A Report on the Shelbyville #WhiteLivesMatter Rally

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 [November 5th, 11:30 AM:] I have just posted an expanded version of my remarks from the second half of this presentation at the Christogenea Forum.

A Report on the Shelbyville #WhiteLivesMatter Rally

If we truly believe in our cause, that it is good for our people, then we have to call attention to our cause, and while the Internet is a wonderful tool, by itself the Internet is not enough. And if there is any wonder whether our struggle is real, whether our enemy is tangible, all one has to do is look at what is being taught in our schools, or what is being reported by our media. Only four days ago, Fox News ran an article with the headline Having 'white nuclear family' promotes white supremacy, says New York professor…. In part, the article said:

A City University of New York sociology professor reportedly said in a tweetstorm last week that “the white-nuclear family” promotes racism, prompting a backlash on social media.

Jessie Daniels, described as an expert on “the Internet manifestations of racism” on her CUNY page, infuriated social media users after reportedly saying that white families promote racism by default.

The professor began her argument saying she learned that “the white-nuclear family is one of the most powerful forces supporting white supremacy,” adding that families “reproducing white children” are “part of the problem” as they facilitate white supremacy in the country…

So as long as White babies are born, and as long as Whites exist as a result, Whites will be supreme. This professor is obviously admitting that White people are naturally superior to others. We knew that already, but is that by itself a good reason to hate Whites? Or to prevent Whites from being born? If someone realized this, and they really wanted a better world, they would actively encourage the birth of more and more Whites! That is what we try to do...

But this professor opposes all rational thinking by seeking to encourage Whites to disinherit their own children, for fear of being “racist”. This is not an isolated incident. We frequently see similar comments from academics in social media, or from Jews in mainstream media, and the curriculum in most schools and at all grade levels also reflects this same assault on both White racial identity and on traditional family values. But of course, most Identity Christians have known these things for decades, so this is nothing new to any of us, and this is only one aspect of the persistent attacks on our race and our culture which we see emanate very frequently from Jewry.

While this so-called professor was met by opposition to her Twitter propaganda, these must be the values which she also espouses to her students, and the school she teaches at must approve of them, since she is still employed. Jesse Daniels has a PhD from a Texas university, and has also worked at other institutions. But in spite of her openly racist comments, she is still employed at Hunter College, a part of the City University of New York (CUNY).

The Daily Mail in Britain also ran the story, and under the headline described Daniels’ remarks as having “blasted 'white families' for having children - a form of white supremacy” and as having “called on white people to disinherit children and give homes away when they die”, ostensibly to non-Whites.

Jesse Daniels is obviously a racist, but from what we have found there have been no calls for the termination of Daniels’ employment. Such calls would only be futile anyway. We can find at least a couple of men who have been terminated from their employment as mundane laborers simply for attending the #UniteTheRight rally in Charlottesville. But this professor can say whatever she wants about White people, and she can teach those things to students in the course of her employment, and she continues safely in her well-paid position, where she actually gets paid for indoctrinating young people with her anti-White nonsense. In addition, other educators in her field read her books and teach many of the same things to their own students. This is the situation all over America.

While Jesse Daniels is not alone in her endeavor, she is exemplary of that “spiritual wickedness in high places” that Paul of Tarsus had warned Christians to struggle against, and struggle against it we must. Jesse Daniels certainly is doing the bidding of “the rulers of the darkness of this world” (Ephesians chapter 6). This is why we must continue to do the things that we do, because we have to go beyond the Internet to raise awareness to our cause. We have to operate in the real world if we are going to confront that real world wickedness, and not merely hide behind a keyboard.

