The Widening Gulf and the Tolerance of Evil, with Dr. Michael Hill

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This essay was expanded and presented in full in December, 2022 here: The Widening Gulf and the Tolerance of Evil

The Widening Gulf and the Tolerance of Evil

The idea that a nation could be both great and immoral is primarily a Jewish conception which has been pushed upon us in the name of liberalism. But such a nation cannot endure. There cannot be a great society which fosters immorality. It will no longer be great but rather it shall destroy itself in its sin. Rome and Sodom, as well as Weimar Germany, all stand as signal historical examples of this very phenomenon. Immorality is satanic and it has destroyed every nation which has ever experimented with attempts to give it any legitimacy. When those enemies of our God want to destroy a nation, they begin by promoting immorality, and that is precisely what they have done in America. They are the historic purveyors of usury, gambling, prostitution, sodomy, miscegenation, pornography, other sorts of vain entertainment and every other sin on account of which we as a people have fallen.

Perhaps until only recently, the values of most Southerners had not changed. In an article titled The Great Divide Dr. Hill had contrasted American and Southern and expressed many of our sentiments here from a different perspective. One important point he had made is that so-called “American values” are not definable, so America really has no values of its own. We would wholeheartedly agree. Original American values are found in the constitutions and laws of the various States, which sometimes differed from one another in varying degrees. A government can only reflect the values of its people, and now there is such a disparity among the values of its people that it can not stand.

One of the several position papers which attracted me to the League of the South is titled The League and Theocracy. In that paper it is explained that: “By a theocracy, we do not mean a government run by pastors and priests… Rather, a theocracy is a government ruled by the… God of the Bible… More precisely, it is a government whose code of law is firmly grounded in the law of the Bible.” Then just as importantly, it is stated that “All law is ultimately ‘religious’ in nature. Some ultimate standard of morality and ethics is the basis of all law.” This is absolutely true. But sadly most people seem to be oblivious to this truth. They must ask themselves, if the laws of our nation or community are not the laws of our God, then whose laws are they? The laws of man are arbitrary, but the laws of God are eternal.

That leads to the realization of another problem and another reason why we cannot save America. The Northeast and the West Coast states are populated with tens of millions of perverts, many which are now leaching into the Christian states of the South, Midwest and Rocky Mountain areas. We cannot live with these perverts, as we cannot tolerate their evil. We must not seek their peace. If we desire to please our God, if we wish to see His blessings upon our race, then we must separate ourselves from these people and do our best to live in a manner which is compliant with His laws.

Sadly, such perverts are actually now all over the cities of the South, and due to the effects of the media and entertainment industry which emanates from the coasts, many of them are now homegrown. On recent trips to South Carolina and Tennessee, I was actually surprised by the number of Sodomites and lesbians and other perverts that we had seen.

Nothing better exemplifies the widening gulf between the righteous and the wicked in this country than the recent Supreme Court draft decision leak in the Dobbs vs. Jackson case, which revealed a majority opinion that, if it is maintained, would overturn Roe vs Wade and more recent cases supporting so-called abortion rights. It is my opinion that if the ruling becomes official, as it is written it could also overturn federally mandated Sodomite marriage and other immoral laws which have been forced upon unwilling States. Then if that does indeed happen, there may be an exodus of leftists from half of the States in the empire. The Left has been in a panic since this leak, and they have said some incredible things. Many Leftists have even threatened violence and made statements which should further alienate them from most normal people, but most of those things go unreported in mass media.

We all know that White Christians are being demonized by society, and that White Christians who realize that there is something unique about our race and our civilization which is worth preserving and who dare to make that profession are publicly flogged and excommunicated from the general society. This situation has persisted for at least forty years. Most of us probably know of the groups who are behind that agenda. But many of us do not know the true reason as to why we suffer thusly. The entire media and most of so-called Big Tech are clearly on the side of the Leftists. Even Fox News, which is generally but mistakenly viewed as having a conservative editorial bias, has recently promoted the celebration of Sodomy in June.

Another example of the widening gulf is media treatment of Doug Mastriano, a retired Army colonel and Pennsylvania State Senator who recently won the Republican primary for the office of governor in that state. Mastriano is overtly labeled as a “far right politician” by Wikipedia, and Google features that statement in search results for his name. Scratching the surface, it is apparent that Mastriano is smeared with the “far right” label only because he seeks to keep male Sodomites out of women's’ sports, because he supports Donald Trump, and because he has recognized and campaigned against the blatant election corruption in the state.

More and more, mainstream denominational Christians are publicly scorned and slandered as “far right” and even as Nazis by leftists and in the media. The gulf between average Christians, or even merely average citizens, is widening daily. While both Christianity and Scripture as a whole have traditionally protected the unborn child, countless Jews have publicly declared that overturning Roe vs. Wade would violate their religious freedoms, something which is absolutely contrary to Scripture. The wicked often disguise themselves as angels of light, but they are only agents of darkness. Never being able to maintain the moral high ground which they so audaciously claim to inhabit, wherever the wicked are dominant the end result is always the imposition of tyranny.

