Christogenea Europe, May 24th, 2015: What is White in a World of Bastards?

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Here are only some of William Finck's program notes:

What is White in a World of Bastards

Identity Christians should accept anyone who is apparently White, identifies as White, and who accepts the Gospel of Christ as being White. But it takes a greater-than-average knowledge of history and Scripture to accept Christian Identity, so we cannot expect all Whites who first hear it to do so, and some will never do so. Therefore. Identity Christians should accept as White anyone who, not having an Identity Christian understanding of Scripture, is apparently White and identifies as White so long as they do not openly oppose our message.

Because these lines can be so complicated in today's world with all of its various competing philosophies, then for the purpose of the problems which we are trying to address here we should define our expectations from our fellow Whites, whether they profess to be Christian or not, in the simplest terms possible.

Those terms are best represented by what we may call Positive Christianity and White exclusivity.

Positive Christianity is a Christianity that demands that each member of the group work towards the common benefit of all members of the group. Identity Christians and White Nationalists alike should understand that Whites must serve to benefit other Whites exclusively. Therefore no White Nationalist should ever oppose that, and instead should seek to assist it, whether or not they understand our Christian position.

Furthermore, any White Nationalist should be able to agree with Identity Christians not only on the very basic necessity of White exclusivity but also the absolute necessity of basic Christian morals. If a White nationalist cannot accept basic Christian morals, then he needs to be cast aside because in reality he is actively against the interests of Whites. Anyone who would steal from or do harm to other Whites, or who would commit adultery or fornication, which includes sodomy and miscegenation, does not belong in White Nationalism. Therefore anyone who would do any of these things cannot be accepted even by White Nationalists.

These simple terms are really only what any Identity Christian should require as common ground for communicating with other Whites. It is these same simple concepts upon which National Socialism was constructed.

On these terms, anyone who openly opposes the Christian Identity message should be treated as a Jew even if he is not a Jew, because he is acting against his fellow Whites. One cannot truly be a White Nationalist and act against the well-being of fellow Whites.

These are not grounds for total harmony, but they are grounds for mutual respect and coexistence with Whites of diverse backgrounds and opinions. Yet they are the minimum grounds we require if we are going to stop attacking one another to the glee of the Jew.

White Nationalists who attack Identity Christians must understand that we are not going to go away, and therefore by attacking us they are not doing anything for Whites or for White Nationalism. We sincerely believe that we are on the path, which is the Way and the only Way. Our profession is not a faith in numbers, but a faith that relies on One.

In fact, they are only making themselves look stupid because we know better than what they do about what we believe, and we do not accept any of their silly and childish claims about what we know to be true.

How White Nationalists and Identity Christians alike can properly cope with ethnicity in Europe and America.

There is no single “white” nation or ethnicity. We should not merely celebrate and defend being White, but we should celebrate and defend each White nation distinctly.

Identity Christians and White Nationalists alike should realize that it is not good for our people to break down the barriers between the perceptibly White nations and mold them all together into a single lump.

A true White Nationalist should agree that every White nation has its own distinct characteristics and culture, and rather than lumping them together we should appreciate and seek to preserve the ethnic integrity of each and every one of them.

Therefore, White Nationalists should also be ethnic nationalists. If an Italian is proud of his heritage, he or she should seek to marry an Italian. If an Italian is not proud of his heritage, he or she would do better to marry a nigger or a Jew rather than a German or a Swede. An Italian forcing himself on a Swede, or a Frenchman on a Dane, is acting against the interests of the other White nation, and is therefore acting against Whites in general.

And here our biggest problem becomes manifest, and that is how we look at marriage. So-called White Nationalists supposedly reject the Jews, and yet they have accepted the Jewish ideal of so-called romantic love, which basically boils down to the notion that one can marry whatever makes his testosterone boil. That is bullshit. That is lust and not love.

Real love requires one to put ones people before oneself, which is a Christian principle, and a national Socialist principle. Therefore having real love, the White Nationalist should want to marry a woman from one's own people.

This is a problem for many Americans especially, but not a problem which cannot be overcome for most of us if one looks at it properly.

In Europe, because for so long among the various tribes there was isolation and little inter-breeding, many of the principalities developed a specialized population which manifested a homogeneity of characteristics that made them distinguishable from people of other places in Europe even if they had a common origin and history in the more-distant past. This is a process of specification, or speciation within a race, and it also happens in the animal and plant kingdoms.

In America and to a slightly lesser degree Canada, centuries of speciation have been undone as the Irish, Scots, French, English and Germans who first settled here began intermingling at an early time in our history. This does not make these people non-White, but it has created new ethnicities of Whites. However the problem was exacerbated as Southern and Eastern Europeans, and especially Jews, began to be admitted in large numbers in the late 19th century. There were some thousands of Jews here earlier, but from that hundred of thousands were admitted.

However there are plenty of original-stock Americans and Canadians, and they should stick to that stock, while people with Eastern European or Southern European blood should do likewise. If a White nationalists is truly what he or she claims to be, then advocating anything else one is working against the interests of our race.

So in the end, it should not matter whether the Dane or the Irishman thinks Italians are White or not. We would say that there are many Italians that are White, even if the odds are smaller the further south into Italy one goes. The same can be said for Spain, and even for France. The coastline regions of southern France are not without their African influences. Rather, if they each sought to maintain true White nationalism, they would readily agree that they should mate within their own general type.

With all of this in mind, Identity Christians and White Nationalists alike will learn the easy way or the hard way, that non-Whites are not people.

Non-Whites are animals who would destroy everything White and civilized just as a bear or a pack of wild hyenas would destroy a White child or an entire homestead.

Therefore Whites must become absolutely apathetic, to say the least, to any non-Whites at all. Whites should be as apathetic to the plight of jews, negros or arabs as they are to roaches in a burning building.

In this respect, Jared Taylor, David Duke, and all of the other clowns in the WN circus have made themselves no different than Al Sharpton if he were wearing whiteface. Whites should not be found competing with respect for non-Whites, while non-Whites are murdering raping and pillaging Whites at an astounding rate. Rather, Whites should be found putting non-Whites in their appropriate place, in the grave or back to the desert hell from which they came, and we do not care what happens to them. So we have no words or no bargains for non-Whites.

This also leads to the idea that somehow the non-White races are “pure”, and the only things which is pure about that idea is the bullshit. Africans were being introduced by arab merchants into India and Southeast Asia as far back as 700 BC. Sub-Saharan Africans may be heavily speciated, but there are clearly multiple distinguishable species in Africa which have been kidnapping and raping each others women for milliennia, just like the aboriginal South Americans. Asians and South Americans alike have been mixed with the blood of Whites and Africans for many centuries. Whites ha a presence in what is now China for over 3,500 years. Arabs have infected all of the islands of the South Pacific and the coasts of Asia with their polluted blood as well as their ridiculous religion. There are no “pure” Indians, and there are no “pure” chinamen. Anyone who thinks as much is absolutely stuck on stupid.