The Protocols of Satan, Part 19: Protocol No. 2, Jewish Agents in Post-Protocols American Government

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The Protocols of Satan, Part 19: Protocol No. 2, Jewish Agents in Post-Protocols American Government

In our last presentation of the Protocols of Satan we began a discussion of Protocol No. 2, which is subtitled Economic Wars. Doing this, we presented an entire chapter from The International Jew which was in turn subtitled The Economic Plans of International Jews. The opening lines of this Protocol boasted that wars would be shifted “to an economic basis”, and they most certainly were. However that alone did not negate the need for military war, since Jewry would by necessity have to manipulate into such a war any nation which it did not fully control. So 16 years after the Protocols were first known by Christians to have existed, Europe is plunged into the First Great War. No matter the pretenses used to ignite the conflagration, we must understand that its causes were indeed economic.

Adolf Hitler understood this, and he wrote the following, in Volume 1, Chapter 10 of Mein Kampf:

Over against the innumerable drawbacks which I have mentioned here and which affected German life before the War there were many outstanding features on the positive side. If we take an impartial survey we must admit that most of our drawbacks were in great measure prevalent also in other countries and among the other nations, and very often in a worse form than with us; whereas among us there were many real advantages which the other did not have.

The leading phase of Germany's superiority arose from the fact that, almost alone among all the other European nations, the German nation had made the strongest effort to preserve the national character of its economic structure and for this reason was less subject than other countries to the power of international finance, though indeed there were many untoward symptoms in this regard also.

And yet this superiority was a perilous one and turned out later to be one of the chief causes of the world war.

The First World War was fought to assure Jewish dominance, and specifically Rothschild dominance, over the economies of Europe. The United States had voluntarily ceded control of its own economy to the Jewish-controlled banks in 1913, as we had explained from the pages of A. Ralph Epperson’s The Unseen Hand in our previous presentation in this series. As soon as the banks gained that control, they began using it to loot and pillage the entire nation through currency manipulation, through which all Americans are enslaved today. It is common knowledge, even in rather mainstream historical sources (i.e. that presumably American banks invested billions of dollars in the Allied side of the war. J. P. Morgan alone is said to have invested up to $3 billion in the outcome of the war by loaning such sums to the British and French governments specifically for the war effort. This is a tremendous amount, as according to the numbers which we reproduced from Mr. Epperson, 3 billion dollars would be equivalent to nearly 10% of all of the money in circulation in the United States at that time. And Morgan was not the only bank to make such investments. These sums would only be available to lend through the miracle of fractional reserve banking, through which the Jews have conquered the world by the ability to loan out and collect interest on money which never even existed. Furthermore, these loans are equivalent to private banks hiring foreign governments for the conquest of another nation. Once the money was invested, those same banks began a propaganda campaign, including all the usual accusations of atrocities, to get America involved militarily and therefore ensure the success of their investment, an investment which was really only worth the paper it was written on. The banks then began propaganda campaigns on American shores to exploit the war even further. Labels such as “Liberty Bonds” sound patriotic, but were really designed to the further the profits of the banks, and in order to coax the average American into supporting the war effort even more fervently. Americans who bought such bonds only advanced their own enslavement to the Jews.

At the same time that Germany and Austria were being conquered by the Rothschild-allied banks, Russia had been maneuvered into the war on the side of the British and French. This enabled the banks to exploit the Germans against the Russians, and left Russia exposed to revolution from within, which those same banks also financed. Russia did not have a central bank before the war, so it too had been a necessary target of the Jewish plans for world conquest. While it is not our purpose here to give a detailed history of the Jewish takeover of Russia, we will present a passage from Michael Rafael Johnson’s The Third Rome, Holy Russia, Tsarism & Orthodoxy which makes a neat summary of our assertions in the ultimate consequences, from pages 224-225:

Contrary to mythology, Russia was not dealing with an equipment shortage relative to Germany or France by late 1916. Niall Ferguson, in his famed The Pity of War, makes it very clear that modern research has determined that the shortages and crises facing the Russians were universal in World War I, and, indeed, Russian mobilization was superior to the German in the early years of the war. As usual, the English language historical literature on Russia merely rehashes 90-year-old Bolshevik propaganda and calls it history.

All through this time, however, the German high command, as dealt with earlier, was attempting to undermine the Russian war effort by bankrolling the revolutionary movement. Russia was winning against Germany and had defeated Austria. Thus, not only were the Bolshevik murderers and liars being funded from New York and Washington D.C., but were subsidized by Berlin as well. As the war went on, it is safe to say that the Bolsheviks had a better equipped propaganda division than the Tsar or the Kaiser. It should be noted that “propaganda” was developed as purely a tool of the left. Traditional monarchs did not need such crudity and had only a dim grasp of its importance.

