Charlatansville, where the animals have taken control of the farm

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Charlatansville, where the animals have taken control of the farm. (What Really Happened in Charlottesville on August 12th.)

It was eight-thirty on a pleasant summer morning when vehicles from all over the South, as well as a couple from Yankee states, began to converge on a strip mall on the outskirts of Charlottesville, Virginia. Here is where members from the political groups of what we would have to call the Hard Right, the League of the South, the Traditional Workers Party, the National Socialist Movement, Identity Europa and a couple of other smaller groups whose names I did not get a chance to know, decided to rendezvous so as to enter Charlottesville safely and in a relatively organized manner. In a very short time police cars from the local Sheriff's department also began to gather nearby, the cops watching us assemble, and they were evidently relieved that we were not staying. Under normal traffic conditions, there would be a fifteen-minute drive to Lee Park, the location of the #UnitetheRight rally which we had all planned to attend.

Once there was confidence that everyone coming was informed and organized, we drove in a long caravan to the Market Street parking garage. Skewed results in Google searches caused some confusion with another garage on Water Street, but that was straightened out in just a few minutes. Perhaps that actually helped us, as various Leftists were scattered around in small groups in the Water Street garage, and watching us closely as part of our caravan, disconnected from the lead vehicles by the Charlottesville traffic, only passed through after being redirected to the correct destination. However in either garage, there were seedy-looking Leftists at the entrances with cell phones or laptops aiming to take pictures of every single face and every single vehicle. The information collected will surely be used to gather intelligence on the lives of private citizens, “doxxing” them so as to cause them trouble at home. Once everyone was parked and reassembled, a large column began to form on one floor of the garage, perhaps four men wide and a city block long, and if I had to guess I would say there were at least 400 of us.

Being one of the later arrivals at the garage, with my wife in tow and looking for a hole in the column we joined in behind the Identity Europa group who were in line after the men from the League of the South, who were for the most part leading the procession. From there we had a three-block walk to Lee Park, but nobody in the group could have anticipated just what a walk it would be. Before we set out, we were reminded that some of the Alt-right groups who had planned the events scheduled for August 12th really did not want us there. There were Alt-Right groups as well as what we call the Alt-lite, who are mainly civic nationalists, who are either embarrassed or repulsed by uncompromisingly racial and even openly Christian attitudes and professions, and among these were the organizers and some of the planned speakers for the event. We expected that there may be tensions with these people once we entered Lee Park. We also expected the presence of large numbers of counter-demonstrators, but we did not expect what we were actually about to encounter.

The League of the South leadership had the recent experience at Lee Circle in New Orleans fresh in their memories. There at NOLA, pro-monument demonstrators attracted the ire of the city government, and in related demonstrations the local New Orleans police evidently had instructions to stand down and let Leftists get away with at least some of their violent tactics. But at Lee Circle, the Louisiana State police were calling the shots, and for the most part, the law was upheld. Antifa violence was checked, and while tensions were high, the Lee Circle demonstrations were for the most part peaceful. But in Charlottesville and in Virginia as a whole the situation was entirely different. Both city and State governments seem to be entirely in the hands of the opposition, meaning those who are opposed to any political liberty whatsoever if it is associated with the Right, whether it be Hard, Alt or Lite. The governor of Virginia is former Clinton operative from New York named Terry McAuliffe. The mayor of Charlottesville is a Jew named Michael Signer, who is an attorney and a Social Justice Warrior. His vice-mayor is a negro named Wes Bellamy, who has ties to a black supremacist group, and from his twitter account it is also evident that he is a sex fiend, however that we would expect of a negro.

