Christogenea Announcements Voice/Chat Server

If you have not yet connected to the Christogenea Community Conference at, please see for details. We are hosting a 24/7 online chat/voice server using the popular Teamspeak software program. 

Watch our Projects page for other Christogenea-related projects! 

ANDROID users: look for the Teamspeak 3 app in the Google Play Store.

Christogenea Internet Presence

Christogenea Fire CrossWhile Christogenea is not currently under any threat of sanctions, in recent days many websites professing Nationalist views have been taken down by companies in various links of the service provider chain. Truly free speech is once again under attack by those who want to maintain the thinly veiled tyranny under which we all now live. In case our internet presence is disrupted, please bookmark our announcement website in order to obtain news and information related to our work. We will not be silenced. So in the event that you do not find us here, we will post updates at  

Charlottesville #Unitetheright News

We were in Charlottesville with the League of the South on Saturday. I am going to write an article this week detailing what we saw firsthand. Sorry if this cannot be done sooner, but it is not our purpose at Christogenea to report "news".

In the meantime, DO NOT believe any of the reports being published in #fakenews concerning this event. After we left Charlottesville, we watched Fox News and MSNBC for nearly an hour, and everything they are saying concerning the #unitetheright demonstration is a lie.

Photo at left: William Finck with Ryan King of the League of the South. Ryan was doing all the hard work...

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News from - March, 2017


First we must apologize for the several recent mailings announcing our new CDs which had broken links. This was due to a technical problem with our mailing software that we noticed too late, and attempts to repair it have so far failed us. We will therefore send these notices manually.

Zechariah CDRecently Released CDs from Christogenea:

Just yesterday we have made available a CD of the Christogenea Commentary on the Prophet Zechariah and the Commentaries on the Prophets Zephaniah, Haggai and Malachi

Late last month we had announced availability of our commentaries on Paul's epistle to the Hebrews, some of the works of Comparet, Swift and Emahiser, and an assorted collection of miscellaneous podcasts from 2016. We also published 6 more CDs containing audio presentations of Clifton Emahiser's Watchman's Teaching Letters, for the years 2004 through 2009. The first 12 years of Clifton's teaching letters are now available on CD.

Christogenea now has 46 titles available on CD. Of these, 43 are serial presentations containing multiple podcasts for entire subjects. These contain not only the audio files, but files for all of the written notes, so each CD is also a sort of electronic book. They can be played on any CD player that supports mp3 files, or they can be accessed and read on a computer. The remaining 3 CDs are single-podcast audio presentations of particular topics.

These CDs are very inexpensive and we believe they are a wonderful tool for spreading our Christian Identity truths. Single CDs cost $4.59 for the first copy and $3.99 for subsequent copies of the same title, provided they are in the same order. Some of our titles are double-CDs that cost $7.29 and then $6.69 for additional copies of the same titles in the same order. There is a small postage/handling charge per order, so it is more economical to buy CDs in bulk.

Our related website,, has full information for Christogenea CDs, books, and related promotional materials.