There is no Pulse

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Americans are mourning their Sodomites, but they should be lamenting their children!

How far deceased is the Body of Christ! If the body is, or perhaps, was, Christendom, then the latest apparent false flag event at a nightclub in Orlando is certainly ominous. One can plant a finger on its throat, and there is no Pulse.

Of course, we are not saying that nothing happened at the Pulse nightclub. However whatever did happen certainly did not happen in accordance with the way that it has been portrayed. We did a little investigating ourselves, of some of the online real estate records for the building. It is hard to imagine the reported 300 patrons crammed into a bar with perhaps 4,500 square feet of usable space, and a man able to walk a Colt AR-15 and multiple large clips into such a small and crowded club, which had only 10 or 12 parking spaces of its own, completely unnoticed in the midst of a hot summer’s night in southern Florida.

Oh, CNN reported that “The club is a vast, open space that was hosting more than 300 patrons” and “People inside the cavernous nightclub described a scene of panic....” But are they really describing the building which appears in the Orlando real estate records? Or are they reading from some concocted script? The building’s 4,500 usable square feet on two stories can hardly be described as “cavernous”.

We were subjected to interviews on the streets outside of the club, presumably taped in the dark of the night and only hours after the alleged shooting began. Here, “survivors” described a horrific event and gave detailed accounts of their own escape. But the accounts of the escapees crawling on the floor through dead and dying bodies were not accompanied with the appropriately expected images: there was no blood on any of these alleged survivors. When people have been shot all around you, we would expect to see you splattered with blood. When you crawl on the floor around bodies that have just been ripped apart by flesh-shredding 5.56 millimeter rounds, your clothing should not escape the stains from the expected puddles of blood. But there was no blood, perhaps because there was no Pulse.

Sure, in the initial reports, and namely that which was offered by CNN, there were a few pictures of cops and of bundles on gurneys, but nothing like we may expect for a scene of gruesome carnage and fifty dead bodies. The clean-up in the pictures at CNN look nearly clerical in nature, where we saw one appropriately dressed officer, and all the rest were wearing slacks and golf shirts, and donning cheap rubber gloves.

So in the aftermath, and with little exception, rather than images of blood-soaked victims and survivors, cops, coroner’s wagons and medical emergency workers clearing out dozens of corpses while wearing crimson-stained hazmat suits, we have instead been served images of Sodomites seeking counseling at an “LGBTQ Community Center”. In fact, one SJW website which calls itself “Fusion” printed what it claimed were “49 powerful, moving images from the aftermath of the Orlando shooting”, among which there were only one ambulance, a fire truck and a few police vehicles. But additionally there were many other images of memorials and vigils being conducted on behalf of the dead and wounded Orlando sodomites in San Francisco, Berlin, Sydney, and other far-away places immediately after the shooting. However none of the images accurately reflected the aftermath of an actual mass shooting.

Once upon a time when news reporting was real, or perhaps when the news itself was real, the papers actually printed pictures of the crimes. Today’s media is mostly concerned with political spin, and we do not even know if there was a crime. To the left is an image from the Saint Valentine’s Day massacre which was published in the Chicago Tribune. This is only one of many such photographs, which with all certainty reflect the true horror of a mass shooting.

But just like many similar events in the recent past, the alleged Orlando shooter also had repeated contacts and associations with government agents over the months leading up to the shootings, something which is all too frequent but which never seems to raise suspicion in the mainstream media. (In this case, there is an informative article compiling the evidence at

Once all of the facts surrounding the Pulse nightclub shooting are put in the balance, the winner once again is world Jewry and the progressive agenda. Christians are deceived into having empathy for Sodomites, an empathy which will be encouraged by the ongoing characterization of their victimhood. Because the shooter was a moslem, Americans will also continue to be persuaded to enlist in the cause of further wars for the rogue Zionist state in Palestine. Additionally, the gun-grabbers will have still more ammunition in their ceaseless endeavor to disarm the American people.

Just this past week my wife and I went to Bristol, Tennessee to see her aged and terminally ill 94-year-old grandfather. He had been sitting in a hospital room watching television for nearly two weeks, but that is not much different from his normal routine at home. So we always suppose that his attitude is a good reflection of the success and direction of Pavlovian mainstream media conditioning. After our greetings he began our conversation with a lamentation over what had happened to those poor “people” in Orlando. Fulfilling its nefarious progressive agenda, the mainstream media legitimized sodomy in the eyes of the public long ago. But the media portrayal of victimization in the aftermath of the Whorlando Homocaust, as we would rather label the event, seeks to humanize Sodomites and gain further public sympathy for the advancement of their cause.

But even that is not the point we are endeavoring to make here. Whatever happened at the Pulse nightclub is truly of no concern to us. We have no care for dozens of dead Sodomites even if there actually were any shooting. In fact, we would prefer to see either the end of Sodomy or the end of all Sodomites, whichever must come first. Neither do we have any care for the Arab bastard that allegedly did the shooting, and it has been reported that he was also a Sodomite. So for us, there really is no Pulse to speak of.