Early in the week leading up to the #UnitetheRight rally, the city of Charlottesville actually cancelled the permit for the event, stating reasons such as the park's being too small to hold the expected number of participants, along with claims that they could not assure the safety of the demonstrators. The city wanted the event moved to McIntyre Park, nearly two miles to the north, a park which is much larger and in a much more open and less congested area. Announcing the rather sudden cancellation and the insistence on moving the rally, the city issued very dignified statements expressing concern for its ability to protect the people attending the rally. But lawyers, including the ACLU, promptly filed suit in federal court, and late in the week a federal judge ordered the city to reinstate the permit for the original location at Lee Park. Strangely, once the event began, the city had restricted the rally participants to the south half of the park even though they had earlier claimed that the park was not large enough.

Professedly, I do not keep good track of time, and in fact, I do not even like to wear a watch. But it must have been a few minutes before 10:00 AM when we finally embarked on our three-block march from the parking garage to Lee Park. About halfway there, we came to a halt, but we could not even look to see what was going on at the front of the column. In several locations along the way there were dense crowds of people, if I must call them people, on either side of us, taunting us with verbal abuses and provoking us, and while we engaged sporadically with a few of them, for the most part most of us retained our composure. They did not even know us, or anything about us. But they did not want us in Charlottesville, and in fact, to hear most of them chanting and yelling, they did not even want us to live. In their indoctrinated world, anyone in opposition to their Marxist globalist agenda has no right to live. The cries for tolerance are rapidly fading into the 80's and 90's as the Leftists think that they now have an advantage.

While there was a minority of Negro, Jewish, Latino and Oriental faces in the crowd, sadly a majority of the counter-demonstrators were at least apparently white. Amongst the sea of white faces were a mixture of sodomites, lesbians, black supremacists and violent negro thugs, mudsharks, hippies and other assorted Social Justice Warriors. From the looks of most of them, it seems that the predominant blood-type must have been HIV positive. Groups of young and apparently white women were holding signs and chanting “black lives matter”, as if that were really even relevant to the reasons why we were there. Many others held placards containing stale Marxist slogans or even promoting sodomy. Some of them were yelling right in our faces, obviously attempting to provoke us, and it took much fortitude to resist the temptation of violent outburst. There were no police or barricades along the route immediately leading to the entrance to the park, there was no police presence in the blocks directly in front of the park, so we tolerated their vitriol at arms length until we were finally able to proceed into the park itself, some time around 10:00 AM.

Only later did we learn that the vanguard of our group had to resort to fighting in the streets because the opposing Leftists wanted to actually prevent us from gaining passage to proceed into the park. The streets at the south end of Lee Park were crammed with these counter-demonstrators, and many of them were indeed quite violent. However after the initial skirmishes, in the words of Dr. Michael Hill, who was at the very front of our group, the throngs of the opposition had parted like the Red Sea, and the rest of our column marched into the park with little physical resistance, although there was continuous verbal abuse and provocation. The only cops I noticed were behind barricades in the streets on the east and west sides of the park, and those lined up on the north side of us, along the barricades which cut the park in half.

When we arrived at Lee Park, the police had barricaded portions of the park itself to divide the various groups attending the rally, and to keep us from the entire north half of the park. The southwest quarter of the park was already occupied by the Alt-Right groups that the rally organizers favored, and we were separated from them by a double row of barricades leaving space for a path up the middle, ostensibly so that speakers for the event could gain access to the area at the center where loudspeakers were set up before the Robert E. Lee monument. The barricades along the center of the park from east to west prevented us from reaching the monument or exiting the park to the north, since it was lined by police standing behind the barricades. Allowing us only half the park is inconsistent with the city's original stated concern that the park was not large enough to hold the number of demonstrators they thought may attend the rally.

So the south side of the park was the only side not closed in by police, and being left wide open that was the side which was flooded with counter-demonstrators. The fact that it was flooded also shows that right from the beginning, the police had no care as to whether the speakers scheduled for the event could ever reach the area designated as a podium. In fact, with no police presence at all on that side, the counter-demonstrators, who seem to have outnumbered the #UnitetheRight rally participants by at least three-to-one, virtually owned access in and out of the park, and seemed to have license to do anything they wanted along the entire south edge of the park.

