The ANC: 100 Years of Marxist Deceit and Still Going Strong

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by William Finck

The Bible tells us that it is the dragon which gives its power to the beast, and wherever we look into history beyond the surface, we can see that the Bible is absolutely true. Looking around the internet this past week for news out of South Africa, we see that one of the people most often mentioned in connection with the recent 100-year anniversary of the African National Congress is Joe Slovo, who died in 1995. He is celebrated on the front page of the official ANC website with the short article “Long live the memory of Joe Slovo”. On the South African Communist Party website, Slovo is figured much more prominently, even having a picture conspicuously positioned between two negroes in the website's banner. Slovo, an active member of the party since 1942, was its general secretary from 1984. For most of its existence, the ANC has been closely involved in an alliance with the SACP, and still is today. An article at South African History Online states that “In 1928 the CPSA and the African National Congress (ANC) began a close working relationship” (the CPSA was later renamed SACP).

One of the better brief biographies of Slovo can be found on the official website for the city of Durban, SA. There we learn that Slovo was actually “Yossel Mashel Slovo ... born in Lithuania in 1926 to a Jewish family who emigrated to South Africa when he was eight”. But Slovo was not alone among his ethnic kinsmen in overturning civilization in South Africa. Most of the apparently “White” anti-apartheid activists in South Africa throughout the 20th century were Jews with recent European origins. Even Wikipedia contains a long list of South African agitators in its article entitled List of Jews from Sub-Saharan Africa

The ANC website professes the slogan “Unity in Diversity”, however in practice it falls far short of its own convoluted ideals. For example, one recent episode is its insistent defense of the anti-White diatribes of Julius Malema. Although embroiled for openly causing dissension within the ranks of the ANC, Malema, an elected ANC official and the president of the ANC Youth League, has been in the habit of publicly performing the Zulu song which chants “Shoot the Boers”, even in defiance of court orders which demand that he not do so. And instead of censuring Malema for the song, the ANC actually came to his defense. At the website in the article ANC defends Julius Malema's "kill the boer" song we see it announced that “THE ruling ANC today defended youth leader Julius Malema for singing, 'shoot the boers, they are rapists', saying the lyrics of the song had been quoted out of context.” ANC spokesman Jackson Mthembu is quoted as saying “Let’s discuss appropriately on this matter. Don’t blame Julius. In fact, on this one, I will defend him”. Mthembu is then attributed with an explanation of the meaning of the song which is contrary to the song's obvious meaning and intent. Examining the lyrics, the song urges black Africans to “Shoot the Boers … the cowards [meaning the Boers] are scared”. Such is the theme song of Julius Malema, official youth leader of the ANC.

And the ANC policy? According to the Afrikaner Genocide Museum, under ANC leadership, over 4000 White South African farmers have been murdered in under 20 years. At least 68.000 White Afrikaners have been murdered. Countless others have been raped, robbed, beaten, and tortured. The murder of White farmers is usually accompanied with torture, as if it were all in the fulfillment of some sick negro ritual. On January 18th the Genocide Watch organization gave South Africa a rating of 6 out of a maximum score of 7 in regards to the possible organized genocide of White Boers, specifically naming both Malema and the ANC.

While the Jewish-controlled media in the West in the 1980's did not let either Europeans or Americans forget for one day all of the supposed evils of apartheid, they are strangely silent concerning the wholesale rape and murder of Whites in South Africa today. Could it be that the destruction of White South Africa and the Boer race was a Jewish policy from the beginning? And what would Europeans and Americans have thought in the 1980's, if they were told that all of the apparently “White” men and women standing with the negroes opposed to apartheid in South Africa were actually Jews? In English-language media, negroes are consistently extolled as role models, and their crimes are consistently ignored. When the media is compelled to report crimes perpetrated by blacks, they always seem to stress that it has “nothing to do with race”. Yet in reality, it has everything to do with race.

Whites were the builders of Western civilization, and now blacks – who at one time only benefited incidentally from its success as non-creative and non-governing laborers – have now been mandated into the positions of the civilization's creators and governors. Yet blacks have absolutely no innate ability to successfully fulfill those roles in practice. At the insistence of the Jew, the blacks becoming the equals of Whites in a society created by Whites, have become the primary force for destruction in the now-failing White society. Proofs of these contentions are evident everywhere, in any American or European city. One need only look as far as Detroit, Cleveland, Paris or London.

