The Jews in Europe: The Mask of Freemasonry, Part 3

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The Jews in Europe: The Mask of Freemasonry, Part 3

To begin this evening’s program, I want to repeat a paragraph which we had presented in our last segment of this series, from pages 333-335 of The Freemason’s Manual, written by one Jeremiah How and published in 1881. We are doing this first to buttress the claims of our source volume for this series, The Plot Against the Church, which asserts that Freemasonry is a product of World Jewry and has been used as a vehicle to subvert Western Civilization, and also to reiterate my assertions concerning any connections alleged between the more ancient Knight’s Templar and Freemasonry. Here Jeremiah How is writing in reference to the so-called “Royal, Exalted, Religious and Military Order of Masonic Knights Templar”, which is evidently an order and a degree within Freemasonry.

There is much difference of opinion as to the origin of this degree of the Masonic Institution, and without attempting to show that the form of conferring the degree is identical with that of the gallant and devoted soldier-monks of the Crusades, it cannot be controverted that their Institution possessed some features of similarity to Freemasonry. The connexion between the Knights Templar and the Masonic Institution has been repeatedly asserted by the friends and enemies of both. Brother Lawrie says, ‘We know the Knights Templar not only possessed the mysteries, but performed the ceremonies, and inculcated the duties of Freemasons;’ and he attributes the dissolution of the Order to the discovery of their being Freemasons, and assembling in secret to practise the rites of the Order. He endeavours to show that they were initiated into the Order by the Druses, a Syrian fraternity which existed at that date, and indeed now continues.

In a French MS. ritual of about 1780, in the degree of Black and White Eagle (30°), the transmission of Free masonry by the Templars is most positively asserted. The history of the Templars and their persecution is minutely described in the closing address, and the Grand Commander adds, ‘This is, my illustrious brother, how and by whom, Masonry is derived, and has been transmitted to us. You are now a Knight Templar, and on a level with them.’

We are going to reassert, that it is our opinion that the whole story about Freemasonry getting into Europe through the Knights Templar is an absolute fabrication. It is a cover story shielding the Jews from exposure as the real force behind Freemasonry. If it were true, it would suppose that Freemasonry had a more noble origin than the Medieval scholars, Jewish interlopers and outright frauds who were promoting the use of the Kabbalah to Christians. But even the sect of the Druze is founded upon Judaism, and modern Druze today even sit in the Israeli parliament in Palestine. Furthermore, the Knight’s Templar allegedly became wealthy through a mixed system of donations and usury, a vocation rather exclusive to the Jews in 13th century France. There may have been similarities between the Templars and the Masons only because they had the same influences. Furthermore, the Kabbalah is not a part of Druze literature, but a product of Jewish literature created in Medieval Europe, and it is the basis for Freemasonry as well.

Jeremiah How an apologist for Masonry, was also an apologist for the Templars, and he seems to have wanted to illustrate similarities between the two so as to posit the possibility of a connection. But he also seems to have been a realist, and goes on to state on page 326 of his book that:

It has been stated by several authors, but has never been satisfactorily proved, that the Templars were a branch of the Masonic institution, and secretly opposed to the Papacy. But the whole history of the Order is opposed to such an idea; and it was rather the great wealth and social influence exerted by this formidable body that excited the cupidity of King Philip and the jealousy of Bertrand Got, Clement V., than any actual infidelity to the Church itself on the part of the Templars. It is true that various secret associations existed from the very earliest ages of the Roman Church, having such objects, but it is not to be believed that a body of men who deliberately sacrificed their lives and fortunes to the cause of the Crusades, and to the dissemination of Papal doctrines, could, in private, combat the principles which they publicly professed. But there can he no doubt that, for purposes of security, they had a code of secret signs and passwords analogous to, although not identical with, those of Freemasonry. That they were totally different from those of the present day may be safely concluded; in fact, many Chivalric institutions existed, with a closed system of initiation, and hence they were occasionally taken for Masonic sodalities. But the whole conduct of the Knights refutes the charge of any attempt to subvert either Christianity or the Church; in fact, until the attack made upon the Templars by King Philip, the Orders of chivalry had always been considered by the Church of Rome as her strongest bulwarks.

It is quite clear that modern Freemasonry is a cult founded to assist the Jews in the overthrow of Christendom, while the Knights Templar were indeed an organization which had, at least for a time in the Middle East, defended Christendom, and at any rate had an agenda quite different from that of modern Freemasonry. The later Freemasons may have adopted de Molay as a mascot of their own, but that does not make it a fact that he was a Freemason. The connections between the two are only wishful thinking on the part of those who would obscure the true Jewish origins of modern Freemasonry.

But at this point in his book, Jeremiah How goes on to discuss the wonderful buildings that the Knights Templar were said to have had constructed, loosely linking them to a Masonic tradition in that fashion. It seems to be one of the odd assertions of the Freemasons, that all building skills came down from Egypt and through ancient Israel and then to Europe through the Jews, an absurd claim propagated by the Jews themselves.

For this we will make a short citation from another book, The History of Freemasonry and Masonic Digest, by J. W. S. Mitchell, published by the author in Marietta, Georgia, in 1859. This is from page 109:

The remnant of the Jews, whom Nebuchadnezzar carried away captive into Babylon, included very many of those noble-hearted Giblemites, who descended from the builders of Solomon's Temple; and Masonic tradition informs us that they continued to hold secretly their Lodge meetings, and, in this way, taught their children the secrets of Freemasonry and the principles of the revealed religion of their fathers; for it will be remembered that, previous to the fall of Jerusalem, the power and authority to transcribe the law was confined to the Scribes, and hence but a small portion of the people were in possession of a copy, every copy found being destroyed by the infidel invader. The captive Jews, therefore, could only perpetuate their religion by teaching it to their children from memory, as they did Masonry. All the captive Masons were compelled, for the space of fifty-two years, to devote their time, labor, and skill in finishing and ornamenting the buildings which the King of Babylon and his predecessor had commenced, as also the erection of new ones. In this way, the Chaldean masons, who wrought with the captive Jews, perfected themselves in architecture, for the specimens of their joint labor made Babylon the fourth of the seven wonders of art, and the boasted mistress of the world.

