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Independence Hall, as it appears below to the right, is a lot like America itself. The top third having long ago fallen apart, all that is left is covered with a facade, while the bottom two-thirds is totally exposed and crumbling.

Why pick on Philadelphia? Because it is the cultural center of the founding of this nation. Of the nation's original great cities, while they all had a role in creating our heritage, none are so worthy as Philadelphia to be considered the birthplace of these United States. But today Philadelphia is also a good representative of what has now become of our once-great heritage: we have given it away to aliens who neither appreciate nor even understand it, and they never will be able to understand it. We have done this at the expense of our own children, or at least, of the children we may have had if it were not for the burdensome taxes of the welfare state. Yet it is not wholly our own people who have given it away, but those among us - those who from the beginning have always been contrary to us, who have seduced us into giving it away. Today it is their monuments which are quickly coming to dominate Philadelphia, and they are rewriting our history in order for them to make it even easier to corrupt and destroy our nation. The proof lies open for all of those with eyes to see.


Philadelphia has long been known for its large population of negroes. Early on, the city had an ambivalent attitude towards slavery, and Pennsylvania was one of the first of the original States to outlaw the institution. By the middle of the 19th century, an environment was created in Philadelphia which gave negroes every opportunity afforded to Whites. There were approximately 2,000 free negroes living there in 1790, and over 14,000 by 1830. But even then they were not 10% of the total population. And while by the end of the 19th century their population grew to 40,000 they were only about 4% of the city's population.


However today they are over 45% of the population of the city, a condition that has existed for many decades, and the more their numbers have grown, the worse the environment within the city has become. North Philadelphia has been no better than a war zone for many decades; an eyesore and a disgrace to our nation. Negroes rampage on a regular basis, most often making Whites the victims of their crimes and their violence. Of course, those exhibits won't be found in modern museums. The violence perpetrated by negroes beginning from the 1960's has never really ended, yet it has been a long time since negroes have had any excuse at all, much less a legitimate one, for despising or rising up against Whites or against society in general. For two centuries now, negroes in Philadelphia have had every opportunity to do well, enjoying every benefit with Whites in an environment originally created by Whites. With few exceptions, they have not taken advantage of that opportunity. Negroes will never understand that once opportunity is created, it is hard work alone that creates advantage from the opportunity - and not welfare handouts or easy jobs at high salaries for unqualified individuals.

Although admittedly the fault does not lie solely with negroes. Rather, the fault lies with liberal Whites who do not understand - or will not admit - that negroes as a society cannot function in the model in which Whites function. The negro spirit is in the jungle, and the negro naturally functions by the law of the jungle, and not by the rule of law. Of course, there are apparent exceptions found in individual negroes, however they do not qualify as examples of the capabilities of the race as a whole. Most negro professional athletes may well be criminals if the rewards of professional sports weren't much greater and higher-paying. The very fact that negroes need legal mandates and compulsory assistance to be able to function in a White society, proves that they are truly incapable of functioning in that society in the first place. According to the National Poverty Center at the University of Michigan, nearly 11.9% of all White children in America live in poverty, a number - not counting their adult parents - nearly equal to the total population of negroes in the entire nation, which is given by the Census Bureau as 12.6%. Yet poor Whites do not riot, and they do not roam the streets in gangs seeking plunder and committing wanton acts of violence.


Today, as those destructive sirens of multiculturalism and diversity wail ever-so-loudly, many liberal Whites have taken to selecting negroes for mating purposes. Yet without exception, no race-mixed society has ever created a great nation. The pattern throughout history has always been the same: White societies absorb or are overrun by non-White peoples and fall into a permanent state of decay. India, Iran, Iraq and Egypt are all glaring examples. Italy and Greece barely survive in the face of a once-illustrious past. France is already a sick shadow of its former self. The arab countries of the middle east have only been bolstered by the largest transfer of wealth in world history: western oil money. Yet an arab on his own never designed an oil pump or a use for its produce, and in spite of the trillions of dollars in oil money, a high percentage of arab people still live in abject poverty - higher even than that of American negroes. Wherever African blacks are found, the result is just like Africa, and wherever arabs are found, the result shall be Arabia.