The Russian army disintegrated as the Tsar was overthrown in February of 1917. The Bolsheviks, keeping their deal with the Germans, signed the treaty of Brest-Litovsk with Germany in that same year. The regular forces of the Tsar became the “white armies” and fought the better funded Bolshevik and revolutionary forces until the latters’ final victory later in the year. British and American forces attempted to keep Russia at the front through their landing in northern Russia during the civil war, but to no avail. Bankers are more powerful than governments. Lenin had won, and kept his other promise to the Schiff family by nationalizing Russia’s banks. Lenin also left the Russian branch of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York untouched, the final proof of the western bankrolling of the “revolution.” Russia’s losses in the war numbered 2.5 million dead or missing, amounting to nearly 50 percent of the Allied total losses for the entire war.

Unsurprisingly, as the revolution was progressing, the Duma, that vile agent for revolution, did nothing. The violently factionalized “parties” could, of course, agree on no common action, and the Duma called a “provisional committee,” later perverted into the mouthpiece of the Masonic Kerensky government. The Bolsheviks, both well funded and well armed, as well as under a centralized command, ultimately triumphed. The white armies were too spread out and too disorganized. The red forces were connected by a common ideology, which makes for a more formidable fighting force than mere numbers. The white forces included monarchists, conservatives, liberals, Kadets and Mensheviks. Not only were they fragmented, there were utterly at loggerheads….

A little further on, on pages 226-227 of his book, Johnson writes:

Spurned by the ever-sleazy British ruling classes, who were petitioned to take Nicholas and the royal family as refugees — after the massive outpouring of Russian blood for the Allied cause — the royal family, including the children, were murdered on July 4th, 1918. Masonic symbols and slogans were scrawled upon the walls in the blood of the Tsar-martyr. Pictures still exist of the occult esoteria [sic. esoterica]. But, just to add one more insult to the royal family, Geoffrey Hosking, in his Russia and the Russians, now the standard work in Russian history in English, refuses to mention the murders at all. Not a word.

Of course, we should not be surprised by this, since throughout this series we have endeavored to elucidate both the fundamental and intricate connections between Jewry and the tools which it has used to subvert Christendom, which include occultism, Kabbalah, Masonry, Bolshevism and Capitalism. And while what little we have presented in summary here is already quite well-known among many honest historians, although they are not found among the offerings from the major publishers, we are compelled to mention it in relation to the economic wars which have taken place since their proclamation in the Protocols.

We should also not be surprised that such a criminal act as the murder of the family of the Tsar, which was without doubt conducted by Bolshevik Jews, is not even mentioned in one of the supposedly authoritative histories of Russia. The publishers of historical books are merely an extension of the Jewish-controlled media. Accounts of these murders were published, albeit very briefly and in an incomplete form, in the suppressed Russia. No. 1 (1919) reports on the Bolshevik Revolution compiled by the British government (available in a readable format and for the first time on the Internet at the Mein Kampf Project at Christogenea). In one minor aspect Johnson is incorrect, since according to independent eye-witnesses the Czar and his family seem to have survived until July 16th of 1918.

As a digression, we must say that the Kaiser’s Germany is often blamed for the success of the Bolshevik Revolution, and while that is partially true, those who place such blame also ignore the difficult position that Germany was in on the Russian front. As Johnson rather adeptly describes it, Russia was succeeding in the war against Austria and Germany, and that put the Germans in a difficult position. Forced into fighting a two-front war, we cannot blame the Germans for wanting to avoid the possibility of defeat. The Germans were basically forced to take advantage of whatever means they could to keep themselves from doom, and the Bolsheviks were opportunists.

Adolf Hitler understood the economic war by which the Jews endeavored to control the entire world, and mentioned it often in Mein Kampf and his public speeches. But he had many others of his fellow Germans for company. In 1937, Cajus Fabricius wrote in Positive Christianity in the Third Reich that “Our attacks are directed against the present-day Judaism, the ally of the powers of destruction, which, in all secrecy, through the agency of banks, bourses and press seeks to rule the world.” Speaking of Weimar-era Germany and the collaboration of organized Marxism with the Jewish capitalists, Hitler said in Volume 1, chapter 12 of Mein Kampf that “The Marxist leaders, whose business consisted in deceiving and misleading the public, naturally hated most of all a movement whose declared aim was to win over those masses which hitherto had been exclusively at the service of international Marxism in the Jewish and Stock Exchange parties.”

Hitler also understood that the nation lost its sovereignty through the mechanisms of international capital on the stock exchanges. He became cognizant of this in 1919, after hearing the lectures of German economist Gottfried Feder, and thus he wrote in Volume 1, chapter 8 of Mein Kampf:

When I heard Gottfried Feder's first lecture on 'The Abolition of the Interest-Servitude', I understood immediately that here was a truth of transcendental importance for the future of the German people. The absolute separation of stock-exchange capital from the economic life of the nation would make it possible to oppose the process of internationalization in German business without at the same time attacking capital as such, for to do this would jeopardize the foundations of our national independence. I clearly saw what was developing in Germany and I realized then that the stiffest fight we would have to wage would not be against the enemy nations but against international capital. In Feder's speech I found an effective rallying-cry for our coming struggle.

Here, again, later events proved how correct was the impression we then had. The fools among our bourgeois politicians do not mock at us on this point any more; for even those politicians now see – if they would speak the truth – that international stock-exchange capital was not only the chief instigating factor in bringing on the War but that now when the War is over it turns the peace into a hell.