Then on page 110 Mitchell writes:

Thus labored and toiled the true descendants of the twelve tribes of Israel, borne down with oppression and slavery, and denied the privilege (dear to the heart of every Jew) of worshiping the God of their fathers…

Now all of this is absolutely contrary to both secular and Scriptural records on ancient Babylon and of the Judahite captivity, where the Bible informs us that there was only a small portion of two tribes in Babylon. It can also be thoroughly refuted with a study of the Book of Daniel. With all certainty, Freemasonry is therefore an anti-Christian religion founded on Jewish fables and Jewish lies concerning the Old Testament, as well as the Jewish Kabbalah.

Richard Carlile, in his own Manual of Freemasonry published in 1833, had said on page 86:

In the degrees of Masonry, we begin with the Entered Apprentice, which signifies a beginning to learn. Then comes the Fellow-Craft, which signifies something learnt and applied, under the direction of a Master. The degree of Master implies a capability to teach or to direct instruction. The Royal Arch completes the philosophic character, and is the acme of the Masonry of the present Grand Lodge. And all that the Templar degrees of the Christian orders can add, is a new form of the allegory. The Grand Lodge Masonry of the present day is wholly Jewish. But a full understanding of the subject presents the three orders of Judaism, Christianity, and Masonry, as one and the same allegorical scheme for human improvement.

It must be born in mind, as we see that Christianity was tolerated at the lower levels of Freemasonry, the Freemasons would not be able to attract their willing dupes if they had openly rejected Christianity before the prospective initiates. The society at that time was wholly Christian, even if it was marginally Christian. The Jews needed Christian dupes to fulfill their plans for the subversion of Christian culture. And neither is Carlile truly enlightened, since his entire description of Freemasonry and of the New Testament itself is given through the lens of Jewish fables concerning both the New and Old Testaments. Both Carlile and Mitchell saw the Old Testament not as the history of a real people, but as religious allegory concerning the Jews. Carlile also explicitly saw the New Testament as little more than a universalist philosophy of life.

But the proofs concerning the connection of Freemasonry to the Jews is in the pudding. If the Freemasons promote agendas amenable to the Jews, then they are doing the anti-Christian work of the Jews. Here we shall commence with our presentation of Part Two of the book The Plot Against the Church, which is attributed to Maurice Pinay, where we had left off with chapter 6.


Among the abundant documentation which his most Reverend the Cardinal Caro quotes, to show that Jews and Communists spread Communism, we select the following [the author is citing a book by Jose Maria Caro R., Cardinal, the Archbishop of Santiago, Chile: The Secret of Freemasonry, (The Mystery of Freemasonry Unveiled)]:

“According to the ‘Russian Tribune’ which appears in Munich in the Russian language, Jewry in its fight maintains, according to various plans, the following combat organisations, all for the purpose of preparing the triumph of the Third International.”

1. The Golden International; see Chapter III.

2. The Red International; see Chapter III.

3. The Black International or Combat Association of Jewry. 44

In chapter 3 of this book, titled The Jewish Predominance in the Lodges and presented here in the first part of this series, we saw that the organization of Freemasonry was divided into five major sections. The first three of these were the Golden, the Red and the Black Internationals. The Golden International consisted of the bankers and plutocrats. The Red International consisted of the members of the major Socialist political parties in Belgium, Vienna, Moscow and elsewhere, and all the other political syndicates that had not yet been incorporated into Bolshevism. The Black International was called the combat organisation of Jewry. It consisted of associations such as the world organisation of Zionists, the Israelite world league, the Jewish order of the Sons of Moses and many other Jewish societies dispersed throughout Europe and the Americas. Of course, today these would be replaced by more modern-sounding organizations, such as the ADL, AIPAC, SPLC, NAACP, JIDF, World Jewish Councils, European Jewish Parliament, and many others. Below these upper levels are the Blue International or international Freemasonry, which unites all of the non-Jewish Masonic lodges, and also the Freemasonic Order of ‘Bnai-B’rith’, which accepts only Jews and serves as links to all the other Internationals. Morgenthau, Louis Brandeis, Felix Warburg, Louis Marshall [an early director of the NAACP] and Jacob Schiff were all among its early 20th century luminaries. Our source continues quoting from the “Russian Tribune” in Munich:

“A very similar work is performed by Russian Jewry. We, the emigrant Russians, have seen with our own eyes the enormous number of Jews who play a role in the ranks of the instigators of revolution.”

If we pass over the work of preparation of this revolution and the events of 1905, we will at once see what the Vienna Jewish paper “Der Hammer” wrote on occasion of the Beylis Affair (an affair of ritual murder in Kiev). The judgment in favour of Beylis [or Beilis], through the jury, amounted to his exoneration; but the character of the ritual murder was proven.

There is a book titled Jewish Ritual Murder, a Historical Investigation, by Dr. Hellmut Schramm which is available on the internet. In another work, Ritual Murder in Kiev, attributed to the same author, we have the following synopsis of the Beilis Affair, named for the Jew Menahem Mendel Beilis, accused murderer of the young Andrei Yustschinsky. Here is the opening synopsis:

On 20 March (!) 1911 the body of a boy was found on the border of the urban area of Kiev in a clay pit. It was found in a half-sitting position, the hands were tied together upon the back with a cord. The body was dressed merely with a shirt, underpants, and a single stocking. Behind the head, in a depression in the earthen wall, which according to the record of the then Kiev attorney and high school teacher Gregor Schwartz-Bostunitsch was inscribed with mystical signs, were found five rolled-together school exercise books which bore the name "property of the student of the fore-class, Andrei Yustschinsky, Sophia School"; because of this, the identification was made very shortly. It turned out to be the thirteen-year-old son of the middle-class woman Alexandra Prichodko of Kiev.

