The Protocols of Satan, Part 31: Jewish Revolutions, French and Bolshevik

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The Protocols of Satan, Part 31: Jewish Revolutions, French and Bolshevik

In the last segment of our ongoing series on The Protocols of Satan, we discussed the French Revolution, some of its objectives and outcomes, the Reign of Terror, and the role of the secret society of the Jacobins, who certainly seemed to have been the agents of Jewry. As we demonstrated, it was the Jacobins who forced the issue in the National Assembly which gave the Jews of France full political rights, a year before they usurped power entirely and declared France to be a Republic, initiating the Reign of Terror and the destruction of much of the nobility and the class of the bourgeoisie.

We discussed these things in relation to the boast in the Protocols, that “Under our guidance the people have exterminated aristocracy, which was their natural protector and guardian.” Then we promised that when we resume our presentation, which we are doing here presently, that we would continue from that point in the fulfillments which followed the publication of the Protocols. Those fulfillments began to take place with the First World War and the Bolshevik Revolution.

While we will focus here on the Bolshevik Revolution, let it first be said that the First World War saw the permanent end of the rule of aristocracy in Germany. At the end of the war, Kaiser Wilhelm II – who was a staunch opponent of Freemasonry and who certainly also seems to have exhibited a developing awareness of the Jewish problem – was forced to abdicate in favor of what became the Weimar Republic. The Habsburg monarchy in Austria also came to a permanent end with the end of the war. Of course, the Russian monarchy was brought to an end in the Bolshevik Revolution during the war. While these nations were all constitutional monarchies operating democratically to one extent or another, the war brought the end of the greatest monarchies of Europe, and paved the way for absolute democracy which we have seen is almost entirely under the control of the mostly Jewish banks and international corporations.

Before we begin I have a couple of short digressions to make. First, last week I made some off-hand remarks, which are not in my notes, about French Revolutionary figures Babeuf and Prudhomme, and I always get confused about when they lived. So I must apologize for that confusion. It was Louis Blanc who lived in the era of the Revolution of 1848, an event in which he was a prominent figure, and not Babeuf, who lived during the French Revolution. Blanc was a historian and social theorist turned failed revolutionary leader of 1848, and even though our source material from Nesta Webster mentioned him in citations from his writings, his name always seems to escape me in connection with his political endeavors. I think I sometimes also place Prudhomme a little too late as well, but he died in 1830, and did not live until 1848.

Secondly, in the past I have asserted that there is an organic type of socialism, which I consider to be true socialism, which upholds private property rights, which keeps the means of production in the hands of the producers rather than assigning ownership to the State or succumbing to the ploys of the Capitalists – who are actually Jewish usurers, and upon which the core principles of Adolf Hitler’s National Socialism was founded. I do not retract those assertions, and it does not matter that such a system was not called socialism, and I never said that it was, but it was nevertheless socialism. With this, I have contended that Marxism was only a perversion of true socialism, and I would still make that contention. However in the material which we presented from Nesta Webster last week, we saw that Robespierre was such a Marxist several decades before Marx. That does not shake my persuasion, as I have also long ago asserted that Marxism was only the economic expression of Jewish Talmudism, so of course Marx himself did not contrive it. However I was not entirely aware of – or rather, I had simply forgotten, because I had covered much of this material in the past – the extent to which such a system had surfaced in the writings of Robespierre and his objectives in the French Revolution. So to me, this helps to further solidify what I have come to firmly believe, that the Jews were behind the French Revolution, which had the same objectives and used the same methods as the later Bolshevik Revolution, and that Robespierre, Saint-Just and their fellow Jacobins were dupes for Jewry, if not actual co-conspirators.

Once again, the proof is indeed in the pudding. As we will hear Henry Ford say in a different way a little later on this evening, to know who is behind something we must examine the matters and discover who benefits once the smoke is cleared.

Last week we concluded that the Jewish-controlled media created the myth of the wonderful French Revolution, which was a failure, and the first holocaust – or attempted holocaust – of the modern era. Then we said that a hundred and twenty years later in Russia, there was a repeat of the systematized terror, mass arrests, mass killings, prison massacres, the campaign against religion, the specific hatred for Christianity, the church closings and massacres of the priests, the attacks on Christian education, the use of food supplies as a weapon against the people, and the destruction of the bourgeoisie. We also asserted that on the philosophical side of the Bolshevik Revolution, there was the objective of imposing a one-world humanist government, the eradication of racial distinctions and borders, rabid anti-patriotism and internationalism, economic collectivism and State Socialism. All of these things we have already seen in the French Revolution from the writings of Nesta Webster and her many sources, that they were the objectives of Robespierre and Saint-Just, the leaders among the Jacobins.

Now, to show that these same things repeated themselves in the Bolshevik Revolution, we are going to quote some original first-hand sources contemporary to that Revolution, from the diplomatic reports found in the British whitepaper known as Russia No. 1. This whitepaper consists of a collection of diplomatic reports filed with the British Foreign Office by various British officers, diplomatic personnel and citizens who were in Russia during the Bolshevik Revolution.

As another digression, thanks to Sword Brethren, with whom we had done a nine-part series of podcasts on Bolshevism in Russia using this same source several years ago, and Mr. Jerel Mosley who provided a copy of the original paper document from his library, we were able to publish a readable high-resolution PDF version of this invaluable report on the internet in 2010. Another friend whom we will not name here, had made a great contribution of time in assisting us in getting the actual text published, which was accomplished in 2013. While a mostly unintelligible version is found posted at, ours was the first complete, legibly readable, fairly accurate and fully searchable publication of this important document on the Internet. It is found at the Mein Kampf Project at Christogenea. We even suspect that the copies were taken from Christogenea, or posted in response to our own posting, because they did not appear until 2012 and 2013. When I first posted Russia No. 1 at Christogenea, I found no other copy on the internet, and the same is true with another U.S. Government report on Bolshevism which was also published in 1919 and first made available on the internet in 2011 at Christogenea, both in text and facsimile, but that paper is a subject for another day.

