The Arab Question, Part 4

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The Arab Question, Part 4

Today we are going to present Part 4 of our series on The Arab Question. So far we hope to have sufficiently explained the historical blood connections between Jews and Arabs as they are both descended from the ancient Canaanites mixed with other groups of both White Adamic and non-White, non-Adamic origin, and also how Jews and Arabs had significantly contributed to the formation of the modern Hispanics, by mingling with the Spanish and Portuguese of the Iberian peninsula for seven hundred years during the Islamic conquest, and then later migrating along with them into the Americas. After the Reconquista and the expulsion of Islam from Iberia, those of Arab blood who remained were compelled to forsake Islam in favor of the Roman Catholic Church. The practice of Judaism being persecuted under Spanish and Portuguese rule, many of these Jews who fled the Inquisition in Europe were later forced to hide or abandon the practice of their religion in the New World. One good case to study in this regard is that of Maria Nunez, who was both a Cuban Mulatto and a crypto-Jew. She was married to her own uncle, another crypto-Jew, and was accused of Judaizing and brought before a tribunal of the Inquisition in Mexico in 1651. With this presentation, I will attach an academic paper describing her case, titled María Nuñez: A Cuban Mulatto before the Mexican Inquisition and the Familial Ties of Dispersed Crypto Jews in the 17th Century.

In the Spanish and Portuguese colonies, true Iberians, Iberian Arabs, crypto-Jews, converso-Jews and the conquered natives have all freely mingled for centuries, and essentially the result is that Hispanics are not much different from Jews and Arabs, and they should all be treated as such by White Christians. Original Spaniards looked no different than other Celts, such as the Irish or the Britons. Some Spaniards still look like Celts. Now we shall begin to elucidate the Jewish and Arab connections to another group, which is the Mexicans. While there certainly is a degree of indigenous so-called Indian blood in the Hispanics, and probably more in many Mexicans, many Mexicans are also mixed with Jewish and Arab blood which was brought to the Americas on the ships and within the ranks of the Conquistadors. There is also a negro element within both groups, as African slaves were assimilated into them as well, but that is not the focus of this discussion.

We read in an article on the Sephardim from the Jewish Virtual Library: “Some Marranos had settled in Portugal and eventually moved to Holland, where they were allowed to outwardly practice Judaism. Many settled in Western Europe and moved to the Americas. Marranos who settled in Latin America continued practicing crypto-Judaism for many years because Spain began an inquisition in its New World colonies. Fear of persecution led Crypto-Jews to settle in remote villages. Today, descendants of crypto-Jews can be found in Colorado and New Mexico.” That is actually a rather candid admission on the part of the Jewish Virtual Library. But that does not mean that all the Jews moved to Colorado and New Mexico, but rather it only shows how far they were able to spread, by intermingling themselves with the natives.

Concerning the Mexican connection to Jews and Arabs, aside from the paper by Clifton Emahiser that we are about to present, which is Mexicans Traced to Cain (Son of Satan) and which Clifton finalized in January of 2008, there were also a collection of unfinished papers on this subject which I have found in his files. Among these are Mexican War History and Mexicans and Their Multi-Racial Origin, which are also both dated from January of 2008, Mexicans Violate Treaties of 1848 & 1854 from February of that same year, and a later edition of the same from August of 2013. Then there is Mexican Canaanite & Cain Interrelationship from July 2011, and finally an undated and not-quite-complete list of Mexican Indian Tribe Names, part of which is incorporated into this paper which we will present this evening. Some of these seem to have been early precursors to this paper, but often, Clifton found a piece of evidence or something offering a new perspective on a topic that he had already treated, and he began a new paper without getting a chance, or perhaps without having the inspiration, to go back and finish it. So perhaps we shall cite some of these unpublished articles before this series concludes.

If I remember correctly, the reason why Clifton picked up this subject so suddenly and so profusely near the end of 2007 was a relationship which a friend of his had with a certain woman. The woman had children with a Mexican to whom she had formerly been married… or at least, with whom she had been fornicating. Clifton, often attending gatherings with his friend and others, and was bothered with the occasional presence of what he had appropriately called “sewer people”, and he wanted to educate his friend on the true identity of Mexicans. There are many white-looking Cubans or Mexicans whom even some Identity Christians imagine may be White, since they may possibly pass as White brunettes, when in all likelihood they certainly are not White. [One good example of this is the contemporary actor William Levy, who is a Cuban Jew who looks White. Another is the Mexican actress Kate del Castillo] After 700 years of mingling between Iberians and Arabs in Spain and Portugal, and an overlapping 700 years of mingling between Jews, Iberians, Arab-Iberians, native Indians and negros in the Americas, it is not at all likely that even the whitest-looking Hispanics are truly White. Sometimes I hear the protest that the “upper class” of Spaniards in the New World had preserved itself. They may have escaped mingling with natives and negros, but the Jews and the crypto-Jews have historically had the most success inter-marrying with this class, as we see in the modern history of all of the nations of Europe as well as the metropolitan areas of North America. It was not any different in Havana and Mexico City than it was in Berlin, Amsterdam and London.