Furthermore, wherever the Chinese are found, the result will be China. Americans have been deceived for over a hundred years now, into letting the nation become flooded with aliens who are said to want to "assimilate". Yes, there are a small number of aliens who seem to do so with moderate success, however they are an exception. And the alien spirit they bring with them nevertheless changes the nature of the nation indelibly.

The "Chinatowns" currently situated in various large American cities are not the simple ethnic neighborhoods which served as stopping-points for the Irish and Italians and Germans who eventually assimilated into Anglo-American culture - which they were related to anyway - and from which they thereby became Americans, contributing in large ways to the further development of the culture. No, the "Chinatowns" across America are colonies, from which China hopes to complete its "Long March" (to use a term from the Chinese themselves) towards global Chinese communist domination, a goal in which they have had all the assistance of the international jewish community, itself the primary advocate of world communism. The idols of these new Chinese conquerors already line the streets and avenues of central Philadelphia, announcing their presence to the world. This is certainly not the future for Philadelphia which the founders of this nation had envisioned, when they left a constitution which they intended would "secure the blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our posterity". We, as a nation, have forsaken our fathers and abandoned their posterity.

While much is heard about illegal Mexican immigration and anchor babies, little is discussed about this same problem with China. The Chinatowns across the country have long been places where illegal Chinese immigrants could find safe harbor from the alien outside world, and they have - in significant and also in ever-increasing numbers. As China accumulates more and more American debt notes - from all of those manufacturing entities which so-called American "capitalists" (i.e. jews) handed over to them relatively freely, having moved so many American factories and so much technology overseas, China will be looking to spend more and more of that capital here. Around New York City, Chinatown has long ago exploded into the suburbs and into New Jersey, and it has been rapidly growing outward for over 40 years. Philadelphia is clearly following that same trend. Before most Americans even realize what is going on, many of our major metropolitan centers will be so heavily populated with Asians that visitors may think they are in Asia. And what forebodes to be even more destructive to the future of White civilization, is that it is also fully apparent that Whites more easily tend to race-mix with Asians than they do with negroes and hispanics. The real marks of conquest are not stationary, but human. And as Philadelphia goes, so goes the nation. Yet how was it possible, to destroy the fabric of such a great nation to the point where it surrenders itself to these alien invasions, without any of the aggression that was once an absolute prerequisite to such conditions?

From a Wikipedia article entitled History of the Jews in Philadelphia:


"The Jews of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania can trace their history back to Colonial America. Jews have lived there since the arrival of William Penn in 1682."


If this is true, and it appears to be, was it the intent of the original founders of the colony? That William Penn was a Christian, and founded Pennsylvania in order to establish a wholly Christian colony in the new world, is absolutely evident in the first writings and legislation of the colony. The following is from chapter 7 of the book, Christian Life and Character of the Civil Institutions of the United States, Developed in the Official and Historical Annals of the Republic, by B. F. Morris. Published by George W. Childs, 628 & 630 Chestnut St. Cincinnati: Rickey & Carroll. 1864.

"IN 1682, another important era in the Christian colonization of the North American continent was inaugurated. William Penn was singularly qualified to be the founder of a Christian commonwealth. He had been educated under the influence of the gospel. He had studied the origin of government, the nature of civil liberty, and the rights of man, in the light of the pure word of God, and formed the purpose of founding a Christian empire on the free and peaceful precepts of Christianity. He had a firm faith in the great American idea that man, educated by Christianity, was capable of self-government. Finding no place in Europe to try the experiment of a Christian government, he resolved to seek it in America...."