We must also say that “Bolshevik Revolution” is also a Jewish misnomer, it was not really a revolution, but an invasion and opportunistic takeover of the government when it was most vulnerable. In the end, it only succeeded because of collusion with Jews in the “Capitalist” countries. Because of the nature of the Russia No. 1 reports, they are not national or all-encompassing reports. These are the local perspectives of various individuals wherever they happened to be when the Bolshevik Revolution took place. The following reports were selected because we endeavor to illustrate the parallels between the circumstances of the French and Bolshevik Revolutions.

The following report, labelled as No.11, Part 3, was filed by an anonymous Mr. G. shortly after he left Petrograd in November of 1918:

When we turn from the general aims of the Bolshevik policy to the actual situation in the big cities, as Petrograd and Moscow at the time when I left, it could be summed up in one word – famine. As regards Petrograd, its population now has come down to 908,000, whereas in 1916 it was estimated at 2,500,000 to 2,600,000 people. Two-thirds of the population have been able to escape to other parts of the country, and the one-third remaining is reduced to starvation. The prices for food have risen to such an extent that all the principal commodities are out of the reach of the buyer. The amount of food which is allowed by rations is in itself absolutely insufficient to keep up life, and then it is hardly regularly received; sometimes bread is not received for two days consecutively. Besides, it must not be forgotten that the Russian population is divided into four classes, the educated and capitalist class being put into the third and fourth category, receiving three or four times less than the workmen and other classes, who are in the first and respectable category. Even the workman who gets four times more than others cannot live on his ration, and must buy bread and other commodities in an underhand way, the open sale of them being forbidden. In order to give an instance, I wish just to say that an egg cost when I left, six roubles; a bottle of milk, six or seven roubles; a pound of bread, fourteen to seventeen roubles. The class which is the best fed is the Red Army and the Bolshevik officers.

Food was used as a weapon to help foment the French Revolution. The Bolsheviks stripped all Russians of their food, stripped the farmers completely of their grain, often taking even their seed grain, so that they could distribute it to whomever they wished, and used food to compel the people to their bidding. Here we also see the targetting of the bourgeoisie and the educated class, the intellectuals, and the lifting up of the lowest classes, just as we had seen in the pages of Nesta Webster describing the French Revolution.

Continuing with our report:

The foreign press has, as I understand, published some details about the September massacres in Petrograd, when more than one thousand men were shot in Kronstadt and at the Peter-Paul Fortress indiscriminately, without any trial, not even the pretence of a court-martial; shot, or drowned, as was the case with Father Ornatsky, the well-known priest of the Kazan Cathedral in Petrograd, who was drowned with his two young sons, who were officers, along with many others. Whereas the shooting in big towns has during the last months decreased owing to Lenin's personal dislike of Red terrorism, it is continuing in the provinces, where priests, landowners, physicians, rich merchants, lawyers, are indiscriminately shot in cold blood, without any trial and without any reason besides a general pretext of being counter-revolutionists. Arrests and domestic searches are going on as before. There are some thousands of men and women starving in the prisons of Petrograd – professors of universities, eminent lawyers, priests, generals, officers, ladies of society, bankers, &c. There are towns and districts where all the priests who have to wear their hair long in accordance with religious custom now have been forced to have it cut short. In other towns churches have been desecrated and bishops arrested or shot.

Now we see that the nobility, the clergy, the educated classes, the educators themselves, and the bourgeoisie were all the special targets of the Bolsheviks, just as they were the special targets of Robespierre and the Jacobins. Another parallel is found in the prison shootings. We saw Nesta Webster’s sources describe how people from these classes were rounded up into prisons, and then killed indiscriminately – if perhaps they did not know the secret handshakes and signs of Freemasonry. The fortress of Saint Peter and Paul in St. Petersburg, which is Petrograd, was employed for that purpose throughout the Bolshevik Revolution, which is mentioned frequently in the Russia No. 1 reports, but the same pattern of events was repeated at other prisons as well.

Continuing with our report:

A special measure, in order to complete the humiliation of the bourgeoisie, is compulsorily forced labour, to which all the bourgeoisie men and women are liable, and which consists in men from 20 to 60 being sent on all sorts of jobs, discharging of coal, cleaning water-closets in the soldiers' barracks, digging graves in cemeteries, removing cholera stricken patients, &c.; and for the women being obliged to wash the dirty linen of the barracks, or other like jobs for a month. In case of the women with delicate health, and of elderly men, death from exposure or severe illness after a week or two of such labour, which is usually conducted under the most humiliating conditions, is not seldom.

Under the conditions which I have outlined above it is not astonishing that disaffection is growing, and it must be said that it is growing in all classes of the population. It is evident that the attitude of the educated classes against Bolshevism is one of impotent hatred. The news given out by Bolshevik employees that the intellectual and bourgeoisie classes have allied themselves with the Bolsheviks is a deliberate falsehood. It is true that thousands upon thousands of these people have been induced to work under the Bolsheviks to accept some salaried situation with the government, but in respect to the working classes it must be borne in mind that the industrial working man has practically disappeared. Bolshevism has ruined Russian industry. The great bulk of the big factories, work-shops, or mills do not work for a great many months, for want of raw materials. The workmen received from the State full pay for some time, but afterwards had to choose either to return to the villages or to enlist in the Red Army, and in most cases they did the latter. The small artisan is starving to death, which explains his anti-Bolshevik attitude. There remains the peasant, far away in his village, rich with paper money and bread, which he does not want to give away, but the Bolsheviks are sending armed expeditions to steal bread, which they want to feed the Red Army. The shooting of peasants every day by the Red Guards coming down for bread is an every-day feature. Revolutions have broken out, and nearly everywhere they are being quelled with blood. When we ask ourselves who are the classes who support the Bolsheviks, the answer would be that they consist of the people who are fed and paid by the Bolsheviks, the Red Army, and the not less numerous army of paid Government officials. All of them are paid more and fed better than the population amongst whom they live, and, with the present food conditions, it is not astonishing that they stick to the Bolsheviks. The Red Army and the numerous army of different commissioners have also an unlimited opportunity of plundering the peaceful population, of which they avail themselves to an extent which, in the small provincial towns in the country, is simply terrifying, and which brings around the Bolsheviks all the lowest classes of the population. On the other hand, it must not be forgotten that Bolshevism had for many years its best recruits from among the young workmen of big factories, who, as stated above, have now enlisted in the Red Army, and who form the Socialist nucleus of the State.

