America's Christian Founders - William Finck on The Realist Report with John Friend

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A quote from Thomas Paine, cited in the program:

"But where says some is the King of America? I'll tell you Friend, he reigns above, and doth not make havoc of mankind like the Royal Brute of Britain. Yet that we may not appear to be defective even in earthly honors, let a day be solemnly set apart for proclaiming the charter; let it be brought forth placed on the divine law, the word of God; let a crown be placed thereon, by which the world may know, that so far as we approve as monarchy, that in America THE LAW IS KING. For as in absolute governments the King is law, so in free countries the law ought to be King; and there ought to be no other. But lest any ill use should afterwards arise, let the crown at the conclusion of the ceremony be demolished, and scattered among the people whose right it is."

- Thomas Paine, Common Sense

Our friend Northpal called in at the end with some criticism of the Constitution, claiming the superiority of the Articles of Confederation in certain respects. We answered him here:  

Joe, did you read Article Eight?

We also posted the answer as a comment where this program is posted on John Friend's Blog.