Dr. Michael Hill of the League of the South: The Current Crisis

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Dr. Michael Hill on The Current Crisis

Black Lives Matter riots, the Covid scare campaign, the supposed evidence for Biden ballot-box stuffing, all of these events certainly do seem to add up to a new Bolshevik Revolution engineered in order to force us all into a Communist global collective, something to which most Americans remain oblivious because they are educated almost entirely by the mainstream media. This evening, we have our good friend and President of the League of the South, Dr. Michael Hill, with us to discuss the current crisis facing White Americans, or more specifically, White Southerners, and what things we may be able to do about it in the future.

While there was no particular article written in preparation for this presentation, below are William Finck’s prepared notes.

The events in the unfolding results of the last election certainly seemed suspicious, to say the least. But back in mid-November, Trump lawyer Sidney Powell made sensational accusations claiming she had solid evidence of massive voter fraud, yet none of it seems to have materialized according to her claims. As early as November 5th, Florida lawyer Pam Bondi jumped out in support of Trump claiming that there was vote fraud in Pennsylvania and nothing seems to have come of it. The Texas lawsuit makes no direct claims of vote fraud, but only complains about procedures in other states, or late changes in procedures, and it seems to have little actual substance to its complaints. The Leftist media is portraying the Texas lawsuit as an admission of a lack of evidence for fraud. We all know the system is scammed, but nobody seems to be able to provide evidence to prove how we are being scammed. Democracy itself is a failure, and most people who vote aren’t even intelligent or informed enough to make such a choice in the first place. So in any event, we are never going to fix anything by voting. The circus is not worth the price of the ticket.

In 2016 there were 129 million votes cast for president. In 2020 there were 155 million votes cast for president. That is an additional 26 million votes, which amounts to a 20% increase in the number of voters in 4 years. From 2012 to 2016 the increase in voters was only about 3 million, in spite of the fact that the 2016 election seemed to arouse a much greater interest than that of 2012 and 2020. Georgia had nearly a million additional voters in 2020 than in 2016, an increase of 25%. Michigan had a half million more voters than the last election, nearly half of them being in Wayne, Oakland and Kent counties which surround the cities of Detroit and Grand Rapids. Other counties with large cities, such as Genesee (Flint) and Ingham (Lansing) counties, had markedly smaller increases. Likewise, Pennsylvania had 6.8 million voters in 2020 while there were only 5.9 million voters in 2016, an increase of nearly a million.

But as an election outsider, it would take months to analyze the raw vote data and compare it to voter registrations, population growth statistics and other demographics data before actually determining whether there could have been any systemic fraud in key counties, and much of the required data may not even be available. For example, the population of Wayne County, Michigan has shrunk 5% since 2010 while the number of those who voted for president in 2020 was 6% greater than it was in 2012. To this day, there is still debate as to whether the reported vote fraud in 1960 actually swung the results of the election in favor of John Kennedy, and the truth will never be known. The population of Fulton County Georgia grew by about 15% since 2010 while the number of voters in 2020 was 34% greater than 2012. So if there was no vote fraud, then the liberal media, negro riots and covid fear porn were very effective in getting Democratic voters to turn out, much more so than 4 years ago.

Here we are going to present a 2020 Joe Biden presidential campaign advertisement which includes commentary by Kyle Kondik from the University of Virginia’s Center for Politics, and which is about two-and-a-half minutes long. Kyle Kondik’s name is spelled with three letter K’s but he evidently cares only for the final syllable. In this campaign ad, Biden called Charlottesville the “key” to the 2020 presidential election.

In Charlottesville back in 2017 there was a torch march through the campus of the University of Virginia, but nothing was burned, no businesses were looted and no one was injured. The following day Virginia police helped to facilitate leftist violence against the rally attendants. So that led to the cancellation of the rally, and in the confusion which resulted there was one incident where perhaps a woman had died, or perhaps she was killed. But the Leftists themselves agitated that incident when they intimidated a scared young man and drove him to despair. Dwayne Dixon is just as culpable in that death as James Fields.

So while Black Lives Matter riots were burning down cities across America, and while communists in Portland and Seattle were declaring their own autonomous zones of anarchy, Joe Biden was singling out the three-year-old events at the Unite the Right rally at Charlottesville as a pivotal point for American society, featuring Michael Hill and the League of the South while clearly attempting to demonize White Americans who would stand up for their own basic rights.