While the turn of events did not get quite this bad in France, perhaps that is only because Robespierre himself was sent to the guillotine in 1794, an event which ended his proto-Marxist designs for the Republic and may have spared millions of people. However the pattern of things in France certainly foreshadowed these circumstances under the Bolsheviks to a great degree. In our last presentation we saw that the French Revolution had also destroyed French industry, and that millions of workmen were left idle. The food supplies had dwindled, and much of the population was left starving. As a result of this, the Jacobins had planned on eliminating as many as two-thirds of the people, a plan which Nesta Webster had documented from various contemporary sources. While such a genocide was never successfully executed in Robespierre’s France, in the first twenty years of Communist rule in Russia millions of people were indeed eliminated in the process of collectivization and the organized terror famines of the 1920’s and 30’s, especially in the Ukraine.

Continuing with our report:

All political parties are declared to be outside the pale of the law, as counter-revolutionary, and the old Socialist parties, if they try to make public opposition to the Bolshevist tyranny, fare no better than the Liberal parties. Especially the Socialist-Revolutionary party is subject to the most violent and bloody persecution. Under these circumstances, can it astonish anyone that public opinion, terrorised by imprisonment and numberless executions, remains dumb?

The Bolsheviks eliminated any perceived competition even from Jews in the others socialist parties, such as the Mensheviks. Very much like the Bolsheviks, the Jacobins during the Reign of Terror had seized absolute power of the government in France, and persecuted monarchists as well as those of the other political parties, considering that they were hostile to the Revolution.

Continuing again with our report:

It must not be forgotten that the Bolsheviks have formed small committees of the so-called poorest peasants in each village, who are armed with rifles, and often machine guns, and who, being representative of the proletariat, have to exercise the dictatorship of the people over the village bourgeoisie, making up the majority of peasants. The well-to-do peasant is thus completely excluded from any public activity, and is kept terrorised by these committees, which in many cases are composed of the worst elements of the village, drunkards, ex-convicts, &c. Further, it cannot be doubted that the Russian people are worn out by the war and by the revolution, and that the love of peace which was always a permanent feature of its national character has been enhanced and has developed itself into an attitude of dumb suffering.

The French Revolution also enlisted the scum and dregs of French society to assist its cause. In addition to the organized terror were what Nesta Webster had described as “vigilantes and other self-proclaimed representatives of the Republic” who also imposed terror on the people of the countryside. The pattern of enlisting the lowest class of people to persecute others is one that the Jews have been using since the dawn of time. We find an example in Acts 17:5 where the Jews of Thessalonica sought to persecute Paul of Tarsus, and Luke wrote: “Then the Jews being jealous and taking certain wicked men from the markets making a riot threw the city into confusion and coming upon the house of Iason sought them to lead them [Paul and his companions] before the people.” But the Bolsheviks were somewhat more sophisticated. To start their Revolution, they employed mercenaries from among both the Chinese and the Latvians, who were both enemies of the Russians. Once they obtained a hold over sufficient of the Russian people, they enlisted them through methods of reward in food or clemency or some comfortable position, or through extortion of one form or another, into joining the Bolshevik cause.

Continuing with our report:

The impartial reader of the Bolshevist press, and it must be taken into consideration that there does not exist any press with the exception of the official one now in Russia, can read in these official papers every day articles and information about local revolts which happen daily in various parts of the country, mostly villages where the peasants rise in an entirely unorganized way against the power of the Soviet. In the second part of November such revolts have taken place in nearly all the districts of the Government of Moscow, and were suppressed mercilessly by the Red Army, composed to a considerable extent of Chinese and Letts [Latvians].

As regards food distribution, it is admitted even by the Bolsheviks that in no department of Government is there so much corruption as among the numberless officials who control the food administration. The organisation of the food distribution is, of course, mainly governed by the fact that there is scarcely any food to be distributed.

Russian industry is dead for the moment, and the Russian industrial workman has ceased to exist as a class for the time being. It is an extremely curious feature of the Russian Revolution that a movement which has proclaimed itself as social and democratic has achieved in the first instance total destruction of those social groups on which a social democratic organisation is mainly based, the class of the industrial workmen. All factories, all the important ones with a few exceptions of those who are still engaged on munition work, are stopped, and the industrial workman had either to return to the village with which he had no more ties in common or to enlist in the Red Army. The younger generation of the workmen, men of 19 to 26 years, have to a great extent chosen the second alternative, and it is they who form the Bolshevik nucleus of the Red Army. To speak of the growing success of the management of industrial concerns by Soviet is an absolute misrepresentation. It would be sufficient in order to disprove this statement to cite the instance of the most important factories and works in Petrograd, Moscow and Nishny, where factories which engaged usually many thousands occupy now a few hundred men.

As regards Petrograd, the number of executions is usually taken at 1,300, though the Bolshevik admitted only 500, but then they do not take into account many hundreds of officers, former civil servants and private individuals, who were shot in Kronstadt, and in the Peter and Paul Fortress in Petrograd, without any special order from the Central authorities, by the discretion of the local Soviet; 400 were shot during one night in Kronstadt alone; three big graves were dug in the courtyard and the 400 placed before it, then they were shot one after another.

The Extraordinary Commission of Petrograd had on the orders of the day of one of their sittings the question of the application of torture. It is common knowledge that the unfortunate Jewish student who killed Britozsky was tortured three or four times before his execution.

The Oboukhoff works were, in their majority, supporters of the Social Revolutionary party, or of other moderate socialist organisations. They summoned a meeting of the workmen at which, by an overwhelming majority, a resolution was carried insisting upon the Bolsheviks putting an end to the civil war, and reconstructing the Government on lines which would admit the participation of all socialistic parties. The Bolsheviks answered with a general lock-out of the workmen and the closing of the Oboukhoff works.