In my own experience, many Identity Christians are too tolerant of Mexicans even when they have proper Christian attitudes towards Jews, Arabs, Negros and other aliens. This is especially true in areas such as the American Southwest where Mexicans have been present for a long time, and are often so thoroughly Americanized, that Whites have been inculcated into believing that they are just another flavor of European-descended Americans. Here in Florida, the same thing can be said for Cubans. But neither Mexicans nor Cubans are White, and both groups are more closely related to Jews and Arabs.

Four months after Mexicans Traced to Cain was published, Clifton published a follow-up paper titled The Words Mestizo And Ladino, in May of 2008. We will touch on that subject this evening, and treat it in a later presentation in this series. In relation to this subject of Mexicans being partly descended from Jews, there are also articles from other sources which I have reproduced on Clifton’s website which provide corroborating evidence for his assertions here. Among these are New genetic evidence links Spanish Americans of Southwest to Jews, which was originally published by the Jewish Telegraphic Agency in September of 2011, and an earlier article titled The Secret of San Luis Valley, which connected certain Mexican families in Colorado to Jews through their genetics, and which was published in the Smithsonian magazine in October, 2008. These I also hope to discuss before this series on The Arab Question concludes. For now, we shall present and discuss:

Mexicans Traced to Cain (SON OF SATAN) by Clifton Emahiser

Right away, someone is going to object, citing two reasons, (1) that all of Cain’s descendants were drowned in Noah’s flood, and (2) that Genesis 4:1 says that Adam was Cain’s father. As for Adam being Cain’s father, Genesis 4:1 is known to be a corrupt passage, and nothing can be proved by quoting it. As for all of Cain’s descendants being drowned in Noah’s flood, Scripture makes it quite clear that they were not.

All we need to do is go to Genesis 15:19-21 where it states: “19 The Kenites, and the Kenizzites, and the Kadmonites, 20 And the Hittites, and the Perizzites, and the Rephaims, 21 And the Amorites, and the Canaanites, and the Girgashites, and the Jebusites.” The first mentioned of these ten nations are the Kenites, and Strong assigns them the numbers 7017 and 7014 thusly: Strong’s #7017 is: “Qênîy ... or ... Qînîy ... patronymic from 7014; a Kenite or member of the tribe of Kajin:– Kenite.” And 7014 is: “Qayin ... Kajin, the name of the first child ...:– Cain, Kenite(-s).” The timing for this chapter is contemporary with Yahweh’s first appearance to Abram (Abraham) to give to him an inheritance. This would have been several hundred years after Noah’s flood, and Cain’s descendants were still alive and kicking.

Actually, according to the better Septuagint chronology which Clifton himself had favored, this was at least thirteen hundred years after Noah’s flood. According to several passages in 1 Samuel the Kenites were still around in significant numbers in the time of David, and the Rephaim, the children or sons of the giant, are still extent as late as 1 Chronicles chapter 20.

So the first premise in Clifton’s paper is merely to show that Kenites, or descendants of Cain, still exist even today, as they certainly also existed in Palestine at the time of Christ. This is established in John chapter 8, and in Luke chapter 11, where on each occasion and in different ways Christ actually informed His adversaries that they were physically descended from Cain. Ostensibly, Clifton started in this manner in order to alert his Christian Identity readers, those who should understand the consequences, also understand the gravity of this matter. Now he continues:

With this paper, we’ll demonstrate that the mexicans of today are an arab people, therefore it will be necessary to study the many origins of the arabs. Also, the bad-fig-jews are an arab people, and it will be through the jews that we will be able to trace the mexicans back to Cain, who was the offspring of Eve fathered by Satan. Let’s now get started:

From the 1980 Collier’s Encyclopedia, volume 2, page 398, under the topic “Arabs”, we read the following: “The people of the Arab world have no single origin. Although Arab culture was associated in early times with the Arabian Peninsula, over the centuries many different peoples have become Arabized through adoption of the Arabic language and other features of Arab culture. For nearly all Arabization was through Islam, the major religion of the Arab world. The Arabs are as diverse physically as they are in ethnic origin. There is no Arab ‘racial type.’ Some Arabs do fit the stereotyped picture, lean and ‘hawk-nosed,’ with darkish skin and black hair, but these features are in no sense typical. Negroid Arabs are similar in appearance to sub-Saharan Africans, and light-skinned Arabs are physically indistinguishable from most Europeans.”

