The British Israel World Federation (BIWF), the jews, Judah, and DNA - 04-10-2010

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Program notes, Yahweh’s Covenant People, April 10th, 2010

Topic: The British Israel World Federation (BIWF), the jews, Judah, and DNA.

This program addresses the BIWF paper found at

William Finck’s notes:

First, the language of DNA researchers has been built from the ground up by evolutionists who have many preconceived notions that lead to false assumptions. They define certain features of DNA as “mutations” (although they have never really witnessed as much) and they define a series of differences as “genetic drift” (although they have never actually seen genes drift).  Scientists guess that these “mutations” occurred 15, 25, or as long as 60 thousand years ago.  So reading any articles which discuss DNA, one must be careful not to fall into the language-trap that has been devised into making the false theory of evolution sound as if it is inevitable.

Also, genetic research assumes that the people in areas today, excluding Europeans, have always inhabited those areas.  So therefore arabs and jews are wrongly labelled “Semites”, and the mixed-race peoples found today in the Caucasus Mountain regions are considered Caucasians, a term formerly used of White people exclusively.

The bottom line to me is that there are indeed certain genetic groups among humans whose DNA reveal them to be closely related, or not closely related.  The best interpretation of the origins of these groups is not emotional inference or the guesswork of the evolutionists, but rather History, Archaeology and the Bible.

There are different genetic Haplogroups for Y-Chromosome (male) DNA (Y-DNA) and for mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA).  Here we will be concerned only with the Y-DNA.  There are many different groups of Y-DNA found spread over the globe.  Here we will only be concerned with those types found in Europe.

Be it known that there are many other haplogroups found in all of the areas mentioned below which are outside of Europe, and that those types are not found in Europe at all. Those haplogroups belonging exclusively to non-Whites shall not be discussed here.

Haplogroup I (M170, P19, M258) (widespread in Europe, found infrequently in parts of the Middle East, and virtually absent elsewhere [3])

Haplogroup I1 (M253, M307, P30, P40) (Northern Europe)

Haplogroup I2 (S31) (Central and Southeast Europe, Sardinia)

Haplogroup J (M304) (the Middle East, Turkey, Caucasus, Italy, Greece, the Balkans, North and Northeast Africa)

Haplogroup J* (Mainly found in Socotra [an island in the Indian Ocean off the southern coast of Yemen], with a few observations in Pakistan, Oman, Greece, Czechia, and among Turkic peoples)

Haplogroup J1 (M267) (Mostly associated with Semitic peoples in the Middle East, Ethiopia, and North Africa, and with Northeast Caucasian peoples in Dagestan; J1 with DYS388=13 is associated with eastern Anatolia)

Haplogroup J2 (M172) (Mainly found in West Asia, Central Asia, South Asia, Southern Europe, and North Africa)

Haplogroup L (M11, M20, M22, M61, M185, M295) (South Asia, Central Asia, Southwestern Asia, the Mediterranean)

Haplogroup N (M231) (northernmost Eurasia, especially among the Uralic peoples)

Haplogroup R (M207)

Haplogroup R1 (M173)

Haplogroup R1a (M17) (Central Asia, South Asia, and Central, Northern, and Eastern Europe)

Haplogroup R1b (M343) (Western, Southern, and Northern Europe, Caucasus, Central Asia, South Asia)

Haplogroup R2 (M124) (South Asia, Caucasus, Central Asia)

Haplogroup T - (North Africa, Horn of Africa, Southwest Asia, the Mediterranean, South Asia); formerly known as Haplogroup K2

Here it is revealed that Whites have basically two main Haplogroup types found in their populations, the I type and the R type.  The R type is found not only in Europe, but also in areas that Whites are known historically to have once inhabited in large numbers , such as the Caucasus and Southwest Asia, or to have made incursions into, such as South and Central Asia.

It is also revealed that jews have basically the J haplogroup type, which they share with the arabs and which is found in many places that the arabs are known to have invaded in significant numbers during the Islamic conquests: Anatolia, the Caucasus, southern Europe, and northern Africa. The L haplogroup is easily accounted for in the Turks who invaded the Mediterranean regions after migrating from Asia.


Clifton’s Notes and Questions:




Haplogroup Issue by Martin Lightfoot states: "Modern genetic findings are providing some very interesting information about the populations settled in different parts of the world. There are claims that these findings are inconsistent with British-Israel teaching but this article contests them and puts forward the following evidence."

Question: Just what is the nature of these supposed "modern genetic findings" that are "inconsistent" with teachings of British-Israel?


Haplogroup Issue by Martin Lightfoot states: "This is an introduction to the topic for those new to the subject and does not pretend to be an exhaustive study. Recombination is the process by which each parent contributes half of an offspring's DNA, creating a new genetic identity. Inside the nucleus of each cell of each individual there are the chromosomes in which there are long strands of DNA. Each human cell has 46 chromosomes in 23 pairs. One chromosome of each pair is inherited from the mother, the other from the father.. The X and Y chromosomes determine the sex of the person. Females have two X chromosomes while males have one X and one Y. So if the male contributes an X the offspring will be female, if a Y then the offspring will be male. The male Y chromosome is passed on from father to son virtually unchanged other than the very rare possibility of a mutation occurring. A mutation is a structural alteration in the DNA."