The population is everywhere divided into four classes for purposes of rationing, the middle and “parasitic” classes, being in the third and fourth divisions, getting one-quarter or one-eighth of the rations accorded to the workmen and the clerks, but even these rations remain mostly on paper, as there is not food enough to give them.

Robespierre had also perceived the middle class as being a parasitic class. In practically every way, the first Bolshevik Revolution was the Jacobin Reign of Terror in France. It just wasn’t as efficient, and it was a failure. But the Jews would not repeat the same mistakes in Russia. In any event, the boast of the Protocols in this regard in relation to the past is demonstrably true, and within 20 years of their publication the same plan was executed once again in Russia, with far greater efficiency and far greater success.

While this particular report from Russia No. 1 was fairly well balanced and complete in its presentation of all of the aspects of the Revolution which we are presently discussing, many of the other reports from various places in Russia corroborate it independently, and when they are compiled, this report is fully corroborated in every way. We will only have the time to present a few of those here.

The following is a shorter report from one Mr. Alston to Earl Curzon. It is listed as No. 26 in Russia No. 1. It was filed by telegraph from Vladivostok, Russia on January 23rd, 1919:

Following statements respecting Bolsheviks in Perm and neighbourhood are taken from reports sent by His Majesty's consul at Ekaterinburg. The Omsk Government have similar information:―

The Bolsheviks can no longer be described as a political party holding extreme communistic view. They form relatively small privileged class which is able to terrorise the rest of the population because it has a monopoly both of arms and of food supplies. This class consists chiefly of workmen and soldiers, and included a large non-Russian element, such as Letts and Esthonians and Jews; the latter are specially numerous in higher posts. Members of this class are allowed complete licence, and commit crime against other sections of society.

The army is well disciplined, as a most strict system especially is applied to it.

It is generally said that officers are forced to serve because their families are detained as hostages. The population of Perm was rationed, and non-Bolsheviks received only ¼ lb. of bread a day.

The peasantry suffered less, but were forbidden under pain of death to sell food to any but Bolsheviks.

The churches were closed, for many priests were killed, and a bishop was buried alive.

This and other barbarous punishments, such as dipping people in rivers till they were frozen to death. Those condemned to be shot were led out several times and fired at with blank cartridges, never knowing when the real execution would take place. Many other atrocities are reported.

The Bolsheviks apparently were guilty of wholesale murder in Perm, and it is certain that they had begun to operate a plan of systematic extermination. On a lamp above a building were the words: ‘Only those who fight shall eat.’

Speaking of Omsk, a report, No, 47, filed by a General Knox on March 2nd, 1919, said in part that “In near future the Bolsheviks intend closing all churches. Three priests were recently drowned by Reds in Osa.”

Another report, No. 49, detailing events which took place in Perm and Omsk and filed by one Sir C. Eliot on March 5th, 1919, said in part:

"Murders were frequently preceded by tortures and acts of cruelty. Labourers at Omsk, before being shot, were flogged and beaten with butts of rifles and pieces of iron in order to extract evidence. Victims were frequently forced to dig their own graves. Sometimes executioners placed them facing wall and fired several revolver shots from behind them, near their ears, killing them after considerable interval; persons who survived this gave evidence.

In France, a certain percentage of the Proletariat were also killed, ostensibly those who supported the monarchy or had right-wing sympathies. As we shall see shortly from the pages of The International Jew, the only Proletariat the Bolsheviks really represented was the Proletariat of the Jews.

Continuing with this report:

Girls, aged women, and women enceintes [pregnant women] were amongst victims. Case of Miss Bakouyeva is an example. December, 1918, this lady (19 years old) was accused of espionage, and tortured by being slowly pierced thirteen times in same wound by bayonet. She was afterwards found by peasants still alive; is now nearly cured, and has herself related her sufferings to us.

Bolshevists vented violent hatred on church and clergy, pillaged monasteries (such as Bielogorod and Bielogorski), turned churches into meeting places and workshops, persecuted and murdered priests and monks; of 300 priests in liberated parts of Perm diocese, 46 were killed by Bolshevists.

Many similar reports are found throughout the pages of Russia No. 1, including those which report the murders of the Romanovs, the Russian royal family. We will not repeat them here. We will only conclude that without a doubt, the French and Bolshevik Revolutions had the same objectives, the same underlying philosophy, and were orchestrated by the same people. In the French Revolution they remained in the shadows, but in the Bolshevik Revolution they assumed all of the leading roles, even if many of them hid behind pseudonyms and pretended not to be Jews.

Now we shall continue with the Protocols and the very next portion of Protocol No. 3 from the text of Boris Brasol’s publication of The Protocols and World Revolution:

Protocol No. 3:

We, on the contrary, are concerned in the opposite — in the degeneration of the GOYS. Our power lies in the chronic malnutrition and in the weakness of the worker, because through this he falls under our power and is unable to find either strength or energy to combat it.

We have just seen testimony in the Russia No. 1 report that this was the exact tactic employed in the Bolshevik Revolution.

Hunger gives to capital greater power over the worker than the legal authority of the sovereign ever gave to the aristocracy. Through misery and the resulting jealous hatred we manipulate the mob and crush those who stand in our way.

We have also just seen in the Russia No. 1 report that so many idle industrial workers did indeed choose to join the Red Army rather than return to their villages, simply because they would be assured food.

It is not a coincidence that these elements of the Protocols are carried out precisely in Russia, so short a time after the Protocols were first published.

When the time comes for our universal ruler to be crowned, the same hands will sweep away everything which may be an obstacle in our way.

So the Jews boast that eventually, hungry Goyim will guarantee their ultimate victory. The Bolshevik Revolution was a proving ground for that theory, and it worked.

As we have seen here, some of these aspects of the Protocols have already been included in these discussions from the French and Bolshevik Revolutions. Now, in order to further demonstrate the veracity of this part of the Jewish plan for world domination, we are going to present an article from The International Jew, titled Jewish Testimony in Favor of Bolshevism. The article is useful at this point because among other things, it proves that the jews were indeed the culprits behind the Bolshevik Revolution, it discusses from the aspect of world Jewry the imagined dichotomy between Bolshevism and Capitalism, how they really work together to effect total Jewish domination of the world, and the advancement of the plans set forth in the Protocols which were achieved by both the First World War and the Bolshevik Revolution.

