Dr. Michael Hill and Ike Baker of the League of the South: The Course Ahead

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I must apologize in advance for some technical problems. After having to switch from a cell tower to a satellite connection, the typical lag of the satellite connection caused me to interfere with my guests. Below are my introductory notes:

The Course Ahead

The recent and now recurring coronavirus lockdowns began with progressive corporations such as Google, Apple and Microsoft, and practically all of the Liberal city and State governments had immediately followed along. Soon after, the politicians in the more Conservative States were also pressured to follow along, mostly by the media, as no politician wants to be the one who did nothing just in case the pandemic was real.

Now after yet another black criminal dies while in the hands of local police, the Antifa/BLM riots and all of the capitulations to the Communist agenda seem to be following on the same exact path, as if it were all engineered by those same progressives to force all of us to yield to their agenda. Perhaps the lockdowns helped agitate otherwise marginal people to join the protests.

So as the CHAZ is broken up weeks after it should have been, the enemies of Christendom have been made to look much bigger and more powerful than they actually are, and the resulting fear, when it is not outright collusion, has pushed many State and local governments to capitulate even more. As they make more and more concessions, the Antifa/BLM rhetoric and their accompanying demands get more and more outrageous. All of it is engineered to push us further down the road to communism.

So just what is a Southern man, or any White man, to do?

Today I am honored to have two men here whom I respect as both leaders and fellow-soldiers in the cause to win the hearts and minds of our people, and whom I am also privileged to have gotten to know and work with in that cause these past three years. They have both been here before, and it is already passed time to hear from them again, as miniature Bolshevik revolutions break out all across the continent, and as the capitulation of so many government officials in the face of our enemies only encourages those enemies to continue their advance. Both of these men have been here with us in the past, so once again it is our pleasure to hear from Dr. Michael Hill and Mr. Ike Baker of the League of the South.

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