So it was even more inconsistent of the city that they did not barricade a path or even attempt to secure the safety of demonstrators to enter or leave the rally at the south end of the park. During the week leading up to the #UnitetheRight rally, the city issued many eloquent but specious statements to the media which voiced concern for the safety of the demonstrators. If they really cared to protect the demonstrators, they would have barricaded a path in and out of Lee Park, and they would have distanced the counter-demonstrators away from the park itself. But instead, it is evident that the City of Charleston and the police purposely set this demonstration up so that it may be forcibly shut down, in spite of the fact that the organizers and participants of the #UnitetheRight rally had every right to be there and to be heard. The State of Virginia also being involved, was in collusion with the city and also with the violent factions of the Left.

Marching defiantly through the hostile mob, we filed into the southeast corner of the park, with barricades on three sides and the mob at our rear. The alt-Right crowd, on the other side of the barricades that divided us, seemed to be almost equal to us in numbers. Once we were all inside of Lee park, in very short time Antifa and black supremacist agitators began hurling missiles and randomly pepper-spraying any one of us whom they could reach. They filled the street at the south end of the park, shutting down traffic throughout an area where no police were stationed and where there were no barricades in place. So basically the police allowed counter-demonstrators to break the law, shut down traffic in the streets, and openly commit felony assaults with impunity. Not once did we observe the police even attempting to check the violence coming from the counter-demonstrators.

Five days before the event, on August 7th, League of the South president Dr. Michael Hill issued an official declaration to all of its members which carefully and explicitly instructed them to obey the authorities, to obey the local laws, to respect both public and private property, not to instigate violence verbally, and not to engage in violence except in self-defense. This was only a repeat of the League's general policies, and served as a reminder to the membership in the build-up of rumors and excitement leading up to the event. From everything I observed, I noticed no departure from any of those instructions by any League member, or even by any of the members of the other groups that were with us that day.

Once we were all assembled in the park, our original purpose for being there seemed to be quickly forgotten and the counter-demonstrators became the main object of our concern. For nearly an hour the degenerate Leftists hurled into the park missiles of stones, bricks, feces, and balloons filled with urine, all of them coming from the street at the south edge and corners of the park. One male negro had been using some sort of flamethrower, evidently an aerosol of some sort, and many others were pepper-spraying demonstrators inside the park, or those of us who assumed the task of guarding our perimeter. At the same time, some of the more docile degenerates had entered into our quarter of the park and set themselves up to display their signs, however they were unmolested even if we exchanged some harsh words with a few of them.

During this time, the police merely stood by and watched as the mob outside the park committed every possible crime against us. My wife and I observed one policeman, assigned to guard the barricades to our rear, pointing and laughing at one of our men, a man who was agonizing on the ground from the results of a face full of pepper-spray. We helped to attend several such men, dousing their faces with milk or milk of magnesia, which seemed to be the most effective way of treatment that was readily accessible, and for which some of those among us had prepared in advance. Under these circumstances, right from the beginning it was impossible for the rally to proceed.

This went on unceasingly for about an hour. Finally, the police started to become alarmed only when some of us from within the park began to hurl the mob's own missiles back at them. A can of teargas was launched by the Leftists and landed near the southeast corner of the park. From what distance it was thrown I could not tell, but it failed to reach inside the park and when the wind blew the gas back into the face of the mob in the streets, the police behind us began to announce that our rally was an illegal assembly and that we had to either disperse or be arrested. Around this same time we first noticed a helicopter circling overhead.

This was a clear case of police collusion with the Leftist agitators who intended on denying our rights to assemble and to speak freely. We knew that the city had an ultra-liberal government. We fully expected that we would have to confront those who were opposed to us, and we knew that the police would not be friendly to our cause. We even knew that least one city official, the vice-mayor, was openly associated with the black supremacist group called the New Black Panthers and has a long history of making openly racist anti-White statements. But the Virginia State Police were also in collusion with the Leftists, and therefore the rally never had a chance of succeeding. And even worse, the police also purposely put all of the rally participants in clear danger of life and limb, and that we could not foresee.

