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Why did ancient Egypt, once the greatest of all nations, crumble into oblivion, where it has remained for 3,000 years? What happened to the glory of ancient Babylonia, or to Assyria? Where is the splendour of the ancient Persians, or the Medes, or Parthia? How have the Greeks, the pinnacle of ancient civilization, not produced anything of note as a culture since the fall of Byzantium nearly 600 years ago? What happened to the might and the majesty that was Rome, once far greater than them all? How, or why, have all of these once magnificent cultures for so long been little more than quarries for museum relics? America, and all of Christian Civilization, is now following in the footsteps of these ancient empires. It's absolutely true. The evidence is all around you. History does indeed repeat itself, again and again because people refuse to learn from it. But there is a solution.

You can deny it. You can rant and rave. You can scream. You can cry "hate" and utter blasphemies. You can make railing accusations. But you can't change the truth. A shining city on a hill cannot be hid. A lamp when lit is not placed under a couch. There is indeed a God of all creation. And there is indeed a race anointed by that God. Here it is identified. Whenever that race allows itself to amalgamate with others, it falls into permanent decay. Understanding this is one of the keys to all history, and it is the understanding of the rise and fall of all great cultures. You can go away mad, even spouting profanities, or you can face the reality, and consider the implications while investigating the assertions being made. Use the navigation menu above, or if you are new to this site, ENTER HERE to begin examining the evidence!

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New French Mural Announces the Fulfillment of an age-old Jewish Design

An earlier and equally foreboding mural than the one we discuss here, also by Cleon Patterson.

New French Mural Announces the Fulfillment of an age-old Jewish Design

After a struggle of perhaps two years, in August of 1791 the King of France, Louis XVI, was forced to accept a new constitution which ended the absolute monarchy and turned over political authority to the National Assembly. However whether complete political rights were going to be extended to particular groups, namely women and Jews, was still being argued by the Assembly as many Frenchmen continued to uphold traditional values. A month later, on September 27th, 1791, a French lawyer, Freemason, and member of the secret society of the Jacobins proposed a motion titled “Admission of Jews to Rights of Citizenship”.

In the motion, Adrien Duport made the assertion that the French had declared by their “Constitution how all peoples of the earth could become French citizens and how all French citizens could become active citizens.” This was not necessarily true, but rather the new Constitution offered active citizenship only to adult French males who were not servants and only extended passive citizenship to others, creating two permanent classes. Yet it did not stop the Jacobin lawyer from arguing that “… it be declared relative to the Jews that they will be able to become active citizens, like all the peoples of the world, by fulfilling the conditions prescribed by the Constitution. I believe that freedom of worship no longer permits any distinction to be made between the political rights of citizens on the basis of their beliefs and I believe equally that the Jews cannot be the only exceptions to the enjoyment of these rights, when pagans, Turks, Muslims, Chinese even, men of all the sects, in short, are admitted to these rights.”

The Protocols of Satan, Part 30: Off With the Heads



The Protocols of Satan, Part 30: Off With the Heads

Our last installment in these Protocols of Satan was subtitled Constitutional Vanity, and we endeavored to show that regardless of the imagined soundness of the document, that the United States Constitution was destined to be undermined on the part of private and commercial interests. One of the basic purposes of the document in the first place was to ensure that such private commercial interests would have free reign to operate in every State, and some of the most significant acts of early Presidents were in defense of private commercial interests at the general public expense.

One important point we hope to have made in our last presentation, was in relation to the statement in the Protocols that the rights of the people were fictitious, and that is indeed the case here in America as well as in Europe. When the Bill of Rights was introduced, it was not a part of the original Constitution. Rather, it was only amended to the Constitution by the first Congress. What Congress gives, Congress can ultimately take away, and our perceived rights have been successfully limited by Congress at diverse times, so they are not really rights at all. Rather than having been an after-thought approved by the Congress, such rights at the very least should have been an intrinsic part of the original document which created the Congress. The difference may seem trivial, but it is actually quite important.

