Genesis Chapter 5

Genesis Chapter 5

This writer believes that the story related from Genesis 2:4 through the end of chapter 4 is simply a detailed parable of the account of the creation of Adamic man which capped off the creative process of Yahweh God described in Genesis chapter 1, found at 1:26-28. There were certainly not multiple creations of Adamic man. Rather, Genesis 1:27 and 5:1 converge, and the narrative proceeds from here. The word for "man" at Genesis 1:26-28 was here rendered "Adam" by the King James translators, but it is the exact same form of the same Hebrew word adam in both places. Therefore it is also evident that the descendants of Cain do not qualify for the designation of adam, for they are but bastards, a corruption of angel-kind and adam-kind which we shall again see occurring in Genesis Chapter 6. It is evident that the first laws of the Bible are "kind after kind" and "everything after its kind", and Cain is the first violation of that law recorded in Genesis itself. It is with the descendants of Seth that "men began to call upon the name of Yahweh" (Genesis 4:26), and so it is evident that comparatively the nature of Cain's descendants precludes them from seeking after God, and only after material things.

It is explicitly mentioned of Seth at the end of Genesis Chapter 4, that he was a replacement for Abel. Here it is mentioned in Genesis 5:3 that Seth is after the image and likeness of Adam. Therefore we can note not only the importance of these things racial homogeneity, but also that Cain did not meet the specifications.

Genesis 5:22: Enoch walked with God. The apocryphal Book of Enoch as we know it was certainly not written by Enoch in its entirety, and some of it has very likely been corrupted, yet parts of it are certainly very ancient, and those parts are quoted in the gospels directly by both Jude and Peter, and often alluded to in the letters of Paul and elsewhere. Surely the apostles considered at least a core of what we now know as the Book of Enoch to be Scriptural. Those very parts shed much light on the events described in Genesis 3 and in Genesis 6. Much of this is described in The Problem With Genesis 6:1-4, found here at

Genesis Chapters 1 through 11 2 were discussed at length by William Finck with Sword Brethren on the recent Pragmatic Genesis series.

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