The article is prefaced with excerpts from another, Jewish, article that ran in a publication called The American Hebrew (which is, of course, another Jewish misnomer), and our article from the Dearborn Independent will address these excerpts at length:

"Out of the economic chaos, the discontent of the Jew evolved organized capital with its working instrumentality, the banking system.… One of the impressive phenomena of the impressive time is the revolt of the Jew against the Frankenstein which his own mind conceived and his own hand fashioned…. That achievement (Russian Bolshevik revolution -- Ed.), destined to figure in history as the over-shadowing result of the World War, was largely the outcome of Jewish thinking, of Jewish discontent, of Jewish effort to reconstruct.… What Jewish idealism and Jewish discontent have so powerfully contributed to accomplish in Russia, the same historic qualities of the Jewish mind and heart are tending to promote in other countries…. Shall America, like the Russia of the Czars, overwhelm the Jew with the bitter and baseless reproach of being a destroyer, and thus put him in the position of an irreconcilable enemy? Or shall America avail itself of Jewish genius as it avails itself of the peculiar genius of every other race?.… That is the question for the American people to answer." – From an article in The American Hebrew, Sept. 10, 1920.

The Dearborn Independent will discuss below this admission on the part of The American Hebrew that the Bolshevik Revolution was a Jewish achievement. But before we begin we shall only comment that this entire attitude projected by The American Hebrew is premised upon several “big lies”, at which the Jews are expert. The Jew did not create modern European civilization. For the most part, the Medieval Christian would have nothing to do with usury. Capitalism is organized usury, and being an anti-Christian concept, it was left to the Jew. When greedy members of the nobility thought to profit more greatly from the Jews, Capitalism eventually prevailed. The old systems were not necessarily chaotic, they were only organized in a way which benefitted the common people in each locality over which the Jew had no easy control. The Jew only organizes usury-based economies for his own benefit, never for the benefit of mankind in general. Now to commence with our article, which was published in The Dearborn Independent on October 2nd, 1920. It begins by answering the assertions in The American Hebrew:

Jewish Testimony in Favor of Bolshevism

The American people will answer that question, and their answer will be against the disruptive genius of dissatisfied Jews.

Henry Ford was rather altruistic concerning his fellow Americans, who ended up accepting Jewish dominance, and now in their churches they even worship the anti-Christ Jews rather than worshipping Jesus. Ford continues (we always credit Ford himself for these articles, even though they were probably written by Dearborn Independent staff.):

It is very well known that “what Jewish idealism and Jewish discontent have so powerfully contributed to accomplish in Russia” is also being attempted in the United States. Why did not the writer in the American Hebrew say the United States, instead of saying “the same historic qualities of the Jewish mind and heart are tending to promote in other countries.”

“Jewish idealism and Jewish discontent” are not directed against capital. Capital is enlisted in their service. The only governmental order the Jewish effort is directed against is Gentile governmental order; and the only “capital” it attacks is Gentile capital.

Lord Eustace Percy who, if one may judge by the full and appreciative quotations of his words in the Jewish press, has the sanction of thinkers among the Jews, settles the first point. Discussing the Jewish tendency to revolutionary movements he says:

In Eastern Europe Bolshevism and Zionism often seem to grow side by side, just as Jewish influence molded Republican and Socialist thought throughout the nineteenth century down to the Young Turk revolution in Constantinople hardly more than a decade ago – not because the Jew cares for the positive side of radical philosophy, not because he desires to be a partaker in Gentile nationalism or Gentile democracy, but because no existing Gentile system of government is ever anything but distasteful to him.

It is clear that in 18th century France, Republicanism was the device by which the monarchy was destroyed and the Catholic Church in France nearly eliminated, all of which are objectives desired by the secret societies as well as by the authors of the Protocols.

Back to The Dearborn Independent, where it speaks of a later time:

And that analysis is absolutely true. In Russia, the excuse was the czar; in Germany, the kaiser; in England it is the Irish question; in the numerous South American revolutions, where the Jews always had a ruling hand, no particular reason was thought necessary to be given; in the United States it is “the capitalistic class;” but always and everywhere it is, by the confession of their own spokesman, a distaste for any form whatsoever of Gentile government. The Jew believes that the world is his by right; he wants to collect his own, and the speediest way of doing so is the destruction of order by revolution – a destruction which is made possible by a long and clever campaign of loose and destructive ideas.

In Luke chapter 4, speaking of Yahshua (Jesus) Christ, we read: “5 And the devil, taking him up into a high mountain, shewed unto him all the kingdoms of the world in a moment of time. 6 And the devil said unto him, All this power will I give thee, and the glory of them: for that is delivered unto me; and to whomsoever I will I give it. 7 If thou therefore wilt worship me, all shall be thine. 8 And Jesus answered and said unto him, Get thee behind me, Satan: for it is written, Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God, and him only shalt thou serve.” Demonstrably, that devil was also a Jew, and certainly did believe that the world was his by right. Now the assertion is codified in the Talmud. Returning to our source:

As to the second point, every reader can verify the fact from his own experience. Let him recall to his mind the capitalists who have been held up to public scorn in the Jew-controlled press of the United States – and whom does he find them to be? Whose forms have you seen caricatured with the dollar-mark in Hearst's papers? Are they Seligman, Kahn, Warburg, Schiff, Kuhn, Loeb & Company, or any of the others? No. These are Jewish bankers. The attack is never made on them. The names made most familiar to you by newspaper denunciation are the names of Gentile industrial and banking leaders – and Gentile leaders only – the principal ones being Morgan and Rockefeller.

