The Protocols of Satan, Part 16: Elections and Deceptions

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The Protocols of Satan, Part 16: Elections and Deceptions

Here on the heels of the latest United States Presidential election we return to our presentation of the Protocols of Satan. Perhaps we may soon know whether this latest election result was granted to provide the world with some temporary relief from the wiles of the devil, or if it is indeed another chapter in the ultimate fulfillment of the Protocols. We should seriously doubt that Satan has ceded any control over American politics, and believe instead that the devils are indeed satisfied with the outcome. George Soros had boasted on network television that Hillary Clinton would lose the popular vote, and win the electoral college. It didn’t happen. In fact, the result was precisely the opposite. But how do you know when a Jew is telling the truth? They make war by means of deception, and they feign weakness when they have the advantage. When a Jew moves his lips, he is lying, and wherever one may see a rabbi, there has already been a crime. These adages are true, and they are always true because even when a Jew appears to be telling the truth, he is doing it with pretense, and with an ulterior motive that is much more important to him than any concession to fact. Donald Trump has said a lot of things which nationalists everywhere love to hear, and the next several months will be an indication of whether or not he really meant any them, and also of how he meant them. His interpretation of his words certainly differ from that of many of his supporters.

We have also noted that during the weeks and months preceding the election, many nationalist-leaning Trump supporters practically refused to process many things which Trump had said in his speeches. After the election, when protests broke out, some were even upset that Trump called for unity, understanding that White Americans should have no unity with the types of supposed people who were protesting. However Trump has not betrayed his supporters at all. They just didn’t hear his words during the campaign. For instance, in the opening moments of his so-called Gettysburg Address speech given in October, Trump made a reference of the divisions which Abraham Lincoln faced as president, and expressed hope that he himself may heal the “divisions we are living through right now”. Like it or not, that is a call for unity amongst Americans regardless of race or regardless of any other barriers, that the divisions among the races should somehow be healed. That is the real Donald Trump, whom too many people refuse to see. So they will express surprise and betrayal over the months and years to come.

But we do realize that on this past election night the nation was saved from whatever further treachery Hillary Clinton may have had planned for it. The Clinton crime family needs to be investigated and prosecuted. In fact, If there were any justice in the world, Hillary Clinton's next concession would be given at her upcoming arraignment in federal court. So we asserted at Christogenea that if Hillary is not indicted for her crimes, then we must know that Donald Trump is complicit in letting her get away with her crimes. There is no way for him to escape soiled hands if she is not indicted. We have been criticized for saying this, but it is the law of God. In Leviticus it is explained that if a man knows that a crime has occurred, and does not testify to the matter, then he is just as guilty as the perpetrator. Trump himself had said countless times during his campaign that Hillary was a criminal, and that Hillary should be in prison. He repeatedly called the Clinton Foundation a “criminal enterprise”. Perhaps this will be our first indication as to whether he really does have the principles he displayed during the campaign, or if he and Hillary are on the same team after all. And if all of the nationalists who supported Trump do not hold him to his promises as vociferously as they supported him, then they deserve nothing more than to be oppressed by beasts and devils.

On last week’s program here at Christogenea we had Brother Ryan and Sven Longshanks, two good friends and Identity Christians with very different views of politics. I did not want to get bogged down in a debate over whether Hillary or Trump were better for us, or whether Trump’s election promises were good or bad for nationalists. Those things never should have been an issue. So that discussion continued in the Christogenea forum, where it is better off.

Rather, I had hoped to discuss possible post-election strategies to help keep nationalists, and especially Identity Christians, engaged and on message in spite of who won the election. When Trump takes office, if the memes go away then he will not be held accountable to his promises. Not that he would follow through with them on account of the memes, but people need to be constantly reminded of what is or is not followed through. And if Trump is not held accountable for his promises, what have nationalists done, except to help elect another zionist agent whom they think is better for the world than Hillary? Rather, it is in our favor to continually raise the election issues and illustrate – even exacerbate – the electoral divisions until Whites realize that some greater struggle must be fought, and that battleground will not be a ballot box.

It is obvious that in spite of all of her crimes, millions of Whites voted for Hillary. So we have created what we called The White Stupidity Index, which is a rough measure of how likely Whites are in any particular State to vote along with negros and other non-Whites. Of course, the number of Jews may be an underlying factor in some states and we could not take an accurate measure of that. I first had the idea to do something like that in 2009, after Obama was elected, and it took 8 years to get around to doing it. Some people think I am being hypocritical, for creating this White Stupidity Index while not having participated in the election, and not even having voted. But they miss the point, which is only to identify the States where Whites are most liable to side with non-Whites. When it comes time for action, we can see just where we won’t find many allies.