To our rear there had gathered a large cadre of police in riot gear, ordering us out of the park under threat of arrest. They began moving into the park with the intention of physically forcing us out, but there was no way to exit except into the throngs of the Antifa and the Leftist mobs who were chanting and clamoring for our deaths. On our part, there was no contingency plan for this sudden and unexpected exit. The noise and confusion as to what the police were doing prevented us from gathering to form one. The threats of immediate arrest being made by the police behind us even prevented us from the possibility of organizing our departure. So we girded ourselves and charged into the hostile mob and out of the south end of the park.

Our God must have been with us, because once again the mob gave way and afforded our departure without our having to resort to any large-scale violence. There were large numbers of us walking in the direction of McIntyre Park, where it was rumored that we would reassemble, so we followed along. McIntyre Park is about a mile and three-quarters to the north, and we made it there in about half an hour, being watched by police along the entire route. At this point roving carloads of black supremacists were stalking us, driving by and hurling threats and provocations. I have no doubt they were hoping to find isolated individuals to attack and assault.

By the time we reached McIntyre Park, along with a couple of hundred of others of our group, the police began to arrive as well, and we were informed that any gathering we attempted would be declared unlawful and that we would be arrested. We were only a portion of our original number, and we later learned that the rest returned to the parking garage rather than march to McIntyre Park. So with no other options, the portions of us which remained began to make arrangements for their departures. The coordinators for the League of the South had sent out vans, and were arranging to collect their members. We had a friend who was separated from us at Lee Park but who had managed to get to his vehicle, the same friend who had driven us there that morning. He picked us up around that same time and brought us back to our hotel in Staunton.

It was fortunate that I had gotten to see McIntrye Park in this manner. This is the park that the City had tried to move the #UnitetheRight rally to earlier in the week. While Lee Park is surrounded by narrow streets lined with buildings, McIntyre Park is surrounded by broad thoroughfares, contains large wide-open fields, and has many entry and escape routes.

If the police did not keep the Leftists from possessing the south end of Lee Park, I am certain that they would not have constrained them at all at McIntyre Park, and we would have had to fight off the Marxist bastards from all sides. If the #UnitetheRight organizers had agreed to move the rally to that location, I am certain that it would have been renamed “Field of Blood” that very day.

[Here we began an interlude with Pigs, Three Different Ones, by Pink Floyd.]

It must have been approaching 2:00 PM when we finally got to our hotel room, and the first thing we did was turn on the local news. For the next hour or so on both Fox News and MSNBC, we heard nothing but lies concerning our behavior at Lee Park. We provoked nobody except those who hated us merely for our presence. We initiated no violence, and only struck back at those who had struck at us first or who openly attempted to impede our lawful movement. But we were being vilified in the media while those who committed the violence, the Antifa and black supremacists among the counter-demonstrators, were not even mentioned, or were being characterized as saints. Even the official police statements describing the events at Charlottesville contained nothing but outright lies.

From our perspective it is clear, that the politicians, the police, the business establishment, the media, the Marxist Antifa and the subversive black supremacist groups all have the same objectives, to crush any political opposition to their shared progressive agenda. I remembered having to read George Orwell's Animal Farm in 9th grade, and maybe my high school really was attempting to prepare me for the future, because here it is come to pass right before my very eyes. Acting under the pretense of law, the police, the government and the media were really all in collusion with the Marxist radicals. Furthermore, they truly fear allowing anyone on the real Right, whether Hard, Alt or even Lite, to exercise the constitutional guarantee of freedom of speech. So the establishment is happy to use the Marxist minions to disrupt it when they themselves cannot. When a government elected to protect the rights of the people so blatantly holds the rights of the people in contempt, they are no longer a legitimate government. The police and other agencies assigned to protect our rights have trampled upon them openly. They are charlatans indeed, and we were caught up in Charlatansville. It is they who must be declared unlawful. It is they who deserve to be violently dislodged.

