In the End, there are only Jews or Nazis

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In the End, there are only Jews or Nazis

Sometimes when I do a presentation such as this, I feel as if I am just speaking to the choir, and so do many of our friends and listeners. But that is not entirely true. According to Cloudflare, these past few months Christogenea has been getting in excess of 250,000 visitors each week, with as many as 400,000 page views. This year, the main Christogenea website alone is on track to exceed 3.2 million file downloads, which is up over 10 percent from last year. The Media and Mein Kampf Project websites add another 600,000 to that number, but most of those downloads are videos and not necessarily our own content. From 2017 to 2021, our website traffic has more than tripled. But the point is that we never know who we are reaching, as that is all in the hands of Yahweh our God, but each year we have been able to reach many more people than we have in past years.

Just yesterday, a long-time friend who was also the first contact on a new Twitter account which I opened just about six weeks ago had asked me about a reference I made in a paper I wrote in prison in 2007, or perhaps even earlier, which was titled The Problem With Genesis 6:1-4. He asked about the alternate reading of the Greek text of Genesis 6:2 which I had supplied from Brenton’s Septuagint in a note citing the Codex Alexandrinus. Of course, being in prison that was my only resource for the citation at that time. But my friend did us a favor, because he himself found another publication of the Greek Septuagint from 1887 which contained the variation in Brenton’s note in his text.

So I decided to spend a few hours, which ended up consuming most of my day, diving into a facsimile copy of the Codex Alexandrinus which I found free online at the website for the British Museum, and deciphering the Greek of the Codex for myself, so I could see whether Brenton’s note, and the reading in Henry Barclay Swete’s Old Testament in Greek according to the Septuagint were accurate. With that, I made a sort of infographic from the manuscript, and assembled an article of nearly 1500 words in English and Greek that I could publish at Christogenea as an addendum for my 2007 paper. I began that endeavor in the morning, and I finished at around 5:30 PM. Much of that time was spent deciphering the Codex, which is very slow and painstaking work, and much more painstaking for me because I do not do it frequently enough.

But my point here is not to speak about the Codex Alexandrinus or Genesis chapter 6, although that does actually represent the root of our problems as White Christians today. My point is to illustrate the amount of time required to investigate just one small issue in a scholarly manner. As I have said recently elsewhere, after having now studied for twenty-five years that alone has taught me that it takes years of study in a field to really break new ground in it, to prove a thesis, to develop the arguments necessary to defend that thesis, and to be able to write about it in a way which eventually exposes infallible truths. I hope I am getting better at that, and I hope the improvements have been apparent in my recent work, in the commentaries on the Scriptures authored by both Solomon and John. Yet I know that I can still work to improve it all, and pray that I can also accomplish that. But somehow all of those years of study and writing need to be funded. We currently have very little funding. These past four years, the same years in which we have grown exponentially, we have been cut off from many of our sources of funding. We are not complaining, at least just yet, and we are not planning on quitting. There is no quitting. But neither is that my point this evening.

Comparatively, our enemies, the enemies of White Christian Society, are also the ones that print the money, so they always seem to have all the financing they require. And they have been far more diligent to build a schematic for the deconstruction of White Christian Society than we have been to elucidate the true purposes of our God and our race from Scripture. Lately, we have heard a lot about Black Lives Matter and Critical Race Theory. These phenomena did not come out of nowhere, and the Jewish Media did not invent them yesterday, or last year. These phenomena are also the result of many years of work on the part of our enemies, as they come out of the Critical Theory of the Frankfurt School, a group of Jewish academics who were thrown out of Germany by the National Socialists in the 1930’s, and were both invited and welcomed to America with open arms by Columbia University. From there, in a short time they all had notable positions with various universities from New York to California, and they have been working towards a Marxist Revolution in America ever since.

They are on a long march and we must also be on the long march. When we commit ourselves to this cause, we should follow it through and stay with it until the end. There is no turning back.

Further Reading: The Jews in Medieval Europe, The Protocols of Satan, The Frankfurt School

As a disclaimer, even before the Frankfurt School, as Henry Ford explained over and again in The International Jew, a serious study of the actors behind every treacherous program in history reveals that Jews were behind women's’ lib, civil rights, the emancipation of Negros, the removal of Christianity from our schools and our government, the Judaizing of organized religion, and all other subversive movements that have precipitated the decline of the West. The true face of Communism was being glossed over, and Marxism was being promoted in major newspapers as early as the 19th century, but even after the Bolshevik Revolution.

Of course, the Frankfurt School is not a school in the sense of being an educational institution, but rather, it is a school in the sense of being a common philosophy and having shared objectives which has infiltrated and infected educational institutions. Long ago, in April of 2010, we published a series of articles, all which I did not write, on the Frankfurt School Denizens at our Mein Kampf Project website, along with some videos and other resources. There we discussed the backgrounds and careers of Antonio Gramsci, and also of Georg Lukács, Herbert Marcuse, Max Horkheimer and Theodor Adorno, the key figures of the school. Gramsci was not a founder of the school, but he was a Marxist philosopher and political theorist whose ideas the school had fully embraced. He was founder of the Communist Party of Italy. But that, in turn, was the result of research I had done for a December, 2009 series of podcasts on the Frankfurt School with Sword Brethren. For the final presentation in that series, we interviewed Professor Kevin MacDonald, who has written at length on the subject. But here I can only refer our listeners and readers to the resources. I cannot possibly recount in a short space all of the damage this group of well-financed Marxist Jews have done to our Society these last 80 years in pursuit of their Communist Revolution. But the civil unrest and social upheaval which we see amongst the beasts and deviants of Western Society certainly is the result of their efforts.