Our original motivation for making this index was simply to poke fun at Whites who voted for Hillary. Some of the results are surprising. For example, California has a population where only 40% of the people identify as White, yet Trump still managed to get 35% of the vote. So our White Stupidity rating for California is only 5%. Of course the real number must be at least a little higher than that, since it is certain that at least some non-Whites must have voted for Trump, but the index only claims to be a simple guideline, and not a scientific measurement. But if there is not a change in demographic trends over the next few decades, California today reflects the future of the entire nation, where Whites resorting to the ballot box do not stand a chance in hell of winning.

Now, for doing these things some friends and listeners who did engage in the political process imagine that I am being hypocritical, since I do not engage in the process. In fact, wanting to see Hillary defeated, I chose not to say very much in the months before the election, because I had nothing positive to say. But I am certainly not being hypocritical. Whether Clinton had won the election, or since Trump has won it, I have only one objective: to find a way to exploit the results and devise a message which would help to bring more of our fellow Whites to the level of understanding which we have at Christogenea, that in the end there is no political solution to our woes. That is the only real reason why I would ever want to discuss contemporary politics.

The bottom line is this: While I would never profess to know everything, or even many things, I would profess to know exactly what the Bible says about why our White race is in this current dilemma which it faces, and how we are going to get out of this dilemma, and that is what I try to do my best to expound upon every chance that I get. I also take myself and my beliefs seriously, even if all of my listeners do not. We do not know when the time of our deliverance is going to come, so the most that I can hope for is to plant seeds of awareness as to the causes and solutions for the challenges which our race faces, and hope that some of those seeds bear fruit in the future. But if I betray my own profession by engaging in worldly political endeavors, all of which are under the full control of our enemies, I will forever discredit myself.

So knowing that there is no political solution, if I were to take part in the political process I would be contradicting everything that I teach, and then I would be a hypocrite. My participation would discredit everything I have said in works like Christreich and in this series on the Protocols of Satan. Men can despise me for that, but I will certainly not despise myself. My listeners can take part in the futile endeavor of day-to-day politics, and that is their own decision. It is not just whether or not you vote, but why you vote that really matters. I will not despise them if they think that something good may come of it. If those who listen to our message chose to join me on their own volition, then I would commend them, but I will not dictate to them. So for my part, I must stay focused on the bigger picture and the absolute principle that only Christ is King. America was supposed to be a White Christian nation, citizenship and office-holding exclusively reserved to White Christians, and under those circumstances choosing a leader may be an entirely different experience, but something which we in our time have never experienced. Many people think that America is still a Christian nation, rather than a beastly oligarchy of Jewish money operating under a pretense. Therefore I do not actively condemn anyone for voting, or even for running for office, but I myself cannot take part in the process.

We can either stand on our principles before God, or seek to please men. As it says in the Proverbs, in chapter 17, “15 He who justifies the wicked, and he who condemns the righteous, both of them alike are an abomination to the LORD.” We would rather stand on our principles. If Yahweh wanted Donald Trump to win this election, even the niggers would have voted for him, and at least some of them did.

In some of our recent post-election pondering at Christogenea we also wrote that “if there are no massive post-election negro chimpouts in the cities of America, if Black Lives Matter does not riot and tear up all of their own neighborhoods, then we can be rather certain of one thing: that all along, George Soros and Black Lives Matter were in direct collaboration with the Obama administration to purposely undermine the rule of law in America. Now we will qualify this statement. We said this not because there is a chance that Soros is not purposely undermining the rule of law in America. He most certainly has, through his funding of hoodlums and degenerates as a means of destabilizing certain elements of society for his own Marxist revolutionary purposes. Rather, we said it because the Obama administration has done nothing to stop him from funding these purposely disruptive and willfully violent groups. We suspect that if Soros is not in collusion with Obama, then after Trump takes office he will test him in this same way, to see if he tolerates such demonstrations as Obama had.