Jesse Daniels can get her books published without resistance. On the other hand, I am looking for a new publisher because mine canceled our account when after Charlottesville, some anonymous individual claimed to be offended. As long as the majority of White people in this country can hear Jesse Daniels, simply because of her employment and while we are suppressed, their lives and the lives of their children are in grave danger. We would be accomplices if we did nothing

While it is certain that some of them may come across a website like Christogenea on the Internet, or even Occidental Dissent, the odds of them actually reading or listening and understanding are quite small. It is far more likely that they will remain caught up in the mainstream media and supposed educational institutions that employ an army of people such as Jesse Daniels. And if it were up to people such as Daniels, the trumpeted “expert on ‘the Internet manifestations of racism’”, we would probably not even have a website. It is obvious to us that one of the objectives of Jesse Daniels’ work is to deprive us of that, while she herself spews anti-White racism freely in social media. So if we are going to raise awareness to our cause, we have to take to the streets, and we have to do it in diverse places. The more of us who do so, the better off we shall be and the more exposure we shall get in the enemy media. I will talk more about the enemy media later...

First I would like to say a few words about our own media – while we have media. Since the events of Charlottesville, there has been a lot of talk about optics, which really seems like a word adopted for peculiar purposes by metro-sexual tarts, where they actually mean appearances, but the word has had this manner of use in mainstream culture for some time. At Dictionary.com it is given a secondary definition as “the way a situation, action, event, etc., is perceived by the public or by a particular group of people...” Now regardless of how long the term has been used in this fashion, arguing over optics is vanity in the first place, because the enemy media portrays any event in a manner by which they can promote their own anti-White political agenda.

Before we discuss Shelbyville, we must also note that the optics debate includes complaints from certain factions about the League of the South and other such groups, about the flags, about the clothes, about the insignia and shields and helmets, things which were obviously an asset at Charlottesville. But after Shelbyville, some people even complained about the so-called Roman salute, as if we should abandon all of our historic customs for fear of avoiding some sissy’s embarrassment. Some clowns would go so far as to suggest that we wear suits and ties and attempt to emulate the appearance of Boca Raton real estate salesmen or Manhattan financial advisors. If we are going to do that, we may as well join Jared Taylor’s pro-sodomite, pro-Jewish American Renaissance. But I think we would rather all die in the streets with our confederate flags than to be found confederated with fags.

In our opinion, the League of the South has the best optics on the Right, and we would encourage them to maintain their appearance and their flags and their symbols at all costs. But it is not our purpose to argue about optics at all. I was never fascinated with the idea of wearing uniforms, of playing dress-up, or, as the Richard Spencer crowd would prefer, playing dress-up Barbie. However the benefit of a particular group wearing uniform clothing in a situation like Charlottesville is recognized immediately by those who have actually been in such a situation. The supposed men who argue about optics sound like a gaggle of whining bitches arguing about the color and style of their bridesmaid dresses. Those arguments should remain on the preppy alt-Right, and should not even be considered by real men.

With this we shall present our report on the events at Shelbyville.

Shelbyville: Words in the Wind

The cold damp Tennessee morning, the sun hidden behind dense clouds, felt more like mid-December than it did late October. So the mood probably did not appear as upbeat as it actually may have been as we gathered in the parking lot of an Antioch home improvement store. However it became apparent later that the same exuberant spirit which we saw in our fellows at Charlottesville certainly was present; it was only temporarily obscured by the unseasonable weather. This morning, as I wrote this exactly one week later, it is twenty-five degrees warmer in Antioch than it was on the day of our rally.

A long caravan of vehicles soon pulled out of the lot, and it was just over an hour before we would arrive in Shelbyville. The news of our coming had been announced in the local media for days, and from passing cars we received both enthusiastic approval and expressions of vitriol, but the approval was indeed more frequent. The operations people already knew where to park. A large local municipal lot was cleared out for our use. As we pulled our Jeep into the lot, it became apparent rather quickly that unlike New Orleans and Charlottesville, here the State would manage and supervise practically every detail of our activities.

Gathering for the march to the demonstration site, it was readily apparent that something was amiss. We didn't see any people. There were plenty of us, at least 200 and probably closer to 300, from the League of the South, the Traditionalist Worker Party, the National Socialist Movement and a few smaller groups. There were dozens of policemen, or perhaps more than dozens. There were also cops with sniper rifles set up on tripods on various porches and rooftops. Three helicopters and a large military-type drone were buzzing around overhead. The State was doing its best to impress us with its overwhelming power.

