The truth about the incident between Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman

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This news report is from Fox News, Fox 25, Seminole Co., Fl., the day after the Martin shooting.

Martin was no black "boy", as the jewish-controlled media is trying to portray him. Rather, he was a football player, and over 6 feet tall, while Zimmerman was a pudgy 5-foot-9 non-athlete. Martin was on top of Zimmerman beating the hell out of him when Zimmerman, after many cries for help, finally shot him in self-defense. That is the truth. Yet the anti-White jewish media has every negro in the country going ape over some suppossed injustice and a bunch of bad White cops who won't lock up a guy who was really only forced to defend himself from this black beast. [And Zimmerman does not appear to be actually White, but rather of mixed (mestizo) descent.]

Has ANYONE heard of the two White men in Antioch, Tennessee who were beaten, stabbed, robbed and RAPED by four black "youths" last week? Of course not, because the jewish media only puts blacks in the news when they are "victims". Yet 90% of violent inter-racial crimes have negroe perpetrators, and White victims! [See the Saxon Messenger here:]

Wake the hell up, White America, and drive the evil brute beasts away from you!