[Now Clifton responds concerning the remark about light-skinned arabs:] If arabs are indistinguishable from “most Europeans”, it is only that, due to the conquests of Islam, most of the southern Europeans are actually now arabs by blood. You will notice here that the arabs have an infusion of negroid in them. We will later see that there was also an infusion of negroid among the mexicans. Scripture is violently opposed to racially-mixed mamzers, who are considered “unclean”, and therefore sewer-people. Again from the 1980 Collier’s Encyclopedia, volume 13, page 310, under the topic “Islam”, we read the following:

“... The term Islam refers not only to the religion but also to the entire body of believers and the countries they live in. Among the predominantly Muslim nations of the modern world are Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Mauritania, Chad, Egypt, the Sudan, Syria, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and the other states of the Arabian peninsula, Turkey, Albania, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Malaysia, and Indonesia. Large Muslim communities exist in Lebanon, Yugoslavia, the Soviet Union, China, India, and the Philippines. There is hardly a region that does not have a Muslim community.

Mohammedanism has evidently had a presence in China for nearly 1,400 years, but muslims are under two percent of the population, and concentrated in the western provinces. Continuing with Clifton’s citation:

“The youngest of the world’s great religions, Islam developed in Arabia, in an area that was one of the most significant melting-pots revealed by history, and the great religious enthusiasm of the peoples living there was thereby diffused and given a universal character ...” [emphasis mine (CAE)]

Again from the 1980 Collier’s Encyclopedia, volume 13, under the topic “Islam”, and the sub-topic “Central Beliefs”, of which there are five that are termed “affirmations”, central to basic Moslem doctrine. The “fifth affirmation” is of utmost interest to us here and reads as follows on page 311:

“Fifth, the community of believers includes all who reverence Allah, His Prophet, Book, and the Day of Judgment. This is the celebrated brotherhood of Islam in which all barriers of race, color, tongue, and status are broken.

[Clifton responds:] Another people descended from the arabs are the mexicans. They are a result of the Spanish explorers who had arabs and jews among them, and they still speak Spanish today. Again from the 1980 Collier’s Encyclopedia, volume 16, page 80, under the topic “Mexico”, and the sub-topic “Ethnic Origins and Language”, we read the following:

“An estimated 300,000 Spaniards entered Mexico during the three centuries of colonial rule. They mixed with the Indians, producing the mestizo element which today predominates in the Mexican population. Most of the Negroes, estimated at less than 200,000, who were brought during the colonial period to work in the mines and on the plantations have been absorbed into the population.” [Clifton responds and says:] This same article points out that there were “more than 700 tribal groups” and “100 different languages” among the Mexican-Indian element alone. Remember, the Hebrew word (ʿereb) means “mingled”. Again, from the 1980 Collier’s Encyclopedia, volume 17, page 80, under the topic “Muslims”, and the sub-topic “The Ommiad Caliphate of Spain”, we read the following:

“... So many native Christians adopted Islam and intermarried with the conquerors that the original Muslim stock was thoroughly blended with the local peoples ...” [Now to that Clifton says:] Therefore, we don’t have to guess as to the general makeup of the 300,000 Spaniards who blended with the mexican-indians. All one need do is brush up on his history.

The adversaries of Yahweh, the rebellious so-called “fallen angels”, have evidently been confounding and confusing the Creation with race-mixing since the dawn of time. Contrary to their reputation, Jews naturally tend to create “melting pots” wherever they settle. Our Adamic race fell victim to the agenda as it is revealed in Genesis chapters 3 and 6, and it has been progressing to this very day. Each stage in history, from the Tower of Babel to Egypt to Arabia, Persia Palestine and Rome, on to Medieval Europe and to the settlement of the Americas, has suffered the advance of that agenda.