But one important element was missing. There were no other people, or “normies” as they are called in the right-wing Social Media circles. There were no average everyday people who would be expected to be moving around near a busy downtown business district on a Saturday morning.

First we paused for a prayer, and then from the parking lot we filed out into West Holland Street and down North Cannon Boulevard. Except for us and the police who were stationed all around the perimeter, the streets were virtually empty. Evidently, they had all been closed off long before our arrival. On our march to the designated demonstration area, we didn't get very far at all, and the barricades funneled us into a police checkpoint. No weapons, no water, not even a cigarette lighter would be allowed beyond that point. Even innocuous items, such as a key chain amulet I had in the shape of of an Iron Cross, were being classified as “weapons” and were not allowed into the demonstration area. I threw my key chain on the table and told the short pudgy female cop to keep it. Others volunteered to surrender similar items, rather than bring them all the way back to their vehicles.

The checkpoint charade, the metal detectors and pat-downs must have taken well over an hour for us, and perhaps over two hours for the entire group. My first impression is probably correct, that this certainly seemed to be a ploy to purposely waste our time. Moving on from there was a second checkpoint a half block away, which moved a little faster but which was just as annoying. There was speculation over its purpose, and I don’t know what it was, but I am sure that there is one spelled out somewhere in the totalitarian population control manuals. Passing through that, we were herded into an area on the Southwest corner of Lane Parkway and North Cannon Boulevard. Barb's Corner Cafe, a small business with a large parking lot, was to our rear. It was closed. The counter-demonstrators were across the street, on the Northwest corner of the same intersection. All of the businesses lining that side of the street were also closed.

Separating the two groups were rows of barricades and a line of police, both mounted and on foot. A small crowd of media photographers had cameras on tripods lined up on the Northeast corner. Parked facing us on the East side of Lane Parkway was a large armored military vehicle, positioned as if to be intimidating. Barricades and lines of policemen contained both our demonstration area and the route from the parking lot. All four corners of the intersection and long portions of the adjoining streets were also barricaded, and there was no traffic from any direction except for a few spectators who watched from a distance of perhaps a couple of hundred yards.

During the ensuing hour, the two sides hurled epithets, pejoratives and salutations back and forth at one another, while the police guarding the barricades between them maintained stoical expressions. Finally our side had its sound system set up, and the short list of speakers began to take turns with the microphone. The opposition did whatever they could to drown our side out, but most of us were able to hear what was being said in the various speeches. While some of the speakers vainly attempted to address our enemies, most of the preaching was only to the choir. Looking around the outer vicinity, a few curious people were gathered in diverse places to observe the spectacle from afar, but they were a very few people.

I cannot speak for the League of the South, but from my own observation I am certain that no matter how much advance planning the executive staff of the League can do, the State has far greater resources and can justify using them in any way that it finds expedient. So the State can always throw an unexpected curve or two and implement a plan of action that cannot be expected. Out of the three demonstrations I have attended this year, NOLA was by far the best policed and the most advantageous to our cause. At NOLA we were able to present a message to any of the general public which was interested, and at the same time there was very little violence while the counter-demonstrators were generally held in check.

In contrast, Charlottesville was nothing but a demonstration of State-sponsored anarchy, and both the government and the media are still continually lying about the facts. It may be years before they are brought out in the Courts, if indeed they are ever brought out at all. We cannot really expect justice in either the media or in the Courts.

Shelbyville was not anarchy, but instead it was State-imposed tyranny, where in an evident response to Charlottesville, we were put in a position of virtual isolation under the pretense of security. So the words of our speakers were little but words in the wind, because no outsider who cared could possibly have heard them. None of the normies had access to hear them, for the pain of undergoing the same police checkpoints and body searches that the demonstrators had to suffer.

It can be said that the opposition has the State in their pockets, because one way or another they managed to prevent us from speaking. But that is only how it appears on the surface. Rather, it is more apparent that the State has the opposition in its pocket, and purposely uses it as a tool to prevent our message from reaching the public. The result is that the normies heard nothing from us in either Charlottesville or Shelbyville. Nothing except what was presented by the local media.

