The Demise of Free Speech?

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Too many Americans think that just because the European nations are “democracies”, that they have the same freedoms which are enjoyed in America. Nothing is further from the truth. For instance, earlier this year in Berlin a Canadian tourist was arrested and his camera's memory card confiscated, because his girlfriend took his picture while he gave the famous straight-armed salute that was popular with National Socialists last century. Several years ago in Köln (or Cologne) a Brit was arrested at the airport for doing that same thing. Cowed by Jewish supremicism, the German nation has outlawed not only fair and honest historical inquiry, but even harmless parody. 

Sometimes the consequences of suppression are far more serious. British Catholic bishop Richard Williamson recently stood trial in Regensburg, Germany, simply for questioning the validity of accounts concerning Germany's use of gas chambers in its concentration camps in the 1940's. It does not matter, that anyone who looks at those accounts honestly and with an open and inquiring mind can plainly see that the accounts are absolutely implausible. It does not matter, because German law does not permit the questioning of Jewish claims concerning Germany during World War Two. The Jews are the victors of the Second World War, and the “holocaust” is a dogma of their new religion, which demonizes all criticism of jews, so therefore it cannot be questioned. If a Jew makes a claim concerning Germany and World War Two, no matter how farcically unreal, it must be treated as truth. Like medieval Roman Catholicism, the holocaust cannot be questioned without punishment. The Jews who have decried Christian authoritarianism have now replaced it with their own authoritarianism, and ever since the French Revolution have Christians fallen for the ploy.

Ernst Zündel was born in Germany in 1939 and had lived in Canada since he was 19, where he raised a family. Living in the U.S. In 2003, he was arrested on alleged immigration charges, deported to Canada, and from there deported to Germany where he stood trial for questioning the Jewish religion of the holocaust. He was sentenced to five years. But still worse, his lawyers – because they believed in and defended their client – were also charged and forced to stand trial. Sylvia Stolz, a courageous woman who understands the nature of foreign rule over Germany, was found guilty and was recently released from a German prison after serving several years. Horst Mahler, another Zündel attorney who was also tried, convicted, and received a much longer sentence for defending his client, just gave up his appeal and will sit in prison for several more years. How dare they defend anyone questioning the holocaust dogma of Judaism. In the last few decades in Germany and elsewhere in Europe, hundreds of fine men and women – not neo-Nazi skinheads, but scholars and engineers - have gone to prison for daring to question the Jewish holocaust dogma.

So what does it matter to most people, if a bunch of “Nazis” get locked up for running their mouths in Germany? Nothing at all, to the short-sighted and slow of mind. But anyone familiar enough with the history of the past can indeed see the future, because they can see the patterns which history has left us. Unmistakable, indelible patterns, because leopards certainly do not change their spots. This is why, as the old adage goes, “history repeats itself”: because behavior is indeed nature, and not nurture. The last time that the Jews as a people had such a special political status as they have now, in Old Rome, Christians were regularly – and literally - being tossed to the lions, and the Jews were instigating it. The ancient Christian writers such as Tertullian and Minucius Felix testify to this very thing, that Roman persecution of Christians was at the instigation of the Jews. It is not a mistake, that wherever Jews preponderate on the streets, whether it be in Tel Aviv, Miami or Manhattan, Christians are regularly labeled as “Nazis”.

Recently in Britain, a local police squad raided a coffee shop owned by a Christian man, and harassed him, threatening his arrest in the middle of the business day, because he displayed Bible verses along with innocuous images on a television screen in his shop. This was the third high-profile incident in Britain in the past year where police have attempted to use the controversial Public Order Act to silence or suppress the expression of Christians. The first two incidents involved street preachers, who were later vindicated and rewarded damages after their fellow Britons came to their defense. However that these incidents could happen in Britain at all betray an underlying problem much greater than what presently appears: that a police official in a Christian nation even bears the thought that Christian expression should be publicly forbidden! If aliens are allowed into a Christian culture and protest that culture, then it is the aliens who must be removed, and not the Christians! Plain and just reasoning, however, does not fit the Jewish global agenda. Britain has also become a state ruled by those same Jewish supremicists seeking world domination. As they become more powerful, Christianity will be persecuted once again. These anti-Christian, anti-freedom tactics will continue to be employed in diverse places until the jews are successful, and Christianity is silenced in Europe.

Now to say a few words about the state of the so-called Christian Right in America today. Many murmurings have recently been heard from people pretending to be patriots, attacking the founders of the Republic and the Constitution which they left us. The Bill of Rights in our Constitution is all that keeps us from losing for good our freedoms of speech, religion, assembly, and the right to bear arms, thereby sharing in the fate of our European brethren who do not enjoy those rights. The goal of global uniformity of laws has been the open objective of Jewish global capitalism for over a hundred years now. The American Bill of Rights stands in their way. The end-game to all of these attacks on the American foundations is to make the Christian Right amenable to the idea of a new Constitutional Convention. Mark these words, if this happens, and because we have not properly defended our rights which are spelled out in the Constitution that we have, we will lose any rights that we can now claim to have. That is right: with a new Constitution, Americans will lose their second amendment right to bear arms. And if we lose our right to bear arms, we will then lose our freedom of speech and all of our other rights. So concerning those who keep attacking the founders and the Constitution, we must know them by their fruits: they are nothing but shills for the anti-Christ Jews trying to drive the final daggers into the heart of this once-great nation. They are the drones of global Jewry, working to destroy Christianity and to make the world safe for global Jewish supremacy.

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In the video below, Ernst Zundel warns that the jews will do to America what they did to Germany during the Weimar Republic of the 1920's. We think that process began here in the 1950's, and is only now just culminating!

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