As this is written, a relatively new brewery and pub in Lititz Pennsylvania, called Tied House, is currently being assailed for hosting an upcoming event organized by a local pastor and a local publisher, which intends to explore whether Pennsylvania should be an explicitly Christian State. The brewery is already being threatened with boycotts and some local pubs have stopped carrying its beer. Yet Pennsylvania was first founded as a Christian colony, its laws were based solely on Biblical law, and its first legislative act, in 1682, was intended “to make and establish such laws as shall best preserve true Christian and civil liberty, in opposition to all unchristian, licentious, and unjust practices, whereby God may have his due, Caesar his due, and the people their due, from tyranny and oppression.” But the average Pennsylvanian never learns this in school.

These last hundred and fifty years have seen the center of the political spectrum make a significant shift to the left. Before the late 19th century, most Christian men would never have accepted women’s suffrage or so-called women’s liberation. The proposed Equal Rights Amendment to the Constitution, which is purported to remove all differences between the sexes in law, was so controversial when it was introduced in 1923 that it was never passed until 1972, and it still has not been properly ratified by the States. In spite of that, many of its provisions have been legislated by either the State or Federal governments in other ways. Before the 19th century, feminist societies were a rare exception, and now today nearly all nations on earth are feminist. Feminism is a sin, as it weakens the natural structure of the family and it violates the order of Creation as it was ordained by God and upheld in the New Testament.

The so-called “conservatives” of any party have slowly and incrementally accepted the communist agenda to destroy Christian society. Political conservatism has never conserved anything in America.

The door to other sins has been opened not only in Roe vs. Wade, but in the general acceptance of things such as no-fault divorce, or the acceptance of Sodomy, which was at one time outlawed by most of the States, or especially in the forced acceptance of mixed-race marriages with the Loving vs. Virginia ruling by the Supreme Court in 1967. Most people today are oblivious to the fact that mixed-race marriages were illegal in all but seven States at one time or another up to 1887, and they remained illegal in 32 States until at least 1948. But in 1967, 16 remaining States – all of them in the South except Delaware – were forced to permit fornication, which is mixed-race marriages. Maryland was one of the 16 other States which changed its laws shortly before that time.

During this same period, Christian churches have become more and more accepting of all of these sins, while at the same time government has become more and more oppressive and intrusive in the lives of men. From 1899 to 1901 acts of Congress entered into law (Volume 31) contained 2208 pages. From 1950 to 1951 (Volume 64) they totaled 3187 pages. From 2013 to 2014 they totaled nearly 6000 pages (Volumes 127 and 128). Federal spending is now over 9,000 times greater than it was in 1901.

The actual meaning of Paul’s words in Romans chapter 13 have long been obscured by men, either ministers, priests, theologians or translators of Scripture, who work under government license or commission and who have thereby been compelled to comply with their governments, whether they were represented by kings, popes or IRS agents. In essence, in that chapter of Romans, Paul of Tarsus explains that government, and especially tyrannical government, is a punishment from God. He wrote those words while he himself was a citizen of the tyrannical Roman government.

1 Every soul must be subject to more powerful authorities. Since there is no authority except from God, then those who are, by God are they appointed. 2 Consequently, one opposing the authority has opposed the ordinance of God, and they who are in opposition will themselves receive judgment. 3 For rulers are not a terror to good work, but to evil. Now do you desire to not be fearful of the authority? Practice good, and you will have approval from it; 4 a servant of God is to you for good. But if you practice evil, be fearful; for not without purpose will he bear the sword, indeed a servant of God is an avenger with wrath to he who has practiced evil.

But Paul is not telling Christians that they must obey a wicked government. Rather, to Paul good is obedience to God, and not to government. Christ Himself agrees with Paul, where some of his followers had complained that Pontius Pilate unjustly killed some of the Galilaeans, and, as it is recorded in Luke chapter 13, He said in response “Suppose ye that these Galilaeans were sinners above all the Galilaeans, because they suffered such things? 3 I tell you, Nay: but, except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish.”

Tyrannical government is a punishment from God for sin. Paul began that epistle to the Romans by describing to them the sins from which their nation was suffering, and those sins included idolatry, Sodomy and lesbianism, all of which are also a plague upon us today. But often men suffer not because they themselves are grievous sinners. Rather, men suffer when they fail to take a stand against sin. At one time in our history, not too long ago, committing sins such as adultery, fornication or Sodomy would get a man killed, or at least punished severely and put out of his community permanently. Now, after a hundred or so years of being programmed with television and movies, the entertainments of the devil, tolerating such evils has become the norm, and over that same time our government has become increasingly oppressive. Now rather than punish Sodomites, the government defends them even as they groom our children to be Sodomites along with them. This is not a coincidence.