To begin a short discussion of Critical Race Theory, I am going to cite a very unlikely source, but only because it is a good reflection of how mainstream conservatives perceive it, and why many mainstream conservative parents are protesting against it in school board meetings over recent months. So I was not surprised that a mainstream conservative woman wrote such an article as I am that it was published in Newsweek magazine. But then again, our enemies have always sought to control the opposition to their own programs, and in that manner they seek to inhibit any true opposition to their objectives.

So in June of 2021, Newsweek Magazine published an opinion piece by Liz Wheeler titled Critical Race Theory is Repackaged Marxism. Liz Wheeler is a perceptibly Anglo-American woman who was born in 1989 in Cincinnati and raised as a Roman Catholic. She was a prominent young conservative at the age of 24, and spoke at CPAC in 2016. For several years, Wheeler had her own television broadcast on the One America News Network, which Wikipedia describes as being “pro-Trump” and very wrongly characterizes as “far right”. In any event, Wheeler is a good characterization of the words of the prophet Isaiah (3:12) where he wrote “As for my people, children are their oppressors, and women rule over them. O my people, they which lead thee cause thee to err, and destroy the way of thy paths.” Wheeler is anything but “far right”. It is amazing that Jews would characterize relative centrists as being “far right”, in order to make true men and women of the far right look like raging lunatics. But the truth is that the things we believe today, the centrists of a hundred years ago had believed.

We are citing her article here because it is a good reflection of what mainstream conservatives know, or what they are willing to admit, about the Frankfurt School. Wheeler is not on the cutting edge. As I have said, we were speaking of these things 12 years ago. Men such as Kevin MacDonald have been studying the issue much longer than that, and perhaps thirty years or longer, since his first book on the subject was published 20 years ago. But perhaps with so many mainstream conservatives coming close to what we already know, if they are pushed for just a few more goose-steps, they too can be Nazis, although in other ways, they still have a long row to hoe.

The article begins where she spoke of a school in Rhode Island which was considering suing a woman for merely inquiring and requesting records relating to the school curriculum. So Wheeler wrote:

In fact, critical race theory isn't a theory at all. Nor is it a "perspective" of teaching history. It is racism and bigotry, and not only that—it's an attempt to revive a failed Marxist agenda.

Well, we are not so certain it failed, because America is basically a Marxist nation today. It is true that Critical Race Theory itself is racist, but Wheeler and most other conservatives strive not to notice or judge people according to their race, because they themselves are now greater egalitarians than the Jews who pretend to be egalitarians. Conservatives have adopted all of the values of Jewish Liberalism, which Jews want to impose on Whites but by which Jews themselves do not live. That is because in reality, Jews only want to destroy Whites. Until Wheeler acknowledges that Marxism is Jewish and that Critical Theory is actually its vehicle for destroying the West, she will never see the hypocrisy. But where she continues, she does make the Frankfurt School connection:

Critical race theory is an offshoot of critical theory, the brainchild of the Frankfurt School, a group of 20th-century Marxists associated with the Institute for Social Research. (Fun fact: the founder of the Institute for Social Research wanted it to be named the Institut fur Marxismus, which translates to the "Institute for Marxism." That name was scrapped for fear it would alienate the public.)

Only later do we learn, in a circumstantial manner, that this must have happened in Germany. But she will never inform us that nearly all of the school’s leading figures were Jews, as Marx was also a Jew. So she continues:

In 1937, Max Horkheimer of the Frankfurt School wrote a manifesto about "critical theory," in which he claimed that when examining society, people cannot reason objectively. In classic Marxist fashion, critical theory divides everyone in society into classes of oppressed and oppressors, but posits that the so-called oppressed stand in the way of revolution when they adhere to the societal belief systems and cultural norms of their so-called oppressors. Therefore, the cultural institutions that stand in the way of the Marxist revolution must be destroyed through relentless criticism (hence the name: critical theory).

That is why Jews are forever criticizing Christianity. Regardless of how much the denominational churches bend over backwards in order to please the Jews, they are forever criticizing Christianity because their goal from the beginning has been to destroy it. She continues:

This is crucial because by the 1930s, Marxists were realizing that Karl Marx's vision of a worker-led revolution wasn't going to sweep the West.

Of course the Marxists blamed workers. Antonio Gramsci, the founder of the Italian Communist Party, claimed the workers had not successfully revolted because they still relied on institutions of the ruling class like the family, religion and country. Gramsci's observation took critical theory one step further. Gramsci posited that workers needed to be "re-educated" in order to overthrow the capitalist systems that were allegedly stymying the worker-led Marxist revolution.

How did this Marxist ideology infiltrate American society?

When Horkheimer and his fellow Marxists fled Germany to escape the Nazis, they found refuge at Columbia University. Horkheimer returned to Germany after the world defeated the Nazis, but left behind his associate, Herbert Marcuse. It was Marcuse who helped morph critical theory into critical race theory in the United States, by identifying a new "worker" for the revolution who could be re-educated to overthrow societal norms: racial minorities.