We understand that many people today are persuaded that both Rockefeller and Morgan were also Jews. But they were not considered Jews in their own time, and Henry Ford certainly did not consider them to be Jews. Continuing with The Dearborn Independent:

It is a well-known fact that during the French Commune when men of wealth suffered severe losses in property, the Jewish Rothschilds were not injured to the extent of one pennyworth. It is also a well-known fact, capable of proof satisfactory to any ordinary mind, that the connections between Jewish financiers and the more dangerous revolutionary elements here in the United States are such that it is most unlikely that the former stand to lose anything in any event. Under cover of the disorder in Russia at the present time, Jewish financiers are taking advantage of the stress of the people to gain control of all the strategic natural resources and municipal property, by methods which they fully expect to be legalized by Jewish courts when the present “Bolshevik regime” announces that it will give way to a “modified communism.” The world hasn't seen the end of Bolshevism yet. Like the World War, Bolshevism cannot be interpreted until it is seen who profits most by it, and the profiteering is in full sway now. The enemy is Gentile capital. Not any other. And “all the wealth of the world is in our hands” is the unspoken slogan of every Jewish outbreak in the world today.

When the Soviet Union was dissolved, a gang of Jews “bought” all of the industrial property it sold off, and they control all of Russian industry to this day. Once again, the proof is in the pudding, that Jews controlled Russia throughout history ever since the Bolshevik Revolution.

The quotation at the head of this article represents the position which the Jews are now ready to take with reference to the Russian Revolution. They have always been charged with responsibility for what has occurred in that unhappy country, but at first their spokesmen denied it. The denials were most indignant, and were usually accompanied by the typical complaint that the charge was “persecution.” But the facts have been so overwhelming, and the government investigations have been so revealing, that denials have been abandoned.

For a while an attempt was made to distract attention from Russia by a tremendously powerful propaganda concerning the Jews in Poland. There are many indications that the Polish propaganda was undertaken as a "cover" for the immense immigration of Jews into the United States. It may be that some of our readers do not know it, but an endless stream of the most undesirable immigrants pours daily into the United States, tens of thousands of the same people whose presence has been the problem and menace of the governments of Europe.

We have documentation, which we hope to present a synopsis of here in the near future, that by 1914 there were one-and-a-quarter million Jews in New York City alone. Of course, Jews were immigrating into other areas as well, all along the eastern seaboard as far as Galveston, Texas. But the number of Jews and Jewish organizations which sprung up in New York City in a short time is quite shocking, to say the least. Continuing with Henry Ford’s article:

Well, the Polish propaganda and the immigration movement are sailing along smoothly, and the United States Government is assured by the Jewish ring at Washington that everything is quiet along the Potomac (it is quiet there, quiet as the Jewish ring could wish), but still the Russian fact persists in calling for explanation.

There were actually many dozens of pleas in newspapers in the United States, and especially The New York Times, from the early 1900’s through 1920 that something must be done about the “holocaust” of “six million” Jews in Poland, Ukraine and Russia. All of it was propaganda, as Jews were never threatened in those areas outside of the normal course of the war, and when the Bolsheviks took control of Russia, they closed the Christian churches and slaughtered the priests, but they never closed the synagogues or molested the rabbis. (See 140 Occurrences Of The Word Holocaust.) Continuing with Ford:

And here is the explanation: The Jews created capitalism, we are told. But capitalism has proved itself ill-behaved. So now, the Jewish creators are going to destroy their creation. They have done so in Russia. And now, will the American people be good and let their Jewish benefactors do the same in America?

That is the new explanation, and typically Jewish again, it is coupled with a proposal for the United States – and a threat! If America refuses this particular service of the Jew, we “put him in a position of an irreconcilable enemy.” See quotation at the head of this article [referring to The American Hebrew].

But the Jews have not destroyed capitalism in Russia. When Lenin and Trotsky make their farewell bow and retire under the protective influence of the Jewish capitalists of the world, it will be seen that only Gentile or Russian capital has been destroyed, and that Jewish capital has been enthroned.

What is the record? Documents printed by the United States Government contain this letter: Please note the date, the Jewish banker and the Jewish names:

Stockholm, Sept. 21, 1917.

To Mr. Raphael Scholan:

Dear Comrade: – The banking house, M. Warburg, opened an account for the enterprise of Comrade Trotsky upon receipt of a telegram from the Chairman of the 'Rhein-Westphalian Syndicate.' A lawyer, probably Mr. Kestroff, obtained ammunition and organized the transportation of same, together with that of the money * * * to whom the sum demanded by Comrade Trotsky is to be handed.

Fraternal Greetings!


Long before that, an American Jewish financier was supplying the funds which carried revolutionary propaganda to thousands of Russian prisoners of war in Japanese camps.

It is sometimes said, by way of explaining the Bolshevik movement, that it was financed from Germany, a fact which was seized upon to supply war propaganda. It is true that part of the money came from Germany. It is true that part of the money came from the United States. It is the whole truth that Jewish finance in all the countries was interested in Bolshevism as an All-Jewish investment. For the whole period of the war, the Jewish World Program was cloaked under this or that national name – the blame being laid on the Germans by the Allies, and on the Allies by the Germans, and the people kept in ignorance of who the real personages were.

It was stated by a French official that two millions of money was contributed by one Jewish banker alone.

When Trotsky left the United States to fulfill his appointed task, he was released from arrest at Halifax upon request of the United States, and everyone knows who constituted the War Government of the United States.

The conclusion, when all the facts are considered, is irresistible, that the Bolshevik revolution was a carefully groomed investment on the part of International Jewish Finance.

It is easy to understand, then, why the same forces would like to introduce it to the United States. The real struggle in this country is not between labor and capital; the real struggle is between Jewish capital and Gentile capital, with the I.W.W. leaders [the Industrial Workers of the World, a labor union which is still in prominent operation], the Socialist leaders, the Red leaders, and the labor leaders almost a unit on the side of the Jewish capitalists.

Again recall which financiers these men most attack. You cannot recall a single Jewish name.

The main purpose in these two articles, however, is to introduce the Jewish testimony which exists as to the Jewish nature of Bolshevism.

The Jewish Chronicle, of London, said in 1919:

“There is much in the fact of Bolshevism itself, in the fact that so many Jews are Bolsheviks, in the fact that the ideals of Bolshevism at many points are consonant with the finest ideals of Judaism.”

