Truth Hertz with Charles Giuliani - Wednesday June 1st, 2011

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On Wednesday June 1st at 8:00 AM William Finck was a guest on Truth Hertz Radio with Charles Giuliani. Here is the podcast.

After program thought, which I did not have time to address: Attempting to bring other races into our White culture and belief system is exactly what caused the downfall of Egypt, Babylon, Parthia and Rome. It is exactly the reason why the West is in such a state of turmoil and decay today, and it is and has been the plan of Satan (the jews) all along to get us to do that very thing! 

Yes, Charles, Truth does hurt - and you don't even realize how badly. 

Note, June 24th, 2011: It has been well-reported to us that for several days on his program after this interview, that Giuliani whined and raged about our positions. Yet he could not counter them in an honest discussion. Now we hear that he is still whining and raging. We must have really gotten under his skin. His true agenda is not conservative at all. The race-mixing agenda which he promotes is indeed the same agenda of the jews whom he claims to despise! 

Feedback from one listener who searched out my Gmail account:

"Hope you're on again soon. I've been looking into your views for a year now and I do believe CI is true christianity just from a logical standpoint although I'm not a believer in the bible.

The show today was very interesting." - BK

"Mr Fink - superb appearance on Oracle Broadcasting. " - X1 


To the dishonest injun caller: You obviously hate White men. Forget about the White man's God, and stop using the White man's inventions. Go sit in the desert butt-naked,  and wait for your own god to save you. Simply using a telephone, you prove your hypocrisy.