League of the South Challenges and Directions, with Dr. Michael Hill

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League of the South Challenges and Directions, with Dr. Michael Hill

Here Dr. Michael Hill discusses the need for White Nationalists to be part of an organization such as the League of the South and the challenges faced by the League in the near future, as well as efforts to meet its objectives. What follows are some of William Finck’s remarks and prepared notes:

Disappointingly, in my opinion, some of the members of the League of the South see the League merely as an activist group, and they are upset that since 2018 and the resulting Charlottesville lawsuit there has been very little activism. I think these people are short-sighted, and are not committed to the proper objective, which is the spiritual battle we face, a battle which is not found on the front pages of newspapers, for the hearts and minds of Southerners who still care for their own culture and heritage. So the networking and community-building efforts within the League are to me much more important than the next Charlottesville, and will serve us much better in the long term.

The League of the South has always known that we need numbers sufficient to maintain our own institutions, and the people in the League who look for publicity by waving flags and putting fingers in the eyes of our enemies usually neglect these more important matters, because often they only care about the publicity. A strong network of individuals dedicated to our long-term objectives, who do not merely seek the gratification of headlines or the temporary thrill of making a show of public dissension, will help us all to weather the coming storms. While public dissension is good, more important things may be done slowly and quietly.

The Charlottesville lawsuit and how its outcome may affect the rights of Free Speech, Association and Assembly for pro-White organizations and for Whites in general far into the future. People take these rights for granted and act as if they have been permanently established. But the very fact that courts accept such cases by itself proves that they are already being encroached upon, and must be defended continually.

Mainstream conservatives will not support anyone whom the [political] Left will not approve of their supporting. - Dr. Michael Hill

The recent talks of Secession by local Florida politicians, even by the governor and the Attorney General, is that encouraging? Governors of at least a few states are speaking in open defiance of Biden administration policy, and Secession is being discussed at high levels in the State of Florida.


While I did not bother to collect details, reports are the the State of Arkansas has passed three bills which are anti-tranny [anti-transsexual], and LGBT activists are threatening that all the Sodomites would leave the State, but whining that neighboring states are considering similar bills. Arkansas is not alone. The ACLU is whining that 28 States have anti-tranny bills in their legislatures, all which directly contradict the Biden administration policy implemented in his own early executive orders. So lines are finally being drawn by the States to slow the descent to Sodom, but it is probably far too little, too late.

Better news might be another bill which just passed the Arkansas Senate by a 4-to-1 margin, as Biden is calling for even more gun control than he originally announced:

Arkansas State Senate Passes Bill Banning Enforcement of Federal Gun Control Laws

The Arkansas state Senate voted this week to block federal law enforcement officials enforcing certain gun laws and regulations, sending a bill to the state House in the midst of congressional gun-control proposals.

The Senate voted 28-7 to approve the measure, which will then be sent to the House. Arkansas’ Legislature is overwhelmingly Republican.

“All acts, law, orders, rules, and regulations of the United States Government, whether past, present, or future, that infringe on the people’s right to keep and bear arms as guaranteed by the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution and Arkansas Constitution, Article 2, [Section] 5, are invalid in this state, shall not be recognized by this state, are specifically rejected by this state, and shall be considered null and void and of no effect in this state,”


Since the Biden inauguration, there have been open talks of secession in various parts of Florida by minor local Republican politicians. But now it has gone statewide. However rather than guns and trannies, the Florida governor has chosen Covid restrictions as his main point of contention. So Florida has resisted lockdowns and mask requirements, and now DeSantis is opposing any possible vaccination mandates. For this it is recorded that DeSantis “literally had AG Moody investigate the ramifications of secession”, and the State Attorney General is quoted as having responded that “If the rights of the people of Florida as recognized by the Constitution are not protected by the federal government, then they have the right to separate themselves from their oppressors—in this case Joseph Biden and his administration…”

Dr. Hill added the fact that just this morning a bill was passed in Alabama outlawing vaccination mandates in that State.


While the Texas Independence Referendum Act seems to have stalled, as I have not seen news of it since early March, I need to study the post-War history of Texas a little deeper, since I have learned that while the illegitimate Texas vs. White was written in 1869, Texas had to be readmitted to the Union in 1870. So how could a State be subject to such as decision if they were not even part of the Union? American history in relation to the States seems to be full of contradictions and discrepancies.