Clifton said that “Another people descended from the arabs are the mexicans.” Of course, I would contend that this is only true in part, as not quite all Mexicans are Mestizos by the traditional definition of the word. But aboriginal Mexicans, like arabs, are themselves a mingled people, as the hundreds of indigenous tribes of what is now known as Mexico certainly also had diverse origins and varying racial characteristics which are still evident in many Mexicans today. For now, Clifton continues by once again describing the arabization of Iberia, in part, repeating some of what he had said in his earlier treatment of this subject:

One cannot fully comprehend the racial makeup of the arabs and jews unless he understands the history of Egypt from A.D. 639 until the time of Napoleon I in 1798. The history of Egypt during this period is essentially the history of the entire Middle East. Genghis Khan, in his exploits, left a mongol genetic flavor to the population wherever he conquered new territory. Egypt, during this period, found herself under various ruler-ships. In A.D. 639 the arabs invaded Egypt and came to power. Next were the Fatimids in A.D. 909. After this came the Ayyubids in 1174. Then in 1517 A.D. came the Mamelukes, followed by the Ottomans when Egypt was governed from Istanbul. If you don’t understand the history of the Middle East during this period, don’t pretend you know all about the arabs and jews today!

In the 1200’s, Genghis Khan sold a company of slaves to the Sultan of Egypt, made up of turks and Circassians (people who inhabited the Caucasus, not to be confused with the White Caucasians), to become the Sultan’s body guards, and were also trained as soldiers. Soon the Mamelukes overthrew the Egyptian Sultan and put their own sultan in power. The Mameluke sultans then overran Asia Minor, Syria, and the island of Cyprus. In the wake of all these arab and turk exploits, the various populations were left with a multiracial flavor, actually genetic hybrid mutants.

I would think that many of the “various populations” were “hybrid mutants” long before the coming of the Mongols, as many of them had been derived from or had mingled with the tribes of the ancient Canaanites, Kenites, Rephaim and other bastards. But arguably, the Mongols themselves were at least mostly of White blood at that time, and the Turks were also mixed Whites from Asia. It seems that after the Rephaim and Anakim, the most formidable foot-soldiers in the wars against the White Adamic people of Yahweh have always been hybridized Whites, or Whites who are programmed as militants for the cause of the enemy. We see that in the Antifa and other Leftist groups of today, who are the modern foot-soldiers and thugs defending the progression of the West into Jewish Marxism. Clifton continues:

Mohammed, a half-jew, founder of Islam, was born at Mecca Aug. 20, 570 A.D. At age 40, he claimed a revelation from Gabriel and launched a hybrid religion. Gaining adherents and an army, he soon conquered all of Arabia and summoned Persia, Abyssinia and Constantinople to embrace his religion, but died before taking on Asia Minor and the Roman Empire. After his death, his fanatical followers pressed into Egypt, Palestine, Persia and Syria, and 50 years later moved into North Africa and Spain, giving the conquered an ultimatum of conversion or the sword, raping the women as they went. Upon sweeping northward into Spain, at the beckoning of the jews, they broke the rule of the Visigoths in 711, bringing with them Berbers from Africa, making Cordova their seat of government. In Spanish history, the term “Moor” is used interchangeably with “Arab” and “Saracen”. Later the Moorish forces invaded France, but were defeated at Tours in 732 by Charles Martel, which was a major turning point in history.

Mohammedanism certainly is a hybrid religion, mixing elements of Judaism and Sabaism, or ancient Arab paganism, which is manifest in such things as the black stone found in the kaaba at Mecca, a meteorite rock which in ancient times had apparently fallen in the Arabian desert. It was an object of veneration at Mecca long before the time of Mohammed. It is also evident that Mohammed himself was at least half-Jewish, although it is frequently denied. For example, in his Watchman's Teaching Letter # 55 for November 2002 Clifton wrote:

Probably one of the more important aspects we should consider about Mohammed is that, reportedly among some authors, his mother was a “Jewess.” If that account is true, apparently we have an added element to the equation. Once that added detail is brought to light, we can better understand his satanic motivated aspirations. Conceivably, he had the “seed of the serpent” flowing in his veins. With this added data, we can begin to acquire an idea of what Mohammed was all about. Before we get into the story of his escapades, let’s document this apparent “Jewish” connection. [Actually Mohammed had serpent blood in his veins whether or not he was actually a Jew, as he was an Arab and just as much descended from the ancient Canaanites. - WRF ] For this, we will use Alzog’s Universal Church History, © 1902, volume 2, page 192:

“Mohammed, who was the only son of Abdallah, a Pagan, and Amina, a Jewess, and was descended from the noble but impoverished family of Hashim, of the priestly tribe of Koreish, who were the chiefs and keepers of the national sanctuary of the Kaaba, and pretended to trace their origin to Ismael, the son of Abraham and Hagar, was born at Mecca, August 20, A.D. 570 ...”

