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A Town Gone Bad: York PA 'VIP' sex ring protected by PA Attorney General - Interview with James Sneddon

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Abe Foxman of ADL Bullies Ukrainian Government on Holodomor

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An Antichrist Whore

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An Excerpt from William Finck's appearance at the Fellowship of God's Covenant People - Scatterers and Gatherers

This video is a 20-minute excerpt from William Finck's recent talk at the Fellowship of God's Covenant People in Union, Kentucky, given on October 30th, 2016. The presentation was entitled Scatterers and Gatherers, an elaboration on an article which was originally written in the Spring of 2013.




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Anderson Cooper Admits Working for the CIA



How can an immoral sodomite who has worked for a government spy agency possibly be a reliable source of "news"? Oh, and on his off days he evidently coverts around homosexual sex bondage shops.

This video is from Mark Dice's Youtube

Another Christogenea Introduction

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Anti-Semitism Label a Trick

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Are Our Children Safe? An Investigation of Politics and Suicide Risks


Brian Gerrish, ukcolumn

AVA - How the Jewish Mafia Screwed You

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Barack Obama is a Liar


This video found below, which is referenced in the article, has disappeared from Youtube. The following is from the Free Republic website at