Now things are getting more interesting, as the Black Lives Matter thugs have been organized into a legal foundation, funded with as much as 33 million dollars from George Soros and now with pledges of over 100 million dollars from The Ford Foundation, Borealis Philanthropy and other Marxist groups. This was reported recently in The Washington Times. This represents the next step in the globalist dialectic, to legitimize the destruction of the rule of law in America. Of course, this is all a mask for the further advancement of a more sinister agenda. For example, the Times article quoted an announcement by Borelias Philanthropy which said “The Black Lives Matter Foundation provides grants, movement building resources, and technical assistance to organizations working [to] advance the leadership and vision of young, Black, queer, feminists and immigrant leaders who are shaping and leading a national conversation about criminalization, policing and race in America.” We hope to elaborate on our opinion of these developments in future segments of this series on the Protocols.

So on the very evening of the election, anti-Trump riots had suddenly broken out in places where Hillary Clinton had the most support. The New York Times reported that the first protests took place late Tuesday, November 8th, in cities on the West Coast. One internet meme we saw in regard to these riots was a message reminding the protestors that they represent the anti-gun side. But we know that they are also hypocrites, because black thugs and Jewish progressives are all generally well-armed. But the very fact that these supposedly pro-democracy demonstrators are contesting a democratic outcome also exposes them as hypocrites. The truth is that all progressives are hypocrites, and the progressive agenda is never wound back because Whites simply do not understand its true nature.

We had hoped for massive chimpouts, but these current protests are not yet what we hope to see. That these protests were apparently organized and ready to go in advance of the election results is evident in the way that many of the placards carried by the protestors were professionally printed, and the tour buses that were found outside of protest sites as soon as they began, indicating plans that had that many of the protestors bussed in from outside the protest areas. Rather, what we hope to see in protests are repeats of the Baltimore or Ferguson riots, which were strictly along racial lines. So long as many of the current protestors appear to be White, most Whites in America will not realize the true nature of the protestors because the mainstream media will ignore the violent acts which have been committed against Whites, whether or not they were actually Trump supporters. So we will hold out in hope of seeing another Baltimore or Ferguson soon, because the only thing that seems to awaken most Whites is a good beating by these animals that the globalist Jews have deceived the world into thinking of as people.

This is one thing that the Trump candidacy has done for us. Early in his campaign, he did adopt some of the alt-right rhetoric, which means he was listening, and he still probably does although he seems to have backed off of a few things. To a great extent, he has pulled the mask off the media, he has exposed a lot of the treachery of progressive Jews and put them out into the open for the public to see, and he has greatly exacerbated the political divisions between the races. He called out the media specifically as being biased, exposed them openly, and he deserves a lot of credit for that. We can only hope that these things continue to manifest themselves before the public yawns and the roaches crawl back under the baseboard to hide for another few years. So we had hoped for massive chimpouts, but we must also ask this: do the demons who are calling the shots behind the scenes also hope for that same thing, so that they may once again manipulate Whites into a situation which allows them to accomplish some other nefarious objective? The Patriot Act was exactly such a situation, which passed because of the events of September 11th, 2000. The current demonstrations continue, but we won’t speculate on an outcome.

So in the meantime, as for our purpose here at Christogenea, we need to maintain a message that confronts both White Nationalists as well as politically minded Identity Christians and forces them to remember this moment of perceived victory in the months and years to come. The defeat of Hillary Clinton is only a temporary relief, because yet another political hope will eventually fail to deliver them. There is no political solution to our woes, yet it appears that we will have to learn that lesson the hard way once again. How many times must we go through this before so-called ‘awakened’ Whites really become awakened?

We just went through this same process not 40 years ago. Those of us who remember the Reagan campaign will also remember the mainstream media bias against the Moral Majority, the White Christian patriot groups, the citizens’ militias, Identity Christians and others who pinned much of their hopes for the future of America on a Reagan victory. In the end, nothing good came of it. The Reagan Revolution was a globalist trap and we all got caught up in it. Yet we continue in the same cycle of hope and despair to this very day.

And this is the point we have to make here: If we can clearly see and if we fully understand that the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion have indeed been fulfilled in history, and then if we see a political candidate who, regardless of what he says, is surrounded by Jews, and if we understand that the globalist Jewish plutocrats still maintain full economic control over the entire world, and then if we understand that their own stated method of rule expressly includes lying and hypocrisy, how can we imagine that these precepts of the Protocols suddenly have no effect simply because one politician says some things that our kindred people like to hear? Do we not imagine that they know how to manipulate the masses by purposely saying some things which they like to hear? Is this not an effective way to prevent counter-revolution when they feel that they may have a need to make such a prevention? Or is it not a method by which they can advance some agenda, by appealing to the people who are the intended victims of that agenda? This is what they did with Ronald Reagan, through whom they popularized globalism in the name of patriotism when the two ideas are absolutely opposed to one another. So in the end, the masses will become drunk on the temporary elixir, but Satan will still have his way.

