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A poem I wrote in November, 1998:

Wandering through the darkness, pushing emptiness aside,

Finding truths long lost amidst deception’s rising tide,

Secrets locked in ancient verse used throughout the ages

To fool the seed of men who lived those sacred pages.

Since man’s dawn the devil has plotted his destruction,

His minions block the light of truth with false instruction.

If the Book’s deciphered from the language whence it came

By honest men, not hypocrites, it won’t read the same.


Pondering seduction in a distant time and place,

Evil cast in vanity to spawn a serpent race

Causing age-old enmity and Adam’s fall from grace

To a world where faith alone rebukes the serpent’s chase.

This tree that knows of evil has Satan at its root,

Its plot to conquer Adam, to taint the woman’s fruit.

If successful such a deed would lead to man’s demise,

Adam’s sons with evil must not ever compromise.


Wandering out of Eden judged to taste of evil’s strife

The serpent shows its colors, puts Abel to the knife.

But the woman’s seed will flourish, Adam will have heirs.

In Seth his line is nourished, the serpent should beware.

Through flood and famine always, a remnant God will save,

Among His sons He’ll find a few whose souls are not depraved.

Calamity, His method of smiting those consumed

In the serpent’s habits, which forebode impending doom.


Wandering ‘round the desert guided by the Holy One,

Freedom gained from Egypt through the staff of Levi’s son.

Past forty years they’re led to the walls at Jericho,

With faith in Him this fortress can’t stand the trumpet’s blow.

Conquering the promised land at cost of heathen lives,

Careful that these men don’t take the daughters as their wives.

The serpent taunts them into sin by adulteration,

Strangers would pollute the race with vile fornication.


Establishing a nation, the first in which they’ve trod

Out of oppression’s sight, free men living under God.

And although it was destined to last a thousand years

He knew they’d break the covenant their fathers held so dear.

Select for us a king!, these sons of the promise raved.

He warned one day a king would only have them all enslaved.

But in David He saw good, and Solomon blessed wise.

In this seed a throne forever stands before their eyes.


Squandering inheritance, forsaking their true God,

Assyria selected to bear His anger’s rod.

Carried from their homeland to the cities of the Medes,

Ephraim and his brothers punished for their sinful deeds.

Shortly after Judah too was removed from the land,

Taken off to Babylon by Nebuchadnezzar’s hand.

But the highest twig in Lebanon, sent unto the isles,

Judah’s scepter He replanted, safely ‘cross the miles.


Wandering back from Babylon some time after its fall,

A small portion of those exiled, answering His call

But serpent children mixed themselves among the righteous brood

Brought traditions of their elders, the sinister Talmud.

Some among them stayed apart and settled Galilee,

Where Benjamin’s light had shined, for those with eyes to see.

The rest into the Holy Place by Pharisees were led,

Later scourged by He who came to bruise the serpent’s head.


Wandering ‘cross Euphrates, Esdras wrote that Israel went,

North and west they fled the Medes to work the land from tents.

Jeremiah’s horsemen, battle axe and tools of war,

Babylon beware, by Scythia your doom’s assured.

Settling the Caucasus, their home no more lamented,

Spread throughout the fertile land, becoming quite fragmented.

Norman, Goth and Saxon, with numerous other names

Pushing through Europa, they forgot from where they came.


Wandering the sands of time through unforgiving lands,

Taming seas and forests, naught but for inspired hands.

Construct a kingdom destined to stand forevermore,

Daniel’s fifth, as prophesied so many years before.

Even though they’re fruitful, prospering in these new homes,

Instilled deep within them is desire far to roam.

Horns of Joseph push his people to the ends of earth

While Benjamin, the dire wolf, navigates its girth.


Wandering ‘cross the oceans, building cities ‘round the world,

Flags of Isaac over all were rightfully unfurled.

Dominion given to them, to tread but not to save,

In stubbornness they do not see the plan that He engraved.

They build although their kings consume all that they can steal,

And search for truths aristocrats strive hard to keep concealed,

Feed the world regardless of their Ruler’s staunch demands,

Yet keep the faith in He Who’s always blessed their worthy hands.


Through all this time the serpent is nipping at the heal

Of these people God has chose to satisfy His zeal

That righteousness one day over evil shall prevail,

In His plan He is perfect, the serpent doomed to fail.

All nations under Jacob’s rule were destined to do well

When judged by the laws of God, and not the ways of hell.

The serpent’s children propagate to usurp Jacob’s hand,

Breeding agitation and corruption ‘cross the land.


Wandering the ages watching war’s unjust revue,

Emissaries bathed in hate and hungry retinue.

A time that’s lost in battle, the reasons lost in time,

Vineyards ripe with vengeance and the heathens take the wine.

Peering into counting houses far from battle’s plight

Serpents profit from these wars promoting Jacob’s blight.

As his pillar lies beneath the throne of Judah’s seed

Satan’s minions laugh as Jacob’s sons are left to bleed.


Wandering this blessed place, Abraham’s great nation,

Land of unwalled villages awaiting indignation.

Sophists look upon His pact with Abraham and doubt,

If they knew Him they’d have witnessed Jacob’s branches sprout.

Where is the Saxon’s ire? Just when will he awaken?

Will he sleep till all that he has toiled for is taken?

These times when Jacob falters from evil unassailed,

It is written, they shall be the head and he the tail.


Squandering inheritance, have they learned anything?

Who are all these devils that are seated with the king?

What’s needed to awaken Jacob’s dormant masses?

Few Gideons with lanterns are alighting blinded masses.

The serpent is seducing Jacob’s daughters to this day,

And captivates his sons, with the beasts to go astray.

The prudent utter naught and await the seventh seal,

Yahshua come soon, this lowly people must be healed!



William Finck


Originally written in the Federal prison at Elkton, Ohio, on November, 10th 1998, with some minor editing today, September, 14th, 2021. On this day I found this poem in my prison papers, where it had been for nearly 23 years. Links below contain the pages of the original poem.