There is a website for the Virginia Association of Chiefs of Police and on one of its pages it has documented the oath of office sworn by all Virginia policemen. It is not very long, and it reads: On my honor, I will never betray my badge, my integrity, my character, or the public trust. I will always have the courage to hold myself and others accountable for our actions. I will always uphold the Constitution, the community, and the agency I serve, so help me God.” But on that day in Charlottesville the Virginia police willfully disregarded several aspects of this oath. We suffered violence, and they did nothing. We had the right of assembly and to speak, and they did not care. We defended ourselves, and they joined with those who assaulted us.

How could the police of Virginia so openly collude with the same Antifa and Black Lives Matter groups that only a year ago were openly promoting the shooting of policemen everywhere? We almost called this article harlotsville, because the police have once again proven themselves to be little but whores for whoever their political masters are on any particular day, and they really have no care to enforce the laws of the State or to uphold the Constitution. Whereas the police cannot violently enforce the Marxist ideals of the State – at least not yet – the Antifa are the footmen and radicals for the establishment, and that is apparently why the police are protecting them. Every cop at Lee Park in Charlottesville last Saturday is guilty of malfeasance in public office, at the very least, but nobody in government or media is going to care because they are all in favor of the same Marxist agenda. We challenge them all to prove differently by condemning and prosecuting the malfeasance at Charlottesville.

At the end of the day we heard on the news something that we can only interpret as an omen from heaven. The police helicopter which had been buzzing overhead as we were driven from Lee Park had crashed outside of town, killing the two officers on board. The tragic and unfortunate deaths of these two Virginia state troopers must stand as a warning to the police of Charlottesville and of all Virginia, that they were on the wrong side of the fight at Lee Park. While we were helpless to fight for our God-given rights against the police on the ground, our God has sent them a clear message from the air.

Later that afternoon, after a shower and another hour-long drive into the beautiful woods of northern Virginia, we arrived at an enclave where the main body of members of the League of the South were lodged. For several hours we had fellowship with some of the finest men we have known, discussing both the events of the day, and the lies of the media in their aftermath. At a bonfire, Dr. Michael Hill, the League president, gave a heart-warming address congratulating his men for their valor in the face of the hostility and the aggression which they withstood. After that, most of the group of seventy or eighty men and women who had managed to remain awake until that late hour then broke out in a rendition of Dixie. Singing around a campfire is something I had not experienced since my very first visit to the Shenandoah Valley, in my last camp as a boy scout in 1977. But now it was far more awesome an experience. Chatting for a couple of hours more, we didn't leave for our hotel until some time after midnight. It was a long and wondersome day.

The following morning we left Staunton for Lexington, another of our favorite places in Virginia. God forbid, if Staunton and Lexington ever become like Charlottesville, we may as well see Vladimir Lenin rise from the grave to be our next President. But would the great masses of our people awaken even then?

There are a lot of armchair warriors and keyboard pundits spewing wayward anecdotes about the events of last Saturday, and even most of those who claim to be with us are somewhat against us, second-guessing us because they do not understand our motives. For my part, I do not care what they say. Sure, the whole thing was a setup by the politicians of Virginia and their whores in law enforcement. But the establishment wanted us to resort to violence, and we did not, instead only defending ourselves from the violence we suffered. The establishment wanted to see us consumed by the Leftists, but we were too strong and the Leftists dare not attack us on even ground. Their attacks only came from within the cover of anonymity within the crowd and when they were confident that they had police protection. They wanted to force us into taking drastic measures, and they failed. This made them livid. They wanted to accumulate the proofs of our poor character, and once again, they failed. This made them livid. They even wanted to see us left bleeding in the streets, but they failed. This also made them livid. It did not happen, and we prevailed over the forces of evil because we ourselves did not succumb to evil. So they failed miserably, and the mainstream media went on to report as fact what they had hoped to see, but it was not what they saw, and quite shamelessly they broadcast their lies in spite of the actual facts.

