Swedish Media Offers Expose, But Still Apologetically Supports Left-Wing Violence

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We have long known that groups such as the "Antifa" and ARA (and AFA) are tools for the support of Marxism and Jewish Supremacism. They are organized and dominated by Jews, and they radicalize naive White youth against the interests of their own race. These groups are funded and supported by Jewish organizations such as the ADL and the SPLC, in spite of the fact that the groups openly espouse violence and suppress the Constitutional rights (in the U.S.A.) or basic human rights of others who are not necessarily violent. But the problem with these groups in Europe is even more open than it is in America.



The following is from the Council of Conservative Citizens:

A major Swedish media outlet aired a documentary called “The Good
Violence.” It focuses on the Marxist gang scene in Sweden know as
“Antifa.” While the makers of the documentary clearly support far left
politics and even justice committing felonious assaults against
“neo-Nazis,” they admit that Antifa violence has gotten totally out of

Right-wing/Far-Right website are perhaps more popular in Sweden that
any other country. Even the Swedish media admits this. However, far-left
political parties still dominated Swedish politics. They wink at
left-wing violence.

Note: We have similar gangs in America, they just
aren’t as well known. Radical left-wing groups like the Southern Poverty
Law Center [SPLC] support these violent groups. The SPLC ran a headline
article on the US “Antifa” gang network in their magazine. They openly
admitted the gangs engage in violence and commit mob attacks. However
the SPLC described them as “A Force For Good” in a bold font