Barack Obama is a Muslim

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Barack Obama is indeed a Muslim. During the election process he denied it, and the media ran cover for him, so (at least) forty million White men and women voted for him. Suckered again, now America is descending into Marxism at a rate that would have made Lenin and Trotsky marvel.

The jews controlled the muslims when they invaded and destroyed Christian Spain. The jews controlled the muslims when they invaded and destroyed Christian North Africa, Sicily, Syria, Anatolia (now Turkey), half of the Balkans, and held Greece for 500 years. The jews opened the gates of the cities of Eastern Europe to the Mongol hordes. Now the jews (for example, Rahm Emanuel and David Axelrod) control another muslim, and he sits at the helm of Christendom. How does this not display the fulfillment of Revelation 17:17?

If you see the Black Power Conference poster below, you will see that Barack Obama signs on with other negroes who have publicly professed a desire to exterminate all White men!!!  Barack Obama is a hate criminal!!!

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