The struggle against international finance capital and loan-capital has become one of the most important points in the programme on which the German nation has based its fight for economic freedom and independence.

So Adolf Hitler believed that the economic agenda of the Jewish-controlled international banks caused the First World War, and it is clear that Hitler’s freeing Germany from control of those banks precipitated the Second World War, because Jewry will not give up the control it had gained without a fight.

While this second portion of the Protocols is titled Economic Wars, it also spells out some of the plans for maintaining world control that transcend merely economic matters, and some of those other matters shall also be discussed here.

Therefore we shall proceed with our presentation of the so-called Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, as they are found in the book The Protocols and World Revolution attributed to Boris Brasol, and published in Boston in 1920 by Maynard, Small & Co.

PROTOCOL NO. 2, continued:

The administrators chosen by us from among the people in accordance with their capacity for servility will not be experienced in the art of government, and consequently they will easily become pawns in our game, in the hands of our scientists and wise counselors, specialists trained from early childhood for governing the world. As you are aware, these specialists have obtained the knowledge necessary for government from our political plans, from the study of history, and from the observation of every passing event.

By “scientists and wise counselors, specialists trained from early childhood for governing the world”, the authors of the Protocols mean to refer to Jewish advisers and so-called experts who would not actually hold office, but who would guide those of the Goyim whom the Jews choose to hold office. The Goyim office-holders would be chosen “in accordance with their capacity for servility” and “will not be experienced in the art of government”.

Woodrow Wilson was one such servile dupe for Jewry. During his administration, the graduated income tax, the central bank and woman’s suffrage, all objectives of the recently-published Protocols, had become a reality. And further advancing the cause of international Jewry at that time were the American entry into the First World War and Prohibition, which ultimately turned the American liquor and beer industries over to predominantly Jewish control.

Throughout his 8 years in office, Wilson was closely advised by the so-called Colonel, Edward Mandell House. House was never even an army officer. He only obtained the title from a man whom he helped to get elected as governor of Texas when House was in turn appointed to his staff, so it is ludicrous that the title was even recognized. House’s father, who had come from England to Texas by way of New Orleans, was a blockade runner for the Rothschilds during the American Civil War. According to one biographer, Arthur Howden Smith in The Real Col. House, “when House’s father died in 1880, his estate was distributed among his sons as follows: Thomas William got the banking business; John, the sugar plantation; and Edward M. the cotton plantations, which brought him an income of $20,000 a year.” Eventually, House sold his share of his father’s ill-gotten businesses to go into banking for himself. While it cannot be established that House was actually a Jew, he had written a book called Philip Dru: Administrator which betrays his favor for a totalitarian Marxist form of government. Evidently, he made his political fame helping four different Texas governors get elected before moving on to higher ground. The connection between Edward Mandell House, the banking business and the Rothschilds should not go unnoticed, and it cannot be coincidental that he was in place to guide Woodrow Wilson for all eight years of his presidency.

However in my own estimation, one of Wilson’s biggest crimes was offering the Germans peace based upon his lauded Fourteen Points, and then abandoning Germany to the voracious whims of the British and French after Germany accepted peace on Wilson’s terms. House was behind that treachery as well. Once Germany voluntarily disarmed, it could not prevent the internal treachery which led to the German capitulation and enslavement at Versailles.

Because it helps attest to the Jewish desire to control the world’s governments as boasted in the Protocols, and also because it is pertinent to our discussion of Edward Mandell House, Wilson and Versailles, here we will present part of a chapter from The International Jew by Henry Ford and The Dearborn Independent. From our first segments of these presentations of the Protocols, our listeners may remember the name of Louis Marshall. This Jew had exerted a great personal effort to discredit the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion as forgeries when they were first published in the United States.

America's Jewish Enigma – Louis Marshall

Something of an enigma is Louis Marshall, whose name heads the list of organized Jewry in America, and who is known as the arch-protester against most things non-Jewish. He is head of nearly every Jewish movement that amounts to anything, and he is chief opponent of practically every non-Jewish movement that promises to amount to something. Yet he is known mostly as a name – and not a very Jewish name at that.

It would be interesting to know how the name of "Marshall" found its way to this Jewish gentleman. It is not a common name, even among Jews who change their names. Louis Marshall is the only "Marshall" listed in the Jewish Encyclopedia, and the only Jewish "Marshall" in the index of the publications of the American Jewish Historical Society. In the list of the annual contributors to the American Jewish Committee are to be found such names as Marshutz, Mayer, Massal, Maremort, Mannheimer, Marx, Morse, Mackler, Marcus, Morris, Moskowitz, Marks, Margolis, Mareck – but only one "Marshall," and that is Louis. Of any other prominent Jew it may be asked, "Which Straus?" "Which Untermeyer?" "Which Kahn?" "Which Schiff?" -- but never "Which Marshall?" for there is only one.

This in itself would indicate that Marshall is not a Jewish name. It is an American, or an Anglo-Saxon name transplanted into a Jewish family. But how and why are questions to which the public as yet have no answer.