His fellow Jews having corrupted the jury, the Court, the witnesses and even the prosecutors and the victim’s own mother, Beilis beat the murder charge in a 1913 trial, in spite of the conclusive evidence against him. Hellmut Schramm relates in vivid detail the amount of press propaganda, political subterfuge, bribery and other means undertaken by Jewry in Kiev to get Beilis exonerated. Returning to our author, who is still quoting from the Russian Tribune published in Munich:

“The Russian government had resolved to declare war on the Jews of Kiev. Now, they must know that, upon this war, the fate, not of the Jews, for the Jewish people is unconquerable, but of the Russian people depends. [On this we shall comment shortly...] For the Russian government it is a question of life and death. Its victory in this affair will be the beginning of its collapse. May the Russian rulers exercise caution! We will provide proof to the whole world that one cannot meddle unpunished with the Jews, whether the latter are of Kiev or any other place.” ([Here our author cites several sources as authorities for this quotation:] Der Hammer, No. 254, 1911. Mentioned by General Nechovolodof in “Czar Nicholas II and the Jews”; and by Msgr. Jouin in “The Jewish-Freemasons Danger” and “The United Front”, 1927, edition of “Petit Oranais”.) Unfortunately for Russia and the entire civilised world, this threat was not without consequences. Six years later it was turned into a fact. We will quote some figures. The first Workers and Soldiers Council (Soviet) was composed of 23 members, of whom 19 were Jews; the Council of Peoples Commissars of 1920 had 17 Jews among its 22 members; among the 43 high officials of the War Commission, 34 were Israelites [sic Jews]; on the Commissariat of the Interior there were 54 Jews among the officials; in that for foreign affairs, 13 Jews and 17 members. In the financial department of the government the percentage of Jews rose to 86% and in the court system up to 95% etc.

Here, firstly, we see the writers of the Russian Tribune in Munich errantly believe that the Jews are the Israelites of the Old Testament, and a Roman Catholic cardinal who evidently accepts the claim, and secondly, ostensibly because they hold that first belief, they also think that the Jews are unconquerable. So they themselves are victims of Jewish propaganda, and for that reason they themselves become promoters of that same Jewish propaganda. The truth is that the Jews may as well be unconquerable so long as non-Jews accept and believe Jewish lies. The true apostles of Christ resisted the Jews, and never thought that they were unconquerable. The only way to overcome the Jew is explained in simple terms by the apostle James where he wrote (4:7): “Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.” However we are perusing The Plot Against the Church not for its Catholic theology, but for its documentation of the connections between the Jews and Freemasonry. The Catholic theology was flawed and non-Scriptural from its foundations, because the Catholic Church was an institution built on political compromise between worldly kings and early Christian bishops who were supposed to believe that Christ was King, instead of recognizing the real devils in their midst, they relegated the devil to the supernatural realm and relieved themselves of the responsibility of resistance. Returning to our source:

In order to briefly summarise this statistic, let us remark that, among the 545 most principal agents of the Russian revolution in question, 447 belonged to the “chosen people”, 68 to different nationalities (Latvians, Germans, Poles, etc), and only 30 were of Russian nationality. These figures, which are taken from Bolshevist information sources, appeared in a pamphlet under the title “Who Rules in Russia?” which was published in New York in 1920. (See Msgr. Jouin, “The Jewish-Freemasonic Danger”, II, page 108 and seq.) We should add that, at present, there are 16 Jews among the 22 trade agents of the Soviets abroad. “Report of the Urbe Agency”, of 25th August 1927, which was quoted by R. Lamelin in “The Victory of Israel,” page 170. 45

While we only made a precursory search, it seems that none of these publications are available online. However there are similar studies of the leadership of the Soviets which are available. Examples are Arnold Leese’s 1933 work Bolshevism is Jewish and Denis Fahey’s 1938 booklet The Rulers of Russia. There is a more voluminous 1967 book by Andrey Diky titled Jews in Russia and in the USSR.

In his book “Il manganello el’aspersorio”, the lay writer Ernesto Rossi disputes violently with the already mentioned periodical “Civilta Cattolica”, from which he reproduces the following paragraph, with the intention of refuting it:“We see ‘heroes’ of the sect [meaning Freemasons], who are not able to resist a gift of two millions, perpetuated in all cities through statues. We see the sons of these ‘heroes’, who pocket large sums while despising the dominant misery. Mazzini [Italian politician Giuseppe Mazzini, who campaigned for the unification of Italy in the 19th century] involved himself with the synagogue, whose fruits of love are very well known in the Campidoglio of Rome; Garibaldi, Cavour, Farini, Depretis were modest servants of the synagogue, and so are still many of those ‘great men’ to whom the good will of the peoples has erected and still erects memorial stones, busts and monuments, in order to glorify their love of ‘freedom’ and of the ‘Fatherland’.” 46

The book cited here, by Ernesto Rossi, is titled in English “The baton and the sprinkler”, and is still available in print in Italian. It’s main subject is the collusion between the Vatican and the Fascists in the early 20th century, although I am not certain why he would have a problem with that, if indeed he did.

The Jews promoting the Age of Liberty did exactly as the apostle Peter had described (2 Peter 2:19): “While they promise them liberty, they themselves are the servants of corruption: for of whom a man is overcome, of the same is he brought in bondage.” This is precisely what has happened under modern age of Liberalism. Returning to our source, which is still citing Rossi:

Many writers of the most different directions have asserted that the Jewish question in Italy did not represent the features of a national disorder. We do not share this opinion and limit ourselves only to recalling that those who introduced Communism into our land, Modigliani, Treves, Della Seta, Musatti, Momigliano, Donati, etc, were Jews. 47

“And did not the renowned Togliatti, the leader for many years of the Italian Communist party, marry the Jewess Montagnana? And was not her brother, Mario Montagnana, in the directorship of the newspaper “L’Unita” in its Milan edition? It should be known, in addition, that likewise those who directed the Communist press in Italy were Jews: Longo (Vie Nuovo), Alatri (L’Unita of Rome), Tedeschi (L’Unita of Milan); Cohen directs the ‘Paese Sera’, Levi the ‘Lotta Sindicale’, and Jachia the paper ‘Republicia’, who came from there into the directing of the press of the Communist party.” 48

[Footnotes for This Chapter:]

[44] Jose Maria Caro R., Cardinal, Archbishop of Santiago, Primate of Chile: The Secret of Freemasonry. Publishers: Difusion. Page 265.[45] Maurice Fara: Freemasonry exposed, Publishers: Hoja de Roble, Buenos Aires, Pages 81 and 82.

[46] Ernesto Rossi: II Manganello e l’Aspersorio. Florence. Page 336 and volumes of the “Civilta Cattolica” of September, November and December 1889.

[47] The Jew Salvatore Jona writes in reference to Treves and Modigliani: “... they were the men at the head of Italian Socialism; even if they were men with weak Jewish belief, one cannot deny that they devoted themselves with Semitic passion and with tenacity to the following of their ideal.” From the work: Gli ebrei in Italia durante il fascismo, Milan 1962, page 9.