In the conclusion of our last discussion, we presented a story from former U.S. Congressman and Tennessee war hero Davy Crockett, which showed the general attitudes of his own fellow politicians which had undermined many Constitutional principles, and how their attitudes contrasted to the steadfast understanding of one particular Southern farmer, Horatio Bunce. We thought the story was a perfect example of how the Constitution, which is basically a contract for trade and mutual defense between various States, utterly failed to preserve liberty to the people, and instead even helped to sell them into debt servitude.

Paul's First Epistle to Timothy, Part 2: Gender Roles in Apostolic Christianity

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Paul's First Epistle to Timothy, Part 2: Gender Roles in Apostolic Christianity

This program is subtitled Gender Roles in Apostolic Christianity, which is a discussion for the end of the presentation. We wanted to subtitle it When All is not ALL, and that is a theme as we present the opening verses of 1 Timothy chapter 2. We opted for the subtitle which we did only because of the current war against traditional gender roles in modern society which is now coming to a crescendo. In the end, God will not be mocked. There are only two genders, and they are determined by the biology of one’s birth. Those genders are given peculiar roles assigned to them byt the Creator, and in the end they will once again assume those roles. Everything else is a sickness spawned by the minds of devils.

Paul of Tarsus having had both Timothy and Titus (the Titus Justus of Corinth) in his company for long periods of time, which is evident in Acts chapters 16 through 18 and in various of his other epistles, we may be confident that these men had learned first-hand how Paul believed that a Christian assembly should be organized, and how Christians should conduct themselves in their daily lives and interactions with one another and with the world outside. We may also imagine that these pastoral epistles among Paul’s letters are very likely not the only epistles which Paul had written to his younger companions, but rather, that they are the only ones which survived.

Black-on-White Violent Crime


The Brattle of New Orleans

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See the Dixie Project at Christogenea for links to image galleries and videos from May 7th at Lee Circle in New Orleans.

The Brattle of New Orleans

The first week of May was already somewhat more hectic for us than usual. Our regular internet service was taken out by a storm Thursday morning, and two attempts to pre-record a scheduled program with our friend Don Fox had failed miserably. The back-up plan, a cellphone hotspot that is almost always reliable, wasn’t even lukewarm in the continuing bad weather. But when we heard what was about to happen in New Orleans the coming weekend, we just had to go, and Don kindly agreed to do our Saturday program live. We would have to do our part from a motel room in Slidell, Louisiana after a long drive Saturday afternoon. At least the drive from Northwest Florida to New Orleans is quite scenic.

Back in April, we posted a short paragraph and a video of talk radio host Nathan Laurenson and a small group of local residents protesting the removal of the Liberty Place Monument, which is a memorial commemorating the actions of patriots who in 1874 had rebelled against an oppressive and corrupt Reconstruction government. It was only the first of four monuments that the City of New Orleans is planning to remove. The Confederate-era monuments in New Orleans are being taken down in the middle of the night under heavy police guard by contractors who wear masks and conceal the names of their companies, and the protesters were out there with them. Seeing the video of Nathan on the Internet at The Daily Resistance website, we sent him a short note commending his good work. We didn’t know at the time that we would be chatting with him at Lee Circle in New Orleans a short couple of weeks later.

Arthur Lee: The Right Kind of Fear and White Power


Even though we are very happy that we made the trip west, it has been a somewhat difficult week since we returned home from New Orleans on Monday, and I will explain some of that tomorrow when we present an article that I have been writing on our experiences there. So we won’t even speak about it now, but everything here is fine and we praise Yahweh for that.

Because we could not possibly prepare a program for tonight, due to the circumstances, we once again have our dear friend and brother Arthur Lee of Identity Struggle stepping up to the plate for us, and we are going to present three of his recent sermons:The Right Kind of Fear, White Power Part 1, The Source and White Power Part 2, The Solution. We pray that you enjoy them.

William Finck Appeared on Battle of New Orleans Radio Wednesday May 10th

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Facing down the Antifa alongside the League of the South and assorted other Nationalist or patriotic groups at Lee Circle in New Orleans on Sunday, May 7th, 2017.

We will give a full report in an article to be presented here this weekend, May 13th, on Christogenea Saturdays.

