Adolf Hitler's November 8th, 1940 Munich March Memorial Speech in the Löwenbräukeller - 2013-03-09

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The text to this speech along with a short audio segment of the original from Hitler himself, is found here: The Mein Kampf Project at Adolf Hitler – speech in the Löwenbräukeller ( more Churchill)


Due to technical difficulties, if indeed they are merely technical, this program did not air on Talkshoe. None of the brethren who operate the Talkshoe board for these programs were able to get into the Talkshoe website this evening to manage the program. In past months, I alone have had this problem, but this is the first time that it has affected the entire Talkshoe program itself.

Christogenea has 4, and soon 5, of its own internet streaming radio servers (there is already potential for 7 such servers). We have our own chat room on the website, and we also have our own voice/chat server where we can easily simulcast these programs. We certainly do not need Talkshoe to operate, but for several reasons we also hate to abandon it, relinquishing our presence there to the glee of our enemies.

Therefore on Friday, March 15th, and Saturday, March 16th, we will again schedule our programs at Talkshoe, and as always they will be simulcast here. Next weekend, we will simulcast our broadcast on all of the Christogenea streams. If we cannot work with Talkshoe, the program will run as scheduled on Christogenea alone.

Thank you, and praise Yahweh!

William Finck