Now all of this is wonderful, but if Wheeler could also explain that Marx was a Jew, and Horkheimer and Marcuse were Jews, that they had to flee the Nazis because they were Jewish revolutionaries seeking to bring a Communist revolution to Germany and the rest of Western Europe, and that now that we have Black Lives Matter destroying American cities for that same cause, people might come to realize that the Nazis, or rather, National Socialists, really weren’t so evil after all. But of course, if she did that, her article would never have been published in Newsweek. Call them anything, but don’t call them what they are. Don’t dare call them Jews.

Continuing with Wheeler, she explains why it is that the Marxists in America exploit non-Whites:

In the words of Marcuse, "Underneath the conservative popular base is the substratum of the outcasts and outsiders, the exploited and persecuted of other races and other colors." According to Marcuse, "their opposition is revolutionary even if their consciousness is not."

Since a worker-led revolution wasn't happening, they needed another "oppressed" class to serve their purpose. That purpose was to tear down Western institutions that stood in the way of revolt and stage a Marxist revolution. Using racial minorities as their new vanguard would be brilliant. Who better to re-educate than a demographic of people whose ancestors had suffered oppression in America based on their skin color? Who better to paint as victims of a belief system of the "oppressors" and to claim the only way to liberation was to demolish the institutions of the oppressors?

Now Wheeler contrasts that to the values of Liberalism, which in her mind are workable:

In other words, the designers and adherents of critical theory admitted their true intent. Not equality under the law. Not civil rights. Not freedom, liberty and justice for all. Not a better life for racial minorities. Critical theorists admit their intent is to use racial minorities as the vanguard for a Marxist revolution.

Thus, critical race theory was born.

We now see this slimy ideology creeping into every aspect of American life, from corporations staging "white privilege" trainings to school curricula that teach students to view everything and everybody through the prism of race.

So in Wheeler’s conclusion, while she is correct about the objectives of Jewry, a word and an entity for which Marxist must be perceived to be little but a euphemism, she nevertheless continues to spout the failed ideas of Liberalism, and she asks:

Why does critical race theory peddle bigoted and obviously false assumptions about individuals based on their skin color? Not pure racial hatred. Racialism is a tactic, a tool used by critical race theorists to tear down American institutions.

The Jew has always been the world’s foremost hypocrite, and that should be clear in the words of Christ Himself, in Matthew chapter 23. But not answering the Jewish question, Wheeler will never be able to answer that question. The Jew will go to any length whatsoever to completely destroy White Christian society, and the Jew considers every professed Christian to be a Nazi, because Jews see the moral precepts upheld by Christians as the source of their oppression. This we shall discuss at length later on, where it is to some degree an open profession of so-called Critical Theory.

So Wheeler concludes, and she probably got this list of Marxist objectives from the planks of the Communist Manifesto where she wrote:

Their aims: abolish the nuclear family, abolish gender, defund the police, abolish the border, abolish prisons, abolish the Senate, abolish the Electoral College, abolish ICE, abolish voter ID, abolish capitalism, abolish private/charter schools, abolish religious freedom, abolish free speech, abolish rights, abolish objective truth, abolish reality.

Sound familiar? Democratic political agenda items are textbook critical race theory. We should reject its reduction of people to the color of their skin. It's a tool with a dangerously clear purpose: to impose simple, unadulterated Marxism in the United States of America. We must overwhelmingly reject it in its entirety on the basis of what it really is.

This would be so much better if she were cognizant of the Jewish question, or, if she is aware of it, if she could only spell it out. But that being said, she is blind to the degree to which she herself and all mainstream conservatives have already accepted the Marxist agenda so that the Jews could even take it this far. For example, all public schools are actually government schools, and they exist in fulfillment of one important plank in the ten planks of the Communist Manifesto. A true anti-Communist would want to abolish all government schools, as their very existence is a form of Marxism. But more importantly, going back at least as far as the French Revolution when the slogan “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity” first came into the general public consciousness. The motto is credited to either Maximilien Robespierre, the humanist and borderline atheist who sought to replace Christianity in France with the “Cult of the Supreme Being”, or to the Hébertist revolutionary Antoine-François Momoro, a Spanish-born atheist. It was the Hébertists, who played a significant role in the French Revolution, who had ruled France during the Reign of Terror. They were also supporters of removing Christianity from France. The slogan is a communist slogan with its roots in the Jewish revolutions of Europe, it expresses a concept which has never been true, and Wheeler and all other so-called conservatives have fallen for its principles. So long as they adhere to it, they will never prevail over the Jews themselves, the Jews that they won’t even name.

But contrary to Liz Wheeler is another so-called conservative, a Jew named Brian Leiter who is a law professor at the University of Chicago and who writes at length about philosophy, and especially the philosophy of law. In a November, 2021 blog post, Leiter asked What is "Critical Race Theory" and what does it have to do with "Critical Theory" (i.e., the Frankfurt School)? In it, he strives to disassociate Critical Race Theory from the Frankfurt School, and even to dismiss it as a formidable threat to our current state of Society. So he makes assertions such as “The ‘Critical Race Theory Scare,’ a bit like the old ‘Red Scare,’ has conjured up a bogeyman from a minor movement in academic legal scholarship…” and uses them to attack the more narrow efforts of just a few race-baiting lawyers. As part of his conclusion, he states:

The contrast with the Critical Theory of the Frankfurt School is stark. The one superficial affinity between CRT and Frankfurt School Critical Theory is the idea that the theory aims to emancipate people from oppression (that simple idea accounts for the proliferation of "critical theory" blather in the humanities and social sciences ever since). But that is where the similarity ends.