The Protocols are real, the globalist Jews still have control over every aspect of our economic life, and therefore we cannot imagine that any politician is free of their control. Donald Trump may have a billion dollars in his piggy bank, but every one of those dollars was printed by a Jew. Until some politician changes that predicament, then all politicians are and will remain in collusion with Satan.

On this note, we shall continue our discussion of the first of the so-called Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, as they are found in the book The Protocols and World Revolution attributed to Boris Brasol, and published in Boston in 1920 by Maynard, Small & Co.

In our last discussion of Protocol No. 1 we saw the authors boast that they would resort to spreading vice among the people, so as to distract them as they slowly came to subjugate them to the rule of gold. We must note that these Protocols were not published until the early years of the twentieth century, however the Jews of Europe had already been pandering to immorality for many decades before their publication. While alcoholic beverages had always been available, with the rise of humanism their abuse seems to have become fashionable. The Jews who wrote these Protocols also boasted of the promotion of sexual promiscuity through the study of the classics, which we saw also caused the rise of neo-paganism among the scholars of Europe during the decades leading up to the Reformation. All of this was discussed here during our presentations of the early life of Martin Luther (See the series at Christogenea titled Martin Luther in Life and Death).

The Jews boasted that they spread these vices amongst the bourgeois through the offices of tutors and governesses and the clerical positions which they had so often acquired in the estates of the wealthy. Then the Jews had boasted that they would even set their own women out to corrupt the people by sexual means, knowing that the Christian women of the goyim would follow their example. So the Jews take credit for having planned the spread of vice amongst the noble classes of Europe. But in the Communist Manifesto, the Jews pretend to despise European ideals of family and marriage as being immoral. So Jews take credit for subverting the morals of the nobility in Europe in the Protocols, and condemn the corruption in the Communist Manifesto. Here is what it says concerning marriage in the Communist Manifesto: “Bourgeois marriage is in reality a system of wives in common and thus, at the most, what the Communists might possibly be reproached with, is that they desire to introduce, in substitution for a hypocritically concealed, an openly legalised community of women. For the rest, it is self-evident that the abolition of the present system of production must bring with it the abolition of the community of women springing from that system, i.e., of prostitution both public and private.” So the Jews who wrote the Manifesto despised the institution of marriage, made patently false accusations that it had an immoral character, and sought to remedy it by putting a system of open whoredom in its place. That system was later called “Womens’ Liberation” and Feminism. This is exactly the system that we have throughout the West today, so we see the Communist Manifesto has been fulfilled in this respect, and so have the Protocols.

That the Jews would encourage their own women to immorality so that they in turn get Christian women to follow along is a pattern which we are able to observe throughout history and unto this very day. For example Theda Bara, the first so-called Hollywood sex symbol who was popularly called “the vamp”, was born in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1885 to a Polish Jew named Bernard Goodman. But even before her, the Dutch Jewess Sarah Bernhardt had become famous as an actress in France. She earned her fame in her nudity, and her first career was as a prostitute.

While other American and European actresses had done nude scenes for early films, Jews had blazed the trail. In response to nudity and immorality in the early entertainment industry in America, strict censorship laws were put into place, and films were screened before they were shown publicly. There were few famous Jewish actresses during this period. However after decades of agitation, once the laws were lifted beginning in the 1950’s, the screens again became filled with sexually corrupt Jewesses, setting new limits on what actresses had to do in order to gain renown. Perhaps we shall find an appropriate point to discuss that later in these presentations.

After the boasts concerning pandering to immorality, Protocol No. 1 took an abrupt turn and began boasting about how power would be exercised in hypocrisy. Here we shall review the last paragraphs which we had discussed at length when presenting our last segment, which was part 15 of this discussion of the Protocols, nearly a month ago:

PROTOCOL NO. I, continued:

Our motto is Power and Hypocrisy. Only power can conquer in politics, especially if it is concealed in talents which are necessary to statesmen. Violence must be the principle; hypocrisy and cunning the rule of those governments which do not wish to lay down their crowns at the feet of the agents of some new power.

In this context we must consider the wars of Europe beginning with the time of Napoleon, where the Jews had achieved their emancipation. However even before that Jews, and especially Jewish usurers, operated behind the scenes to manipulate nations into war for their own gain. So Jews were responsible for the English Civil War and the related Stuart feuds which precipitated the establishment of the Bank of England, all the while taking advantage of religious differences among Christians. Jews exploited the Reformation in that same manner, weakening first the papacy, and then the nobility, while always managing to effect propaganda which turned the public in their own favor.