An End Times Update, with Don Fox


An End Times Update: Donald Fox and William Finck survey the prospects for the anticipated Fall of Babylon, and the changes in circumstances and attitudes on the political, economic and social landscape in America since the topic was covered in depth here in the Beginnings and Ends series last June.

See Don's website at

Paul's First Epistle to Timothy, Part 1: Yahshua [Jesus] Christ is God and His Gospel is for Israel

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Paul's First Epistle to Timothy, Part 1: Yahshua [Jesus] Christ is God and His Gospel is for Israel

Now we are going to begin a presentation of Paul’s first epistle to Timothy, as we near the completion of a commentary on the epistles of Paul of Tarsus which we had begun with the epistle to the Romans in the Spring of 2014. This is now the 109th presentation in the series. It may be fitting that the pastoral epistles to Timothy and Titus are presented last in order of Paul’s epistles, as they are in most Bibles. However one error that most Bibles make is not to count Hebrews amongst Paul’s other epistles. Furthermore, Philemon belongs with Colossians, and it is not really a pastoral epistle in the sense of those which were written to Timothy and Titus. Going one step further, we have decided to put both of the epistles to Timothy last in order here because we find it appropriate to present 2 Timothy at the very end of our presentation of Paul’s epistles, although 2 Timothy was not actually the last of Paul’s epistles chronologically. When we do finally present 2 Timothy, we hope to make a full explanation of our reasons for that. If we had chosen to make our entire presentation in the order in which Paul wrote his epistles, 1 Timothy would follow Titus, and it in turn would be followed by 2 Corinthians. 2 Timothy would come later, as Paul was under house arrest in Rome when it was written (see Ordering and chronology of the epistles of Paul).

Paul had apparently written his first epistle to the Corinthians not long before he left Ephesus, in what was most likely the Spring of 56 AD, which we had explained in part 3 of our presentation of that epistle. He had initially planned on going to Achaia by way of Makedonia, and spending the winter in Corinth, as he wrote in chapter 16 of that epistle. But some time during the initial stage of his travels Paul decided instead to winter in Nicopolis, which is in Epirus and northwest of Corinth. As we had explained earlier in this series, such as in the opening segment of our commentary on the epistle to Titus, Paul must have received a letter from Corinth in answer to the epistle which we know as 1 Corinthians, and he then decided to delay going to Corinth and spent the subsequent winter at Nicopolis instead. He gave his reasons for that decision in the opening chapters of 2 Corinthians, which was written as he wintered in Nicopolis, and both Titus and Timothy were with him.

Traveling to Makedonia from Ephesus, when Paul arrived in the Troad he had not found Titus, whom he had expected to find, but rather he found that Titus had gone to Crete to settle some problems there. So Paul wrote a letter which we now have as the epistle to Titus from the Troad to Titus in Crete, giving him advice and asking him to meet him for the winter in Nicopolis. But Titus caught up to Paul in Makedonia instead (2 Corinthians 7:5-6), and then he must have accompanied Paul to Nicopolis, as he is there with him when 2 Corinthians is written. Titus later takes that epistle ahead of Paul to deliver it to the Corinthians before Paul’s planned visit there in the early Spring of 57 AD.

Imprecating the Media, The Follow-up, with Mark Downey



See Kinsman Redeemer for Pastor Mark Downey's related sermon, Christian Identity Imprecation Against Fake News

What follows are William Finck's opening remarks:

On March 11th of this year Pastor Mark Downey and I made a presentation here which I had titles Imprecating the Media. It was intended to introduce a 40-day period of fasting and prayer for which Mark had a related sermon titled Christian Identity Imprecation Against Fake News. The imprecatory prayer campaign was begun on March 23rd, and it expires on May 1st.

It seemed meet to me this past winter, to begin making posts at the Christogenea Forum illustrating fake news, and we have several items and articles on that topic at the main Christogenea website as well. Since Donald Trump was elected, the term Fake News has been brought before the public consciousness to a greater degree than ever before. We also noticed at an early time that many other commentators from the alt-Right, the old Right, or even from certain sects of Christian Identity were also trying to take advantage of the revelations that the news could be fake were being brought to the public consciousness.

