalism in Christian society, and its incessant thirst for cheap labor so that it could pile up profits for itself. It had nothing to do with any sincere care for the plight of the negro. The negro fared much better under slavery than he has in any of the urban ghettos that he has occupied since. Just like the socialist revolutions designed to destroy the middle and upper classes of 19th century Europe, the American “Civil War” was just another chapter of the war being waged by the dragon, the capitalist Jew, against White Christian society everywhere. The Civil War did not free the negro: it enslaved us all under carpetbagger capitalism. Its impact continues with us to this very day.

But even with the freeing of the negro, and the artificial creation of negros and other aliens as “citizens” through the unlawful 14th amendment (unlawful because it is contrary to the very intent of the Constitution), the Jew could not destroy the basic fibers of Christian society, since without intervention Whites and negroes generally and naturally tend to self-segregate. Neither were the advent of Bolshevism and the two World Wars - all inspired by or instigated by Jews - enough to do so by themselves in spite of the deaths of 100 million White Christians during these events. However during these years, the Jew had also come to control another important tool in his arsenal against Christendom: the fledgling mass media, and Jewish capital insured that its power was concentrated in Jewish hands. Once Whites finished slaughtering each other, it was no mistake that the so-called “Civil Rights” and mass immigration movements began. And not only were the negroes and other aliens suddenly the possessors of the same rights as Whites, but now they were given legislated advantages above Whites. In the years to follow, contrived tales and television mega-productions such Roots not only paved the way for the rewriting of American history, but also inculcated in all Whites a shameful guilt over a slave trade which very few Whites ever actually had any part in. In fact, a real examination of history proves that the major participants in and benefactors of the slave trade were indeed the Jews themselves.

From the 1950's onward Whites have been bombarded with an ever-increasing barrage of Jewish propaganda aimed at exalting non-Whites, and especially negroes, in Western society. First it was in music and sports, but now it is in virtually every facet of life, that the negro has been purposely elevated to positions far above his actual competence. One recent manifestation of this is the Hollywood movie, Red Tails. Perhaps the title is an appropriate play on words for what it really is, and Red Tales would be far more accurate. The movie's propaganda states that “To help win the war, the Pentagon brass has no choice but to consider the untested African-American pilots of the experimental Tuskegee training program. Just as the young Tuskegee men are about to be shut down and shipped back home, they are given the ultimate chance to show their courage. These intrepid young airmen take to the skies to fight for their country - and the fate of the free world.” However none of this is true, and the so-called Tuskegee airmen had absolutely no effect at all on the outcome of the war. They were really just a product of the “red” Roosevelt Administration's efforts to normalize the presence of negroes in the military. There were no truly distinguished negro pilots then, just as there have been no truly distinguished negro pilots since.

As published in the American Free Press and elsewhere, real World War Two historians (not Jewish Hollywood propagandists and paid shills) have pointed out that the record of the Tuskegee airmen has been grossly exaggerated for the movie, and is now being peddled as history to the pliant and ignorant masses. Their real record in the relatively few (311) missions that they actually flew was rather dismal where records may be compared to those of other World War Two air squadrons. World War Two historian and author Robert H. Powell says the following: “Although I do not have complete combat statistics  on all the fighter groups flying out of Africa and Italy (the MTO), I do  have the stats on all of the 16 fighter groups flying in the Eighth Air Force over western Europe. And, when these records are compared, the Tuskegee Airmen rank at the bottom of the list despite the fact that  they had four squadrons to only three for the 8th Air Force groups....and one of the reasons the Tuskegee Airmen exploit their 15,000+  sorties (which they call missions) is that on a normal mission they would  put up 64 fighters compared to only 48 for the 8th Air Force groups. And, since they did mostly ground support missions rather  than bomber escort missions, the average length of their missions was about half that of the time in the air flown by the 8th Air Force fighters.” The oldest book published about the Tuskegee Airmen in the list of references given on the recently-edited Wikipedia page concerning them is from 1980. Therefore if the Tuskegee Airmen actually had any great contribution to the outcome of the war, liberals, Jews, Civil Rights activists, and the negroes themselves in all of their propaganda actually missed taking advantage of it for 35 years. Is that really a lost opportunity, or is it only that today their role is being exaggerated for political purposes, now that the degraded social and academic climate and the nearly total control by Jews over the mass media make it easier to do so without being challenged? [See the article by Carolyn Yeager here in this month's Saxon Messenger, which is about National Socialist Germany's Hanna Reitsch, who was a real World War Two aviation trailblazer.]

