Greek Culture is Hebrew

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After spending a few years reading various classics, I wished I had made a list of cross-references containing Hebrew (Biblical) ideas that were expressed in Greek, because the Classical writers abound with them.  Well, here is that list, compiled by Craufurd Tait Ramage and published in 1878!  This work is, I believe, a monumental task of research and compilation for the time.

 Many scoffers may say that this is coincidence, or perhaps the Greeks merely borrowed some ideas from the Hebrews.  Yet the truth is that while one may borrow ideas from another people, the parallels between Greek and Hebrew culture represent an astounding number of core ideas far too similar, too frequent, and too early in Greek writing to have merely been borrowed. In truth, Greek culture is Hebrew, because most of the Greeks were Hebrews!  Greco-Roman paganism, as are Keltic and Scythian-Germanic paganism, mere variations of the religions of Canaan which the Israelites were chastised for practicing and for which they were eventually expelled from the land and from the presence of God. They are the "other side" of the Old Testament story!

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