[48] Excerpt from the little volume already mentioned: Rivelazione d’interesse mondiale.

Here we have seen a Roman Catholic cardinal, among many other Catholic theologians, complain of Jewish power and Jewish treachery in company with his own description of the Jewish subversion of Christian culture with the help of one of its own creatures, Freemasonry. The Catholic cardinal upheld the position that the Jews are unconquerable. However if he truly believed that the Church represented the people of God on earth, he should have had the position that it was the Church which is unconquerable, rather than the Jews. This is an irreconcilable conflict. But so that we can better understand the errant Catholic position on the Jews, we are going to present a small part of Part 3 of The Plot Against the Church, which is titled The Synagogue of Satan, from the first chapter of that section, Jewish Striving for Power.



The Hebrew people was chosen by God as preserver of the true religion, to whose preservation it was entrusted in the midst of the idolatrous peoples until the arrival of the promised Messiah, in whom the prophecies of the Old Testament should be fulfilled. However, even before the coming of Christ, the Jews began to distort the said prophecies by giving them a false, racial and ambitious interpretation.

The only thing false about the racial interpretation of Scripture is that the Scripture was never intended for the race of the Jews. However the author is dishonest in his assessment of the Old Testament, which from the very beginning had an entirely racial perspective. Furthermore, Abraham was only one Hebrew man out of many, and he and the race that would come of him were indeed chosen by God, but they were never Jews.

The promise of a kingdom of the true God upon earth, i.e. a spiritual Kingdom of the true religion, the Jews interpreted as a material kingdom of their race, as the promise of God of world domination to the Israelites and an enslaving of all peoples on earth through them. As examples of these false interpretations one can quote the following: In Genesis, Chapter XXII, Verse 17 and 18, the angel of the Lord says to Abraham:

“That in blessing I will bless thee, and in multiplying I will multiply thy seed as the stars of the heaven, and as the sand which is upon the seashore; and thy seed shall possess the gate of thine enemies.” “And in thy seed shall all the nations of the earth be blessed.”

In Romans chapter 4 Paul explained rather explicitly that the nations of his ministry were indeed the nations which came from the seed of Abraham. Paul of Tarsus had also said of this very passage, in Galatians chapter 3, that “8 And the writing having foreseen that from faith God would deem the Nations righteous, announced to Abraham beforehand that ‘In you shall all the Nations be blessed.’ 9 So those from faith are blessed along with the believing Abraham.” Saying these things, Paul imagined that the Nations which would be blessed were those very Nations promised to Abraham of his seed, so other peoples and races were not at all a factor in the promises to Abraham.

But even if we are to imagine that this promise related to other nations, it was first given in Genesis chapter 12, and the nations of Abraham’s own point of reference are defined in Genesis chapter 10, which are all the kindred White nations descended from Noah. The flood did not destroy everyone on the entire planet, but only the entire land in which the people before Noah had dwelt. Many Biblical scriptures prove that circumstance.

The Jews, lusting for power, have given these verses a materialistic interpretation and think that God has offered them, as the full-blooded descendants of Abraham, that they have power over the gates of their foes: that only in them, as the Jewish race, all peoples of earth be blessed. On the other hand, Holy Church interprets these prophecies in a spiritual sense:

With the Jews, all nations have never been blessed. They have only been cursed, with pornography, usury, and every other filthy Jewish conception.

The Catholic Church has taken it for granted that the Jews are “full-blooded descendants of Abraham”, being not at all critical of the claims of the Jews concerning their origins. The Church and the Jews are refuted by the New Testament, where the apostles and Christ Himself all deny any common origin with the Jews. But since Christ and the apostles were clearly of Benjamin and Judah, the only solution is to understand that the Jews who opposed Christ were of Esau, which is clearly demonstrable in Scripture and History.

“This is the victory that the spiritual children of Abraham (i.e. the Christians) shall obtain through the power of Jesus Christ and the gifts of an everlasting righteousness concerning the visible and invisible foes of their salvation. And so was fulfilled according to Scripture this prophecy with the erecting of the Church, when all peoples of the world subjected themselves to Jesus Christ and received from Him blessing and salvation.” 1

Basing ones theology on a false premise, one will never be able to come to a truth that is consistent with Scripture. True Christians are natural children of Abraham. As Paul explained in Romans chapter 4, “16 Therefore from of the faith, that in accordance with favor, then the promise is to be certain to all of the offspring, not to that of the law only, but also to that of the faith of Abraham, who is father of us all; 17 (just as it is written, ‘That a father of many nations I have made you,’) before God whom he trusted, who raises the dead to life, and calls things not existing as existing; 18 who contrary to expectation, in expectation believed, for which he would become a father of many nations according to the declaration, ‘Thus your offspring will be….’” The faith of Abraham was that he would be the father of many nations through his own offspring. This became true, none of them were Jews, and the Roman Catholics are oblivious.

In Deuteronomy, Chapter II, Verse 25, the Lord says:

“This day will I begin to put the dread of thee and the fear of thee upon the nations that are under the whole of heaven, who shall hear report of thee, and shall tremble, and be in anguish because of thee.”

This passage is also given a restricted interpretation by Holy Church which differs completely from the ambitious Jewish feeling, which degenerated throughout history into frightful actions, which prove the practical application of this false interpretation. Also, wherever during the Middle Ages the heretical movements directed by Jews triumphed, although these victories were locally limited and of transitory nature, they were always accompanied by crime, fear and terror. The same occurred with the Freemasonic revolutions, such as those of 1789 in France or that of 1931-1936 in Spain. And yet it is said that one must not speak of Jewish-Communist revolutions! In the Soviet Union, where the Hebrews [sic Jews] were successful in introducing their totalitarian dictatorship, they have sowed fear and death in such a cruel manner, that the poor enslaved Russians, have now only to hear the word “Jew” to tremble with terror.

And of course the Hebrews were not Jews, and Jews are not properly Hebrews.

Another example of this kind is obtained for us through the false interpretation by the Jews of Verse 16, in Chapter VII of Deuteronomy, which says:

“And thou shalt consume all the people which the Lord thy God shall deliver unto thee; thine eye shall have no pity upon them; neither shalt thou serve their gods; for that will be a snare unto thee.”