Here we must interject, that Mr. Ford would have been quite surprised to learn of the Hebrew word mashal, Strong’s # 4910 and very likely the ultimate root of the Latin word martialis and the English word marshal. It means to rule, a name which is fittingly adopted by a usurping Jew like Louis Marshall. Continuing with Ford:

Louis Marshall is head of the American Jewish Committee, and the American Jewish Committee is head of all official Jewish activity in the United States.

As head of the committee, he is also head of the executive committee of the New York Kehillah, an organization which is the active front of organized Jewry in New York, and the center of Jewish propaganda for the United States. The nominal head of the Kehillah is Rabbi Judah L. Magnes, a brother-in-law of Louis Marshall. Not only are the American Jewish Committee and the Kehillah linked officially (see chapter 33, Volume II, reprint of this series), but they are linked domestically as well.

Louis Marshall was president of all the Jewish Committees of the world at the Versailles Peace Conference, and it is charged now, as it has been charged before, that the Jewish Program is the only program that went through the Versailles conference as it was drawn, and the so-called League of Nations is busily carrying out its terms today. A determined effort is being made by Jews to have the Washington Conference take up the same matter. Colonel House was Louis Marshall's chief aid at Paris in forcing the Jewish Program on an unwilling world.

We have already discussed the connections of E. M. House to the Rothschilds through the business of his father. While the connection may be considered remote, that is all the more to the benefit and advantage of the Jewish bankers. Ford continues:

Louis Marshall has appeared in all the great Jewish cases. The impeachment of Governor Sulzer [the New York governor William Sulzer, after a political feud at the Jewish-controlled Tammany Hall] was a piece of Jewish revenge, but Louis Marshall was Sulzer's attorney. Sulzer was removed from the office of governor. The case of Leo Frank, a Jew, charged with the peculiarly vicious murder of a Georgia factory girl, was defended by Mr. Marshall. It was one of those cases where the whole world is whipped into excitement because a Jew is in trouble. It is almost an indication of the racial character of a culprit these days to note how much money is spent for him and how much fuss is raised concerning him. It seems to be a part of Jewish loyalty to prevent if possible the Gentile law being enforced against Jews. The Dreyfus case [in Kiev in the Ukraine] and the Frank case are examples of the endless publicity the Jews secure in behalf of their own people. Frank was reprieved from the death sentence and sent to prison, after which he was killed. That horrible act can be traced directly to the state of public opinion which was caused by raucous Jewish publicity which stopped at nothing to attain its ends. To this day the state of Georgia is, in the average mind, part of an association of ideas directly traceable to this Jewish propaganda. Jewish publicity did to Georgia what it did to Russia – grossly misrepresented it, and so ceaselessly as to create a false impression generally. It is not without reason that the Ku Klux Klan was revived in Georgia and that Jews were excluded from membership.

Louis Marshall is chairman of the board and of the executive committee of the Jewish Theological Seminary of America, whose principal theologian, Mordecai M. Kaplan, is the leading exponent of an educational plan by which Judaism can be made to supersede Christianity in the United States. Under cover of synagogal activities, which he knows that the well known tolerance of the American people will never suspect, Rabbi Kaplan has thought out and systemized [sic. systematized] and launched a program to that end, certainly not without the approval of Mr. Marshall.

Louis Marshall is not the world leader of Jewry, but he is well advanced in Jewry's world counsel, as is seen by the fact that international Jewry reports to him, and also by the fact that he headed the Jews at the "kosher conference" – as the Versailles assemblage was known among those on the inside. Strange things happened in Paris. Mr. Marshall and "Colonel" House had affairs very well in hand between them. President Wilson sent a delegation to Syria to find out just what the contention of the Syrians was against the Jews, but that report has never seen the light of day. But it was the easiest thing imaginable to keep the President informed as to what the Jews of New York thought (that is, the few who had not taken up their residence in Paris). For example, this prominent dispatch in the New York Times of May 27, 1919:

"Wilson gets Full Report of Jewish Protest Here.

"Copyright, 1919, by the New York Times Co.

"By Wireless to The New York Times.

"Paris, May 26. – Louis Marshall, who has succeeded Judge Mack as head of the Jewish Committee in Paris, was received by President Wilson this afternoon, and gave him a long cabled account of the Jewish mass meeting recently held in Madison Square Garden, including the full text of the resolutions adopted at the meeting... and editorial comment in The Times and other papers... "

[The 1917 date in the two citations from the New York Times has been verified. We did not notice them during the initial review of the material, and presenting the podcast thought they may have been typographical errors for 1919. So the upheaval in question must relate to the installation of the provisional government of February, 1917, and not to the Bolshevik Revolution itself, which happened in October of 1917.]

When Russia fell, Louis Marshall hailed it with delight. The New York Times begins its story on March 19, 1917]:

"Hailing the Russian upheaval as the greatest world event since the French Revolution, Louis Marshall in an interview for the New York Times last night said" – a number of things, among which was the statement that the events in Russia were no surprise. Of course they were not, the events being of Jewish origin, and Mr. Marshall being the recipient of the most intimate international news.

