A Lamentation for These Times

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I wrote this in 1998, a short time after meeting with the awakening which led to my writing the material found here at Christogenea.

Try to build yourself a life that's void of all disorder,
naively thinking that no one can penetrate your borders.
But media will conjure fear and stir up much confusion
the tyrants use to justify continuing intrusion.
This fabricated madness that they call "democracy"
intoxicates the masses into thinking that they're free.
How sad it is they'll never learn, these leaders they've elected
by oligarchs in secret deals were long ago selected.

Try to set yourself alight, pursuing truth and learning,
barely keeping distance from your nature's baser yearnings
and once you find the sages of your kings have stolen Truth,
betrayed you'll feel and long to damn the teachers of your youth.
Like harlequins in motion on an animated stage
discreetly brewing potions made from some new victim's rage
these elite cliques may see themselves as gods by evolution
but crocodile tears shall flood the coming revolution.

Try to live yourself a life that's free of wayward thinking.
Your instincts will not let you board a ship you know is sinking.
But barristers will hound you endlessly with regulation
and what they overlook their cronies seize through litigation.
The serpents haven't changed, though now they wear Armani suits.
They undermine your values while they agitate the brutes.
How sad it is we haven't learned from History's instruction,
these beasts that dwell among us are the cause of our destruction.

Try to set your soul at ease, the end's already written:
the righteous soon shall be appeased, the demons shall be smitten.
Though vicars with their ritual and phony absolution
slay many of your brethren with their pompous elocution,
purveyors of such fatal thoughts have earned their destination
among the ashes of a world in utter desolation.
Though many have been called to hear it's sad so few persisted
seeking Truth within the Word their 'science' has resisted.

William Finck
14th October, 1998