But the lack of a pulse in the body of Christ, that is our concern. While the world is mourning its Sodomites, it should instead be mourning its children.

We had conjectured many years ago, that once the Sodomite agenda is allowed to advance to the point of accepted normalcy, that the paedophile agenda would not be far behind. We even remember joking that one day man and donkey may walk the aisles of local churches to be wed in happily-ever-after matrimony. Of course, modern churches have already been transformed into Baal temples for the State religion, and they do whatever the State demands. Those days are closer than we even imagined, and the enemies of Christ seem to have now found a path by which to accelerate the threat to children everywhere that even we did not suspect.

It is not that paedophilia is a recent fad. We have always had paedophiles among us, to one degree or another. However throughout Christian history, is has been justly scorned as a perversion.

It were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he cast into the sea, than that he should offend one of these little ones.” - Luke 17:2

The rich and famous, however, seem more inclined towards such perversions, and more than likely to escape worldly punishments for them. There has long been an awareness of paedophile rings in high places, and especially in Britain. The governments of the West have long ago been taken over by a monied class of perverts who use the weakest among their citizens – the children of the poor – for their own sexual gratification. Many organs of the mainstream media have long been in collusion with these perverts.

We discussed this phenomenon at length several years ago in an article printed here which is titled Lambs to the Slaughter. Evidence was described which implicates many people from the American rich-and-famous in the sexual abuse of children over the last forty years. The accusations have been and are still being published openly, in books which are available in ubiquitous places, and no one bothers to do anything about them. The big media network newsrooms which could make a difference have not touched them.

In more recent editions of the Saxon Messenger we reprinted the excellent reporting on the Greville Janner case which was done by Francis Carr Begbie at the Occidental Observer. And while Janner was a leftist Labour Party politician, apparently the conservatives have been even more infamous baby buggers. Just 19 months ago the Daily Mail reported on a history of paedophile orgies and even the murders of some of the victims which are said to have occurred at Dolphin Square, a luxury apartment complex in London, and which included several high-ranking conservative MPs. The light of day was first shone upon such darkness nearly thirty years ago. But after much political pressure upon the investigating agencies, the Mail reports, “the Dolphin Square child sex scandal of 1988 was brushed under the carpet.”

The case of Gordon Anglesea is even more ominous, because if Anglesea is guilty, it is a startling example of how deeply rooted the paedophilia problem is in British society. A North Wales police chief who fended off media reports of child abuse with a successful libel suit over 20 years ago, it was announced in May of this year that Anglesea is finally being brought to trial. The Daily Post has recently reported that the Gordon Anglesea child sex trial would be conducted at the Old Bailey. Reporting on the case several years ago by a website that calls itself Rebecca Television was filled with suggestions of Freemasonic intrigue.

Yet even this is only the beginning of troubles.

As it was reported by the Press-Gazette, Andrew Norfolk of The Times was named British journalist of the year at the 2014 British Journalism Awards, for his persistent exposure of the child sex grooming gangs and the “council and law enforcement failures which contributed to 1,400 children being abused in Rotherham alone.” And while most of the media has forgotten it, the Rotherham child sex grooming scandal is not quite in the past. A web page which calls itself The Daily Stirrer has reported on continued fallout and new discoveries in the case.

But even before Andrew Norfolk's journalism award, in October of 2014 the Independent had reported of the elections that year that “Ukip has been accused of exploiting the misery of Rotherham sex-abuse victims in its determination to win its first police and crime commissioner post.” Ukip defended itself on very modest terms, where the paper stated that “The party is unrepentant about its tactics, insisting it is conveying a ‘simple truth’ about Labour’s failure to combat widespread paedophile activity when it ran Rotherham Council.” But even that failed to mention the real nature of the crime and its perpetrators.

The paper then began to use pity as a weapon to demonize Ukip for its rather moderate position: “But one victim of abuse accused Ukip of exploiting pain to get elected. The 25-year-old, who was groomed, raped and passed between a group of older men from the age of 12, said the role of candidates should be to ‘put Rotherham back together’. She told The Independent: ‘People shouldn’t be making such comments and using it to get themselves into high positions. That’s very disrespectful to us victims.’

The woman, who said she is yet to decide how to vote, criticized all the main parties for failing to learn from reports into sexual exploitation in Rotherham. “Nothing has really changed,” she said. “People feel that nobody is listening.”

The Independent report is telling. In other words, crooked politicians from the major political parties have a license to retain the offices they have abused or neglected to fulfill, because it is politically incorrect to hold them accountable where victims are concerned. The arrogance of progressivism is astounding.

This is the question the media should be asking: If so many of a nation's ruling class are paedophiles themselves, can its people expect their government to protect children from paedophiles?