The Bible tells us that it is the dragon which gives its power to the beast, and nowhere is that clearer than in observing the relationship between the Jewish-controlled media-entertainment complex and the negros of America today. The media and entertainment industries are consistently portraying the American negro in the best possible light: sports stars, movie heroes, bright, witty, charming television personalities, yet in reality the elevation of negroes has been destroying White civilization at an ever-increasing rate. The major cities are all blighted high-crime areas, and many of the the suburbs are not far behind. Over thirty-five thousand White women are raped by negros in America each year, and not even ten black women in any given year are raped by Whites. Which group is it that really needs special legislative protection from the other? In several major urban centers these past two years, and especially in Philadelphia, violent black-on-White crime has been raising at an alarming rate, and the national media has purposefully ignored the situation. In Wisconsin this summer negroes interrupted the State Fair with violent random attacks on Whites which were clearly racially motivated.

This year alone in Philadelphia, there have been many dozens of reported incidents of black flash mobs perpetrating vicious acts against White persons and businesses, and seemingly random black-on-White beatings conducted by smaller groups of roving negros, which the established media and government officials refuse to treat as a race problem, and especially refuse to treat as hate crimes or civil rights violations. If these same crimes had been committed by Whites against blacks, the Jewish media and Jewish and black civil rights group would be swarming the city with incessant demands for immediate “justice”, and federal civil rights prosecutors would be all over the media.

But the bottom line is this: if the media reports the truth about black-on-White crime, then Whites would react by withdrawing from and rejecting blacks. That would work contrary to the Jewish agenda, which has been working quite hard in order to condition Whites into accepting negroes these past hundred years. It took a long time for the Jewish media, sports and entertainment industries to be able to elevate the lowly and beastly negro to the point in society where he is today, and they are not going to spoil all of their “progress” by putting the truth about race and crime in their “news”. Truth in advertising, in this instance, would be very damaging to the Jewish political agenda. When it is reported, it is only reported locally, and never described with the racial terms characteristic of the incidents. The perpetrators are not black, they are merely “teens” and “youths”.

In demonstrating that it is indeed the Jew who is responsible for the enshrinement of the negro in today's society, there is no recent event so signal as the very recent “crowning” of the so-called “Bishop” Eddie Long by a group of “Messianic” Jews in a church ceremony in Atlanta recently. As the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported:A ceremony held Sunday at New Birth Missionary Baptist Church, in which Bishop Eddie Long was wrapped in a sacred Torah scroll and carried upon a throne, has the Internet abuzz and Jewish religious leaders offended and questioning its appropriateness. 'He's a king. God has blessed him,' said Rabbi Ralph Messer before covering Long in a scroll '[that] may still have the dust of Auschwitz and Birkenau.' Messer referred to the Nazi extermination camps in Poland where millions of Jews were murdered during the Holocaust.” Of course, Messer found some way to include a mention of the supposed “holocaust” in the presentation. One may imagine that the Jews could find a way to mention the “holocaust” in connection with just about anything. 

But there is yet one more aspect of the story, because Eddie Long is not just any negro cleric. He and his church recently settled out-of-court a lawsuit alleging that he used his office to force four under-aged male negro youths into sexual improprieties. The settlement was valued at 24.8 million dollars. Evidently, there is no known criminal investigation underway, although media outlets in Atlanta have inquired with the various law enforcement agencies. Long was offered a settlement of $2 million, but when he refused to publicly admit guilt, the plaintiffs forced the much larger settlement. So the Jew Messer has coronated a negro preacher, who also happens to be a perverted pedophile, to be a “king”.

Of course, some Jewish groups protested Messer's actions, but not because Messer was bold enough to crown Long a “king” (which he made excuses for later), and not because Long's personal conduct made him unworthy of any religious distinction whatsoever, but only because of the way in which Messer used a certain torah scroll during the ceremony. So the Jews who voiced opposition to Messer only opposed the way he used an [allegedly] old piece of paper, and not because he placed a negro pervert on a pedestal.

Thus is the condition of western society today, where the Jew has rewritten history, and has elevated the negro and every other beast to positions of veneration in movies, in sports, and in all other areas of public life. And with that, negroes have found their way into the average White home, and the average White bedroom. Thus is the White man worshipping the beast, who gets his power from the dragon.

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