But in this same context we must consider the latest election riots, the Black Lives Matter riots, and all of the similar events we have seen over the last hundred and eighty years, beginning with the Abolitionist movement. But all of these are no comparison to the way in which Liberalism prevailed in the wars of Europe in the 19th and 20th centuries, many of which were wars over commerce, and Americans have not yet experienced how bad things will get if and when they finally endeavor to oppose world Jewish supremacism, which ultimately means the destruction of the White race.

The Jews always used their control of finance to effect their political aspirations, and they do that same thing to this very day. And every Christian ruler who rose up to challenge Jewish financial control has been destroyed by other Christian rulers who had conceded financial control to Jews. But in a democracy, as long as Satan is printing the money, he will never be voted out of office.

PROTOCOL NO. I, continued:

This evil is the sole means of attaining the goal of good. For this reason we must not hesitate at bribery, fraud, and treason when these can help us to reach our end. In politics it is necessary to seize the property of others without hesitation if in so doing we attain submission and power.

Our government, following the line of peaceful conquest, has the right to substitute for the horrors of war less noticeable and more efficient executions, these being necessary to keep up terror, which induces blind submission. A just but inexorable strictness is the greatest factor of governmental power. We must follow a program of violence and hypocrisy, not only for the sake of profit, but also as a duty and for the sake of victory.

The planned events of September 11th, 2000, which was actually perpetrated by the Jews, and the resulting Patriot Act are an ideal example of the very plan described here.

A doctrine based on calculation is as potent as the means employed by it. That is why not only by these very means, but by the severity of our doctrines, we shall triumph and shall enslave all governments under our super-government.

Hypocrisy is people protesting the process of democracy after voting in an election which does not go their way. Violence accompanies those protests, but only the most general acts are reported by the media, and nothing which would reveal the true anti-White and anti-Christian nature of the protests. This is the evil which Jews commit to effect circumstances which they may consider good, but which are actually all the more evil. But this is only the natural way in which the enemies of Christendom operate. Whites seem to be docile and pacified by the pretense of democracy even when things do not go as they hope or expect. But the Jews have had financial control of the United States since 1913, and have always supported both major political parties actively, a process which also virtually prevents the rise of a third party.

When White militias began asserting themselves in the 1980’s, something which is arguably a Constitutional right, the government immediately began infiltrating them and neutralizing their influence. The media was also in collusion, making public opinion against them. So we know the names of many White men who were allegedly criminals for their political persuasion, even where their supposed crimes were relatively insignificant. On the other hand, the progressives of other races who have committed crimes of violence against Whites as well as the broader society under the guise of their own political objectives are legitimized and given hundreds of millions of dollars by liberal foundations. We hope that Donald Trump is the last White man elected, because all the sooner it may be when Whites realize that their liberalism and their participation in such a democracy has invited their own destruction.

Here we will desist from commenting further on the material from the Protocols which we had already discussed, and finally commence with Protocol No. 1, from where we had left off in our last segment:

PROTOCOL NO. I, continued:

Even in olden times we shouted among the people the words "Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity." These words have been repeated so many times since by unconscious parrots, which, flocking from all sides to the bait, have ruined the prosperity of the world and true individual freedom, formerly so well protected from the pressure of the mob. The would-be clever and intelligent Goys did not discern the symbolism of the uttered words; did not notice the contradiction in the meaning and the connection between them; did not notice that there is no equality in nature; that there can be no liberty, since nature herself has established inequality of mind, character, and ability, as well as subjection to her laws.

This motto, “Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity”, had been operating in the minds of the people of Christendom for well over a hundred years before the Protocols were published, but even then the impact of these words is prodigious, and the meaning of this statement in the Protocols all that much more ominous. That is because just as much damage and more has been caused to Christian society by these false precepts over the past hundred and twenty years than in the hundred and twenty years previous, which would bring us back close to the time of the French Revolution when the motto was first popularized. This phrase is also employed as a motto by the masonic lodges of France which were most responsible for the French Revolution, it was popular by that time, and ultimately it became the official motto of France in the Third Republic. Masonry and Judaism have assured its status as an accepted formula throughout the entire world, and its precepts have been so ingrained into Western society that they cannot be questioned publicly without causing offense.