In the same paper, of 1920, is a report of an address made by Israel Zangwill, a noted Jewish writer, in which he pronounced glowing praise on “the race which has produced a Beaconsfield, a Reading, a Montagu, a Klotz, a Kurt Eisner, a Trotsky.” Mr. Zangwill, in his swelling Semitic [sic] enthusiasm, embraced the Jews in the British Government in the same category with the Jews of the Hungarian and Russian Bolshevik governments. What is the difference? They are all Jewish, and all of equal honor and usefulness to “the race.”

This devil Zangwill was “noted” for The Melting Pot, a theatrical production aimed at spreading race-mixing propaganda throughout America. Of course, Vladimir Lenin was also Jew, but that was not commonly known until relatively recently. For many decades, the Jews themselves denied that Lenin was a Jew.

Rabbi J. L. Magnes, in an address at New York in 1919, is reported to have said:

“When the Jew gives his thought, his devotion, to the cause of the workers and of the dispossessed, of the disinherited of the world, the radical quality within him goes to the roots of things, and in Germany he becomes a Marx and a Lassalle, a Haas and an Edward Bernstein; in Austria he becomes a Victor Adler and a Friedrich Adler; in Russia, a Trotsky. Just take for a moment the present situation in Russia and in Germany. The revolution set creative forces free, and see what a large company of Jews was available for immediate service. Socialist Revolutionaries and Mensheviki, and Bolsheviki, Majority and Minority Socialists – whatever they be called – Jews are to be found among the trusted leaders and the routine workers of all these revolutionary parties.”

“See,” says the rabbi, “what a large company of Jews are available for immediate service.” One ought to see where he points. There are as many Jewish members of revolutionary societies in the United States, as there were in Russia; and here, as there, they are “available for immediate service.”

Bernard Lazare, a Jewish writer who has published a work on anti-Semitism, says:

“The Jew, therefore, does take a part in revolutions, and he participates in them in so far as he is a Jew, or more correctly, in so far as he remains a Jew.

He says also – “The Jewish spirit is essentially a revolutionary spirit, and consciously or otherwise, the Jew is a revolutionist.”

There is hardly any country in the world, except the United States, where denials of this could be made in such a way as to require proof. In every other country the fact is known. Here we have been under such a fear of mentioning the word “Jew” or anything pertaining to it, that the commonest facts have been kept from us – facts which even a superficial knowledge of Jewish writing would have given us. It was almost a pathetic spectacle to see American audiences go to lectures about the Russian situation and come away from the hall confused and perplexed because the Russian situation is so un-Russian, all because no lecturer thought it politic to mention “Jew” in the United States, for, as some day we shall see, the Jew has contrived to gain control of the platform too.

Not only do the literary lights of Jewry acknowledge the Jew's propensity to revolution generally, and his responsibility for the Russian situation particularly, but the lower lights also have a very clear idea about it. The Jew in the midst of the revolution is conscious that somehow he is advancing the cause of [sic:] Israel. He may be a “bad Jew” in the synagogue sense, but he is enough of a Jew to be willing to do any thing that would advance the prestige of [sic:] Israel. Race is stronger than religion in Jewry.

The Russian paper, On to Moscow, in September, 1919, said:

“It should not be forgotten that the Jewish people, who for centuries were oppressed by kings and czars, are the real proletariat, the real Internationale, which has no country.

Mr. Cohan, in the newspaper, Communist, in April 1919, said:

“Without exaggeration, it may be said that the great Russian social revolution was indeed accomplished by the hands of the Jews. Would the dark, oppressed masses of the Russian workmen and peasants have been able to throw off the yoke of the bourgeoisie by themselves? No, it was precisely the Jews who led the Russian proletariat to the dawn of the Internationale and not only have led, but are also now leading the Soviet cause which remains in their safe hands. We may be quiet as long as the chief command of the Red Army is in the hands of Comrade Leon Trotsky. It is true that there are no Jews in the ranks of the Red Army as far as privates are concerned, but in the committees and Soviet organizations, as commissars, the Jews are gallantly leading the masses of the Russian proletariat to victory. It is not without reason that during the elections to all Soviet institutions the Jews are winning by an overwhelming majority * * * The symbol of Jewry, which for centuries has struggled against capitalism, has become also the symbol of the Russian proletariat, which can be seen even in the adoption of the Red five-pointed star, which in former times, as it is well known, was the symbol of Zionism and Jewry. With this sign comes victory, with this sign comes the death of the parasites of the bourgeoisie * * * Jewish tears will come out of them in sweat of drops of blood.”

This confession, or rather boast, is remarkable for its completeness.

The remark may have been found in the Protocols, as all these remarks are worthy of such inclusion, or actually reflect things already found in them. Back to Ford:

The Jews, says Mr. Cohan, are in control of the Russian masses – the Russian masses who have never risen at all, who only know that a minority, like the czar's minority, is in control at the seat of government.

The Jews are not in the Red Army, Mr. Cohan informs us, that is, in the ranks where the actual fighting is done; and this is strictly in line with the Protocols. The strategy of the World Program is to set Gentiles to kill Gentiles. This was the Jewish boast during the various French social disasters, that so many Frenchmen had been set killing each other.

So we see Henry Ford make a connection of Bolshevism to the French Revolutions, even if it is not so explicit. He continues, where we are certain he has typically underestimated the number of Jews in the world, in spite of the fact that 38 million people are believed to have died in the First World War:

In the World War just passed, there were as many Gentiles killed by Gentiles as there are Jews in the world. It was a great victory for [sic:] Israel. “Jewish tears will come out of them in sweat of drops of blood.”

But the Jews are in the places of control and safety, says Mr. Cohan, and he is absolutely right about it. The wonder is that he was so honest as to say it.

As to the elections, so-called, at which the Jews are so unanimously chosen, the literature of Bolshevism is very explicit. Those who voted against the Jewish candidates were adjudged “enemies of the revolution” and executed. It did not require many executions at a voting place to make all the elections unanimous.

Mr. Cohan is especially instructive on the significance of the Red Star, the five-pointed emblem of Bolshevism. “The symbol of Jewry,” he says, “has become also the symbol of the Russian proletariat.”