So the New York Times openly published international Jewry’s foreknowledge, and therefore planning, of the Bolshevik Revolution. That is an admission of a hostile invasion launched from American territory, not a revolution. When Aaron Burr tried to do that in territory which did not belong to the United States, Thomas Jefferson had him arrested for treason, although he was later acquitted because of a lack of proof. There is no lack of proof in the case of Russia and the Jews. Continuing with Ford:

Even the new Russian revolutionary government made reports to Louis Marshall, as is shown by the dispatch printed in the New York Times of April 3, 1917, in which Baron Gunzburg reports what had been done to assure to the Jews the full advantage of the Russian upheaval.

This glorification of the Jewish overthrow of Russia, it must be remembered, occurred before the world knew what Bolshevism was, and before it realized that the revolution meant the withdrawal of the whole eastern front from the war. Russia was simply taken out of the war and the Central Powers left free to devote their whole attention to the western front. One of the resulting necessities was the immediate entrance of America into the conflict, and the prolongation of the hostilities for nearly two more years.

As the truth became known, Louis Marshall first defended, then explained, then denied – his latest position being that the Jews are against Bolshevism. He was brought to this position by the necessity of meeting the testimony of eye-witnesses as given to congressional investigation committees. This testimony came from responsible men whom even Mr. Marshall could not dispose of with a wave of his hand, and as time has gone on the testimony has increased to mountainous proportions that Bolshevism is Jewish in its origin, its method, its personnel and its purpose. Herman Bernstein, a member of Mr. Marshall's American Jewish Committee, has lately been preparing American public opinion for a great anti-Semitic movement in Russia. Certainly it will be an anti-Semitic movement, because it will be anti-Bolshevist, and the Russian people, having lived with the hybrid for five years, are not mistaken as to its identity.

Of course, the anti-Semitic revolution never happened, the Bolsheviks starving millions of Russians and Ukrainians to death over the years following the Revolution staved off any significant resistance.

The congressional report mentioned above is also available at the Mein Kampf Project at Christogenea, and it titled Memorandum on Certain Aspects of the Bolshevist Movement in Russia - A U.S. Government Report from 1919. Continuing with Ford:

During the war, Mr. Marshall was the arch-protestor. While Mr. Baruch was running the war from the business end ("I probably had more power than perhaps any other man did in the war; doubtless that is true"), Mr. Marshall was running another side. We find him protesting because an army officer gave him instructions as to his duties as a registration official. It was Mr. Marshall who complained to the Secretary of War that a certain camp contractor, after trying out carpenters, had advertised for Christian carpenters only. It was to the discrimination in print that Mr. Marshall chiefly objected, it may be surmised, since it is the policy of his committee to make it impossible, or at least unhealthy, to use print to call attention to the Jew.

It was Mr. Marshall who compelled a change in the instructions sent out by the Provost Marshal General of the United States Army to the effect that "the foreign-born, especially Jews, are more apt to malinger than the native-born." It is said that a Jewish medical officer afterward confirmed this part of the instruction, saying that experience proved it. Nevertheless, President Wilson ordered that the paragraph be cut out.

It was Mr. Marshall who compelled the revision of the Plattsburg Officers' Training Manual. That valuable book rightly said that "the ideal officer is a Christian gentleman." Mr. Marshall wrote, wired, demanded, and the edition was changed. It now reads that "the ideal officer is a courteous gentleman," a big drop in idealism.

There was nothing too unimportant to draw forth Mr. Marshall's protest. To take care of protests alone, he must have a large organization.

And yet with all this high-tension pro-Jewish activity, Mr. Marshall is not a self-advertising man, as is his law partner, Samuel Untermyer, who has been referred to as the arch-inquisitor against the Gentiles. Marshall is a name, a power, not so much a public figure.

As an informed Jew said about the two men:

"No, Marshall doesn't advertise himself like Sam, and he has never tried to feature himself in the newspapers for personal reasons. Outside of his professional life he devotes himself exclusively to religious affairs." That is the way the American Jew likes to describe the activities referred to above – "religious affairs." We shall soon see that they are political affairs.

Mr. Marshall is short, stocky, and aggressive. Like his brother-in-law, Rabbi Magnes, he works on the principle that "the Jew can do no wrong." For many years Mr. Marshall has lived in a four-story brownstone house, of the old-fashioned type, with a grilled door, in East Seventy-second street. This is an old-time "swell" neighborhood, once almost wholly occupied by wealthy Jews. It was as close as they could crowd to the choice Fifth Avenue corners, which had been pre-empted by the Vanderbilts, the Astors, and other rich families.

That Mr. Marshall regards the whole Jewish program in which he is engaged, not in its religious aspect alone, but in its world-wide political aspect, may be judged from his attitude on Zionism. Mr. Marshall wrote in 1918 as follows:

"I have never been identified and am not now in any way connected with the Zionist organization. I have never favored the creation of a sovereign Jewish state."


Mr. Marshall says, "Let the Zionists go on. Don't interfere with them." Why? He writes:

"Zionism is but an incident of a far-reaching plan. It is merely a convenient peg on which to hang a powerful weapon. All the protests that non-Zionists may make would be futile to affect that policy."

