Commentary on Martin Luther's On the Jews and Their Lies

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Martin Luther on the Jews, Part 3

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A discussion of Martin Luther's treatise On the Jews and Their Lies

Any Christian who does not understand the historically and Biblically verifiable truths of Jewish identity has no choice but to embrace multi-racialism and universalism, which is indeed the wide path to destruction.

Christogenea Europe - Martin Luther's Warning Against the Jews - October 19th, 2014

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This sermon will be read again with a fuller critique on an upcoming segment of our presentation of Martin Luther on the Jews now underway on Christogenea Saturdays. Of course, we cannot agree with Luther's assertions that the Jews are Israelites, and we have already offered in-depth refutations of that in our Luther series and elsewhere here at Christogenea.

A Warning Against the Jews

by Martin Luther,February, 1546

Translated by Wikisource and released into the Public Domain

Since I have been around awhile and have preached to you and, [since], I may die soon and not be able to preach to you [any longer], I will bless you with this. I have prayed that you remain diligently in the Word, which your preacher and pastor are teaching you truly by the grace of God and making you accustomed to the prayer that God would protect you from all the wise and clever that despise the doctrine of the Gospel; for they often did much harm and yet might do much more.

Worse than these, you have the Jews yet in the land, who do great harm. We want to deal with them in a Christian manner now. Offer them the Christian faith that they would accept the Messiah, who is even their cousin and has been born of their flesh and blood; and is rightly Abraham’s Seed, of which they boast. Even so, I am concerned [that] Jewish blood may no longer become diluted and impure.