While Holy Church likewise gives this passage a limited spiritual interpretation, the Jews understand it in the sense that God has provided them with the right to consume all peoples of earth and to gain power over their riches. We already saw, in the 4th Chapter of this work, what the Rabbi Baruch Levi wrote to his pupil, the young Jew Karl Marx, as the later founder of what was badly described as “scientific Socialism”, where he quoted apparent theological principles to justify the right of the Jews to appropriate to themselves the riches of all peoples on earth through Proletarian Communist movements, which are controlled by Jewry.

The ancient Israelites took the land of Canaan by the command of their God through direct military force. That is how God instructed them throughout the entire Scripture. They did not take Canaan after the manner of the Jews, through infiltration, subversion and subterfuge. Those are the traits of the Canaanites, as we see in the stories of the Gibeonites or the Edomites, but not of the Israelites.

The 24th verse of the same Chapter VII of Deuteronomy runs as follows: “And he shall deliver their kinds into thine hand, and thou shalt destroy their name from under heaven; there shall no man be able to stand before thee, until thou have destroyed them.”

This prophecy, which Holy Church relates to the sinful kings who ruled in the land of Canaan, the Jews interpret as having universal character. They therefore regard all their revolutions and conspiracies against the Kings of recent time as holy enterprises, which they perform in fulfilment of the Biblical prophecies, which they assume further as useful means to obtain domination over the world, which they likewise accept as commanded by God in the Holy Scripture.

The Jews use the Old Testament as a cover to legitimize their claim to world domination. But to do so they must lie about their identity and get away with it, because they are not truly the people of the Old Testament.

In Luke chapter 4 there is found an example of this same Jewish treachery: “3 So the Devil said to Him: ‘If You are a son of God, speak to this stone that it would become bread.’ 4 And Jesus replied to him, ‘It is written that not by bread alone shall man live.’ 5 And bringing Him up he showed Him all of the kingdoms of the inhabited earth in a moment of time, 6 then the Devil said to Him: ‘I will give to You the authority over all this, and their honor, because to me it was delivered and to whomever I wish I could give it. 7 Therefore if You would worship before me, it shall all be Yours.’ 8 And replying Jesus said to him: ‘It is written, the Lord your God you shall worship, and you shall serve Him only'.”

Of course, the devil, who was also ostensibly a Jew himself, did not actually have control of all of the nations of the world. But he could maintain control of them if their true rulers acknowledged him. As it describes in Revelation chapter 13, the dragon gives its power to the beast. When men concede to the wicked for the love of money, the dragon comes to rule over all by inflating them above their peers. If Christ worshipped the devil, the devil would have given Him earthly rewards, but at the same time Christ would have conceded His True Kingship to the devil who sought to steal it. That is how the Jews succeed in subjugating Christians: by deceit concerning what they truly are they are able to trick Christians into surrendering to them their own power.

The fault of the Roman Catholics is to think the devil is in heaven, while the devils are actually all around them. Our author continues:

The constant distortion of the true meaning of the prophecies of the Bible through the Jews we find renewed in reading of Verse 27 of chapter VII of the prophecy of Daniel:

“And the kingdom and dominion, and the greatness of the kingdom under the whole heaven, shall be given to the people of the saints of the Most High, whose kingdom is an everlasting kingdom, and all dominions shall serve and obey him!” While Holy Church interprets this prophecy by accepting it as referring to the eternal rule of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Jews regard it as meaning that a flock is to be formed with a shepherd who naturally comes from the tribe of Israel, that their race shall attain eternal rulership in the world over the other peoples.

The Book of Daniel is a prophecy which reveals a plan of history through four world empires, and either group, the Catholics or the Jews, taking this one particular verse out of that context can twist it to mean whatever is convenient for them. But understanding what Daniel prophesied concerning those four empires, and the historical reality of their fulfillment, there is more than sufficient proof to determine that the true people of God are not the Jews at all.

The prophecy of Isaiah LX, Verses 10-12 relates:

“10. And the sons of strangers shall build up thy walls, and their kings shall minister unto thee. 11. Therefore thy gates shall be open continually; they shall not be shut day nor night, that men may bring unto thee the riches of the Gentiles, and that their kings may be brought. 12. For the nation and kingdom that will not serve thee shall perish; yea, those nations shall be utterly wasted.”

This prophecy alluding to the spiritual kingdom of Christ and his Church 2 takes on for the Jews a completely altered meaning, which crystallises in clearly recognisable actions.

Here is the true fault of allowing the Jews the identification of the Old Testament Israelites. The writings of Isaiah do not contain the words Jew or Jews. The prophet is addressing the Israelites of the Assyrian deportations who were being scattered abroad with blessings, in the 8th century BC, in connection with a Messianic prophecy of a Redeemer in the last verses of the chapter which preceded this one which is quoted. None of them were ever known as Jews. The name of the Jews was unknown to Homer, who wrote about Palestine from Egypt to Sidon. The name Jew was unknown to Herodotus, who wrote about the very battle in which King Josiah fell to Pharoah Necho at Megiddo, calling his armies Syrians. The true Israelites were not Jews to the early Greeks, but Phoenicians and Syrians. The identity of the Jews did not emerge until later, after the remnant of the people of Jerusalem became mixed with Edomites and Canaanites. It was this mixture of peoples into which Christ and the apostles were born.

However Christ said of the Jews, who were not distributed abroad widely until after the fall of Jerusalem, that “there shall be great distress in the land, and wrath upon this people, and they shall fall by the edge of the sword, and shall be led away captive into all nations”, in Luke chapter 21. From there, there is never any hope of blessing for Jews, as Christ also said that there would be no fruit from the fig tree forever. So who is a Christian to believe, Christ, or the Jews? They should not be denied Isaiah by arguing with the word of God. Rather, they should be denied Isaiah because Isaiah is not talking about Jews, plain and simple. Our source continues:

Wherever the Jewish dictatorship was set up, as for example in the Terror in France in the year 1789 or in the Jewish-Communist dictatorship in the lands which have fallen into the claws of the monster, whoever did not serve the Jews or dared to rebel against their slavery, has been destroyed. The Jews exist only as owners; for they gain power over the wealth of these nations. [In the same way the devil asserted power in Luke chapter 4. Christ told the Jews that they were of their father, the devil, and there are historical reasons for that.] So one could go on in this way, to quote verses of the Old Testament that have been falsely interpreted by Jewish Imperialism. One must bear in mind that many of the prophets were murdered by the Jews, only because they contradicted them and blamed their perversion. [But Christ told those Jews in Luke 11 and John 8 that they were of the race of Cain. No true Israelite was of the race of Cain. The Jews Christ spoke to were infiltrators, historically it can be proven through the writings of Josephus and Paul of Tarsus that they were Edomites.] However, the most dangerous of these false interpretations of the prophecies of the Bible was that in connection with the arrival of the Messiah as the redeemer of the human race, who would set up the rule of the true God in this world. Here it was that the Jews departed in the worst possible way from the true reality, by their giving the most sublime promises in relation to the Messiah a racial and imperialistic character.