Of course, the Jews of the Frankfurt School do not want to free anyone from oppression, but rather, they want to oppress us all. But here is the perfect example of a Jew telling the proverbial “big lie”, a lie so big that many people will simply believe it. We will not publish any more of his disinformation than that, but it always seems that there are at least a few prominent Jews around to cloud each and every issue which arises in Society. However Letier’s assertions are completely contrary to those of Wheeler. So to find out who is right, we will go to an original source, which is the University of California at Berkeley. This alone exposes Leiter as a source of Jewish disinformation.

The following is redacted from a page at the website for the University of California at Berkeley titled The Program in Critical Theory:

Critical Theory is often associated with the Frankfurt School, the term eventually coined to identify a core group of intellectuals working in and around the Institute for Social Research (Institut für Sozialforschung), founded in 1923 and affiliated to this day (except for its exile during and in the immediate aftermath of the National Socialist regime) with the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University of Frankfurt. The Institute’s founders sought to develop new methodologies combining theoretical and empirical approaches to explore the unprecedented complexities, difficulties, and suffering engendered by modern, industrial-capitalist society and the often authoritarian political responses to it. With regard to Left responses to modernity, the Frankfurt School sought to develop alternatives to the determinist rigidities of orthodox versions of Marxian theory, whether Social Democratic or Leninist. As members of the Frankfurt School themselves often acknowledged, many of the fundamental concepts supporting critique had already emerged in recognizably modern form in the work of eighteenth and nineteenth-century figures like Immanuel Kant, G.W.F. Hegel, Karl Marx, Friedrich Nietzsche, and others. In addition, twentieth-century contributions to critical thinking by Sigmund Freud, Max Weber, Georg Simmel, and Georg Lukács, among others, would prove crucial for the Frankfurt School. In light of this history and ongoing development of the idea of critique, UC Berkeley’s Designated Emphasis (“DE”) in Critical Theory offers courses on foundational nineteenth-century theories and discourses of critique; on the Frankfurt School; and on other modern and contemporary forms of critical theory, including critical race theory, postcolonial theory, feminism, gender studies, queer theory, critical legal theory, and modes of critique arising from structuralism and poststructuralism.

The appeal to non-Jewish philosophers is, in my opinion, only a ploy to deemphasize the Jewish origins of Critical Theory, as they did not practice it the way it is practiced by the Frankfurt School. Except perhaps for the Jews having copied some of their methodology, the non-Jewish philosophers have little in common with the thoughts and objectives of Judaism. All of the founding figures of the Frankfurt School were Jewish. Max Horkheimer, Herbert Marcuse, Georg Lukács and Theodor Adorno were all unquestionably Jews.

Here it is admitted by proponents of Critical Theory at the University of California at Berkeley that not only is Critical Theory a product of the Frankfurt School, but that Critical Race Theory is a product of Critical Theory. In the very next paragraph the university downplays the significance of all of this and portrays it as something innocent where it says, in part:

In general, critical theory is an effort to understand the social organization of economics, politics, culture and the arts—and, indeed, of everyday life—in order to establish the grounds from which existing social dispensations and their values can be grasped and questioned, and from which alternative social practices and formations can be projected.

But what they actually do is construct ways to undermine existing social norms, existing social dispensations and their values. They do that by using the depraved minority. Without a doubt that is “queer theory”; that is “critical race theory”.

The truth is that by embracing critical race theory, which is related to postcolonial theory, they are actually normalizing and ultimately advocating the concepts expressed by those theories. That same thing is true where they profess to embracing feminism, gender studies, so-called “queer theory” and all of the other resulting perversions. They are not critiquing these things. Rather, they are promoting them in order to critique, and ultimately to subvert, the greater traditional Western Christian society. The concepts of structuralism and poststructuralism are only ploys through which they advocate the deconstruction of Western society and the rule of law which has been formulated and maintained by White Europeans, and to a great extent founded upon Christian laws and principles. Reading a little further, so we can see the impact, effect and extent of this program:

The Designated Emphasis in Critical Theory now serves approximately 100 graduate students enrolled in established Ph.D. programs across the social sciences, arts, and humanities at UC Berkeley. (Please note: Critical Theory is not an independent degree-granting program. Students wishing to apply to the DE must already be enrolled in a UC Berkeley Ph.D program.) Students admitted to the DE who complete its requirements will receive a parenthetical notation to that effect on their doctoral degrees, stating that they have been certified as having obtained a Designated-Emphasis Specialization in Critical Theory. The Program in Critical Theory and its DE offers graduate fellowships, hosts international scholars, and presents lectures, seminars, and other events for faculty, graduate and undergraduate students, as well as interested members of the larger San Francisco Bay Area community. The Program also maintains important collaborative relations with other critical theory institutes and programs nationally and internationally.

