Genesis Chapter 6

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Genesis Chapter 6

As the paper The Problem with Genesis 6:1-4 found here hopes to demonstrate, this chapter relates a race-mixing event between the sons of heaven and the children of Adam. The sons of heaven at this time are not necessarily angelic spirit-beings who descended to earth to do such things. Rather, "there were giants in the earth in those days", and that word translated as giants, which is nephilim, better means fallen ones, and they were already in the earth. They must have been the descendants of those original fallen angels who were long before cast out of heaven (Revelation 12 et al.), and who have rebelled against the creation of Yahweh God ever since. Here they continue that rebellion by attempting to destroy the pinnacle of Yahweh's creation: the Adamic race. This struggle continues to endure unto this very day, and it is evident throughout Scripture.

Genesis 6:3 does not mean that men would live for 120 years from this time forward - indeed, none of us live that long. Rather, it is poorly translated in the King James and many other versions, and instead means that the judgement of Yahweh would come 120 years from the time in which these events occurred.

The judgment of Yahweh would soon come to the earth because of this race-mixing. Noah, with his family, were chosen to survive the impending judgment because Noah was perfect in his descent (as the AV has it in antiquated language, generations, which means the same thing). In fact, in that section of The Book of Enoch known also as The Book of Noah, we see the patriarch described as the whitest child ever seen, so white that he frightened his own parents. While the extant versions may not be sufficient to consider as inspired canon, the texts nevertheless reveal what the ancients believed an Adamic child "perfect in his descent" should look like.

Last Updated: 02/14/23