The History Of The Decline and Fall Of The Roman Empire by Edward Gibbon, vol. 5, p. 205 (speaking of his grandfather and father), although debated, also witnesses to this:

“The glory of Abdol Motalleb was crowned with domestic happiness; his life was prolonged to the age of one hundred and ten years; and he became the father of six daughters and thirteen sons. His best beloved Abdallah was the most beautiful and modest of the Arabian youth; and in the first night, when he consummated his marriage with Amina, of the noble race of the Zahrites [who were a lineage of Judah claimed by many Jews, which is only true in small degree - WRF], two hundred virgins are said to have expired of jealousy and despair. Mahomet, or more properly Mohammed, the only son of Abdallah and Amina, was born at Mecca, four years after the death of Justinian, and two months after the defeat of the Abyssinians, whose victory would have introduced into the Caaba the religion of the Christians…” [Evidently this is speaking of the last gasps of the Ethiopian Kingdom of Aksum in the 7th century AD, which we would hardly consider Christian. Christianity was apparently brought to Aksum by Syrian monks in the 4th century. - WRF]

Aside from Mohammed’s Jewish connections, Jews were a large and influential party in the development of Islam and its doctrines and literature. Much of the Koran, written by Jewish scribes, was taken from Hebrew and apocryphal Scriptures. Some sources indicate that Jews in Arabia turned on Mohammed and Islam only when they realized that they could not use him as an instrument in their own design to convert all of Arabia to Judaism, but we would refute that intention. Instead, I believe that Islam was set up to be precisely what the Jews wanted, to make arabs a more useful tool of Jewry. In the aftermath, it is clear that Islam was a tool in the hand of the Jews which was used to further their intentions to destroy Christianity and the Byzantine empire, and eventually all of Europe. Fortunately, until modern times Islam was stopped in the Balkans and Iberia. Although the muslims were nearly successful in defeating Christianity in 8th century France and 17th century Austria, now they have been given the streets of Paris and Vienna by the modern Jewish masters of Europe. Returning to Clifton, describing this same thing he continues by referring to Gibbon once again, but from a different source:

The progress of the Mohammedans northward had continued unchecked for a distance greater than a thousand miles from Gibraltar, and had they not been stopped they would have carried the Crescent to the borders of Poland and the Scottish Highlands. The sedate Gibbon conjectured that the Koran would today be used as the principal textbook at the University of Oxford.

Gibbon is accurate, since by modern roads it is about 990 miles from Gibraltar to Poitiers, and about 1050 miles from Gibraltar to Tours, where Charles Martel had defeated the armies of the Umayyad Caliphate in 732 AD. The capital of the Caliphate was Andalusia, in southern Spain. Clifton continues with his citation:

Destiny had a different plan. The battle-axe, Charles (called the “hammer”) Martel, was not about to allow the Moors’ advance to continue. The Frankish warrior was already hardened by twenty-four years of service. With this great emergency upon the kingdom, Charles’ policy was to let the Arabian torrent diffuse itself before attempting to stem the tide. Here Europe was arrayed against Asia and Africa; the Cross against the Crescent; Christ against Mohammed. For six days the battle appeared to favor Islam, but on the seventh day the fierce Germans arose with their battle-axes upon the lighter soldiery from the south. As night closed, Europe was victorious, for Abdalrahman their leader was slain. In the confusion of the darkness the Moorish warriors rose against each other till sunrise, when the few remaining alive retreated south.

[Now Clifton responds to his citation:] One would think that Charles Martel would have received the highest honors the Christian world could bestow! But just the opposite occurred after the victory. Martel, in raising and equipping his army, had been obliged to appropriate the treasures of several churches, and the unthankful clergy never forgave him, but consigned him to hellfire. As far as the church was concerned, the hero of Poitiers could roast in purgatory’s flame. [(Now Clifton admits that this was:) Gleaned partly from the Cyclopædia of Universal History by John Clark Ridpath, volume II, pages 150-152.]

Now Clifton cites a different source discussing Mohammedanism:

Henry H. Halley, in his Bible Handbook, page 717: “Mohammed (A.D. 570-632), in Mecca, Arabia, declared himself to be The Prophet of God, and set out, at the head of an army, to propagate his religion by the Sword. Soon the world of Arabia was conquered. Mohammedan armies, under successive leaders, swept on in their conquest. Syria fell (A.D. 634), Jerusalem (A.D. 637), Egypt (A.D. 638), Persia (A.D. 640), North Africa (A.D. 689).

“Asian and African Christianity, thus swept away, Mohammedans moved into Europe. Spain fell (A.D. 711). Then they headed on into France, where, at Tours, the Mohammedan Army was met and defeated (A.D. 732), by Charles Martel, grandfather of Charlemagne. EXCEPT FOR THAT VICTORY, CHRISTIANITY MIGHT HAVE BEEN ENTIRELY EXTERMINATED FROM THE EARTH.”

