Eli James Asserts that 85% white is White! So Eli, What is a tare? Sword Brethren corrects him soundly.

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Interviewed by Sword Brethren on January 30th, 2011 Eli James attempts to assert that someone who is 85% white can be White, and he gets offended when Sword Brethren corrects him. Was Eli playing dumb? Or dishonest?

This is one of several segments addressed in the presentation The Universalism of Eli James


On February 28th, 2016 Eli James appeared on a Talkshoe program called In The Name Of Yahweh - Part 8 with Andrew Carrington Hitchcock. While he did a little better defining a mongrel and reading, he even lied about the Bible version that he was reading from!

"I got in trouble for making that mistake ..." and then "I got crucified because I accidentally said 'A white person who is only ninety ninety-five percent white'; 'oh, okay, yeah Eli says [...] you're a hundred percent white if your only 95' [...] I just made a a a mistake in anunciation [...] I never said that ninety-five percent equals 100 percent".

So Eli argues with Brian about what is White, was clearly vexed when Brian refuted him persistently, and now 5 years later he not only lies about the point of the argument, but he even changed his original 85% figure to 95%, so that he could perhaps look less guilty regarding his original claim. Eli James is still both dumb and dishonest.

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