But here in the Protocols, the Jews themselves have explained that as precepts the words are false, and have only been a ploy by which the Jews have been able to undermine Christian society. Originally, the words were used to incite class warfare and the overthrow of the French nobility. When that was successful, and when the same ideals became inherent to the American Revolution for similar reasons, from that time on they have been used as a weapon against society itself. The Abolitionist movement used them to gain freedom and later, citizenship, for negroes in America. Then it was the Suffrage movement and so-called Women’s Liberation, the Equal Rights Amendment, Civil Rights, Gay Rights, Marriage Rights, Transgender Rights, and next we may expect to hear of Pedophile Rights, Child Sex Rights, Animal Sex Rights, Animal Marriage Rights, ad nauseum. In the humanist world there is no end to the perception of rights, and every perceived right destroys the liberty of another to make a moral choice according to his own conscience. Therefore people lose their businesses and livelihoods for refusing to cater to another’s so-called rights. So the Protocols have once again proven that the Jews have purposely engineered the quagmire that we find all of Christendom in today. Ostensibly, their goal is to recreate the world into an image which they prefer, so that it resembles Sodom and Gomorrah on a far greater scale.

The Jews are also correct, that the Christian men of the West did not perceive the evil which lay behind the noble-sounding precepts. As the Scripture says, all men must be subject to some higher authority, and forsaking the authority of God, men have found themselves once again subject to devils. The rule of law is no longer the rule of God’s law, but now men are enslaved to bureaucratic regulation which is the imposition of global capitalism, tools of the devil. The acceptance of egalitarianism has lowered man to the level of beast, and the Jew is the zookeeper.

We wrote about this motto at length in our book, Christreich, which we published over five years ago. While we cannot lay the groundwork for understanding here in this short space, we believe that we have laid it in our book. In essence, Revelation chapters 16 and 17 are a prophecy of this very age of Liberalism, which began in the emancipation of the Jew in the early 19th century, which in turn heralded the age of democracy – although the predicament had come a bit sooner to the British – and paved the way for the very rule of gold that the Jews boast about in the Protocols, which is the Eight Beast of the Revelation (17:11), the global banking system controlled by the Jews today. This was the same power that gave its strength to all of the great empires of the ancient world, and which is backed by the Dragon, which is a euphemism for the Jews. It has always operated in the shadows, having propped up kings and emperors to play the front men for its nefarious operations. When Christendom rejected usury, the Dragon spent a thousand years in the pit. When Christendom began to find usury acceptable, the Dragon came out of the pit and was able to once again come to rule the world NOT SHADOWS. The system that it built is called Mystery Babylon in the Bible, and its fall is found in Revelation chapter 18, where it is depicted as an economic system of global trade. We await the fulfillment of its fall today.

With that general understanding, here is what we wrote in Christreich for Revelation chapter 16, verses 13 through 16:

13 And I saw from out of the mouth of the dragon and from out of the mouth of the beast and from out of the mouth of the False Prophet three unclean spirits like frogs.

[Yahweh God does indeed have a sense of humor.] Frogs have no prior allegorical use in Scripture. They are one of the plagues in Egypt, however it is certain that the reference to frogs in the Book of Exodus must be taken literally. However one clue to this use of the word cannot be overlooked. While it is not an intention here to continually insult the French people, and they were as much the victims of circumstance in the French Revolution as were the Germans, the English and the Americans in the torments to follow, the use of the term frog to describe a Frenchman has been extant throughout the English-speaking world for over 200 years. This may be an indication as to the nature of the unclean spirits which emanate from the mouth of the false prophet.

Since writing this, and with the help of our friends in the Christogenea Forum, we have learned that there is a stronger connection of the French to frogs than we ever suspected. Evidently the original standard of Clovis, the king of France from 481 to 511 AD, consisted of three black frogs. When Clovis ascended to the throne, he converted to Catholicism, and united France under one single rule. During this time he changed the symbol of his rule from three black frogs to the famous fleur de lis, which resembled the three frogs enough that apparently the English confused the new fleur de lis for frogs. Clovis established his capital in Paris, which was known to be surrounded by vast swampy areas full of frogs. It seems that it was the French themselves, not the English, who first referred to the French as frogs. During the French Revolution in the 1790s at Versailles, a common expression was Qu'en disent les grenouilles? or What will the frogs say? The reference to frogs being a reference to the people of Paris.

