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Dr. Joseph Goebbels, Our Hitler and The New Year

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William Finck and Sword Brethren present and discuss two speeches by Joseph Goebbels, Our Hitler (1933) and The New Year (1934). The example which Hitler made, which Goebbels illustrated, and some of the things which Identity Christians should learn from them and from National Socialist history in general.

Justifying the National Socialist Reaction to the Reichstag Fire, Part 1

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The notes and reference materials used for this presentation have now been posted at the Mein Kampf Project here:

Justifying the National Socialist Reaction to the Reichstag Fire, Part 1 - Threat of Communist Revolution in Germany, 1929-1933

Justifying the National Socialist Reaction to the Reichstag Fire, Part 2

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The notes and reference materials used for this presentation have now been posted at the Mein Kampf Project here:

Justifying the National Socialist Reaction to the Reichstag Fire, Part 2 - The Inevitability of the Enabling Act

Assessing the Ukraine Situation - Christogenea Internet Radio 02-28-2014

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What follows are the rough notes which were prepared and employed for this presentation. They are of course incomplete, and not all of the notes were used. I thought I should post them here nevertheless. There may be a Saxon Messenger editorial which follows. These notes were made prior to the development of certain events discussed in the program.

BRIEF Discussion of Ukranian National politics, Ukranian Presidents:

1st — Leonid Kravchuk (1991–1994): A Communist Party politician all his life, he declared Ukraine independent from the crumbling Soviet Union in 1991. The Soviet bureaucratic infrastructure was retained. Kravchuk was not a freedom-lover or an innovator, but was rather a compromise between Soviet traditionalists (conservatives) and reformers.

After leaving office, Kravchuk joined a business and political group known as Kiev Holding or the Dynamo Group. This group, led by oligarchs Viktor Medvedchuk (pro-Soviet Ukranian lawyer) and Hryhoriy Surkis (Ukranian Jew businessman and politician), is formally organized as the Social Democratic Party of Ukraine (marginalized since Orange Revolution). Despite its formal centrist/social-democratic slogans, the party is widely associated with big business, organized crime, corruption, and media bias.

The Holodomor - The Terror Famines In Ukraine

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Tonight we are going to discuss what has come to be called the Holodomor, a word which refers to the Terror Famine in the Ukraine and the genocide against Ukrainians and Germans in Ukraine which was conducted by the Bolsheviks over 12 years in the 1920's and 30's. While this topic is becoming discussed more and more in certain circles, it has not yet managed to pervade the public consciousness, which is a testament of the degree Jewish control over the media where their own claims concerning a holocaust are fervently repeated each and every day. So we do this with the purpose of lending our voice to the ever-growing choir. For this discussion, we are going to use as our primary source an article which ran in the Barnes Review in July of 1996. We will, however, include other materials and we also have plenty of our own comments.

We have only a couple of small disclaimers, however, and that is that the author seems to concede a Jewish holocaust perpetrated by Germany, however that is not truly the case. Also, he offers some quotes from some Jewish sources, as if that gives legitimacy to his assertions. That is fine, but we hope that White Europeans realize that we do not need Jews to learn about Jewish treachery. It seems that self-hating Jews are all too popular in certain White Nationalist circles, and it leads to the mistaken belief that there may actually be some good devils, which is certainly not the case.

The Other Holocaust— The Terror Famine In Ukraine

by Peter J. Lorden

[This article was first published in the July, 1996 edition of The Barnes Review.]

People talk about “the holocaust” as if there had been only one this century, and that one unique in human history. But what of the one inflicted by Josef “Stalin” Djugashvili on Ukraine?

Although Ukraine’s holocaust by famine resulted in the deaths of many more people than were ever attributed to Adolf Hitler in the “official” holocaust, and although it happened only a few years earlier, few now living have any perception of it. That’s understandable, as only one “holocaust” is taught in our schools and constantly featured in the media.

Could this be because those media are heavily influenced by people who have much to gain by promoting one while drawing a blackout curtain across the other? Is it merely by accident that obsessive promotion of the one would be diminished by extensive disclosure of the horrors and dimensions of the other?

Invading Britain: Then and Now, It Always Comes Down to Treachery! Part 1


No matter the invasion, the conquered or the conqueror, it has always been the treachery of the native kings, nobles or chieftains by which Britain was overrun by foreigners, whether they were Romans or Saxons or Normans. The same thing is true of the non-White hordes who are overrunning Britain today.