He says that opposition to Zionism at that time would be dangerous. "I could give concrete examples of a most impressive nature in support of what I have said. I am not an alarmist, and even my enemies will give me credit for not being a coward, but my love for our people is such that even if I were disposed to combat Zionism, I would shrink from the responsibilities that might be entailed were I to do so."

And in concluding this strange pronouncement, he says:

"Give me the credit of believing that I am speaking advisedly."

Of course, there is more to Zionism than appears on the surface, but this is as close as anyone can come to finding a Jewish admission on the subject.

If in this country there is apprehension over the Jewish Problem, the activities of Louis Marshall have been the most powerful agents to evoke it. His propagandas have occasioned great resentment in many sections of the United States. His opposition to salutary immigration laws, his dictation to book and periodical publishers, as in the recent case of G. P. Putnam's Sons, who modified their publishing program on his order; his campaign against the use of "Christological expressions" by Federal, State and municipal officers; all have resulted in alarming the native population and harming the very cause he so indiscreetly advocates.

That this defender of "Jewish rights," and restless advocate of the Jewish religious propaganda, should make himself the leader in attacking the religion of the dominant race in this country, in ridiculing Sunday laws and heading an anti-Christianity campaign, seems, to say the least, inconsistent.

Mr. Marshall, who is regarded by the Jews as their greatest "constitutional" lawyer, since the decline of Edward Lauterbach (and that is a tale!) originated, in a series of legal arguments, the contention that "this is not a Christian country nor a Christian government." This argument he has expounded in many writings. He has built up a large host of followers among contentious Jews, who have elaborated on this theme in a variety of ways. It is one of the main arguments of those who are endeavoring to build up a "United Israel" in the United States.

Mr. Marshall maintains that the opening of deliberative assemblies and conventions with prayer is a "hollow mockery"; he ridicules "the absurd phrase 'In the name of God, Amen,'" as used in the beginning of wills. He opposes Sunday observance legislation as being "the cloak of hypocrisy." He advocates "crushing out every agitation which tends to introduce into the body politic the virus of religious controversy."

But Mr. Marshall himself has spent the last twenty years of his life in the "virus of religious controversy." A few of his more impertinent interferences have been noted above. These are in the Jewish phrase, "religious activities" with a decidedly political tinge….

We will break with The Dearborn Independent article on Louis Marshall here, which was originally printed for the issue of 26 November 1921. The article goes on to prove these last statements by reprinting a paper written by Marshall, where the title had asked “Is Ours a Christian Government?”, as if the Jew could or should speak for the general population of the United States, and its Christian founders. The result, of course, is typical Jewish treachery which we may commit to these presentations once we have an opportunity to comment at length on each aspect of such treachery.

The next significant American President to have been guided almost exclusively by Jews and the bankers is of course Franklin Roosevelt. Louis Marshall died in 1929, six weeks before the stock market crashed. Samuel Untermyer and Bernard Baruch were still a prominent figures in New York Jewry, and Roosevelt was their governor. When Untermyer announced the famous boycott of Germany by Jewry, he is said to have declared that “This economic boycott is our means of self-defense. President Roosevelt has advocated its use in the National Recovery Administration.” (See Silent Coup: The Removal of a President, by Len Colodny, Robert Gettlin, Dubois Publishing, 1991, page 262.)

Roosevelt’s so-called “brain trust” circle of advisers included Jews such as Samuel Rosenman, his speechwriter, Ben Cohen, who wrote much of the so-called “New Deal” legislation, the banker Bernard Baruch, Treasury Secretary Henry Morgenthau, and the supreme court appointee Felix Frankfurter. As we established some years ago in a presentation at the Mein Kampf Project titled The Enemy Within: Subversion of America we illustrated how these men in turn had recruited men of their own tribe, or at least men whom they could control who were of their own communist political persuasion, into many of the lower posts in the bureaucracy. Felix Frankfurter was instrumental in recruiting the likes of accused spy Alger Hiss, one of Frankfurter’s proteges.

For instance, Morgenthau had hired a Canadian Jew named Jacob Viner as an economist at the Treasury Department, and Jacob Viner in turn recruited another Jewish economist named Harry Dexter White, who is believed by some mainstream historians to have spied for the Soviet Union. But we do not believe that a circle of international Jews use or need spies, in the traditional sense, because they are all spies for their own objectives, there should be no doubt that all of the Jews in American government have their allegiance to the same world Jewry which controlled the Soviet government as well as most other governments. After the Second World War, Harry Dexter White was the dominant figure at the Bretton Woods conference which created the International Monetary Fund, World Bank and related institutions. So the IMF was the creation of Jewish economists and the bankers, and servile American politicians from among the Goyim were happy to have it. But that was the same pattern when America entered the Second World War.