Special Notices to All Who Deny Two-Seedline, Part 4

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Special Notices to All Who Deny Two-Seedline, Part 4

I have decided to continue the presentation of Clifton Emahiser’s 24 Special Notices to All Who Deny Two Seed-line for just one more week, and next week I plan to resume our ongoing presentations of the Epistles of Paul with 1 Timothy. Following that, we shall return to a continuation of this series again in the near future, as we plan to travel later this Spring.

But before we begin with Clifton’s essay I want to take a short digression. I am going to try to take at least one of these digressions throughout each episode of this series, as they give me an opportunity to discuss certain things which I do not frequently have a good context to discuss. I am certain Clifton would not mind that I do this. Not everyone who calls themselves “Two-Seedline” is our friend, or a friend of truth, and not all of those who neglect to use the label are our enemies. Last week I had discussed a paragraph from a book written by Joseph November, who writes and plays at being a Christian Identity pastor under the pseudonym of Eli James. Now I am going to discuss one aspect of a paper he wrote over 5 years ago, entitled Crumbs. In that paper, Eli, as I will reluctantly call him, referred to Clifton Emahiser and I as “exterminationists”, using this term to describe our exposition of Scripture just as if it were some sort of slander coined by the Anti-Defamation League or the Southern Poverty Law Center. Like it or not, it is important to elucidate these things, because we Identity Christians need to pursue the truth, and we need to be able to recognize the lies. That is our Christian obligation.

Eli likes to flippantly brag that I never refuted his paper, Crumbs, but in reality there are a hundred podcast and essay presentations at Christogenea which do refute his paper. But if I were to address the paper directly, there are so many false premises upon which it is predicated that I would have to write an entire book, and Eli James simply is not worth such an effort. I would rather believe that the people who actually follow our work at Christogenea and study behind us should easily recognize his many errors. But here we shall briefly address a couple of aspects of Eli’s paper which display his absolute dishonesty as an interpreter of Scripture.

White Nationalists, Do You Yet Feel Used?

So we hope Trump wins, if only to show White Nationalists how stupid they are for having any hope in such a man, or for having any hope in a man at all. - William Finck, The Kingdom of Heaven, or the Elections of Men? March 4th, 2016

Donald Trump might be good comedy, but that is all he is. He might be a little better than Hillary Clinton, but our feminized society deserves Hillary Clinton, the feminist hag. In the end, if Trump does win, he will leave White Nationalists looking either stupid or hopeless, and which one it is I cannot yet tell, but that would also serve our God because without Him, we are stupid and hopeless. - William Finck, Christian Expectations , March 12th, 2016

It is with very similar suspicions that we said over a year ago that Donald Trump exists only to make White Nationalists look stupid. Here we will qualify that remark. He will make White Nationalists look stupid if they place their hope for the future of White America in him, and they will deserve their fate. Donald Trump is no friend of Whites, as his record and the lives of his children prove doubly and triply. - William Finck, Political Devices, October 12th, 2016

Donald Trump IS the Swamp

Saxon Messenger Issue No. 46, March 2017

Dumbing Down on David Duke

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Dumbing Down on David Duke

In part because of our recent appearance on radio in New Orleans, lately we have been saying a lot about David Duke, or as I would prefer to call him, Daisy Duke. In reality, Duke is practically irrelevant, except that his career as a shill has been maintained on Stormfront for years, and is now propped up by the Daily Stormer, and unfortunately, too many of our friends and listeners are readers of both Stormfront and the Daily Stormer. Don Black and David Duke have already shared wives, and it is apparent that Andrew Anglin wants in on the action. There are much better alternatives for Christian Nationalist forums and Nationalist news on the Internet.

