Creationism and Evolution

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Creationism and Evolution

It is evident, given the rhetoric heard daily in academia and the media, that when choosing a belief system people are for the most part offered only two choices by their schools or churches, which are drastically opposed to one another. On one end of the spectrum we have what is called evolution, and it is offered in the name of science yet it is a religion in its own right – and usually a religion for the godless at that, although lately some religionists have found creative ways to blend it with the Biblical account of creation. The evolutionists insist that all life came from a single miraculous combination of chemicals and energy which - combined with other presently unknown circumstances - created the single-celled ancestor of every living creature on the planet. A few zillion years are then added into the equation, because in that much time, everybody knows that just about anything can happen. On the opposing end of the spectrum we have what is generally called creationism, and the standard version usually insists that everything which we can perceive was created in six literal days approximately 6,000 years ago, and then the entire planet suffered a cataclysm approximately 4,200 years ago, from which 8 people and a boatload of animals were miraculously saved and just as miraculously repopulated the entire planet with hundreds of thousands of diverse species in a very short time.

To the thinking man, both of the concepts reasoning our existence as they are generally perceived are utterly ridiculous. Yet this is what the paradigms offered by society today boil down to, and millions of people feed the system by subscribing to one or the other, rather than demanding something more studious from their clerics or their teachers. While a belief in creationism is demanded based upon blind “faith”, a belief in evolution is demanded based upon blind “science”. Yet most people choose to profess a belief in one or the other as if choosing a favorite candidate or sports team, and with just as much relative information, while a relative minority reject all of the models being offered by society explaining our origins. It is obvious that most people base these decisions upon emotions driven by other unrelated factors, while some thinking people seek other solutions, or simply believe nothing at all.

As we proceed through these pages, hopefully it shall become evident to the reader that the truth of the matters as they are presented by the Bible is actually nothing like mainstream society imagines. And there is surely no conflict in the Bible with anything actually known from history or the observable sciences, once the Bible is understood correctly – with the necessary admittance that all of the details of the past cannot possibly be known with any absolute certainty, yet indeed a general understanding of the matters may well be perceived from Scripture.

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