From another perspective, I think I can also speak for most of us when I say that we really do not care about uniting the right in the sense which the Alt Right and Alt Lite crowds understand the term. Many of them, with their “Pro White Not Hate” signs and their ideologies based on compromise and capitulation, are quite pathetic. We were there for our own purposes, and not for theirs. If you invite me to your party although I really don't care for you, I am going to go and use your party for my own entertainment. So it is with the Soft Right, we used their party for our purposes.

In Lexington we visited the cemetery where Stonewall Jackson was buried. A large doe turned tail and ran off through the headstones as we approached the grave site of the South's greatest warrior general. Many other Confederate soldiers are buried in that cemetery, some who fell in battle as well as some who lived for years after the war. Standing in such a venerable place, we could only reflect upon what they would have thought of their sons among the Virginia police who stood for the destroying the memory of everything their fathers had fought for. The same can be said for many of the apparently white people, sons and daughters of the South, who were on the side of the Leftists and chanting for the destruction of the traditional values of their own race. The day is coming, when those men shall rise from their graves in condemnation of the actions of their own children.

- William Finck


Now we could not be everywhere that we wanted to be last Saturday, but we have some friends who were, and our listeners may enjoy hearing from one of them. There are a couple of rough spots in this recording, since it was NASCAR weekend in Bristol and our internet connection was very poor, ostensibly due to the high volume of additional cell-phone traffic.

[Here we presented the prerecorded interview with Ryan King.]

We are going to make a presentation of a writing we found circulating around our Social Media network this week that is simply titled Imagine – a statement about the events at Charlottesville from an anonymous author which was published under the pseudonym Musonius Rufus. We have seen copies of this posted which omit the final lines, and we find that quite disgraceful, however we believe this copy to be complete:

Imagine you were a US citizen and you wanted to protest the removal of a monument.

Imagine you joined a group that advocated protecting it but you had to use a pen name so you wouldn't be fired from your job.

Imagine you took off from work to advocate for your cause in public.

Imagine you made reservations to stay somewhere only to have those reservations canceled at the last minute.

Imagine you got a permit to hold a peaceable assembly only to have that canceled at the last minute.

Imagine you got a court order that said you could still have your assembly but the police arrived at the beginning and dispersed it anyway.

Imagine the police laughed as they threw you to a mob where you were pepper-sprayed and beaten, and those police just stood by and watched.

Imagine journalists took pictures of you and your enemies used those pictures to try to get your employers to fire you.

Imagine you knew all this would have been illegal, if you hadn't been White. You knew the laws don't protect you because you're White.

Imagine the godless Media said you were evil—and that's the exact word they used.

Imagine companies tweeted out pictures of you with gun sights on your head.

Imagine they joked about killing you and all your friends.

Imagine a governor, who used convicted criminals to rig an election, said that you criminals weren't welcome in his state anymore.

Imagine a US Senator who collaborated with the enemy in wartime called you a traitor.
Imagine all your accusers said you were the bigot. They called you a coward for standing up to the powerful. They accused you of trying to censor them when you were the one silenced.

Imagine you had friends and family turn their backs on you because what the TV said was more important than what you said.

If you imagine this, then you will understand why this country is about to change. We are going to change it. We won't be scared away either. You'll find we're made of sterner stuff. In fact, we're the kind of men who have statues made of them.

We are Founding Fathers. We are creating a new country that will replace this wicked one. Whose side do you think God is on? You had better hope you're on that side.

Deo Vindice

This evening we have another prerecorded statement briefly summarizing the events at Charlatansville, from our good friend Dr. Michael Hill, the President of the League of the South. We will let him have the last word.

[Here we presented another prerecorded interview with Dr. Michael Hill.]

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