That means that out of all of the PhD candidates at UC Berkeley, 100 of them are pursuing this so-called Designated Emphasis, which will evidently give them special credentials in the emerging society of Wokism. But not everyone can join this club, as the article concludes by stating that “Petitions for admission to the DE are accepted each spring for admission to the program the following fall. There are no more than 15 new students admitted each year.”

In the online magazine there is an article titled Gramsci, Yiddish, and Building Cultural Barricades written by a Jew named Lane Silberstein, who is apparently a New York City Jew, and which was published nearly three years ago. It opens with the statement that:

Far right populism is insurgent internationally. Greece and Germany, and of course the United States and Israel, form a part of this wave. This is a deeply disturbing trend for Jews, particularly for those of us involved in political-cultural struggle. This worldwide phenomenon is not reducible to either cultural or economic causes, and with this essay, a mix of personal narrative and Marxist analysis, I mean to broaden the identity politics/class politics binary and introduce the idea that you cannot have one without the other.

The author is an avowed Marxist, and after complaining about the rise of populist parties such as Golden Dawn in Greece and the AfD in Germany, which he disparages as “fascist movements” and “Nazism”, he goes on to quote a Frankfurt School denizen, and he says:

The far right in both Greece and Germany play on xenophobia, fortifying a nationalist identity which liberals don’t dare challenge for fear of losing their own bases of support.

But I don’t ever see that, rather, this is the Marxist Jewish perception. He continues:

“To appeal today to the liberal mentality of the 19th century against fascism,” said Max Horkheimer (1895-1973), “means appealing to what brought fascism to power.” You can claim to be anti-fascist in the name of proper European identity, but once you criticize the civil society and culture that give rise to fascism, as Horkheimer does, you start speaking a language that liberals don’t understand. Liberal identity politics are vulnerable to exploitation by fascists and are not equipped to counter fascism.

For the most part, we would say the same thing about conservatives. So long as Liberals remain liberal, the world is apparently safe for Jewry. Conservatives such as Liz Wheeler simply do not understand how liberal they truly are, and how that liberalism creates a world which is relatively safe for nurturing and culminating the eventual dominance of Marxism which we see today. A little further on, we read:

I understand that identity politics, for the most part, begins with something immutable: I cannot change the fact that I am a Jew. However, under capitalism I cannot fully cultivate my Jewish identity.

And there he is absolutely correct, because race is immutable. But capitalism was itself a Jewish revolution which overthrew feudalism, however that is outside of the scope of our discussion here. For this Jew, and for many more like him, only Marxism and the full implementation of the Communist Manifesto will ever suffice. The Jew, fully aware of his own sense of identity, strives to maintain it. Yet at the same time he despises other groups who desire to preserve their own identities as “Nazis” and “Fascists”. This too is hypocrisy, but hypocrisy is an innate trait found amongst all Jews. Continuing, a little further on he appeals to the “left” almost as if it is synonymous with Jewry. Wee saw the left mentioned in the same manner in the introduction to Critical Theory at UC Berkeley.

If the left cares about Jewish liberation not just from fascism, but from the forces that create fascism, we should turn to thinkers who have had first-hand experiences with it. Antonio Gramsci was imprisoned by Mussolini, experiencing conditions that would severely compromise his health and eventually kill him. He is one of the foremost Marxists when it comes to resisting in the political-cultural realm.

So this is his second appeal to a prominent 20th century Communist associated with the principals of the Frankfurt School, first to Marcuse, and then to Gramsci. Later in his article, he reveals his own concept of divisions among Jews by identifying himself as a Yiddish Jew, and contrasting that to capitalist so-called “Hebrew” Jews, which is another sort of misnomer. On that basis he justifies his criticism of the Israeili State in Palestine for its nationalism. Perhaps he sees his Communist role-models as Yiddish Jews. However I am persuaded that this particular Jew is a fair representative of the sentiments of many American and European Jews, who all seem to gravitate towards the Left and Communism even if they never want Communism for themselves. Neither did Lenin, Trotsky, Marx and Engels.

In a paper published at California State University at Stanilaus titled Marx, Engels, and the Abolition of The Family, by Richard Weikart we read, in its opening lines:

'It is a peculiar fact' stated Engels a few months after Marx died, 'that with every great revolutionary movement the question of 'free love' comes to the foreground'.' By the mid-to late-nineteenth century it was clear to advocates and opponents alike that many socialists shared a propensity to reject the institution of the family in favour of 'free love', if not in practice, at least as an ideal.

In Russia No. 1, which is a collection of diplomatic reports from Englishmen in Russia to the Foreign Office back home in Britain, there are reports of the enforcement of this “free love” under Bolshevism, that Russian women were not permitted to refuse the advances of anyone who made an advance.

For that reason we see that the Critical Theory program at Berkeley has embraced subjects such as feminism, gender studies, and queer theory, in order to normalize them in an effort to destroy the construct of the family. This is why Liz Wheeler justly accused the proponents of Critical Race Theory of also having objectives to abolish the nuclear family and to abolish the constructs of gender. But this movement actually started in America, in the modern age, with the so-called “hippie” and “free love” movements of the 1960’s and earlier. The Jewish-controlled media has assisted the Jews of the Frankfurt School at nearly every turn, and they still do. They had almost accomplished this in America in the 1920’s, but the Depression and World War Two intervened. But once the 1950’s arrived, the “free love” train was rolling again.