With conquests nearly as rapid and even vaster than those of Alexander the Great, it is unlikely that they were made without great advance planning, expenditures for armaments, experienced military leaders, inside information and inside help. Of all people at this time, only the Jews could have been in a position to provide all of that, and it was certainly Jews who had brought the arab hordes into Spain and Portugal, as retribution against the Christian Visigoths. Continuing with Clifton:

Most, if not all of the arabs, including the bad-fig-jews, are descendants of Cain, whom by the seduction of Eve was sired by Satan. They represent the war of the seed of the woman against the seed of the serpent at Genesis 3:15. The assault of the arab Mohammedans on White Europe was a major collision of these two forces, presaged at Daniel 8:9-12: & Revelation 9:1-21. Today the invasion of the mexicans into America is another major phase of that great war, presaged at Isaiah 56:9-12 & Jeremiah 31:27. Thus the mexicans (like the bad-fig-jews) are devils in shoe leather. Every male mexican crossing our southern border represents a penis looking for a White woman to impregnate in order to pollute our race! They are unclean creatures! They are sewer-people!

In 2008 Clifton probably did not yet perceive the renewed Islamic invasions of Europe which are still ongoing at the present time. Continuing with Clifton:

Biblically speaking, those of “mingled” or “mixed” ethnicity are in the same category with the arabs, (cf. Ezra 9:2; Daniel 2:43; Exodus 12:38 Nehemiah 13:3; Jeremiah 25:20, 24; 50:37; 1 Kings 10:15 & Ezekiel 30:5). By this criteria, mexicans are indeed arabs. One must understand that with Cortez and succeeding Spanish explorers, over a period of three centuries, with an influx of 300,000 men, there were many arabs, turks and bad-fig-jews. Most of these mixed with the various Indian tribes among them: Aztec, Misteca-Zapoteca, Maya, Othomi, Totonac, Tarasco, Apache, Matlan-zingo, Chontal, Mixeca, Zoque, Guaicuro, Opata-Pima, Tapijulapa, Seri and Huavi, Chichimec, Toltec, Huasteco and Otomis, which were also “unclean” sewer-people. From the bad-fig-jews in this witches’ brew came also the ten Canaanite nation admixture spoken of at Genesis 15:19-21 cited previously. [The “melting pot” of ancient Palestine – WRF.] Both bad-fig-jews and arabs have this Canaanite admixture! And thanks to the Spanish explorers, the mexicans also have this same Canaanite admixture. The next time you observe a mexican, remember he is part Canaanite! Sewer-people? You bet they are! And White Israel was commissioned to exterminate them; man, woman and child – everyone that breathed! The next time you are out shopping and spy some mexican child mixed with White, Yahweh has commanded they are going to die! Because White Israel didn’t do that while in the land of Canaan, Yahweh put that directive on hold so the Canaanites could become thorns in our sides and pricks in our eyes. So the bad-fig-jews are pricks and thorns; arabs and turks are pricks and thorns; and mexicans are pricks and thorns! (Josh. 23:12-13) And both Yahshua Christ Himself [in Matthew chapter 15 and Mark chapter 7] and Paul [in Philippians chapter 3] called those of Canaanite extraction “dogs”, so the bad-fig-jews are dogs; the arabs and turks are dogs; and the mexicans are dogs! So not only are they sewer-people, but they are also dog-people! Therefore, every White woman (or man as far as that goes) who jumps into bed with a mexican (or anyone of a nonwhite race), should be disinherited by their parents! That means to throw them out on the street and tell them never to return home again! If the parent doesn’t, the next thing he will know, [is that ] he will have a house full of mexicans, and they will throw him and his wife out in the street!

One way to know that a Mexican is mixed with Jews or Arabs is the surname. Unlike freed negro slaves in the States who needed a surname and often took it from their former masters, indigenous Mexican Indians were never in that situation. Many Mexicans have surnames from their aboriginal language and culture, which are not Spanish or Portuguese. Those who do, obtained them because they are actually descended from Iberians, Iberian Jews or Iberian Arabs who had them.