And the same pattern of Jewish patronage of Jews could probably be found at all levels of the American government. To illustrate this, we will briefly discuss the rise of another Jew who became prominent in American politics, Henry Kissinger. But Kissinger owes his career, evidently, to yet another Jew named Fritz Kraemer, so first we shall discuss him. Another Kraemer protege was Alexander Haig. Kissinger, in turn, was mentor to men such as George Bush Sr. and Timothy Geithner. Kraemer’s own son, Sven Kraemer, held posts on the National Security Council under Johnson, Nixon, Ford and Reagan.

Fritz Kraemer was born in Germany of Jewish parents. He is often considered a Lutheran, but that is not true, as he was actually a converso Jew. Kraemer is also often called a “refugee” from National Socialist Germany, however neither is that true. The son of a Jewish lawyer and state prosecutor in Germany, Kraemer is said to have earned a doctorate degree in at the university of Frankfurt in 1931, and to have moved on to Rome to work for the League of Nations, a Jewish operation in itself, in 1933. While in Rome, Kraemer is said to have earned a second doctorate degree in political science in 1934.

The summaries of Kraemer’s biographies as they are found online are unclear. They state that he worked as a senior adviser for the League of Nations’ Legal Institute in Rome for most of the 1930’s, but then they say that Kraemer “escaped Nazi Germany” to come to America in 1939. Drama is added to the account at Wikipedia, which is not our only source for this summary, where it says that coming to America he abandoned his wife and son. But it is not clear how Kraemer dramatically escaped Nazi Germany from his long-term employment in Rome. And since Kraemer is said to have converted to Lutheranism during the Wiemar era, it is not clear why he had to escape Nazi Germany. So we believe that the tale is certainly an embellishment used to bolster Kraemer’s Jewish credentials. If this is not true, then perhaps one day we will find clarification. Kissinger himself later refutes the idea that Kraemer actually had to escape national Socialist Germany, as we shall soon see.

Kraemer was supposedly drafted into the United States Army in 1943, which to us is as incredulous as his escaping the Nazis in Rome, noting his long-term employment in the League of Nations. Kraemer is said to have been “discovered” for his talents at an Army camp in Louisiana by American Major-General Alexander Bolling and promoted to Bolling’s staff. He is also said to have fought a heroic role as a common soldier in the battle of the Bulge (December 1944 to January 1945), was allegedly captured by the Germans and persuaded his captors to surrender, and after the war he was miraculously reunited with his long-lost wife and son. One source, an article in the Telegraph of London, says that “Sven Kraemer was the only boy in that small Rhineland village whose father survived the war”, the small town evidently being Geilenkirchen, the same town Kraemer was captured in, and evidently where he was, by chance, “reunited” miraculously with his family.

So Kraemer’s biographies read like the worst of the phony Holocaust tales, so fantastic that they are absolutely unbelievable. Personally, I certainly do not believe them, but our purpose here is not to present a full account of modern history. Rather, it is to show sufficient of the details of history which demonstrate the fulfillment of the plans outlined in the Protocols.

While at Camp Claiborne, Kraemer is said to have met another Army inductee, who was also supposedly an escapee from Nazi Germany, named Heinz, or Henry Kissinger. Kissinger was hatched in Bavaria in 1923, and fled alleged “Nazi persecution”, arriving in New York via London in 1938. He too is said to have been drafted while attending the City College of New York, enrolled in accounting courses, in 1943. Following assignment to Camp Claiborne, Fritz Kraemer – according to Wikipedia and other sources – supposedly “noted Kissinger's fluency in German and his intellect, and arranged for him to be assigned to the military intelligence section of the division. Kissinger saw combat with the division, and volunteered for hazardous intelligence duties during the Battle of the Bulge.”

The Telegraph of London quotes Henry Kissinger in regard to Fritz Kraemer:

Fritz Kraemer was the greatest single influence of my formative years. We met in 1944 at Camp Claiborne, Louisiana. We were both privates in the 84th Division. We were both refugees from Germany, I by necessity, Kraemer by choice. He was 36 years of age, I 19. He had two Phd degrees, I had two years of night college in accounting. Kraemer spoke to us in German uniform with such passion and erudition and on the moral and political stakes of the war that it was as if he were addressing each of us personally. For the first time in my life – and perhaps the only one – I wrote to a speaker how much he had moved me. A few days later Kraemer invited me to have dinner with him at the enlisted men's club at which he questioned me about my views and spoke to me about his values. Out of this encounter grew a relationship that changed my life.

The rest of the Kissinger war story is nearly as fantastic as that of Kraemer, and Wikipedia says that “During the American advance into Germany, Kissinger, only a private, was put in charge of the administration of the city of Krefeld, owing to a lack of German speakers on the division's intelligence staff. Within eight days he had established a civilian administration. Kissinger was then reassigned to the Counter Intelligence Corps [CIC], with the rank of sergeant. He was given charge of a team in Hanover assigned to tracking down Gestapo officers and other saboteurs, for which he was awarded the Bronze Star. In June 1945, Kissinger was made commandant of the Bensheim metro CIC detachment, Bergstrasse district of Hesse, with responsibility for de-Nazification of the district. Although he possessed absolute authority and powers of arrest, Kissinger took care to avoid abuses against the local population by his command.” Wikipedia’s primary source for this account, or tale, is a biography of Kissinger written by another Jew, named Walter Isaacson.