The Christian Scriptures promise the utter destruction of the Jews at the return of Christ, which is even explicit in the epistles of Paul to the Thessalonians. So why would the supposedly Christian Catholics even entertain the claims of the Jews concerning a Messiah?

Already in the times of our Lord Jesus Christ this false interpretation was so general among them that the majority of Hebrews imagined they saw in the promised Messiah a king or warlord who, with the help of God, would conquer all nations of the earth through bloody wars, and in the end Israel would in fact rule the whole world. When, therefore, Jesus was faced with such demands, and rejected all shedding of blood and revealed that His kingdom was not of this world, the Jewish Imperialists felt that all their hopes and demands were being destroyed. They began seriously to fear that the teaching of Christ might in the end even convince the Hebrews, and they might recognise Him as the promised Messiah.

The Christian Scriptures predict this very thing of the returning Christ, when all the Jews and their allies are destroyed, and the Catholic apologist here seems to ignore it, as if they never read the Revelation.

When Jesus preached the equality of all men before God, the Jews thought, and they did so with good reason, that Christ with His teachings would render null or void their false views concerning Israel, as a people chosen by God to actually rule the world. [Actually Israel is destined to dominate the earth, but they are not Jews.] Simultaneously He would declare null and void the idea of a people which is superior through the will of God to the others, and which is destined through the commandment of God to subjugate the remaining peoples and gain control of their wealth. Therefore the leaders of Jewry in that time, priests, scholars and pharisees, etc, feared that Jesus threatened the glorious future that was predestined the people of Israel as future master of the world, for, if all peoples are equal before God, as our Lord Jesus Christ preached, there was no reason upon earth to choose one as preferential in the future and to rule over mankind.

Christ taught no such thing. Rather, He taught the equality of all of His people before God. But He also taught that the inherent wicked nature of other people, whom he referred to as dogs, pigs, foxes, wolves, scorpions, serpents, and goats, could never change, and therefore there was never any hope of salvation for them. The Catholic theology is bankrupt, and defenseless against the Jews. This is because with their viewpoint, they are found fighting against God in order to refute the Jews. Rather than fighting against the Jews themselves, they are forced to deny the plain words of Scripture. The simple truth is that the Jews are not the people of the Old Testament.

In order to defend the ambitious Jewish thesis, Caiaphas, the high priest of Israel, alluded to the suitability that one man should die, namely Jesus Christ, in order to save a people.

John said that Caiaphas was right, but not in the way that Caiaphas expected. It was only the objective of Caiaphas that the Sadducees retain their control of the nation, to save it for themselves.

After the blackest and most world-denying crime that was ever committed in the history of mankind, i.e. the murder of the Son of God by the Jews, the latter stood stiff-necked upon their demands for power and attempted in a new Holy Book to compile their false interpretations and to justify these. So appeared the “Talmud,” which is damned by Holy Church and in which, as the Jews assert, the most perfected interpretation of the Old Testament is contained through divine inspiration. Afterwards appeared the collection of the “Jewish Cabbala”, which means ‘Prophecy.’ In this was explained, likewise according to the Jews, through divine inspiration, the secret interpretation, i.e. the concealed and true interpretation of the Holy Scriptures. In the following we will quote some passages from these Secret Books of Jewry.

The Kabbalah and the Talmud reflect the true nature of the Jews, who are not Israelites at all. The Old Testament laws are absolutely contrary to the spirit within the Jew. If the Old Testament were really the book of the Jews, they would have needed no others after the time of Christ. So from this point our commentator better characterizes the Jews, where he speaks about them out of their true books:

“You, Israelites [sic Jews], are called men, while the peoples of the world do not deserve the name of men but that of beasts.” 3

“The generation of a stranger is like the generation of beasts.” 4

In the previously quoted passages the false interpreters of the Holy Scripture take a step of great weight: namely to deny the Christians and Gentiles, i.e. all peoples of earth, their human capacity, by ranking them among the breed of beasts. [Here the Jews have stolen the position assigned to the White race, while it is the Jews themselves who are devils.]

To do justice to the importance of this criminal step, one must bring to mind that according to the “Divine Revelation” of the Old Testament, all animals and beasts have been created by God for the service of men, who eat their flesh, use their skins as clothing, kill them and in general can do with them as they please. On the other hand, He compelled men to keep His commandments in relation to other men.

Contrarily, the law was only given to Israel, as it says in Psalm 147. Only Israel must be properly identified, and they were never Jews.

According to the false interpretation of the Holy Scripture, both the Christians as well as other Gentiles are to the Jews simple beasts and not human beings. Therefore the Hebrews [sic Jews] have automatically no duty to keep the commandments towards them and feel themselves at the same time completely in their right to kill, fleece and rob them of everything that they possess, like any kind of beast. Never upon earth has there existed or does there exist today, such an irreconcilable and totalitarian striving for power as that of the Jews. This far-reaching view that the other peoples are beasts, explains in clear form the irreconcilable, cruel and despicable ignoring of every human law, such as one can observe with the high Jewish personages of International Communism.

It is true, that the Israelites were commanded to have one law both for themselves and for the stranger dwelling among them. But not just any stranger was permitted under the law to dwell among them.

Indeed, Paul had said to “let us do good unto all men, especially unto them who are of the household of faith.” The ancient Israelites never despised the Assyrians, Persians, or others of the Adamic (White) race. However the word for beast is indeed used at times as a pejorative term for other races. But rather, the Jews have stolen Scripture and have abused it in order to abuse everyone else, since they themselves are devils and, as Paul also said, “contrary to all men”.