The insistence that all men should be judged equally before the law is found in the Bible, and it is a cornerstone of Western law. But the blind assumption that all men have equal innate intelligences and abilities is but one of the deceptions which world Jewry has foisted upon Western civilization. It is a deception enforced by the Jewish-controlled media on a daily basis, in spite of the facts. In the Jewish world order, contrary to nature, all men are equal in all respects. But before the law, certain preferred groups are judged a lot more equally than the non-preferred groups – so no man is equal where it matters. This is a world turned upside-down by Jewish ideals.

Under the auspices of the Jewish-controlled media, White Boers are being systematically destroyed in South Africa, and the blacks are able to get away with it because the Western media is simply ignoring what is happening there. This is reminiscent of that Jewish-perpetrated genocide which took place after Jewish communists usurped the government of Russia in 1917. Many thousands of innocent Russians were executed immediately, and the American and British governments knew what was happening, but did nothing. Over the 20 years which followed, 30 million White Russian Christians were slaughtered, and the Jewish-controlled media in the west ignored that situation too, until it was far too late to do anything about it. Again, the American and British governments knew what was happening, and did nothing to stop it. The governments of the West were permitted to do nothing about these Jewish crimes because the Jewish media left it all unreported. Western governments are only compelled to act on those things which the Jewish media belabours. Today, the American and British governments once again know what is happening in South Africa, and they do nothing to stop the slaughter – in spite of the fact that many non-mainstream media outlets have publicly reported what is happening. Apparently crime is only crime when the Jews say it is crime, and crime is only racial when Whites can be accused as the perpetrators.

And the deception of White society by its Jewish masters continues. One of the most glaringly naïve - if in fact it is really naïve - assessments of the current situation in South Africa is the South African Politicsweb article Communism vs racism in the ANC, which is said to be “a translation of an article which first appeared in Afrikaans in Beeld newspaper.” This article makes the false assumption that the ANC has suddenly ceased to be a communist organization, and has only become racist as a result of its embrace of capitalism. These assumptions are false, and are also incredibly deceptive. The article reaches the penultimate conclusion that “The ANC is no longer a communist organisation. But simply it is also neither the non-racial party as in the past.”

In truth, Marxism – or communism in any form – has never lived up to its own supposed ideals. Rather, history lays bare the fact that it has only been used as a system to gain control, and, once control is gained, those who have implemented it have absconded with the property of the society which they victimized. That is why, when the Soviet Union “dissolved”, a couple of dozen Jews ended up owning the entire economic wealth of the nation. Once the “communist” ANC came to power, the objective was obviously only to retain what it had unjustly taken – control over the wealth of the nation which it did not work to create. Therefore the betrayal of their former communist profession was inevitable, once they acquired that wealth in such a manner, suddenly embracing the means to retain it. Communism as it is practiced in modern times is the Jewish method of unseating Whites from the societies which Whites have created. It is purely economic Talmudism.

Another Jewish ploy is the ideal of non-racialism, which also manifests itself in Europe and America as the anti-racist movement. In South Africa, this ideal of non-racialism was forgotten in practice the very moment that the blacks came into power. Jobs and positions in government were immediately dispensed on the basis of race. The idea of non-racialism is only a ploy in order to get Whites to lower the natural defenses they should continually uphold towards the non-White races. In reality, non-racialism and anti-racism have only proven themselves to be euphemisms for anti-White sentiments and designs, wherever they have been manifested. The ANC was always racist, and only put up non-racialism as a facade in order to deceive the West, so that the general public in the Western nations would cooperate with the destruction of White South Africa. The several white-looking faces in the ANC nearly all belonged to Jews. Likewise, the murderous Jewish regime in Bolshevik Russia was heralded in the West as an egalitarian “worker's utopia”, and the Jewish-controlled media was never held accountable for its lies.

These same destructive patterns are being used to destroy all White nations everywhere, only on a much slower – often unnoticeable – schedule. As the racially “disadvantaged” (whose real numbers worldwide are far greater than Whites) are given greater and greater advantage in every White nation, White racists are being found by the Jewish media under every rock, and paraded through the news incessantly, while all sorts of horrible crimes committed by “minorities” against Whites are virtually ignored. If Whites do not take notice, and stand up for their South African brethren, soon the world will have South Africa in every White nation!

What a mass mess! Durban, SA, New Year's Day, 2012