The Beasts that Dwell Among Us

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Belatedly posted here, this was the Saxon Messenger editorial for the August 2011 issue, and was also the original introduction to our series of articles by the same title at the Saxon Messenger.

The Beasts that Dwell Among Us

David Cameron has attributed the cause of the recent London riots to a “slow motion moral collapse”. He then said “We have been too unwilling for too long to talk about what is right and what is wrong. We have too often avoided saying what needs to be said, about everything from marriage to welfare to common courtesy.” Other public officials “have spent the last few days blaming the riots on everything from racial inequality, to poverty, to cutbacks in governmental benefits and perceived failures in the delivery of benefits in the growing welfare State that is contemporary England” (Catholic Online).

Cameron recently pledged to "turn around" the lives of 120,000 of the "most troubled" families before the next election in Britain. As if the leopard could be made to change its spots. What Cameron really means, is that he will find a different way to once again expand the welfare state and to placate the aliens who we as a nation have allowed to possess our once-magnificent cities.

The rioters are from troubled families. They are disgruntled youths. They are angry teens. They are children without fathers. One of the most conservative publications, The Sovereign Independent, has not mustered the courage to call them anything but useful idiots, and to grouse about the inevitable police state that naturally must arise in a nation populated with savages, if any decent folk remain and still want to live. To most of the British people, and especially the politically-correct politicians and media, they are anything but what they really are: they are Black.

A brief survey of recent English riots leads us to note the St Pauls riot in April of 1980 in Bristol, the Brixton riot of 1981, the 1981 Toxteth riots in Liverpool, the 1981 Moss Side riots in Manchester, the 1981 Chapeltown riot in Leeds, the First Handsworth Riot in Birmingham in 1981, the Brixton riot of 1985, the Second Handsworth Riot on September 11, 1985, the Broadwater Farm Riot in London on Oct. 6, 1985, another Brixton riot in 1995, and the Manningham Riot, in June of 1995, in Bradford, West Yorkshire. Some of these riots occurred upon police involvement in the community. All were generally attributed to “unemployment” and “racial tension” and the “alienation of black youth”. All were perpetrated by Blacks.

Sure, there are occasionally some Whites among the rioters. When Blacks take over a district, most Whites flee for refuge. But not all have the means to escape. Rather than the Blacks assimilating and accepting White customs, laws and habits, many of those Whites left behind learn to accept the ways of the Blacks. Today, through media attention given the aliens, many of our young people have learned to imitate the Blacks, having so-called “gangsta rappers” for role models. The aliens are not being raised to the former heights of British society. Rather, all British society is being pulled down.

Society is familiarly regarded as a  community of people living in a particular region and having shared customs, laws, and organizations. Things such as Sharia law and alien customs in Britain are not compatible with British society, and are contrary to the definition of society itself. Man has never been successful at defying nature without first constructing massive artificial support systems, and at great expense. Thus is the cost of “diversity”.

Mr. Cameron, in Britain today, can we really talk about “what is right and what is wrong”? Or has truly free speech not been abrogated by the demands of certain classes that are forcing us to accept “multiculturalism” and “diversity”? We have allowed ourselves to be flooded with aliens, and there was no opposition because we were never allowed to discuss the true nature of our society. To this very day we are brow-beaten whenever race is mentioned as a possible problem in society. Yet it should be absolutely clear that race is not a construct of society, but rather  society is a construct of race. In reality, Mr. Cameron, the government has outlawed “saying what needs to be said”.

The Blacks have never produced any society above what is found in Africa. The proof of that is evident the world over. Just get on the internet and look at pictures of Detroit or Cleveland after 50 years of Black occupation. Likewise, wherever the Arab and related muslims are found, the result is Arabia: a desert devoid of recognizable culture. Racial inequality is a biological and natural fact, and we must learn from the results when we ignore that fact. We have allowed ourselves to be flooded with these people, and we have paid them food stamps and welfare and medical benefits to buy their peace. Once the benefits cease, the parasites naturally look to kill the host so that they can feed on what is left of its cadaver. This is England today. Now the only truly relevant question is this: When can Englishmen actually stand up for England? If we do not, soon we will have nothing to stand for.

William Finck