"The first legislative act, passed at Chester, the seventh of the twelfth month, December, 1682, announced the ends of a true civil government. The preamble recites, that, "Whereas the glory of Almighty God and the good of mankind is the reason and end of government, and, therefore, government in itself is a venerable ordinance of God, and forasmuch as it is principally desired and intended by the proprietary and governor, and the freemen of Pennsylvania and territories thereunto belonging, to make and establish such laws as shall best preserve true Christian and civil liberty, in opposition to all unchristian, licentious, and unjust practices, whereby God may have his due, Caesar his due, and the people their due, from tyranny and oppression.'"


Yet jewish merchants were already working the slave trade along the eastern seaboard, and not with the English, but wherever the Dutch had settled. Therefore as soon as Englishmen began to establish Christian colonies in the New World, the jews were not far behind, and at an early time they were very influential in Philadelphia, in spite of Penn's legislation. The following two paragraphs are from the same Wikipedia article cited above:


"Jewish traders were operating in southeastern Pennsylvania long before Penn. The first Jewish resident of Philadelphia on record was Jonas Aaron. His name appears in 1703 ('American Historical Register,' April, 1895). Isaac Miranda, the first Jew in the English colonies to hold a judicial position, owned property in the town at an early date; he arrived in Philadelphia about 1710 and at once engaged in trade with the Indians. That there were several Jewish families in the city in 1734 as is proved by the fact that the German traveler Von Beck enumerates them among the religious sects of the town. One of the earlier inhabitants was Nathan Levy (1704–53), who applied in 1738 for a plot of ground to be used as a place of burial for his family. He obtained this grant September 25, 1740, and the plot was thenceforth known as the 'Jews' burying-ground'; it was the first Jewish cemetery in the city, and was situated in Spruce street near Ninth street; it has been the property of the Congregation Mickvé Israel for more than a century.


"David Franks (1720–94) was another prominent Jewish resident. He went to Philadelphia early in life and engaged in business with Nathan Levy, under the firm name of Levy & Franks, this being the first Jewish business-house in the city. Part of their business consisted of the importation of slaves. Along with Joseph Marks, Jewish merchants from Rhode Island, Jacob Rivera and Aaron Lopez, they brought in about 650 or over half the slaves that arrived in the region. In 1748, when The City Dancing Assembly, the city's most famous social organization, was founded, among the names on the subscription list were those of David Franks, Joseph Marks, and Samson Levy."


In a flock of sheep, wolves left to roam freely will always have full bellies. In a Christian society, the jews – whose nature it is to profit from usury, gambling, slave-trading and every other vice and racket they can conjure - will always acquire the lion's share of the wealth. So it was in early America. Not only were jews responsible for nearly all of the slave trade in the colonies, but later jews were at the vanguard of the drive to free the slaves which they themselves had once sold, and to make them equal citizens in the White Christian society which grew up around them. The jew has been behind race-mixing and the promotion of aliens in White Christian society from the beginning. Since the jew is not the spawn of Israel, but has actually descended from the ancient Kenite, Canaanite and Edomite races of Scripture, it is clear that historically this has been his agenda for thousands of years, and it is not a merely modern trend. The jew has been and forever will be the enemy of everything pure - especially regarding purity of race - and the enemy of everything Christian.

For over two hundred years now, the jew has been working to subvert White Christian society in America. With jewish money and politics eventually buying the American Civil War (instigated by the Rothschilds of London) and the elevation of the alien negro to citizenship, and with the opening of immigration from countries other than northern Europe, the jew has been able to greatly diminish the political power of the original White Christian founding stock of the nation. Jeffersonian Liberalism held the ideal that a God-fearing Christian nation could govern itself, and should therefore be free of the tyranny of either church or monarch. Jewish liberalism has taken God out of the nation, and imposed a tyranny that either church or monarch could only envy. The jew has engineered this quite carefully, with the money of jewish plutocrats having bought enough influence to completely corrupt both American academia and American religious thought by the 1930's. Thus the corrupt Zionist biblical interpretations of Scofield and Bullinger, and the Marxist political agendas found quite early on at universities such as Columbia and Harvard, through Jewish money and influence and a nearly completely jewish-controlled media, have now become the norm in so-called “mainstream” American political and religious thought.