Their disdain towards other peoples goes so far as to assert: “What is a prostitute? Every woman who is not a Jewess.” 5 This explains the fact, as different writers of diverse nationalities have recently shown, that the Jews have everywhere been the most unscrupulous traders in girls and the most zealous defenders of the disintegrating teachings of free love and of race mixing, while in their own families they maintain strict discipline and morality. Since Christians and Gentiles are in fact beasts, it is no wonder that they should live in immorality and intermixing.

The Jews are not free of immorality in their own families. Jews have engaged in homosexuality and race-mixing probably more than any other group. Jewish pedophiles of their own children are common. They only conceal their crimes within their own communities, and put up a facade of religious piety before outsiders.

Jewish sex slavery is something else which the Roman Catholic Church has long known about, but has never proactively opposed. Here we see Church officials admit that intermixing is wrong, but now they practically advocate it.

As far as the murderous instincts of the Jews are concerned, which they have displayed over the centuries, they see themselves encouraged by what they hold to be the divine inspiration of the “Talmud” and of the “Cabbala,” but which according to Holy Church is nothing more than a devilish interpretation.

“Kill the best among the Gentiles.” 6 If God commanded them such – whereby it is a question of a cruel and bloodthirsty people, as the sufferings and death of Christ, the tortures and bloodbaths of Communist Russia, etc, prove –, how can it still surprise us that, wherever the Jew can, all those are murdered who oppose in any form his godless intrigues? This devilish hatred, this sadism, which the Jews have always shown towards other peoples, has its origin likewise in the false interpretation of divine revelation, i.e. in the “Cabbala” and in the “Talmud.”

May the next example serve as an illustration:

“What does Har Sinai, i.e. Mount Sinai, mean? It means the mountain from which the Sina, i.e. hatred towards all peoples of the world has radiated.” 7

One must recall that upon Mount Sinai God revealed to Moses the Ten Commandments. But the modern Jews are of the opinion, equally false and disgusting, that there the religion of hate was revealed which they have preserved up to our days, that Satanic hatred towards all other peoples which found its most extreme manifestation in the tortures and bloodbaths that have been perpetrated by International Communism.

The true children of Israel were chastised by God for failing to separate from all other peoples, which is what they were told to do at Sinai. If the Jews actually believed they were Israelites, they too should do the same. Rather, they only use Scripture as a facade for their own legitimacy, when they are actually the very devils that the ancient Israelites were supposed to extinguish. Throughout history, only the White race thrives on its own. All others thrive only when feeding off of Whites. It is impossible for a race with the nature of the Jew to dwell alone; they can only exist as parasites.

The “Cabbala”, which is reserved for the high initiates of Jewry and not the Plebs, carried out the division between Jews and Gentiles (among whom Christians were included) to the most disgusting and extreme limits. While on the one side the Gentiles are denigrated to the category of simple beasts, the Jews on the other are elevated to the category of Gods, by placing them equal to the Godhead himself. To such a degree have the Jews falsified the meaning of the “Pentateuch” and the Old Testament in general!

And this is the book which Johann Reuchlin and John Dee promoted to Christians. The Jew, placing himself at the Godhead, proves that he is the devil which Paul of Tarsus described in 2 Thessalonians chapter 2.

The blasphemous passage, which is quoted in the following, is highly enlightening in this connection:

“God places himself for display upon earth in the likeness of the Jew — Judas, Jevah or Jehovah are the same and unique being. The Hebrew is the living God, the God become flesh, the heavenly man, the Adam Kadmon. The other men are earthly and of inferior race, and only exist to serve the Hebrew; they are little beasts.” 8

This is a corruption of a sublime concept of Scripture which does not at all apply to Jews, who are mongrels. Jews, applying it to themselves, seek to supplant the Christian Messiah with themselves. Christians should instantly recognize this as a blasphemy and forever reject the Jews.

It is therefore natural that this mode of thought has led the Jews to the conclusion that everything that exists upon earth belongs to them, including the beasts (among whom they include us, the rest of mankind) and also everything which belongs to these beasts.

Speaking of the Jews and their persecution of men Peter had said “ 8 Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour: 9 Whom resist steadfast in the faith, knowing that the same afflictions are accomplished in your brethren that are in the world.” The Jew is only acting according to his nature, and the sin is that Christians would ever accept a Jew, thereby acknowledging the Jew and giving the Jew the opportunity to rule over him. That is what would have happened to Christ if He acknowledged the authority of the devil in Luke chapter 4.

The falsifiers of the Holy Scriptures attempted, both in the “Talmud” as in the “Cabbala”, to strengthen the Jewish striving for power, by their giving these steps the feature of a divine dispensation. The following passages prove it:

“The All-highest spoke thus to the Israelites [sic Jews]: ‘You have recognised me as the sole ruler of the world and therefore I will make you into the sole rulers of the world.’ ” 9

This is not true. The Israelites were to recognize Yahweh only as King, and not seek to rule over other men. They were to be separate from all other nations. Likewise Christians should recognize Christ as their only King, and not seek to rule over others.

“Wherever the Hebrews [sic Jews] settle, they must become the Lords; until they possess absolute rulership, they must regard themselves as banished and captives. Even if they are successful in ruling peoples, they may not, until they rule all, cease to cry: ‘What torture! What indignity!’” 10

This is not true. The promises were that if the Israelites kept the laws of their God and remained a separate people, that He would increase them, and He would diminish the other nations.

This false divine revelation, which is found in the “Talmud,” is one of the theological principles of the politics of modern Jewry, which in fact believes it is following the will of God through the literal translation into deeds.

As soon as the Christian and Gentile peoples in magnanimous manner opened their frontiers to the immigrant Jews, they could never have imagined that, in comparison with the migrations of other peoples, they granted shelter to eternal conspirators, who are always ready to work in the shadows and restlessly, until they rule the naive people that kindly opened its gates to them.

The New Testament warned them about the Jews, so they should have imagined it. But the Roman Catholic Church never understood it, and therefore never taught what they should have taught.

