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FBI Arrests 17 Jewish Rabbis among others for Corruption and Selling Body Parts


See the Jew York Times article HERE.

FBI Raids Synagogue Looking for Children's Body Parts


The media played down the portions of the scandal concerning body parts in its reporting, but at least it is mentioned in this video.

Feeling the Hate in Tel Aviv


How the jew on the street really feels! Why is it okay for jews to be racists? Where is the ADL condemnation of racism in Palestine?

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Fireplace in the Finck home, Upstate New York

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Flight 93, Where Are You?


Big, comparatively soft jetliners do not simply bury themselves entirely into 20' holes in the hard Pennsylvania ground. Flight 93 never crashed in Pennsylvania, at least not where they say it did. Where did it go? And what did cause this 10'x20' crater, if not a rocket?

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Fox News and Monsanto


Does the Media EVER Tell the Truth?

Or do they only tell you what they want you to believe?

These former Fox News reporters deserve medals. All of the others are sellouts! Monsanto would poison the entire world in the name of profits. How aren't they all in Federal prisons? Because the government is in their pockets too!

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Gas, Guns and Gorillas: Welcome to No Lives Matter


Published on Aug 23, 2016

ATLANTA (CBS46/AP) - A surveillance video shows a shooting at a the Texaco gas station on 1117 Lee Street leaving one woman injured. Units responded to a call regarding a woman being shot in her left shoulder while sitting in the passenger seat of a Dodge Charger. The driver of that Charger was involved in an altercation with another unidentified male.

In the video, the male suspect motioned toward his handgun. The driver then pulled out an AK pistol from the Charger. Gunfire was exchanged between the driver and the other unknown suspect. The woman was shot during that exchange and transported to the Atlanta Medical Center in stable condition. She has been released.

Police say the unknown suspect fled the scene in a black and red Mazda.

Thanks to Face of a dying Nation.

George Soros Lax to Pay Hired Antifa Agitators

We do not know when or where this was filmed, but it is a group of Antifa demonstrators complaining that they had not yet been paid by their master, George Soros.


Goebbels defends the fact that National Socialists were not pagan (English subtitles)


Goodbye, Christendom, Hello, Jungle Culture!

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These negro children are only doing what negro children have been taught to do by negro adults for countless generations in the jungles of Africa. Yet such behavior has always been considered disgraceful, and has not even existed among Whites until relatively recent times.

As Whites are more frequently exposed to and forcibly integrated with negros, White society will inevitably degenerate to the level of the African jungle.

All of this is a source of glee to the international Jew, who is history's oldest panderer and the peddlar of pornography and other vices throughout all time.

The inevitable path of "diversity" and "multiculturalism" is the descent into Sodom and Gomorrah, and ultimately to the pits of Hell.

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