No National Debt? Of Course It is Possible!

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For 80 years the United States did have prosperity - without a debt-incurring currency. From the days that Andrew Jackson drove Europe's jewish bankers out of the country by refusing to renew the charter of the so-called Second Bank of the United States, until the so-called Federal Reserve was founded in 1913, the United States was a prosperous nation without the artificial debt under which the Federal Reserve has enslaved the entire nation. And the Federal Reserve is actually controlled by the same international jewish bankers that controlled the bank that Jackson got rid of! They tried to kill Jackson for it, but the assassination attempt failed. 

In 1932 Adolf Hitler instituted a currency in Germany which was based upon the actual economic output of the nation. It paid no interest to any bank for its use, and it was debt-free. Germany boomed while the rest of the world was in a banker-orchestrated depression. Therefore, the jews declared war on Germany, using the excuse of "anti-semitism" to destroy it! While there is more to the German story than that, it is clear that jewry attempted to enslave Germany to communism first, and Hitler also prevented that. Thus is the cause of "antisemitism", which is the refusal of non-jews to be enslaved by the jews!

White Christians must stop believing the jewish-controlled media, and only then can they begin to honestly investigate the hidden forces behind "history". 

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