In the Wisdom of Solomon, a brilliant and inspired book which should certainly have been included in our Bibles, the opening chapters describe wicked individuals who aspire to rule by their own law, by the strength of their own hand. They oppress and even kill the righteous who oppose them, because the ways of the righteous are intractable to them. They turn their backs on their own people and favor and marry women of other races, breeding children which the book itself identifies as bastards. Throughout the work, the sins of the wicked become progressively worse, fornication – the form of it which is called race-mixing today, adultery, sodomy, murder and theft become their way of life until in the closing chapters their fate is described as that of Sodom and Egypt.

In the Revelation of Jesus Christ, in chapter 11, we see that those who would kill His witnesses, and who would then rejoice over their dead bodies, are also likened to Sodom and Egypt, and it is they who bear the mark of the beast – another poorly understood phrase of which opportunists and sensationalists take advantage for their own profit. This is the same position in which we find America today. The leftists rejoice every time harm comes to someone who would stand up for the laws of God. They rejoice every time they triumph over morality. They rejoice every time one of their perversions is forced on the general society, usually through legislation whereby it is forced on society.

In the Old Testament, the ancient children of Israel – our ancestors – were granted liberty when they did well and kept themselves from sin. But they were oppressed by the other races or by tyrants when they did sin, or when they tolerated sin. Ultimately they had also destroyed themselves in sin. In the closing verses of Romans chapter 1 Paul of Tarsus provided a list of grievous sins and explained that not only are those who commit such things worthy of death, but also those who approve of the people who commit them. There is no victory over oppression for a sinful people, and simply because men deny God altogether that is not going to absolve them of their sin. They are ultimately going to die like Sodom and Egypt, and there is no avoiding that fate.

The only way that White Christians can free themselves from tyranny, either in life or in death, is to resist and oppose evil. But implicit racism is not sufficient to keep a nation holy, and implicit disdain for sins such as adultery, Sodomy or fornication is not sufficient to keep a nation moral, so the tolerance of evil has actually facilitated the spread of evil throughout our modern society. Like it or not, the gulf between the righteous and the wicked will continue to widen, and all White men and women, but especially Christians, are going to be forced to one side of the widening gulf or the other.

Because evil has generally not been explicitly and publicly opposed these last forty years, the American empire has gradually adopted policies which are explicitly contrary to the preservation of White Christians and they are now coming to fruition. Now the empire actively supports and protects the wicked, as we have seen recently in Coeur d’Alene in Idaho, where the police protected an exhibition meant to present Sodomy to children.

We do not want to reform America, we do not want to take it back, only to see the same mistakes of Liberalism repeated once again. We know that America cannot be reformed, and that fact is professed throughout League of the South literature. So we wait for it to crumble, and we hope to help it crumble by adjuring the realm and advocating for secession. As Christians, we have a greater assurance in the imminent fall of Mystery Babylon than we do under this tyrannical government. But the only avenue by which we shall enjoy that assurance is to conduct ourselves as Christians because in the end, God will not be mocked.

In the meantime we can only pray that more of our own people awaken to this realization. So we must also pray for repentance, because even repentance is a gift from God. From the words of Paul of Tarsus in 2 Corinthians chapter 7, where Paul spoke of their own tolerance of a certain fornicator within their community: “9 Now I rejoice, not because you have been grieved, rather because you have been grieved into repentance; for you had been grieved by God, in order that in nothing have you been damaged by us. 10 For that grief which is by God accomplishes repentance for a preservation not to be regretted, but the grief of the world accomplishes death.”

Then because we ourselves may be the vehicles through which they are awakened, when we pray we must also pray for courage, as Paul also made an example of himself where he was about to face the emperor Nero and therefore he wrote in the closing verses of his epistle to the Ephesians, asking them to pray: “19 … on my behalf in order that speech may be given to me in the opening of my mouth with freespokenness to make known the mystery of the Gospel, 20 for which I am an apostle in chains, that in them I may speak freely as it is necessary for me to speak.” Now the mystery of the gospel is no longer a mystery, as Paul had also taught his readers. When Christians repent of their sins, and cease from tolerating the sins of the wicked, only then shall their God act on their behalf and avenge them.

We have all heard the popular slogan of the Confederacy, Deo Vindice, which is God Vindicates, and He does. But He frequently uses His people, those of them who are obedient to His Word, as the tool by which He executes that vindication. Thus Paul had also written in relation to the repentance of the Corinthians that by “bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ” only then could they find themselves “in a readiness to revenge all disobedience, when your obedience is fulfilled.”

Praise Yahweh, the God of Israel, and may He bless our just endeavors.

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