While I do not often discuss it because it is difficult to document, there certainly are archaeological connections between either Egypt or the ancient Middle East and the supposedly Aztec civilization of Central America, which is evident in the pyramids, and other remaining edifices, and also in the apparent practice of human sacrifice and other abominations. The squat-monster “sewer people” who live there now cannot be credited with having built those ancient edifices which are found throughout the region. Unfortunately, there is at least as much quackery published in relation to this subject as there is sincere and legitimate research or scholarly descriptions of the archaeological discoveries. But evidently, “arabs” were being created in Central America long before the arrival of the Iberians. Now Clifton proceeds by discussing the meaning of the word Mestizo:

By the way, The Reader’s Digest Great Encyclopedic Dictionary defines mestizo as: “... (mes·t ē´zō) n. pl. ·zos or ·zoes Any one of mixed blood; in Mexico and the western United States, a person of Spanish and Indian blood: also called Ladino (def. 2). Also mes·te´so, mes·ti´no (-nō). [<Sp. <LL misticius < L mixtus pp. of miscere to mix] — mes·di´za (z ə) n. fem.” (“Ladino” = “Judeo-Spanish”, or “Judezmo”.) This definition is quite good, except “Spanish blood” doesn’t express the entire picture of the arab, turk and bad-fig-jew blood! Actually the original pure-blooded Spaniards were Iberian White people. So this definition can only apply to Spain as it was occupied by the turk & arab Mohammedans after its conquest by the Saracens. So it’s not entirely a mixture of “Spanish and Indian”, but a mixture of arab, turk, bad-fig-jew and Indian blood; and don’t forget the negroid!

While here Clifton treated this as a digression, saying “By the way…”, this definition led him to the correct conclusion that the word Latino is actually a corruption of the word Ladino. Then examining Ladino, he found that it actually describes the dialect of Medieval Spanish which was peculiar to the Sephardic Jews. Here in a Reader’s Digest dictionary, which was first published in the 1960’s, we have the important admission of a connection between the mongrel mestizos of Mexico and South America, and the Jews of the colonial period. So four months later, Clifton wrote a paper titled The Words Mestizo And Ladino, which I hope to present and discuss as part of this series here in the near future. For now, Clifton goes back to the Scriptures:

The Biblical Connection of the Bad-Fig-Jews and Arabs to Cain and Satan

First of all, Eve’s temptation in the Garden of Eden wasn’t that she eat some kind of fruit from a wooden tree. Rather, Satan seduced Eve and enticed her to have sexual intercourse with him, which resulted in the birth of Cain. [To me now, this is a simplistic interpretation of the event represented in Genesis chapter 3, but it is certainly not wrong. - WRF] Though the definition for the tree she ate from in the Hebrew can mean a wooden tree, in this case it is a Hebrew idiom for a racial family tree. Also the term for “eat” at this passage is a Hebrew idiom for sexual intercourse. So what happened was that Satan enticed Eve to have sexual intercourse with him, and Cain was born from that union. Some object to this interpretation, but “eat” also means sexual intercourse at Proverbs 30:20 where it states: “Such is the way of an adulterous woman; she eateth, and wipeth her mouth, and saith, I have done no wickedness.” Now this verse is not speaking of wiping the “mouth” on the woman’s face, but of wiping her vagina. Are we also supposed to believe that this woman ate from a wooden tree? Maybe she had to wipe off the apple juice!

Never knowing the reader who may happen upon one of his essays, which he distributed as pamphlets, or as he called them, brochures, Clifton felt that he had to include some explanation of what we know as two-seedline practically every time he touched on the subject. It is not easy to express this aspect of the Bible story in only a few words. In this manner he continues:

Remember, Yahweh told Eve not only not to “eat” of the tree, but also not to “touch”. Not only does the word “eat” sometimes have sexual connotations, but also the word “touch”, which is #5060, naga, to touch; also to have sexual intercourse. This is supported by the following two Scriptures, Genesis 26:10-11:

“10 And Abimelech said, What is this thou hast done unto us? one of the people might have LIEN (lain) WITH THY WIFE, and thou shouldest have brought guiltiness upon us. 11 And Abimelech charged all his people, saying, He that TOUCHETH this man or his wife shall surely be put to death.”

Genesis 20:6: “And Yahweh singular-Elohim said unto him in a dream. Yea, I know that thou didst this in the integrity of thy heart; for I also withheld thee from sinning against me: therefore suffered I thee not to TOUCH her.” With these two verses, it should be quite clear that the term “touch” is a Hebrew idiom sometimes used to mean sexual intercourse. One would not be very bright to argue otherwise, yet there are some who do.

Of course, we have expounded on many other proofs that Genesis chapter 3 describe an event which involved sexual infidelity and fornication. Clifton here is trying to make a case in short time, just sufficient to get a prospective reader interested in researching it further. So he continues:

Paul of Tarsus used this same Hebrew idiom when writing at 2 Corinthians 6:17, where he stated: “Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith Yahweh, and TOUCH not the unclean thing; and I will receive you.” [That was from the King James Version, which rather inappropriately had added the word thing to Paul’s text, where the subject is clearly people. So Clifton responds:] So [that] you will understand it, I will amplify it: “Wherefore come out from among [the bad-fig-jews, arabs, turks, mexicans, mongolians, negroids and all nonwhites and mongrels of all kinds], and be ye [segregated], saith Yahweh, and [have no social or sexual intercourse with] the unclean [races]; and I will receive you.”