With a confluence of jews in Philadelphia from the earliest times, and with the importance which the city has to White American culture, it should be no surprise that the preponderance of new monuments in Philadelphia are jewish monuments. With wars both economic and military, White Christian America has been in a downward spiral ever since the jewish bankers have been allowed control of the American economy - and therefore of American politics - since the passage of the Federal Reserve Act in 1913. The act placed full control of the creation of currency into the hands of a cartel of jewish banking families, and all the US Treasury does is print the bills, which are really only debt notes that the American people are then stuck with. Since that time, jews have come to dominate all American business, politics, and culture.

Across the street from Independence Mall in Philadelphia, there is a large new jewish Museum, the so-called National Museum of American Jewish History (we like to call it the "jewseum"), which bills itself as "the only museum anywhere dedicated to chronicling the American Jewish experience". We did not enter the museum on our recent visits to the city, because we did not care to submit to the x-rays and searches that the signs at the entrance warned us about. The thought was that perhaps TSA employees moonlighted there also, and we were in no mood to be molested. Such is life in a culture dominated by the eternal enemies of God. Speaking of security, Independence Mall in Philadelphia also now has a security checkpoint, and there is only one entrance and one exit to the entire complex. Every person entering is scrutinized by a squad of federal police, and every bag is inspected. A truly free and open society has no fear of such violence. Yet America under jewish influence has become no better than a communist tyranny.


But aside from the jewseum, jews have long dominated Philadelphia cultural life. For instance, Jewish art is prevalent at the Museum of Art in Philadelphia. One glaring example is the macabre “Social Consciousness” sculpture by one Jacob Epstein circa 1954 (pictured above), which holds a prominent position at its entrance. The Kimmel Center was financed by the same investment banker who was behind the jewseum project, and that institution has dominated Philadelphia performing arts. Yet in stark contrast, celebrating the relics of ancient White civilizations, as well as others which are not jewish, the University of Pennsylvania's Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology looks like it has not obtained a new exhibit of its own since the 1930's.

While much of the jewish art and institutions of Philadelphia claims to celebrate America, it is clearly not America which the jews truly care about. Steps from the jewseum there is a monument to the Entebbe raid, which happened in Uganda. Why is there a monument to an event, which was an operation of the Mossad and the Israeli military in Uganda, in the area of Independence Hall in Philadelphia? There is also a very large, and very grotesque, "holocaust" memorial statue, sitting in the so-called "Philadelphia Holocaust Memorial Garden", just a few blocks from Independence Hall, which the jews have named the  "Monument to the 6 Million Jewish Martyrs" (as if there ever was such a "holocaust", which there was not). But regardless of whether the so-called "holocaust" happened or not, why is there a park and a monument in Philadelphia commemorating an event which supposedly took place in another country, concerning people who were not Americans, nearly 5,000 miles away?  


During most of the first 200 years of its existence, Pennsylvania's population was comprised of as many German settlers as there were English. Those Germans had just emerged from a real and harrowing experience, the Thirty Years' War, in which Germany struggled for survival against a truly evil empire: Roman Catholicism. During that war, nearly half of the men of Germany were killed, and a third of the towns and villages in Germany were utterly destroyed. (The 30 Years' War was agitated primarily by the Jesuits, an order founded by jews who under pretense "converted" to Catholicism and used it to advance their own judeo-imperialist cause.) Yet settling in Pennsylvania, the Germans built no monuments to a real holocaust, of much greater magnitude and much more horrible than anything that any jew ever suffered anywhere. Likewise, millions of Irish settlers in America never built a monument to the oppression of the Irish in Europe, although many of them had come here to America to escape the horrors imposed on them directly by the English in Britain (which also had been instigated by the jewish merchants of London).