As for feminism, while we will not discuss that subject at length here, I have compiled a list of nearly 80 prominent feminist women who are actresses, authors, educators, radio or television hosts, and lawyers, all of which are Jews. It can safely be said that nearly every prominent and well-known woman feminist has been a Jewess. Reading the names would be mundane, and I would like to expand the list with their vocations and presumed accomplishments before publishing it. But on the other hand, arguably the most prominent of women anti-feminists is Christina Hoff Summers, and she is also Jewish. They always seek to control both sides of every debate. However being a "prominent woman anti-feminist", one must first be a feminist, because only a feminist could be a prominent female public voice in the first place. So even the Jewish anti-feminist is really a feminist. A true anti-feminist woman is home raising a family and does not seek a public voice at all, serving as a model and not a speaker.

But before I depart from this subject, I want to do a brief survey of some of the products of the University of California and its Critical Theory program.

The first is Kim Tran, who is of Vietnamese ethnicity and apparently a woman. She advertises herself on the LinkedIn website as a PhD and a consultant who specializes in “intersectional solutions, research and writing” at the University of California at Berkeley. On her own private website she helps to define “intersectional solutions” where we read: “Kim Tran works at the intersection of social protest, race and gender. [We are certain she was never in the intersections of the streets where BLM riots were conducted.] She uses a grassroots organizing and transformative justice approach in her anti-oppression consulting with nonprofit, philanthropic and social impact spaces. Kim holds a PhD in Ethnic Studies from UC Berkeley. Her academic research centers Asian American solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement. Her work has been featured in Vice, Teen Vogue, and NPR.” By watching people such as Kim Tran, we can see the degree of the spreading impact of this legacy of the Frankfort School.

Another Berkeley product is a Negress named Fumi Okiji, who is an assistant professor in the Department of Rhetoric at the school. On her faculty page we read:

Fumi Okiji arrived at the academy by way of the London jazz scene in which she took an active part as a vocalist and improvisor. She works across black study, critical theory, and sound and music studies. Her research and teaching looks to black expression for ways to understand modern and contemporary life, which is to say, she explores works and practices for what they can provide by way of social theory. For instance, her book Jazz as Critique: Adorno and Black Expression Revisited (Stanford University Press, 2018) is a sustained engagement with Theodor Adorno’s idea concerning the critical potential of art. She proposes that the socio-musical play of jazz is not representative of the individualistic and democratic values, the music is most readily associated with. The book centers blackness as a more appropriate analytic through which to understand its social significance.

So this Fumi Okiji is telling us that Jazz is only for Negros. In the 1920’s, Henry Ford would have agreed, as he asserted in The International Jew.

So researchers at UC Berkeley are fully invested with the Frankfurt School, and without doubt Critical Race Theory is their product. But that is not all. Two other products of the university of California are Patrisse Cullors and Alicia Garza, although they graduated from the campuses at Los Angeles and San Diego, respectively. While we cited the page on Critical Theory from the Berkeley campus, the philosophy is taught throughout the University. In the Wikipedia article for Cullors, we read in part that:

Other topics on which Cullors advocates include prison abolition in Los Angeles and LGBTQ rights. Cullors integrates ideas from critical theory, as well as social movements around the world, in her activism. She is the author of When They Call You a Terrorist: A Black Lives Matter Memoir.

This is the same woman who declared on syndicated television, speaking for both herself and Alicia Garza that “we are trained organizers… we are trained Marxists… super-versed on ideological theories”. Likewise, the Wikipedia article for Alicia Garza attests that among other things, she:

has organized around the issues of… ending police brutality, anti-racism, and violence against transgender and gender non-conforming people of color.

They will corral every beast and circus freak they can find and use them against White society. That is what Marcuse and the University of California is advocating, and that is what the graduates of the schools are doing. The campaign to end “police brutality” is actually expressed in calls to “defund the police” as yet another path to Marxist revolution. These women are the product of all the ambitions and aspirations of Herbert Marcuse, as Liz Wheeler had quoted him as wanting to employ “the outcasts and outsiders, the exploited and persecuted of other races and other colors” in his desire to launch a Marxist revolution in America. A third female founder of BLM, Opal Tometi, went to school in Arizona, but her resume is much like that of these others.

While we won’t delve into it here, even the so-called Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. was a trained Marxist, as there is documentation of his having attended a much cruder and less-well financed Communist school in Tennessee prior to his own involvement in the Civil Rights movement. As reported by The Augusta Courier in 1961, King was photographed in attendance at such a school in Monteagle, Tennessee in 1957. So the so-called “Black Lives Matter” movement is really only a rewrite of a 60-year old script.

This is also why I mentioned my efforts yesterday in deciphering a small portion of the Codex Alexandrinus. It takes hours of labor to develop and explain some concept, and large efforts require many years of the same repetitive labor. Our enemies at the Frankfort School have been laboring for a hundred years, and only now they are seeing their own efforts culminate in moving them towards their final objective.