Yahshua Christ Himself agreed that the bad-fig-jews were indeed the descendants of Cain when He said at Luke 11:50-51:“50 That the blood of all the prophets, which was shed from the foundation of the world, may be required of this race; 51 From the blood of Abel unto the blood of Zacharias, which perished between the altar and the temple: verily I say unto you, It shall be required of this race.” [The word certainly is race, and not generation, as it refers to fathers and sons over a span of thousands of years. - WRF] What race? The race of Cain, of course! Who else but Cain murdered Abel? It would have been criminal on the part of Yahshua Christ had the people He was addressing this to not literally been guilty of the murder of Abel. Furthermore, Christ would have become guilty of bearing false witness, and no better than a common liar.

About 125 B.C., most of the Edomites in southern Judaea had converted to Judaism. The following is from Josephus’ Antiquities 13:9:1: “... Hyrcanus took also Dora and Marissa, cities of Idumea, and subdued all the Idumeans; and permitted them to stay in that country, if they would circumcise their genitals, and make use of the laws of the Jews; and they were so desirous of living in the country of their forefathers, that they submitted to the use of circumcision, and the rest of the Jewish ways of living; at which time therefore this befell them, that they were hereafter no other than Jews.” Thus, by the time of Christ, a good portion of the jews living in Judaea were actually Edomites!

Actually, there is further documentation in Josephus that a few years later, many other cities of the Edomites and other tribes were forcibly converted to Judaism, under a successor of Hyrcanus named Alexander Jannaeus. Strabo of Cappadocia, on several occasions in Book 16 of his Geography, corroborates this testimony of Josephus, as does Paul of Tarsus in Romans chapter 9. Clifton continues:

We only have to go one step further to understand that Esau had taken Hittite wives of the ten Canaanite nations. At Genesis 15:19-21 are listed ten Canaanite nations and they race-mixed so much that at Deuteronomy 7:1-2, there are only seven. The Kenites, Kenizzites and Rephaims were completely absorbed by the other seven nations of this group from which the bad-fig-jews are extracted. From this point on, every Canaanite nation had absorbed the Kenites; Cain’s genetic bloodline. At Deuteronomy 7:1 they are listed as, “... the Hittites, and the Girgashites, and the Amorites, and the Canaanites, and the Perizzites, and the Hivites, and the Jebusites ...” At Ezra 9:1 they are listed as, “... the Canaanites, the Hittites, the Perizzites, the Jebusites, the Ammonites, the Moabites, the Egyptians, and the Amorites.” These all have one thing in common: Cain’s blood.

Not only are the bad-fig-jews descended from these named Canaanite nations, but also the arabs. And this is also the bloodline of the mexicans! They all come from a slightly different angle, but the results are very similar. The one thing they all have in common is, they are all descended from Cain, whose father was Satan [Clifton now has in parentheses, apparently following the Aramaic Targums:] (Sammael). As for the other races, they are all, one way or another, Satanic in nature. If you don’t think so, just read Psalm 83! The list is too long to include here. But of special notice at verse 6 are the tabernacles of Edom, representing the bad-fig-jews. Also mentioned are the Ishmaelites who have long since been arabized. And Amalek was also an Edomite.

There is a lot of conjecture today of how we might protect our southern border, but the only answer is found at Deuteronomy 7:2-3. This is the only remedy!

In the first three verses of Deuteronomy chapter 7 we read: “1 When the LORD thy God shall bring thee into the land whither thou goest to possess it, and hath cast out many nations before thee, the Hittites, and the Girgashites, and the Amorites, and the Canaanites, and the Perizzites, and the Hivites, and the Jebusites, seven nations greater and mightier than thou; 2 And when the LORD thy God shall deliver them before thee; thou shalt smite them, and utterly destroy them; thou shalt make no covenant with them, nor shew mercy unto them: 3 Neither shalt thou make marriages with them; thy daughter thou shalt not give unto his son, nor his daughter shalt thou take unto thy son.”

While the ancient children of Israel failed to accomplish this, ultimately it will be accomplished: in the manner which is described in the prophecy of Revelation chapter 19. There is no escaping this fate. Joining oneself to Mexicans, Hispanics, or any other so-called “Arabs”, oneself or one’s children shall suffer the same earthly punishment.

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