White Nationalist Cognitive Dissonance - Christogenea Europe, April 26th, 2015

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These notes have been developed into an article for the next Saxon Messenger, with the same title: White Nationalist Cognitive Dissonance

The following are William Finck's opening remarks:

We are going to play a tape, actually a YouTube video, of a man who is interviewing several PhDs and science students, and asking them for one observed instance of macro-evolution. While micro-evolution is often used for what may better be called the adaptation of species, macro-evolution is the actual changing of one identifiable kind, such as a cat, into another identifiable kind, such as a dog or a cow. Evolutionists play with the word species, and when it comes to macro-evolution they are challenged by the concept of kind. When they are cornered, as one PhD in the video was cornered, they  insist that by adding an unspecified but very long amount of time, macro-evolution somehow happens. But they cannot prove that it has ever actually happened, and it has never been observed to happen. Therefore macro-evolution is a religious belief, and it is at least as fantastic a belief as those of any other religion. One PhD interviewed was forced to admit that evolution in this regard is a “belief”, even though he was very reluctant to do so. Other PhDs were speechless and fumbling when challenged on macro-evolution. Textbooks and journals, which hypothetically extrapolate entire genera from the bones of certain long-dead animals, are merely promoting conjecture which does not at all amount to valid science.

The video below was played during the opening segment of the program:

While Darwin was not a Jew, he has certainly helped to pave the way for Jews in their endeavor to undermine Christian Society and morality. The greater number of Jewish religious communities have long ago embraced Darwinian evolutionary theory and have also purposely left open the possibility of macro-evolution, some even going so far as to having integrated evolution as a component of their beliefs in very loose interpretations of Scripture.

This has removed any moral barriers which Jewish academics may have had to teaching evolution as a fact, and to openly attacking any Christian belief in Intelligent Design or the literal Biblical Creation. It has also obfuscated the moral barriers between specification of creatures as distinct kinds, and it has eliminated any scientific and moral grounds for perceiving absolute boundaries between species and races. This acceptance of evolution has in turn removed all moral obstacles to miscegenation, and now it is even considered immoral by the society at large to oppose miscegenation. This acceptance of macro-evolution shall ultimately be used by the enemies of Christendom to pave the way for the moral acceptance of human-animal relations.

It is amazing to anyone who really thinks outside the box, how the same evolutionary scientists who insist that two finches on the same remote island which differentiate one from another only in the slight shape of their beaks are different species, and yet the same evolutionary scientists insist that negroes, chinamen and Whites with all of their inherent differences are the same species!

Whites who embrace the idea of evolution, meaning macro-evolution which insists that all humans evolved from lower life forms, are therefore pawns of the Jews who have always endeavored to demote all Whites to the status of lower life forms! This, to me, is the largest indication of absolute cognitive dissonance amongst so-called “secular” White Nationalists. They are not “secular” at all. Rather, they have embraced an alternate faith, a faith in evolution which allows the enemies of Christ to dictate a terms of existence which their own European fathers never believed and would not have accepted.

I am going to quote from a book which I will identify later:

6 … 3 Now as regards the first origin of mankind two opinions have arisen among the best authorities both on nature and on history. One group, which takes the position that the universe did not come into being and will not decay, has declared that the race of men also has existed from eternity, there having never been a time when men were first begotten; the other group, however, which hold that the universe came into being and will decay, has declared that, like it, men had their first origin at a definite time.

7 1 When in the beginning, as their account runs, the universe was being formed, both heaven and earth were indistinguishable in appearance, since their elements were intermingled: then, when their bodies separated from one another, the universe took on in all its parts the ordered form in which it is now seen; the air set up a continual motion, and the fiery element in it gathered into the highest regions, since anything of such a nature moves upward by reason of its lightness (and it is for this reason that the sun and the multitude of other stars became involved in the universal whirl); while all that was mud-like and thick and contained an admixture of moisture sank because of its weight into one place; 2 and as this continually turned about upon itself and became compressed, out of the wet it formed the sea, and out of what was firmer, the land, which was like potter's clay and entirely soft. 3 But as the sun's fire shone upon the land, it first of all became firm, and then, since its surface was in a ferment because of the warmth, portions of the wet swelled up in masses in many places, and in these pustules covered with delicate membranes made their appearance. Such a phenomenon can be seen even yet in swamps and marshy places whenever, the ground having become cold, the air suddenly and without any gradual change becomes intensely warm. 4 And while the wet was being impregnated with life by reason of the warmth in the manner described, by night the living things forthwith received their nourishment from the mist that fell from the enveloping air, and by day were made solid by the intense heat; and finally, when the embryos had attained their full development and the membranes had been thoroughly heated and broken open, there was produced every form of animal life. 5 Of these, such as had partaken of the most warmth set off to the higher regions, having become winged, and such as retained an earthy consistency came to be numbered in the class of creeping things and of the other land animals, while those whose composition partook the most of the wet element gathered into the region congenial to them, receiving the name of water animals. 6 And since the earth constantly grew more solid through the action of the sun's fire and of the winds, it was finally no longer able to generate any of the larger animals, but each kind of living creatures was now begotten by breeding with one another.

Now that passage evokes memories of Carl Sagan's “primordial ooze” theories, and it sounds almost as if it could come from a children's schoolbook today. But in fact, it is from the Library of History (1.7.1-6) written by Diodorus Siculus over two thousand years ago, where in his opening books he sought to begin his history by explaining the founding myths of the great civilizations of his time. So the so-called scientific and modern evolutionary theory of today has actually been around for thousands of years. It was ultimately rejected by the ancient Greeks, and it should be rejected today.

Evolution is the path to nihilism, the idea that there is no more to this life than what we can see and feel, and the mistaken perception that something can come into being from nothing. Transcendentalism, the idea that there is much more to Creation and to life than we can actually see, and that ultimately man shall transcend his existence here in this world, has always been a natural component of the mind of the Aryan man. The struggle between nihilism and transcendentalism is manifest in the Jewish undermining of White society today.

Later in his Library of History (5.56.3-4), Diodorus expounds on versions of this and other creation myths. Writing about the myths propagated by some of the Greeks of the island of Rhodes he says in part: “3 Helius, the myth tells us, becoming enamoured of Rhodos, named the island Rhodes after her and caused the water which had overflowed it to disappear. But the true explanation is that, while in the first forming of the world the island was still like mud and soft, the sun dried up the larger part of its wetness and filled the land with living creatures, and there came into being the Heliadae, who were named after him, seven in number, and other peoples who were, like them, sprung from the land itself. 4 In consequence of these events the island was considered to be sacred to Helius, and the Rhodians of later times made it their practice to honour Helius above all the other gods, as the ancestor and founder from whom they were descended.” So here we see one reason for the worship of the sun in the ancient pagan world. The Egyptians and Babylonians likewise worshipped the sun, as did many other ancient White cultures. With this Sven Longshanks is going to discuss pagan sun symbolism.