However in Seattle’s CHAZ zone, there were at least 4 violent shootings resulting in multiple deaths, and Biden white-washed the situation, sympathizing with anarchist protestors who reject the rule of law. In one example, a negro named Marcel Long shot another negro, a teenager named Horace Anderson, multiple times and killed him. Now Anderson’s father-of-record has filed a $3 billion lawsuit naming Seattle, King County and the State of Washington as defendants. So negros don’t want to be burdened by law or by those who would enforce the law, they want to shoot anyone who resists them with impunity, and then they want to cash in at the White taxpayer’s expense when their criminal behavior isn’t as lucrative or did not turn out as they think it should be. Joe Biden is their president, if indeed he becomes president.

Many Democratic politicians are now openly embracing Communist sympathies. The real elephant in the room this year is the fact that the founders of the so-called Black Lives Matter movement and many of its leaders are avowed Marxists.

However, in July the U.S. Office of Special Counsel issued a special disclaimer titled Black Lives Matter and the Hatch Act, where it was decided that since "Black Lives Matter" is not a "partisan political" group, their slogans and symbols are allowed in the workplaces of federal employees, reasoning that it does not violate the Hatch Act. But of course, trained Marxists acting as subversives would have no actual care for partisan American politics, so neither would they enter the democratic political process or endorse political candidates. The Hatch Act is only concerned with the partisan politics of the system, but the negros and jews behind the Black Lives Matter want to destroy that system, and Democrats as well as Republicans are turning a blind eye to their real objectives and instead they cater to them as sycophants for the Black vote. But of course, corporate America also stands in support of these “trained Marxists”.


The following notes are adapted and abridged from a recent presentation in my commentary on the Wisdom of Solomon:

Both Black Lives Matter and also Antifa are only fronts for the imposition of global communism, by which the wicked hope to steal the wealth of the righteous and destroy Christianity forever. They hate Whites for being Christians, and they hate Whites for upholding the rule of law. Both of these movements are supported preeminently by Jewry, and then because they are supported by Jewry, they are also supported by all of the world’s international banks and corporations, by wealthy international trusts and charities, and also by many politicians, bureaucrats and government agents.

This following section of my notes was not presented in the program. It is an adaptation of something I had already presented elsewhere, in my commentary On the Wisdom of Solomon, Part 5: Portrait of the Messiah. I will include the redacted version below for the interest of our readers.

There is a Jewess named Susan Rosenberg who was a leftist militant in the 1970’s and 1980’s. She was part of an organization of leftist radicals which provided support to another militant group, called the Black Liberation Army. To accomplish that she took part in armored truck robberies, participated in the bombing of government buildings and other crimes. She was caught, tried and sentenced to 58 years in prison. But she was released in January, 2001 after serving only 16 years, when she was granted clemency by outgoing president Bill Clinton.

Today Susan Rosenberg is vice chairman of the Board of Directors of yet another leftist organization called Thousand Currents, which is a so-called “non-profit foundation” that “sponsors the fundraising and does administrative work for the Black Lives Matter Global Network” (Wikipedia). One of the primary funders of Black Lives Matter through Thousand Currents is the Kellogg Foundation, although there are many others (Influence Watch). Susan Rosenberg is a symbol of the outright collusion between leftist anarchist communists and so-called “liberal” elements in American government and international corporations. The only reason why the mainstream media ignores these connections is because they themselves are in collusion with these Marxist organizations.

Bill Clinton gave Rosenberg clemency, and she returned to the activities for which she was imprisoned in the first place, but today others do the shooting and throw the bombs on her behalf. In the 1960’s the leftist communists were radicals rioting in the streets, and today they are presidents, governors and mayors, and they sit on the boards of corporations and foundations, because they have been groomed and supported by banks and corporations to do exactly what they are now doing, fulfilling the purposes of international Jewry.

So the Kellogg Foundation, the MacArthur Foundation, the Packard Foundation, these organizations and others like them have actually funded the recent Black Lives Matters riots around the country, openly cooperating with Marxist terrorists such as Susan Rosenberg. This year, the Kellogg Foundation provided a three-year grant of $900,000 through Thousand Currents to help organize local BLM chapters.