Question: What’s all of this business about a "rare possibility of a mutation occurring"? The bible teaches that everything reproduces "kind after kind at Gen. 1:21, 24, 25; Gen. 6:20; Gen. 7:14; Lev. 11:14-16, 22 & Deut. 14:13-14! Yes there can be a mutation, and it is called "Down’s syndrome"! The following is what I wrote in my paper, "Telegony, Fact or Fiction:


The 23 chromosomes of the male are paired to the 23 chromosomes of the female, and are directly opposite each other in each cell’s helix. Therefore, there is no way the male sperm could modify the 23 chromosome contribution of the female. Under such a hypothetical condition as Jones and Flint suggest, the chromosomes would be so misaligned and confused, if a next pregnancy were to occur, it would only result in a genetically deformed disorderly mass of twisted flesh. We only have to look at Down’s syndrome for comparison. For this, we will again use Collier’s Encyclopedia, vol. 16, pages 454-455:


"MONGOLISM, now usually called Down’s syndrome, a development disorder characterized by mental retardation as well as by abnormalities of bone growth and other physical malformations ... The disorder is characterized by the presence of physical traits that are normal at an early stage of fetal development. Among these fetal traits are the narrow, slanting eyes which give such cases a superficial resemblance to Asiatic races ... Down’s syndrome actually has no racial connotations, but is a pathological condition that may occur in any human race ...


"Causes. Although many factors have been proposed as causes of Down’s syndrome, it has now been established that persons with this disorder typically have 47 chromosomes instead of the normal 46. The occurrence of the additional chromosome results from an abnormality in the process of reproductive cell formation. In the normal process of reproductive cell division, one member of each chromosome pair goes to each cell ... In Down’s syndrome, the failure of one specific chromosome pair to separate (non-disjunction) results in the occurrence of that particular chromosome in triplicate in the offspring ..." If only one misplaced chromosome can cause that much havoc, consider the complications that would result under Jones’ imagined concept.


Further, what would be the implications of a mutation if Mary the mother of Christ contributed the normal 23 chromosomes and the Holy Spirit only one as Ron Wyatt conjectures? Come on now, what would happen with 22 of Mary’s egg chromosomes that were unconnected to the normal process of the male’s matching chromosomes? That would be Down’s syndrome multiplied 22 times! What kind of misfit would that have made our Redeemer? I don’t say this very often, but Ron Wyatt is a Fool with a capital "F", and a Fraud with a capital "F"!


Haplogroup Issue by Martin Lightfoot states: "Haplogroups are a group of similar haplotypes that share a common ancestor with a single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) mutation: ... ‘SNPs are a change in a single nucleotide in a chromosome and occur infrequently; once they occur they are stable and typically define a whole chromosome and become its signature.’ ... A haplotype is a set of closely linked genetic markers present on one chromosome which tend to be inherited together. The haplogroups are like genetic branches on the family tree of Homo Sapiens. These branches characterize the early migrations of population groups and therefore haplogroups are associated with geographic regions. A Y DNA haplogroup is all of the male descendants of a male who first showed a particular SNP mutation in his Y chromosome. The Y Haplogroups of the World 2005 research map by J D McDonald shows the distribution of the different groups throughout the world.


Question: What does Martin Lightfoot mean by a "common ancestor"? If one will go to the website, one will find a lengthy presentation both in U-tube and text that this "common ancestor" first appeared in Cameroon, Africa 200,000 years ago! The Bible tells us that Yahweh created Adam-kind about 7,500 years ago according to Septuagint reckoning from the dust of the earth, and breathed into him the breath of life! Which are we to believe, today’s Canaanite-jewish evolution or the Bible? Why is British-Israel following Yair Davidiy (an Edomite-Canaanite-jew) rather than Holy Writ?


Haplogroup Issue by Martin Lightfoot states: "Furthermore, some combination does occur between the Y and X chromosomes. The Stanford School of Medicine 6 suggests that the Y chromosome not only recombines with up to 5% of the X, it also recombines with its own Y duplicate DNA. There is a need to find evidence that the progression from one haplogroup to another is most likely to have gone from a ‘developed’ haplogroup (such as R or N) by losing DNA information. This does accord with decades of scientific research into both observed and artificially induced mutations which demonstrate that mutations involve a loss of DNA information."


At one will find written: Y-DNA Haplogroup R, ‘Spanning the Seven Seas’ ... ‘All males can trace their Y-DNA lineage back to a theoretical Y-DNA prototype, which originated in Africa and is thought to have migrated out of Africa over 60,000 years ago (60kya). Although the Y-DNA is usually inherited from father to son without any changes, occasionally differences arise via mutations. Since these mutations or variations add up through generations, the more differences that are found when comparing DNA, equals more time elapsed and more genetic distance. Armed with information about the rates, types and number of variations we can create lineage maps or phylogenetic trees and make calculated estimates to trace our roots back to our forebears (e.g. to find the time to most recent common ancestor, TMRCA aka coalescence)."


The British-Israel World Federation article called "The Israel Identity Haplogroup Issue" addressed by Clifton Emahiser and William Finck on the Yahweh's Covenant People internet radio program April 10th, 2010 can be found here:

 (Here is a link to a snapshot of the article in case it is removed from the BIWF website.)



Click here for J.D. McDonald's "Y Haplogroups of the World" Map in PDF, cited by the BIWF article above.