But even the Jews of the Frankfurt School and the universities such as Berkeley which continue their program today, as well as the Negros behind Black Lives Matter, are not even as openly evil as a relatively young French Jew named Greg Lansky. So sometimes the devil can reap results at much faster rates. Lansky was born in Paris in 1982, he is now an American citizen, and in 2014 he founded a company called Vixen Media Group, which produces pornography. According to Wikipedia, “Vixen Studios owns and operates seven online adult film sites: Vixen, Tushy, Blacked, BlackedRaw, TushyRaw, Deeper, and Slayed.” Six of these I know little about, but I do know something about Blacked, quite unfortunately. Doing what I have done these last 13 years, I cannot help to know some uncomfortable things.

When I was released from prison in very late 2008, assessing the internet and the social media landscape, I quickly learned about two trends which are continually pushed by Jewish pornographers. The first is cuckoldry, which seems to be quite popular in Britain. This is the term from which we have the modern slur, cuck. There are, apparently, actual aficionados of cuckoldry who obtain sexual gratification by watching their wives have sex with other men, and, more and more prevalently, with men of other races. I do not know if this trend is actually popular, or if it is only made to look popular by Jews who hire whores and niggers to play roles, however they seem to push it fervently, perhaps hoping to catch a few unsuspecting (but certainly not innocent) men in their trap.

The second trend is represented by Greg Lansky’s Blacked brand of pornography. I learned about Blacked years ago, investigating Antifa and BLM websites and forums. This certainly does seem to be a trend, as a post titled Mudsharking Tattoos: The Queen Of Spades was made in the Christogenea Forum four years ago, and now it has over 33,000 views, mostly from search engines. Google never ranks Christogenea very high in search results, so to, that indicates that many people are inquiring about it on the internet. Blacked produces pornographic videos of Negro males having sex with White women, and scenes from the movies are frequently used by radical Negros, BLM and Antifa types, to make such unions seem more popular than they are, while also bragging about supposed Negro sexual superiority and dominance. It is from that propaganda that I first learned of Blacked in social media. So the Blacked movies serve the Jews of the Frankfurt School in several aspects of their objectives to destroy White society. The Jew Greg Lansky does not necessarily have to be a Frankfurt School graduate in order to act like a Jew. Jews do these things naturally, and he must know how his materials are being used.

If I happened upon these trends so quickly, then I know that children everywhere are also happening upon them. But I praise and I am grateful to Yahweh that I have never cared for pornography, I have never watched a pornographic film, but with the prevalence and pervasion of porn throughout society one would have to be willfully blind not to notice its effects, and how it slowly and incrementally it bleeds over into mainstream media. That is also quite purposeful.

It is my experience, having known many men who were caught up in porn, that once one becomes enamored with some depravity, it is a slippery slope before one is caught up in all sorts of depravity. So a man who would like to see his wife in bed with another woman, will soon be in bed with another man in order to please his wife. Then, because for the fleshly minded man the titillation of sensual pleasure wanes with repetition, which is one reason why it is all vanity in the first place, the bounds of decency and normalcy must be exceeded to an even greater degree in order for the degenerate to achieve the same level of fleshly satisfaction. So a man will slide deeper and deeper into perversion until he hits bottom and can no longer satiate his perverted desires. Depravity always destroys the unrepentant sinner, and there is no escaping the inevitable consequences.

In John’s second epistle the apostle warned that “9 Whosoever transgresseth, and abideth not in the doctrine of Christ, hath not God. He that abideth in the doctrine of Christ, he hath both the Father and the Son. 10 If there come any unto you, and bring not this doctrine, receive him not into your house, neither bid him God speed: 11 For he that biddeth him God speed is partaker of his evil deeds.” So the Christian who greets the Jew or a sinner is a comforter of the enemies of God, and therefore he is a fellow partaker in pandering, pornography, fornication, sodomy, baby-slaying abortion clinics, or any other sins which they may be committing. The truly Christian concept is explained by Paul in Romans chapter 1, that when you accept a sinner you are in effect accepting his sin. But today’s churches, which have also been infected with Judaism, are teaching precisely the opposite, because they themselves have become whores for the Jews.

It is certainly no coincidence, that any man today who vocalizes opposition to feminism, to “queer theory”, to race-mixing, to pornography, to depravity in general, is branded as a Nazi by the Jew. To the Jew, Christian morality and the insistence that others maintain that morality within a Christian society is in itself ‘Nazism”. Expecting a Jew to maintain any level of morality, especially a Jew of that “Yiddish” variety, as the term was used by Silberman, whom we cited earlier, is seen by them as a form of oppression. So the Jew, the eternal panderer, does everything in his power to corrupt the Christian.

In the end, White Europeans who are even marginally Christian are more the victims of their own sin than that of any Jew. But White Christians who do not stand against sin are just as culpable as the sinner. The world has slid down a cliff and into the state of Sodom and Gomorrah, but mainstream Christians, and mainstream conservatives, keep offering concessions. Their churches have changed their doctrines to accommodate depravity, and are forever moving their defensive lines back closer and closer to the edge of oblivion. Then they wonder why things get worse and worse, and never seem to get better.

First it was women's liberation, and while women imagine to have been freed of the shackles of the Patriarchy, the enemies of Christ have achieved their true objective, which was to free our women from their panties. In the 1920’s women were voting, and by the 1960’s women were running around naked, sometimes even more brazenly than they do today. First it was civil rights, and an unnatural equality is now enforced by all western governments upon unequal races. But even that was not enough for the Niggers, so now we have Black Lives Matter and “Defund the Police”, so that they can pursue their careers of robbery rape and murder with little fear of reprisal. First it was Gay rights, and we have had a progressively growing list of acceptable perversions represented by alphabet soup labels. Now it is inevitable, that soon we shall see the decriminalization and eventual legalization of pedophilia, for which they have already long been pushing, and after that men and women alike will be walking down the marriage aisles with dogs and donkeys, because the two-legged beasts won’t satisfy their perverse depravity any longer.