We would rather believe that most of the Fritz Kraemer story is fabricated, and that Kraemer, a lawyer and League of Nations employee for as many as 6 years did not find his way to General Bollings’ intelligence unit by chance. Nor did he meet fellow Jew Henry Kissinger by chance. Rather, we believe that Kraemer was placed into the position he had because he was a Jew and the Jews sought to oversee post-war Germany, while in turn, Kissinger was selected for the position he had because he was also a Jew. According to the Telegraph biography, Kraemer went on after the war to have a lucrative career as “chief civilian adviser to successive US Army Chiefs of Staff and Secretaries of the Army; for much of the Cold War he wielded an influence out of all proportion to the formal position that he held…. His circle of admirers included Army Chiefs of Staff such as Gen Creighton Abrams; Gen Alexander Haig (later US Secretary of State), whom Kraemer met as a young major; and other luminaries of the Cold War such as Lt-Gen Vernon Walters, later Ambassador to the UN and to West Germany; Lt-Gen Edward Rowny, later chief strategic arms negotiator; and Maj-Gen Edward Lansdale, a founding father of US counter-insurgency and reputedly the model for Graham Greene's Quiet American.”

Of Kissinger after the war, it is said that “In 1946, Kissinger was reassigned to teach at the European Command Intelligence School at Camp King (in Germany), continuing to serve in this role as a civilian employee following his separation from the army.” Kissinger only had his brief wartime experience as the basis for his career launch, but went on to obtain degrees in history and political science all from Harvard. Although he was an advisor and supporter of Nelson Rockefeller’s failed presidential primary campaigns in 1960, 1964 and 1968, Nixon appointed him to the position of National Security Adviser after taking office in 1968. So he served on the National Security Council for two administrations with the son of his Jewish mentor, Fritz Kraemer.

According to current news sources, Henry Kissinger met with Donald Trump in mid-November, shortly after his election, and has already travelled to China to “ease concerns about Trump transition”, something which United Press International and several other sources had reported just yesterday evening. So at the age of 93 he continues to serve the objectives of international Jewry.

If we were to continue on this path, we could probably spend a long time researching and detailing this aspect of the fulfillment of the Protocols: which is the Jewish advancement of Jews into positions of power in the government bureaucracy and ultimately as advisers and supposed technical experts, the Protocols here called them scientists, to presidents and politicians throughout the 20th century – precisely as the Protocols had boasted at the end of the 19th century. For example, with only a supposed 3% of the American population being Jews, Jews had comprised at least 15% of the Roosevelt administration appointees. And Jews have been more and more prominent in government, both appointed and elected, with each passing administration. But here, as we have indicated, it is not our objective to write history. Rather, it is only our objective to give sufficient examples as to show the execution of the plan of the Protocols in reality, and thereby to put the Protocols into historical perspective. There should be no doubt, that the Protocols are real.

PROTOCOL NO. 2, continued:

The GOYS are not guided by the practice of impartial historical observation, but by theoretical routine without any critical regard for its results. Therefore, we need give them no consideration.

With this, Adolf Hitler agreed, and we can see the truth of this as it is plainly evident in our own society. Hitler wrote the following in regard to this phenomenon in Volume 1, Book 4 of Mein Kampf, where he discusses the global capitalist propaganda circulating in Germany before the First World War:

The chatter about the peaceful conquest of the world by commercial means was probably the most completely nonsensical stuff ever raised to the dignity of a guiding principle in the policy of a State. This nonsense became even more foolish when England was pointed out as a typical example to prove how the thing could be put into practice. Our doctrinal way of regarding history and our professorial ideas in that domain have done irreparable harm and offer a striking 'proof' of how people 'learn' history without understanding anything of it. As a matter of fact, England ought to have been looked upon as a convincing argument against the theory of the pacific conquest of the world by commercial means. No nation prepared the way for its commercial conquests more brutally than England did by means of the sword, and no other nation has defended such conquests more ruthlessly. Is it not a characteristic quality of British statecraft that it knows how to use political power in order to gain economic advantages and, inversely, to turn economic conquests into political power? [Now Hitler goes on to speak once more in reference to the First World War and says:] What an astounding error it was to believe that England would not have the courage to give its own blood for the purposes of its own economic expansion! The fact that England did not possess a national army proved nothing; for it is not the actual military structure of the moment that matters but rather the will and determination to use whatever military strength is available. England has always had the armament which she needed. She always fought with those weapons which were necessary for success. She sent mercenary troops, to fight as long as mercenaries sufficed; but she never hesitated to draw heavily and deeply from the best blood of the whole nation when victory could be obtained only by such a sacrifice. And in every case the fighting spirit, dogged determination, and use of brutal means in conducting military operations have always remained the same.

So here we have seen Adolf Hitler once again corroborate the assertions made in the Protocols in relation to the nature of the First World War, and also in relation to the general ignorance of history even among those who are supposedly educated in history, simply because they learn history the wrong way. This is the same charge leveled by the Protocols, which the Jews boast of taking advantage.