The Greek New Testament on Wine

Of all the Greek words which describe wine or similar grape products, only οἶνος and γλεῦκος appear in the New Testament. Of these, οἶνος is the common Greek word for wine and was always used by Greeks to describe fermented products. The word γλεῦκος is only found in Acts 2:13. All other occurrences of the word "wine" in the New Testament are from οἶνος, or from compound words having οἶνος as their root.

Now γλεῦκος may refer to "grape juice", or to wine in the early stages of fermentation, called "new wine". There are a couple of other words for wine, which are not used in the New Testament, and they are included in the list below. There is one other Greek word which more explicitly describes "grape juice", and that is τρύξ.

If the apostles meant to describe "grape juice", they should always have used the word τρύξ. If perhaps the apostles had always used the word γλεῦκος, then religious teetotalers, or those who think that Christ and the apostles were teetotalers, might possibly hold an argument.

But since the apostles always - except on one occasion - used the word οἶνος, the argument by the teetotalers defies reality.

Primarily, that is because by arguing that Jesus and the apostles did not drink wine, one is making the assumption that the apostles did not know the meanings of these basic Greek words. 

Below we have compiled a list of Greek words for wine, and if we have missed any please let us know so we can add to the list.

Greek words which do appear in the New Testament describing "wine":

οἶνος Liddell & Scott:

γλεῦκος Liddell & Scott: A... sweet new wine... 2. grape-juice...

Another word, σίκερα, refers to an intoxicating beverage but is not directly related to grapes or wine. It appears only in Luke 1:15.

Greek words which do not appear in the New Testament describing "wine" or "grape juice:


Liddell & Scott: wine not yet fermented and racked off, must...


Liddell & Scott: strong drink...


Liddell & Scott: 1.poor wine... 2.vinegar made therefrom, Aesch., Ar.


Liddell & Scott: neat wine...


Liddell & Scott: new wine boiled down...