The Germans, the Irish, the French Huguenots, the first English Puritans, none of these groups built monuments in America to commemorate their persecution in Europe. Only the jews build monuments to the episodes of their supposed persecutions, and even when they themselves are not the jews who were persecuted. The jews build such monuments so that they can elevate themselves above other groups, in appearance claiming the moral high ground so that they may denigrate all other groups. Zionism is organized jewish racism, while the jews decry all ethnically White identity groups as racist. Pointing at the so-called holocaust, they cry persecution every time they are opposed politically, and in that manner they seek to put themselves above reproach. Once they are above reproach, no matter what it is, their political agenda becomes unstoppable because in the eyes of the public the jew cannot be criticized. This is a complex psychological game which most average people will never take the time to understand. And since the true jewish agenda is to flood all White Christian nations with aliens, in an effort to destroy both the White race and Christendom, as long as jews are considered to be above reproach the real morality of such perverted ideas such as globalism, diversity and multiculturalism is never questioned, since the jews are the primary developers and proponents of such ideas.

Yet this tendency that White Europeans have to neglect, or even virtually forget their own national pasts, leaves the door open for those who want to manipulate them to rewrite that past at their own convenience. And so it is at Independence Hall, and also at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia. Of the Independence Hall tour guides at least one – notably one Matthew Ifill – has gone so far as to invent his own history, such as by describing a war between certain states which – as he claimed – helped to necessitate the U.S. Constitution, or by describing the founding of the colony of Pennsylvania for the “religious freedom of Jews, Christians and Muslims”. Of course it is well documented that William Penn was considering neither jews nor muslims when he sought to found a “Christian Empire” in America. Mr. Ifill, whether wittingly or unwittingly, perfectly represents the jewish agenda of diversity, rewriting history to make the world comfortable with globalism. We tried to get a recording of him, however when we went back to Philadelphia in June, Mr. Ifill was working a desk job (handing out tickets), and an older woman was giving the Independence Hall tours. While her presentation was not as outrageous as Mr. Ifill's, many things concerning the founding of our nation which she did not mention, things which Ifill also neglected to relate, are just as disturbing to see omitted as the outright misrepresentations which we had seen and heard.

"The LORD shall smite thee with madness, and blindness, and astonishment of heart: And thou shalt grope at noonday, as the blind gropeth in darkness, and thou shalt not prosper in thy ways: and thou shalt be only oppressed and spoiled evermore, and no man shall save thee." (From Deuteronomy chapter 28, the consequences of disobedience to God.) 


However, what is presented at the relatively new National Constitution Center is absolute treachery. The center has, in fact, little to do with the Constitution at all, and much to do with the demonization of the founders of this nation, and the aggrandizement of negroes and the role of women in society. If one who had no prior knowledge of American History toured the National Constitution Center, he would almost certainly leave thinking that the American Revolution fought against the British was indeed fought for the purpose of freeing the negro slaves and giving women the right to vote. There is little else reflected in its presentations.

"The stranger that is within thee shall get up above thee very high; and thou shalt come down very low. He shall lend to thee, and thou shalt not lend to him: he shall be the head, and thou shalt be the tail. Moreover all these curses shall come upon thee, and shall pursue thee, and overtake thee, till thou be destroyed; because thou hearkenedst not unto the voice of the LORD thy God, to keep his commandments and his statutes which he commanded thee." (From Deuteronomy chapter 28, the consequences of disobedience to God.)  


At the National Constitution Center, there is not actually much said which is from the Constitution  itself. Rather, much is said which is designed to leave doubt in the minds of visitors concerning those men who wrote the Constitution. For instance, two treacherously-designed questions are posed over and over again in displays and kiosks at the Center. These are “Was the 'United States' truly one nation, or was it a confederacy of sovereign and separate states?” and “How could a country founded on the belief that 'all men ware created equal' tolerate slavery?”  