So, continuing with what we had written in Christreich:

A lot of argument, rational or emotional, can be made concerning which isms or which philosophies these three unclean frogs represent. However all of the philosophies promoted and forced into our Christian society by our enemies can be summarized in and have been cloaked by the supposed ideals of the French Revolution found in the slogan, Liberté, égalité, fraternité, which is still the national motto of France today. Through these ideals have gone out all of the Jewish ideas into the world, the ideas of liberty and freedom and equality and brotherhood which are contrary to the covenant relationship which Christians have with their God. Christians are not supposed to be free. They are supposed to be servants of Christ, and keep His commandments. Christians do not have equality. Wives and children are supposed to be subject to their husbands and fathers (Ephesians 5:21-33, 1 Peter 3:1-5), and each of us has an unequal portion in the diverse gifts of God (1 Corinthians 12, Matthew 25:15). Christians are supposed to have brotherhood only with those of their kin who are Christians, and are to have no community or fellowship whatsoever with non-Christians (i.e. 2 John 9-11). The Jewish ideals of liberty, equality and fraternity are ideals which led to the decline of Christian society into the cesspool of human licentiousness. All of the cries for diversity, racial equality, sexual liberation, and every other philosophy detrimental to sound Christian society which has been made these past 200 years have been based upon these Jewish ideals, and Jews have been their chief instigators and promoters.

Then to continue by quoting Revelation 16:14-16:

14 For they are the spirits of demons making signs, which go out to the kings of the whole inhabited earth to gather them to the battle of the great day of Yahweh the Almighty. 15 “Behold! I come as a thief! Blessed is he being alert and keeping his garments, that he would not walk naked and they would see his shame!” 16 And He gathered them into the place called in Hebrew “Harmagedon”.

An ar, or har, is a mountain, and Megiddo means place of crowds. The events described here can be paralleled to the events described in Ezekiel chapter 38. All of the alien nations of the world are gathered to battle against the people of God. While an actual military invasion cannot be precluded, this situation has been transpiring for at least 50 years now, since the 1960's when the Christian nations had begun to be overrun with massive non-European immigration by all of the world's other races, the beasts of Jeremiah 31:27, and also of Isaiah 56:9. This situation is described as culminating in Revelation chapter 19 and [was] discussed at length [in our book in the appropriate chapter].

It is based on the ideas of liberty, equality and fraternity that the immigrant floods have been ushered into every Western nation. It is not a coincidence that the final Christian battle is to be fought in the place of crowds, and the camp of the saints – who are the White Christian people of the world – is being overrun with alien crowds in the name of these false precepts. The Jews have their plan for our destruction, but God has revealed to us His Own plan for His ultimate victory over the devil, and for our encouragement and comfort in these trying times. In the end, Satan shall not prevail.

It is interesting, that elements of the so-called alt-right movement have chosen a frog for their symbol. Inferences can be drawn for good or for bad, but I could not resist mentioning it here. In any event, hearing this they should hopefully be interested in what we have to say. Continuing with the Protocols where they continue explaining the stated effect of the motto of “Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity” among the people:

PROTOCOL NO. I, continued:

They did not reason that the power of the mob is blind; that the upstarts selected for government are just as blind in politics as is the mob itself, whereas the initiated man, even though a fool, is capable of ruling, while the uninitiated, although a genius, will understand nothing of politics. All this has been overlooked by the Goys.

Meanwhile dynastic government has been based upon this, that the father passed to his son the knowledge of the course of political evolution, so that nobody except the members of the dynasty could possess this knowledge, and no one could disclose the secrets to the governed people. In the course of time the meaning of the dynastic transmission of the true understanding of politics has been lost, thus contributing to the success of our cause.

As we had explained earlier in this presentation of Protocol No. 1, throughout history the men of the noble and ruling families were educated from childhood to be rulers. Just as in any traditional Medieval family, the father groomed his eldest son to take his place in the family occupation, of whatever estate it was that the family held. So princes acquired all of the information they would need to be good rulers through their fathers and through the classical education which they would receive from tutors, for better or worse. But democratically-elected politicians from among the people have no experience in government, and are not educated for governance. And as the Protocols assert, even a man who is a genius can only tackle with difficulty the sudden acquisition of a task for which he was never trained. For that reason, in the formative years of the modern democracies especially, many serious mistakes were made. For instance, the American founders wrote a constitution by which a group of like-minded men may find common grounds for cooperation. But that same document did not defend the government it created from the devils who crept in later in order to subvert that government, using the very ideals which the document had espoused in order to do so. They did not even manage to hold onto the meaning of the word posterity for more than a couple of generations. And uneducated voters are every bit as dangerous as under-educated politicians.