Virginia found one way to silence the Right, and Tennessee found another at the opposite extreme. Free speech is now only valid for Approved speech, and the State now uses the presence of opposition as a tool to silence dissent. But what was the real purpose of our presence?

Here is a common definition for the word demonstration:


noun: demonstration...

    1. 1. the action or process of showing the existence or truth of something by giving proof or evidence....

    2. 2. a public meeting or march protesting against something or expressing views on a political issue....

Of course, the second definition fits the purpose of our type of demonstration. The purpose of a demonstration is not merely to shout at one's enemies, or to be shouted at in return. The purpose of a demonstration is not to put on a spectacle for all of the extra policemen that were hired for overtime pay. Rather, the purpose of a demonstration is to bring one's complaint to government awareness, by bringing one’s cause into public awareness, and that is the purpose of the First Amendment of the Constitution, to guarantee every individual citizen, or any particular group of citizens, the right to have its voice heard in the public arena.

Imagine that every time the Republicans held a convention, the Democrats forced their way in to have their own convention in the same location, at the same time. Then imagine that nobody else was allowed to watch. The noise from the opposing sides would simply drown everyone out, and no good thing would ever be heard. That is what the situation in Shelbyville had imposed upon us. But of course, since Republicans and Democrats are the parties in power, they make the rules to accommodate themselves or whoever else they choose to accommodate, and they declare as deplorable everyone whom they want to exclude from the public debate. There is nothing at all in the Constitution about political parties, but that does not seem to impede our oppressors.

On August 12th in Charlottesville, the State of Virginia silenced us by allowing our enemies to assault us at their pleasure. Then never getting an opportunity for much else besides self-defense, as soon as we tried that they used the force of the State to shut us down, arbitrarily revoking our rights to free speech and public assembly.

But in Shelbyville, the State silenced us by isolating us from the entire population – with the exception of the same counter-protestors whose purpose it was to silence us in the first place. Being sectioned off and separated into two pens and isolated from the world at large, all we could hear was noise from one side or the other. So just like Charlottesville, the mere presence of counter-protestors succeeded in denying to us our first amendment rights to free speech and public assembly. An isolated space in the out-of-doors is not public when it is sealed off by the State.

However for us, Shelbyville was still a victory. Our purpose was to draw attention to the Antioch church shootings which were committed by an African immigrant, and we succeeded in doing that. Another objective was to protest alien immigration into middle Tennessee, and we succeeded in doing that. Recordings of League of the South president Dr. Michael Hill were played on regional television, where clips of his speeches describing the war which our people face were indeed shown to the public. Of course, the media did their utmost to portray Dr. Hill’s words in a negative manner, but they will nevertheless help to arouse curiosity among the general population, and then people may go looking for us on the internet. In the long run, the negative publicity published by the enemy media is a positive contribution to our efforts, simply because we are not ashamed of that message. The media only has power over us when we become afraid and ashamed of ourselves, and that is not going to happen.

So in the wake of Charlottesville, and even though we were isolated on the streets of Shelbyville, the rally was worth the effort. The media gave us better publicity than we may have expected, and in the end our message was transmitted through the efforts of our enemies. By that it reached more people than it may have on that cold Saturday morning. We had good attendance on a weekend of not-so-good weather, and, at least in Shelbyville, we did what we had planned to do in spite of the imposed isolation. When we can make such an appearance without needing to commit any acts of violence – whether they are necessary or not – it helps to show that we are of good character in spite of the false claims of the enemy media. We only resort to violence when we find it necessary for our own defense, and that was true in Charlottesville in spite of the lies of the media. Virtually the same situation as Shelbyville also prevailed n New Orleans, and the same would have happened at Charlottesville if the police there had functioned properly. So in spite of the havoc which we had endured at Charlottesville, we must encourage more such activity and further demonstrations in other cities.

We could have done even better, but we were foiled by the slip of a tongue…

According to Hunter Wallace at Occidental Observer: “Antioch was our real target. The plan was to go to Shelbyville and Murfreesboro, put a spotlight on refugee resettlement and express righteous anger at the federal government. In the evening, the plan was to go to Antioch and have a candlelight vigil at the Burnette Chapel Church of Christ to show our grief and love for our own people. The plan was foiled though when Louisville Antifa caught wind [of] it.”