To the first question, I shall let the federalist John Quincy Adams, the son of the federalist John Adams, give the answer. John Quincy Adams, in a speech entitled The Jubilee of the Constitution: A Discourse Delivered at the Request of The New York Historical Society, in the City of New York, on Tuesday, the 30th of April, 1839; Being the Fiftieth Anniversary of the Inauguration Of George Washington as President Of The United States, on Thursday, the 30th of April, 1789, stated in his conclusion the following: “Fellow-citizens, the ark of your covenant is the Declaration of independence. Your Mount Ebal, is the confederacy of separate state sovereignties, and your Mount Gerizim is the Constitution of the United States.” Mount Ebal was the place in the Bible where curses were pronounced. Adams was, after all, a federalist. Mount Gerizim was the place in the Bible where blessings were pronounced. (See Deuteronomy 11:29.) Adams is therefore not stating that he was in favor of the “separate state sovereignties”, however he was admitting the reality of the fact of their existence.

It is clear that these United States (not “The” United States) were founded as a confederation of sovereign states, but it was not the government which held the sovereignty, it was the people. Adams said in the same speech: “It is not immaterial to remark, that the Signers of the Declaration, though qualifying themselves as the Representatives of the United States of America, in general Congress assembled, yet issue the Declaration, in the name and by the authority of the good people of the Colonies - and that they declare, not each of the separate Colonies, but the United Colonies, free and independent States. The whole people declared the Colonies in their united condition, of RIGHT, free and independent States. But there still remained the last and crowning act, which the People of the Union alone were competent to perform - the institution of civil government, for that compound nation, the United States of America. At this day it cannot but strike us as extraordinary, that it does not appear to have occurred to any one member of that assembly, which had laid down in terms so clear, so explicit, so unequivocal, the foundation of all just government, in the imprescriptible rights of man, and the transcendent sovereignty of the people, and who in those principles, had set forth their only personal Vindication from the charges of rebellion against their king, and of treason to their country, that their last crowning act was still to be performed upon the same principles. That is, the institution, by the people of the United States, of a civil government, to guard and protect and defend them all. ” In truth, the federalist question was not about sovereignty. It was only about how much government the states would delegate to the federal government. But the authority of government belonged ultimately to the people, and not to either the states or to the federal government. The plutocrats, for their own convenience, would rather have the people believe that they exist for the sake of the government, and not government for the sake of the people.

As to the second question, in the context of the Declaration of Independence (which is not even a part of the Constitution) , the phrase “all men are created equal” was stated to support a break from tyranny, and not to form a new nation - something which the writers were not considering at the time. It was written in the context of the King of England's refusal to treat all Englishmen equally under the law, and therefore it means that all men were created equally in the eyes of the law, whether they be in Britain or America, or from whatever class they happened to belong to. It has nothing to do with a man's class or condition, just as it has nothing to do with a man's skills or talents, and even many Whites were indentured at the time that the Declaration was written. In fact, most of the newly-arriving immigrants from Europe arrived under indenture. Since the Declaration pertained only to Englishmen under an English government, negroes were not even a part of the context and were not even considered. In fact, whether non-White adult males were even considered to be men in the civil sense by 18th  century Englishmen is arguable. The modern definition of man, which is virtually confined to the idea that a man is any adult male hominid, is a product of relatively modern secular humanism, and cannot be transferred to 18th century Englishmen. In fact, in a relatively recent Merriam-Webster dictionary, from 1994 (ISBN 0-87779-911-3), under man, one of the definitions is “often capitalized. white society or people”. The African, whether free or slave, was never meant to be a part of White Society in America, and writings from founders such as Jefferson and up through Abraham Lincoln himself prove that to be their sentiment. Liberia was formed, and its capital named after President James Monroe, because he was in office when a private organization called the American Colonization Society purchased that land and in 1821 and 1822 used it to repatriate freed negro slaves. Monroe was, in fact, a prominent supporter of the endeavor. There is nothing about any of this, however, in the rhetoric at the National Constitution Center.