PROTOCOL NO. I, continued:

In all parts of the world the words "Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity" have brought whole legions into our ranks through our blind agents, carrying our banners with delight. Meanwhile these words were worms which ruined the prosperity of the GOYS, everywhere destroying peace, quiet, and solidarity, undermining all the foundations of their states. You will see subsequently that this aided our triumph, for it also gave us, among other things, the opportunity to grasp the trump card, the abolition of privileges; in other words, the very essence of the aristocracy of the Goys, which was the only protection of peoples and countries against us.

The privileges of the nobility were sometimes abused. However the privileges of the nobility allowed them to defend their respective nations against the Jew, so the Jew had to destroy the means of defense in order to subvert the nations. The breakdown of the privileges, for which the Jews exploited the lower classes, often meant the transfer of real property from the noble families into the hands of the usurers, and paved the way for the establishment of capitalism and speculation, removing the control of the land and its resources from the rulers of the people. The Jews themselves inform us of the result as the Protocols proceed:

PROTOCOL NO. I, continued:

On the ruins of natural and hereditary aristocracy we built an aristocracy of our intellectual class—the money aristocracy. We have established this new aristocracy on the qualification of wealth, which is dependent upon us, and also upon science, which is promoted by our wise men.

As the Protocols described earlier in Protocol No. 1, Liberalism was purposely promoted among Christians by the Jews so that eventually a Jewish aristocracy of money could replace the Christian aristocracy of birth, and the result is written all over the faces of the European nobility today, especially on those of the British who have heavily intermarried with the Jews.

This “science” mentioned here in the Protocols began as the promotion of the Kabbalah among the scholars of Europe, beginning with Johann Reuchlin and John Dee. This is one reason why we spent so much time with the accounts of Reuchlin and Dee earlier this year, so that we could understand both the validity and the implications of statements such as this found in the Protocols.

The Jews came to control science through the fascination of non-Jews with the Kabbalah. Today, it is safe to assert that much theoretical so-called science has its origins in the Kabbalah and in ancient paganism, which has been expressed in modern, technical terms. This is true of the theory of the beginnings of life, or evolution, and it is true of the so-called Big Bang Theory, which is little but Kabbalistic nonsense.

One function of Jewish science is to maintain the power and presumed moral authority of Jewish money. The two work together to create a new religion in which the Jew can have moral legitimacy, and can further spread his false mantras of liberty, equality and fraternity, the three unclean spirits of the Jewish world order. It is not a mistake, that the Roman Church, the mainstream Judaized denominations, all governments, all corporations, and all educational institutions preach these mantras without ever questioning them, and unanimously condemn all of those who would question them. Where the Protocols continue, the Jews admit that they have already won control of the world based on these false mantras:

PROTOCOL NO. I, continued:

Our triumph was also made easier because, through our connections with people who were indispensable to us, we always played upon the most sensitive chords of the human mind, namely, greed, and the insatiable selfish desires of man. Each of these human weaknesses taken separately is capable of killing initiative and of placing the will of the people at the disposal of the buyer of their activities.

Abstract liberty offered the opportunity for convincing the masses that government is nothing but the manager representing the owner of the country, namely, the people, and that this manager can be discarded like a pair of worn-out gloves.

The fact that the representatives of the nation can be deposed, delivers them into our power and practically places their appointment in our hands.

There is no better example of this Jewish boast than what had happened to the family of Czar Nicholas II of Russia, only 12 years after Sergei Nilus first published his warnings and the text of the Protocols in Russian. Following that, the Jews indeed took over the entire Russian government, and appointed its rulers ever since. But we cannot imagine that this is not also true throughout the West. Indeed it is true. The Jews who control the wealth of every Western nation have chosen the governors of those nations, even under the guise of democracy, and there are no exceptions.

The apostle Peter spoke of the liberty offered by the Jews where he said in his second epistle that “While they promise them liberty, they themselves are the servants of corruption: for of whom a man is overcome, of the same is he brought in bondage.”

So long as any elected president accepts the Jewish concepts of liberty, equality and fraternity, we as a nation will remain in bondage because that president has also accepted Jewish hegemony. The same is true of every White nation. We cannot heal the cancer infesting the West with votes or with any other elixir. The entire beast must be torn down and destroyed, so that the path is cleared for the Kingdom of Heaven. We hope to elaborate on that more in the future, but we have been speaking about it for many years here already. The only solution is the final solution. The sooner all Whites accept that, the better off we shall all be.

This concludes our presentation of Protocol No. 1, The Basic Doctrine. We will continue our series next week with the second of the Protocols.

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