The Satanic, War-Crazed Jew

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Michael Savage is the epitome of all of the satanic traits of the blood-thirsty, war-crazed jew. While all of the jewish-controlled media (which is only about 99.9% of the media) is frothing at the mouth for more war (where it is not jews that die, but mostly White Americans), Savage (whose real name is Weiner) is supposedly the "conservative". In this manner the jew controls all political perspectives. True American conservatives do not get involved in foreign wars!

An examination of modern history easily reveals that the jews have instigated all of our wars from the time of the French Revolution through the Bush wars against the "Axis of Evil". The Wars of White Extermination (WWX1 and WWX2) were fully instigated by the jews. Earlier than that, jewish Jesuits can be found to have been instrumental in instigating the 30 Years' War of the Romish Church against Germany in the 17th century. Jews were also responsible for the murder of tens of millions of White Christians in Russia during the Bolshevik era.

Keep blessing the devil, America, and see how you are blessed in return!

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