The “Talmud” remarks, however, that the Jews will not be able to rest, until their rule is unrestricted. The Hebrews [sic Jews] have grasped that Democracy and Capitalism, which have allowed them to rule the peoples, have not obtained for them that unrestricted rulership commanded to them by God of which the “Talmud” speaks; therefore the Jews Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels invented a totalitarian system, which guaranteed to them to take from the Christians and Gentiles all their wealth, all their freedoms, and in general all their human rights, in order to place them on the level of the beasts. The dictatorship of Communist Socialism of Marx allows the Jew to attain this tyranny; and therefore, since its introduction in Russia, they have worked ceaselessly to destroy the Capitalist form of government, which admittedly they themselves had created, but which was incapable of allowing them to arrive at the desired goal. As the “Talmud” reveals, it does not satisfy the Jews to rule over some peoples, but they must control them all; and as long as they are not successful, they must cry out: “What torture! What an indignity!” This also explains the circumstance why the Jewish-Communist hunger for power is insatiable; and reveals how absurd it is to believe in an upright and peaceful coexistence or in the possibility that Communism will abandon its demand to conquer all the peoples of earth.

The Jews believe that God has commanded them to lay upon all peoples their absolute tyranny, and that this absolute tyranny can only be successful for them through the unrestrained Socialist dictatorship of Communism. As this tyranny must extend to all peoples, they do not rest until they have laid Communist slavery upon all peoples of earth. It is unavoidably necessary that the Christians and Gentiles should fully grasp this giant tragedy. The existence of an imperialistic and cruel totalitarianism, which is spurred on by a group of mystics, fanatics and madmen, and which will perform all its crimes and all its perversions in the firm belief that they fulfil faithfully the commands of God, is an unhealthy reality. Their wickedness extends to such a degree that they hold it to be morally permissible to allow denial of God and for Communist materialism to triumph in the whole world, while they, the pious and faithful, are successful in destroying hated Christianity and the other “false” religions, for the purpose of permitting the present religion of Israel to rule on the ruins of all others, who recognise the right of the Jews to control the world and recognise through divine right their character as the chosen race to rule over mankind in the coming times. On the other hand, the “Talmud” says that it gives the Jews the truthful version of the Biblical promises about the Messiah! “The Messiah will give the Hebrews [sic] rulership over the world and to them all peoples will be subject.” 11

The attitudes attributed to the Jews here are the exact same attitudes expressed in the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. Understanding the Talmudic and rabbinical writings, there should be no doubt that the Protocols are authentic.So long as Christians accept the Jewish claims that they are the Israelites, Christians are defenseless against these other claims of the Jews. Not understanding the true history of Israel and Judah, the Catholic Church may be able to identify Jewish treachery, but it cannot defend against it because it has the apparent support of the Bible. Properly identifying the Jews in history, it is not necessary to fight with God in a vain attempt to refute the Jews. The truth about the Jews is the only way to understanding what Christ had meant when he said that “the Truth shall set you free”, and the church doesn’t have it.

One could quote passages from the different parts of the “Talmud” and the Jewish “Cabbala,” which are equally as informative as these, which allow us to understand the extent and importance of the present religion of the Jews and the danger which it signifies for Christianity and the rest of mankind. The deeper one penetrates into this material, all the clearer will one recognise the abyss that has opened between the original and true religion, which was revealed by God to the Hebrews through Abraham, Moses and the Prophets, and the false religion, which these Jews, who crucified our Lord Jesus Christ, have worked out, as well as their descendants, on grounds of the consciously false interpretation of the Holy Bible, above all with the appearance of the “Talmud” of Jerusalem and Babylon and of the latter completion of the Cabbalistic books, “Sepher-ha-Zohar,” and “Sepher-Yetzirah,” holy books, which are the foundations for the religion of modern Jews.

If an abyss exists between the religion of Abraham and Moses and of modern Jewry [which has not been adequately explained here], then the same is unfathomable between Christianity and modern Jewry. One could say of the latter that it is the contrast and the denial even of the Christian religion, against which it desires hatred and urges its destruction in the holy books and in its secret rites. The centuries-long struggle of Holy Church against the Jewish religion and its rites had not, as is falsely said, the religious intolerance of Catholicism as the cause, but the enormous infamy of the Jewish religion, which represents a deadly threat for Christianity. This compelled the Church, which at first was so tolerant, to adopt a positive attitude for defence of the truth of Christianity and of the entire human race. Erroneous and deceitful is consequently the view of some clergy, who call themselves Christians but work together with the Jews in a thoroughly suspicious way, asserting that it is not admissible to fight against Jewry; for the true Jews, the believing Jews have a religion related and similar to Christianity.

What the Jews strive for in reality, when they put before Catholics this thesis of unlawfulness of struggle against the criminal Jewish sect, is the obtaining of a new permit for freebooting, which allows them, without exposing themselves to direct counter-attacks, to continue in their Freemasonic or Communist revolutionary movements until they are successful in the destruction of Christianity and the enslavement of mankind. The Hebrews [sic Jews] and their accomplices within Christianity wish to secure in a comfortable manner the victory of the Jewish hunger for power, for if the Christians abandon attacking and conquering the head of the whole conspiracy, by restricting themselves only to attacking the Freemasonic, anarchistic, Communist or any other branch, the head, which is free of attacks, i.e. Jewry, preserves its whole power, while its Freemasonic and Communist tentacles devote themselves with all their branches in a merciless manner, as they have done previously, to the attack upon the religious, political and social institutions of Christianity over the whole world.

Again, we see the same attitude reflected by the writers of the Protocols.

If only the theologians of the Roman Catholic Church had sought to understand the simple words of Jesus of Nazareth, where in John chapter 10 He is recorded as having told the Jews “26 But ye believe not, because ye are not of my sheep, as I said unto you.” Or in Revelation 2:9 where the risen Christ said “I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan.” Here the Catholic clerics use that title, “synagogue of Satan”, but still believe that they are the Old Testament sheep, which Christ had denied them. The answer to solving the dilemma is in Scripture, but the Catholics never sought it. So they were defenseless in protecting Christendom from the Jews, and now the Church itself is practically destroyed. The Jewish treachery outlined here, to the best of my knowledge, was never even acknowledged by the Church until relatively recently, and now with the success of Vatican II and a new generation of cardinals, the Church allies itself with Jews once again. The Plot Against the Church is a history of Roman Catholic failure to withstand the devil.

Here we will conclude our presentation of the relevant portions of The Plot Against the Church. When we return to this series, we will discuss the Jewish and Kabbalist presence in England, before returning to the Protocols of Satan.


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