We have several disputes with Duke. Out of one side of his mouth he basically agrees with the Jews that the Protocols of Zion are a forgery, and out of the other he attempts to raise funds by selling a book titled The Illustrated Protocols of Zion. But one thing which we have long asserted makes David Duke a shill for world Jewry is this: that he insists that the Jews are the protagonists of the Old Testament, both the Hebrews and the Israelites, as they claim. This is not only untrue, but it is a dangerous lie, because allowing them this claim allows them to continue to thrive in the deception that they are the recipients of the blessings of Abraham. So long as scores of millions of mainstream Christians believe that is true, they will continue to bless the Jews, stuck in a dichotomy between two devils: the Jews themselves and their image of a god who could possibly bless such a wicked people in such a manner so that they can never be criticized for their wickedness.

Of course, Identity Christians know the truth, that the Jews are Edomites and Canaanites, and infiltrators and subverters of Judaea from the sixth and then especially in the second and first centuries BC. This story is manifest in the prophets Ezekiel and Malachi, in the New Testament writings of John and Paul, in the Geography of Strabo, and it is chronicled in the histories of Josephus. One doesn’t even have to read all of those books to begin to see the truth of this history, because it is even admitted on the Wikipedia pages for Judaea and Idumea.

William Finck on Battle of New Orleans Radio


William Finck appeared on the Battle of New Orleans Radio on Wednesday February 8th.

This is a commercial-free version of this program in its entirety. We have also added a lengthy introduction explaining our position on some of the issues which came up during the program itself. The written version of our introduction is found at the following pages of the Christogenea Forum:

Black "Hebrew" Israyelites and Who is "Out Jewing the Jew"? Payday Monsanto should read both of these.

We are grateful to the program hosts for having us. Special thanks to our friend Don Fox for his welcomed assistance, as most callers, and some of the hosts, had no concept of what questions to ask, although we always wish we had more time just to talk.

For a more complete criticism of David Duke see our follow-up program, Dumbing Down on David Duke.


The Flies and the Honey-Pot, from Aesop's Fables

If the flies represent people, then the honey-pot the modern liberal democracies of the west...

A number of Flies were attracted to a jar of honey which had been overturned in a housekeeper's room, and placing their feet in it, ate greedily. Their feet, however, became so smeared with the honey that they could not use their wings, nor release themselves, and were suffocated. Just as they were expiring, they exclaimed, "O foolish creatures that we are, for the sake of a little pleasure we have destroyed ourselves."

Pleasure bought with pains, hurts.

The Camp of the Saints Revisited




In light of the most recent European immigration drama, a good friend had brought up the topic of an old book, The Camp of The Saints, a 1973 French-language apocalyptic novel by one Jean Raspail. We have not read the novel ourselves, having both an ignorance of French and the observation that the only version available in English is a translation made by a Jew as barriers to so doing. However understanding the reference, and the fact that the book portrays the end of Europe and Western Civilization as a whole in a flood of savage immigrants from Africa, we understand that the book certainly was portentous...

Classics Corner

Here we will periodically feature one or more of our older program episodes. Sometimes they will be pertinent to other events at Christogenea.

The alien hordes currently pouring into Europe, and also into America and other White nations, are fulfilling Biblical prophesies made many centuries ago. The proof is in a history which few now know, because Classical literature is irrelevant to modern churchmen, and the Bible is alien to classicists. Interpretations of archaeological discovery are seen through a Jewish worldview, and that worldview is also based on falsehoods. But when we come to love the truth of our God, we can no longer be blinded by the satanic Jews.



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New to Christogenea? Start Listening Here...

This is a series of four podcasts which William Finck pre-recorded in June of 2016 for the Weekend Report with Donald Fox. See Don's website at

It is our hope that these recordings provide a good overall portrait of the Christian Identity worldview: what we believe about our origins, and what we perceive of our destiny.



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Putting Adolf Hitler in Perspective

Adolf Hitler was born 128 years ago on April 20th, 2017. Soon the entire world shall know that Hitler was right!


Germany's struggle against internationalism and slavery to the Rothschild banks was a struggle against world Jewry because it is world Jewry which has invented captalism, and which is the beneficiary of the capitalist system that seeks to impose internationalism and global economic slavery on every nation. It's not the "bank", it's the anti-Christ Jews!

For more see the Mein Kampf Project at and The Greatest Story Never Told.

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