At the National Constitution Center, all of the history of the nation up through the aftermath of the Civil War (properly the War of Northern Aggression) revolves around the issue of slavery. The colonization of the west is presented in the context of whether the several territories becoming states would allow slavery. In reality, slavery was not even the cause of the Civil War, and there were many other issues which the young nation faced, other than slavery. However in Philadelphia, history is being rewritten to advance the jewish agenda, and to hell with the truth. Everywhere you look at the National Constitution Center, you are confronted with a display or a kiosk promoting images of diversity and multiculturalism. Alien immigration is celebrated loudly, and White history is clearly, as the prevailing attitude suggests, a thing of the past. For the most part, the only White history presented at the Center from after the time of the founders is that which has to do with negroes, women, and other non-Whites.

The jew, forever the corrupter of White culture, not truly understanding it and being alien to it, was the driving force behind the liberation of the negro slaves and their elevation to the position of free and so-called equal citizenship. The jew has also been the champion of non-White immigration from other places around the globe. The immigrants, also alien to White culture and history, are even more readily accepting of the false premises offered by jewish versions of history. All while White Christians worshipping at the altar of a Zionist-corrupted and judaized Christianity, which bears no resemblance to true Christianity, do not even realize what is happening to their own nation.


John Quincy Adams said in the same speech referenced above, that “It was moved that in determining questions, each state should have one vote for every fifty thousand white inhabitants”, and he had expressed no reservations making this distinction in 1839. Adams did not need an explicit mention of "White" in the Constitution, because, unlike most Americans today, he knew the definition of posterity. The U.S. Constitution was made by White men, and was expressly stated to have been made to “secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity”. Posterity, in the American Heritage College Dictionary, Third Edition, is “1. Future generations. 2. All of a person's descendants.” Whose “Future generations”? Well by writing, “to ourselves and our Posterity” they are talking about their own future generations, their own descendants. The U.S. Constitution was made for White men and the descendants of those White men and those White citizens of the states whom they represented when they signed it. It was never supposed to be for negroes or for any other aliens, or even for Whites who came after it was signed. Immigration, and the determination of who could vote and who could not, were choices explicitly left to the full discretion of the several states. Because the people of those states neglected their history, the jew rewrote it for them. In Philadelphia today, the jew continues to rewrite it, and may do so until Whites disappear from it altogether.

"And in the days of these kings shall the God of heaven set up a kingdom, which shall never be destroyed: and the kingdom shall not be left to other people, but it shall break in pieces and consume all these kingdoms, and it shall stand for ever." (Daniel 2:44) 

Philadeviancy: There is in Philadelphia an area where the street signs have rainbow-colored bars along their bottom borders. This demarcates the so-called “gayborhood”, as the locals often proudly call it: a municipal government's promotion of sexual deviancy in an apparently desperate attempt for more tourist dollars (and probably a lot of shekels). It is openly promoted as both a living area and a recreation center for such sexual deviants. This is the fulfillment of the jewish idea of liberty. This is the jewish concept of “freedom”, freedom to be a perverted sexual deviant.   It is probably also what was really being referred to when the queer British pop-star sang the song "Philadelphia Freedom". These street signs amount to a government-approved promotion of sodomy, and they are a large black mark on the spiritual well-being of the nation just as horrible as the perverted idea of “gay marriage” and the realization of other deviant agendas. God is not mocked, and the jews, aliens and deviants who have made Philthadelphia the sewer that it is  today shall not escape His wrath. "Even as Sodom and Gomorrha, and the cities about them in like manner, giving themselves over to fornication, and going after strange flesh, are set forth for an example, suffering the vengeance of eternal fire." Jude 7



William Finck at the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia, May 15th, 2011 

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