These international trusts set up by long-dead White billionaires are being used to undermine what remains of Christian governance. The rule of law is a Christian concept, and the ultimate leftist endeavor is to eradicate it entirely, plunging us all into a New Red Terror, as our friend Dr. Hill has called it. By this we shall all suffer under leftist tyranny – if indeed they can obtain their objectives. That is the real reason for calls to “defund the police”. The Jewish-controlled “mainstream” media, almost entirely owned by international corporations, is entirely complicit with them all. For that reason, it is not reported and most Americans are oblivious as to the facts.

Southern Nationalists must not enthralled to the government – and especially to a government which has now oppressed us as Christians. We must oppose evil, and we must endeavor to uphold the laws of our God, which is the law upon which the laws of the nations of Christendom were originally based. So we must seek to uphold the concept of the rule of law, because might does not make right, and we also must also seek to defend ourselves and our people from the beasts who would destroy them.

The Black Lives Matter movement is truly a “Black Supremacy” movement, as if there could ever really be such a thing as Black supremacy. They seek to destroy White Christians, and seek to “defund the police” in order to carry on their plans for their greater war against Whites in general. So Joe Biden cries about Charlottesville and ignores Minneapolis and Kenosha as negros burn those cities to the ground. In Africa, Black supremacy determines which tribal chief may first rape a baby, and how many limbs from the corpses of rival tribes he may eat for dinner. That is how they want to remake America and all the West.

Because Blacks despise the rule of law, and they see law as a White construct, which is correct. The mere existence of laws and police are oppression to Blacks. That is why Blacks see the system itself as oppression, because the system prevents them from looting, pillaging, raping and murdering Whites without consequence. That is what they are really speaking of when they claim that there is inherent racism in the system, which is the system of law and governance originally put in place by and for White Christians. Their natural allies in this endeavor are Jews who have always sought to undermine Christianity, and the Sodomites and other criminals who comprise the majority of so-called Antifa. These are all lawless anarchists, wicked people who would kill the righteous so that they may freely partake in their own perversions.

This stage of the war on White Christians has been carried out for nearly a hundred years, and so far, the media has gotten away with characterizing it as a “crime problem”, but it is and has always been a race war all along, and virtually one-sided, where Blacks are the constant aggressors and Whites are the continual and often-unsuspecting victims. In the Middle Ages the Jews used the Moors and the Turks in their assaults on White Christian Europe, and today it is Negroes. Soon it will be Chinese and Mexicans.

A recent and related article of interest which we had hoped to cover but which we did not get to during this conversation is found at FreeFlorida.org and titled Vindication, Three Years Later.


While I did present the following information during the program, it was in a context other than I had originally planned:

In fact, it already is Mexicans. In Texas on November 9th, a Mexican Democratic legislator named Terry Meza has filed a bill designated HB196 which aims at virtually repealing the state’s “castle doctrine”. It would require property owners to flee their own homes when the homes are broken into by would-be thieves and robbers, rather than defending their property. While it is unlikely to pass the current Republican-controlled legislature, the state’s demographics are changing rapidly, and the bill reflects attitudes that may prevail in Texas one day in the near future.

Many websites, forums and blogs have posted what may be a parody of many of Meza’s remarks, but because original sources cannot be found, I would rather not repeat them as they are probably not her exact words, even if they may reflect her attitudes. One thing Meza did say, however, while commenting on a bill just submitted by another Texas Democrat, HB178 which seeks to outlaw high-capacity magazines, is that “High-capacity magazines are largely unnecessary in regards to hunting and self defense. If it takes you more than ten shots to hit the animal you’re hunting, you probably shouldn’t be hunting.” So she clearly seeks to limit the citizens’ right to defend themselves and their property.

The attitude of the bill’s proponents is that we should allow ourselves to be robbed, and simply file insurance claims. But that means that we have to settle with an insurance corporation over the value of our belongings, and we end up being robbed a second time. Furthermore, much of my property cannot be replaced by any amount of money, and I should not be forced to settle for money to replace my property.

When the BLM riots were ongoing this past Spring, the same attitude was present among the rioters, that it was okay to loot, pillage and destroy businesses because they were insured and the insurance companies would pay for the damages. This is forced corporate Marxism, since we will all be forever indebted to insurance companies as premium prices skyrocket. Many people cannot even afford homeowners’ insurance, which is often a luxury rather than a necessity. This proves that these Marxists really do not even care how insurance companies are able to pay on filed claims, and that therefore their real objective is to destroy the very concept of property rights.