Another End Times Update

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An End Times Update: William Finck surveys the prospects for the anticipated Fall of Babylon, review some of the relevant Scriptures, and discuss the changes in circumstances and attitudes on the political, economic and social landscape in America since the topic was covered in depth here in the Beginnings and Ends series last June.

In the photos below is a "family" I had spoken about during the later portion of the podcast. This is in a pub at Panama City Beach. There are two middle-aged White men and a woman, all apparently in their early 60's, and they were sitting comfortably with two younger males who were apparently in their mid-to-late 20's, or perhaps a little older. One was evidently some sort of Middle Eastern or Indo-Pakistani origin, and the other was either Southeast Asian or perhaps some indigenous Plains Indian. The group interacted as a family. The woman standing near the table is taking pictures with her phone. The "street shitter" on the left has some sort of disability and was helped to the bathroom by the woman and the prarie nigger. While. of course, "families" such as this are not entirely typical, here in Panama City Beach, because there are year-round vacationers from all over the country, we see a large number of middle-aged people with alien "children" in their company, and a larger number of miscegenating young adults.