The Star of David, the Jewish national emblem, is a six-pointed Star, formed by two triangles, one standing on its base, the other on its apex. Deprived of their base lines, these triangles approximate the familiar Masonic emblem of the Square and Compass. It is this Star of David of which a Jewish observer in Palestine remarks that there are so few among the graves of the British solders who won Palestine in the recent war; most of the signs are the familiar wooden Cross. These Crosses are now reported to be objectionable to the new rulers of Palestine, because they are so plainly in view of the visitor who approaches the new Jewish university. As in Soviet Russia, so in Palestine, not many Jews laid down their lives for the cause: there were plenty of Gentiles for that purpose.

As the Jew is a past master in the art of symbolism, it may not be without significance that the Bolshevik Star has one point less than the Star of David. For there is still one point to be fulfilled in the World Program as outlined in the Protocols – and that is the enthronement of “our leader.” When he comes, the World Autocrat for whom the whole program is framed, the sixth point may be added.

We had just read the line in Protocol No. 3 where it says “When the time comes for our universal ruler to be crowned, the same hands will sweep away everything which may be an obstacle in our way.” [The same Gentile canon fodder.] Continuing with Henry Ford:

The Five Points of the Star now apparently assured are the Purse, the Press, the Peerage, Palestine and Proletarianism. The sixth point will be the Prince of Israel.

It is very hard to say, it is hard to believe, but Mr. Cohan has said it, and revolutions especially since the French Revolution confirm it, that "with this sign comes the death of the parasites of the bourgeoisie * * * Jewish tears will come out of them in sweat of drops of blood." The “bourgeoisie,” as the Protocols say, are always Gentile.

Again Ford makes the connection between Bolshevik and French Revolutions. He continues:

The common counterargument to the invincible fact of the Jewish character of the Russian revolution – an argument which is destined to disappear now that Jewish acknowledgement is coming thick and fast – is that the Jews in Russia suffer too. “How can we favor a movement which makes our own people suffer?” is the argument put up to the Gentile.

Well, the fact is this: they are favoring that movement. Today, this very moment, the Bolshevik Government is receiving money from Jewish financiers in Europe, and if in Europe, then of course from the International Jewish bankers in America also. That is one fact.

Another fact is this: the Jews of Russia are not suffering to anywhere near the extent we are told by the propagandists. It is now a fact admitted by Jews themselves that upon the first sweep of the Bolshevists across Poland, the Polish Jews were friendly with the invaders and helped them. The fact was explained by American Jews in this manner: since Bolshevism came to Russia, the condition of the Jews there has greatly improved – therefore the Polish Jews were friendly. And it is true – the condition of Russian Jews is good.

One reason is: they have Russia. Everything there belongs to them.

The other reason is: The Jews of Russia are the only ones receiving help there today.

Did that second statement ever strike you as significant? Only the Jews of Russia have food and money sent to them. It is one form, of course, of the support which the Jewish world is giving Bolshevism. But if the suffering among the Jews is what the propagandists say it is, what must it be among the Russians? Yet no one is sending food or money to them. The probable truth of the whole situation is that Jewish Bolshevism is laying a tax on the world. Any time it may be required, there is plenty of evidence as to the good condition of the Jews in Russia. They have all there is.

Another source of confusion is revealed in the question: “How can Jewish capitalists support Bolshevism when Bolshevism is against capitalism?”

Bolshevism, as before stated, is only against Gentile Capitalism. Jewish financiers who remained in Russia are very useful to the Bolsheviki. Read this description by an eyewitness: “A Jew is this Commissary of the Bank, very elegant, with a cravat of the latest style, and a fancy waistcoat. A Jew is this District Commissary, former stockbroker, with a double bourgeois chin. Again a Jew, this inspector of taxes: he understands perfectly how to squeeze the bourgeoisie.”

These agents of Jewry are still there. Other agents are among the Russians who fled, getting their lands away from them on mortgage loans. When the curtain lifts, most of the choice real estate will be found to have passed into Jewish control by perfectly “legal” means.

That is one answer to the question, Why the Jewish capitalists support Bolshevism. The Red Revolution is the greatest speculative event of human history. Besides, it is for the exaltation of [sic:] Israel; it is a colossal revenge, which the Jews always take where they can, for wrongs real or imaginary.

Jewish capitalism knows exactly what it is doing. What are its gains?

1. It has taken a whole rich country, without the cost of war.

2. It has demonstrated the necessity of gold. Jewish power rests on the fiction that gold is wealth. By the premeditated clumsiness of the Bolshevik monetary system, the unthinking world has been made to believe still more strongly that gold is necessary, and this belief gives Jewish capitalism another hold on the Gentile world. If the Bolshevists had been honest, they could have dealt Jewish capitalism its death blow. No! Gold is still on the throne. Destroy the fiction that gold has value, and you leave the Jewish International Financiers sitting forlorn on heaps of useless metal.

From 1932 Adolf Hitler in Germany did exactly that, restoring the German economy without Jewish gold and Jewish usury, and for that he had to be eliminated. The Jews, of course, were able to enlist more Gentiles for that endeavor.

3. It has demonstrated its power to the world. Protocol Seven says: “To demonstrate our enslavement of the Gentile governments of Europe, we will show our power to one of them by crimes of violence, that is, a reign of terror.” Has Europe been sufficiently “shown”? Europe has, and is afraid! That is a great gain for Jewish capitalists.

Again, Adolf Hitler took up the challenge, and was destroyed by his fellow “Christians” who fought on behalf of the Jews.

4. Not the least of the gains is the field practice in the art of revolution which Russia has offered. Students of that Red school are coming back to the United States. The technique of revolution has been reduced to a science according to the details laid down in the Protocols. To use Rabbi Magnes's words again: “See what a large company of Jews was available for immediate service.” The available company is now much larger.

[The Dearborn Independent, issue of 2 October 1920]

Of course, today this company of Jews seems to be half of the population, as every degenerate and every bastard joins himself to their cause. Now in America we have suffered a series of mini-revolutions, and they are not even close to being finished. The next big one always seems to be just around the corner.

This concludes our presentation. Perhaps one more segment, and we will finally be able to complete our examination of Protocol No. 3.