The moslem child sex grooming gangs are all over Britain. Evidently, some of the British do care, because some of the gangs are caught. Recently, 13 members of a similar moslem child sex ring, which had also been raping and grooming young White girls for prostitution in Halifax and Bradford, were convicted and sent to prison. But in 2012, two years before the Rotherham case broke, there was another similar case in Rochdale, in Greater Manchester. In May of that year a gang of Pakistani and Afghan moslems were convicted of sex crimes in which there were at least 47 White British girls victimized over a period of at least four years, and nine of the moslems imprisoned. Then, in the same place, another moslem child sex grooming gang was busted in 2015, and recently ten more wolves were sent to prison.

The Wikipedia article on these Rochdale sex grooming gangs reports that “The girls were all white British which led to a nation wide discussion of whether the crimes were racially motivated, and whether the failure to investigate them was linked to the authorities' fear of being accused of racism.” Of course the crimes were racially motivated, of course the failure can be attributed to at least some fear of being labeled racist among officials, and the subsequent Rotherham revelations substantiate those assertions. Perhaps the recent Brexit poll results are an indication that the British people themselves are beginning to realize this reality.

Muslim men are going to rape White girls and women. It is what they do. Their law of jihad demands it of them. They must be doing this in every place where they have been admitted as “immigrants”, and to deny it is to display a purposeful naivete of the moslem culture and their so-called religion. But so far we have only found reporting on their organization and operation in Britain. Elsewhere in the sexually progressive and post-Christian West, there seems to be no care – especially in Germany.

The new path by which the perverts ruling the West may accelerate the threat to children everywhere and ultimately legalize paedophilia is Sharia law. The BBC has reported an immigration conflict in the Netherlands, where there are protests that child brides are being reunited with middle-aged “husbands” after they are admitted to the country as refugees, often already pregnant. The BBC has also reported a similar debate in Germany, where citing a German newspaper it stated:

Bild reports that the federal state of Bavaria alone has registered 550 cases of brides aged under 18, and 161 under 16, among the asylum seekers that have arrived in the recent migrant wave. In most of these cases, the young girls were already married before their arrival in Germany.

On June 11th, 2016, as it was reported by Breitbart and several other internet news websites,

A regional German court has recognised as valid the marriage of a 14-year-old Syrian girl to her 20-year-old cousin, despite the legal age for marriage in Germany being 16. The case represents a landmark ruling, with the Federal Court set to adjudicate on the implications for the country as a whole.

Breitbart said that the case was “likely to become a landmark ruling”, which may indicate either agreement with or concession to the steadily progressing progressive agenda.

There has long been talk of an acceptance of Sharia law in Britain and other countries of the West where moslem immigrants are found in ever-increasing numbers. If Sharia law is accepted, ultimately White girls will also become child brides, and the sex-grooming gangs will no longer be prosecuted, their activities becoming recognized legally.

And it is not only young girls which should be the object of concern, but boys as well. For instance, in September of 2015 the New York Times reported that “U.S. Soldiers Told to Ignore Sexual Abuse of Boys by Afghan Allies”. But the practice is not as limited as the Times article portrays. It has long been reported to us, by both friends and family who have served in Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan, that moslem men regularly and frequently bugger the boys in their communities. And this is permitted by Sharia law.

So the threat to White children everywhere is two-pronged. The political and economic elite have long been abusers of our children. There is a Medieval German folktale called Rumpelstiltskin which once served as a warning to young Germans. The imp who could spin gold out of straw required a Christian child in exchange for his efforts. Now the imps who make money out of nothing are in control everywhere, and the lambs are being led to the slaughter. White children are being destroyed by the ruling class, as well as by the moslem invaders which the ruling class facilitates.

At the same time, the pundits of the ruling class are now publishing opinions which are designed to change the public attitude towards paedophiles, with the intent to normalize the crime and make it acceptable. This is the same strategy which they had used to gain acceptance for Sodomites in the closing decades of the last century.

For example, a 2014 op-ed written for the New York Times by a law professor announced that paedophilia was “A Disorder, Not a Crime”. There is an obvious cognitive dissonance that must accompany an acceptance of the idea that a law professor should be allowed to define criminal acts. Laws are made by governments, not academics, and in a democracy the people elect law-makers, not universities. But that is another story entirely.

In this opinion, which was evidently found acceptable to one of the nation's most prominent newspapers, the writer asserts that paedophilia is a condition, and the designation of paedophile is a status which should be recognized, just as homosexual and other similar tendencies have been recognized legally. As our friend Mark Downey has recently pointed out, homosexuals have managed to attach themselves to the civil rights agenda. And this is how they started: by demanding that the tendency to commit a crime such as sodomy be recognized as a legitimate status, equal to being Black or Hispanic. If the tendency to abuse or even merely fantasize about having sex with children is recognized as a status, then paedophiles will also become a protected class. It is no surprise that Margo Kaplan, the Rutgers law professor who made these assertions, is a Jewess. For the ancestors of the Jews – the ancient Canaanites – were the original Sodomites as well.

The West has already progressed far down the slippery slope to universal Sodomy. A civilization that has more care for its Sodomites than it does for its children has already thrown itself onto the fires at the altars of Molech.

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