This is what our world is coming to. If we accept it, we may as well be Jews, and we may as well end up being Jews… or even niggers. If we stand against it, we are Nazis. The Jews know that moral Christians are Nazis, or at least, they know that National Socialists were really moral Christians. We can deny the label “Nazi”, and publicly I do, because “Nazi” is a slander which I don’t want to accept. But in the mind of our enemies, it is the reality, so why hide it? They really are not wrong because deep down, they know and understand the reasons for the backlash which they suffered in Europe, and they are forever in fear that it shall happen again. Their fear is justified. There is a God, and the next time there is a backlash it will be forever. They are not coming back.

Recently I have been seeing mainstream social media outlets publishing New York Times articles from the 1930’s which kvetch about Hitler and Christianity. The Jews knew that Adolf Hitler was defending Christianity then, and they know it now. But today mainstream Christians do not even know what Christianity is, so they cannot imagine that Hitler was a Christian. For example, a front-page New York Times article from October 29th, 1935 was titled “Hitler Repudiates Reich Neo-Pagans; Backs Christianity”. There we read, in part, that “Hitler will lead the party along the path of positive Christianity and not along the false path of anti-Christian doctrine.” But Hitler professed Christianity along with an antipathy towards paganism as early as Mein Kampf, which was written ten years earlier, in 1925. [There is also another May, 1935, article pictured here which I did not mention in the podcast presentation.]

Until Christians awaken to the true nature of the Jewish problem which lies at the root of all of our problems, the world will continue along the path to oblivion. While our own sin is our real problem, the Jew through the media and infiltration of the churches, which is also the cause of all of our distorted worldviews, has corrupted what we perceive as sin, and that is a problem: we do not know what sin is, and therefore we cannot properly repent. Until we do repent, the future is Sodom and Egypt, just as the Scripture warns. And as long as we accept the Jewish lies about the Jews, about our Bibles, and about how it is that we should respond to sin, the real problem will never go away because Christians will continue to worship the Jews.

There is a passage in Levitcus chapter 5 which the North American Standard Bible renders much better than the King James Version, so I will read that: “1 'Now if a person sins, after he hears a public adjuration to testify, when he is a witness, whether he has seen or otherwise known, if he does not tell it, then he will bear his guilt.” Then there is a passage in Romans chapter 1 which I will read, from the same source. There Paul had spoken of men and women engaged in same-sex, or homosexual relationships, and in reference to that and their many other sins, he said of them that: “32… although they know the ordinance of God, that those who practice such things are worthy of death, they not only do the same, but also give hearty approval to those who practice them.”

In other words, as it is explained in Leviticus, if one sees a sin and does not testify against it, one is just as guilty as the sinner. For that same reason, as it is in Romans, Paul said that if one approves of the sinner by accepting the sinner, one is just as guilty of the sin as the sinner.

The same Jesus Christ who said in John chapter 14 that “23… If a man love me, he will keep my words: and my Father will love him, and we will come unto him, and make our abode with him” also said in Luke chapter 9 that “26… whosoever shall be ashamed of me and of my words, of him shall the Son of man be ashamed, when he shall come in his own glory, and in his Father's, and of the holy angels.”

Interestingly, Jews true to their own beliefs despise the word Christian, as its use is virtually an admission of its truth, that Christ is the Anointed One or Messiah. So we see in Acts chapter 24 that they had accused Paul of being of the “sect of the Nazarenes”, referring to Jesus, or Yahshua of Nazareth. Then, while it is not directly related to the word “Nazi” or to Nazareth, there is a Hebrew word for prince which is spelled in English letters in Strong’s Concordance as nasiy’. Now this is really a coincidence, but it is a convenient one. To a Jew, I do not mind being a Nazi in either of those senses.

In the end, we either choose to please men, or we choose to please God, and we cannot possibly please both. Furthermore, we cannot please God without taking a stand against sin. As Christ said to the church of the Laodiceans, in Revelation chapter 3: “15 I know thy works, that thou art neither cold nor hot: I would thou wert cold or hot. 16 So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth.” We must serve as witnesses to our own people against all of the depravity and perversions promoted by the Jews. Doing that is the most effective way by which we can counter all of the money and influence of the Jews.

So if we seek to please God, then we must be Nazis, in the face of the Jews, as in the end there will be nothing left but Nazis and Jews, and the Jews will finally get the holocaust for which they have clamored. Be a Nazi. If we asked “What would Jesus do” we can only honestly answer that Jesus would also be a Nazi. He was certainly never a Jew.

This program was inspired in part by a Jew named Strauss, with whom I had some words over the Covid pandemic on Twitter. He called me a Nazi, he called the vaccine a “miracle cure”, and clearly demonstrated that his true god was sorcery. The article displayed in the main image at the top was also inspirational and timely, and I found it in a post by Facebook friend Johann Erasmus as I began to write this presentation this morning.

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