Fortunately, it was Hunter Wallace himself who found out that afternoon that the Louisville Antifa had heard of our anticipated appearance at the church in Antioch, and the plans by the League of the South had to be called off because the League would rather avoid the inevitable violence. Certainly this development would be contrary to the expectations of the media, but neither would they care to publicize the choice to avoid such violence rather than to purposely confront the Antifa in the streets. If we had gone forward with the plans, the inevitable confrontation would not have been good for our cause regardless of how it turned out. I won’t be as kind as Hunter Wallace, and I will say that shortly after the discovery I had learned that the Antifa found out our plans because Matthew Heimbach himself had prematurely divulged them to the public.

As for Murfreesboro, we initially thought that perhaps the long delays at the police checkpoints in Shelbyville had caused us to forgo the later appearance, which was only about thirty minutes down the road. Later I learned that it was decided that Murfreesboro may have been a set-up. In any event, it did draw a number of the opposition away from Shelbyville, so it was a fortuitous ploy, at the very least. The official statement of the League of the South on the event, which was issued by Michael Hill on October 30th, reads thus:

The League of the South and the Nationalist Front had a successful “White Lives Matter” demonstration in Shelbyville, Tennessee, on Saturday, 28 October. In all, we had about 300 attendees and the event was peaceful, thanks to the professionalism demonstrated by local and State law enforcement. Unlike Charlottesville, the peace was kept by thorough planning and on-site action by the authorities.

The only drawback to the increased security measures was that it took us a lot of time to pass through the two checkpoints before we got to our rally area. Because of these delays, we were not able to leave early to make our way to Henry Horton State Park for lunch and fellowship; thus by the time we finished at the park we did not have time to go to Murfreesboro to demonstrate there. This might have been a fortunate turn of events since we had received earlier in the week actionable intelligence that said Murfreesboro was a potential set-up for lawsuits against the League and the other Nationalist Front organizations. We don’t walk into potential traps where we cannot win. Instead, we fight battles we intend to win, and Shelbyville was one of these.

In Shelbyville we got our message out, had a fun and peaceful rally (like we had hoped to do in Charlottesville), and enjoyed the fellowship of other Southern/white nationalists. All in all, it was a profitable day for the League and our allies.

This statement by Dr. Hill is characteristically positive, and did not mention Antioch because in fact, Antioch was a non-event.

It was probably not long after 1:00 PM when we left Shelbyville. Our hotel was in Antioch, so on our return we traveled along the same route upon which we came. Passing through Murfreesboro on Church Street we observed a long line of counter-protestors bearing all of the usual signs, the same signs with the same tired Marxist slogans which we saw in New Orleans, Charlottesville and Shelbyville. They proclaimed love, as if any sort of love could pass for Christian love. They proclaimed that “black lives matter”, as if such a proclamation could ever make it true. If they really believed that strongly that black lives mattered, they would be in the streets of Chicago or Los Angeles at night, trying to stop the beasts from killing one another over nothing. All we sought to profess was that White lives matter, so why should that stand in opposition to these self-hating fools? Because Marxist indoctrination is a bundle of controversies with which those who are infected can never recognize.

Nearly all of the people we saw, and photographed, who were holding these “black lives matter” signs were White. In fact, at Shelbyville, we strained to count six negros in a group of two hundred Marxists, and from our brief observation it was apparent that the ratio at Murfreesboro was much the same. We did not stop there, because the League had already announced that it would not be going there. We heard that some smaller groups did go to Murfreesboro that afternoon, but we have not yet heard an account.

Back to the signs. One young red-haired White woman stood out. She bore a sign which said “Fuck White Supremacy”. We do not know whether she sought to denounce us or if she was proclaiming her own fantasies. Other Whites held signs which said “End Racism Now” plastered over pictures of Donald Trump, as if he were anything close to being a racist, or “make racists afraid again”, as if we were ever afraid. Other signs proclaimed “no White supremacy”, as if man could overcome nature, and “no nazis in my America”, as if a single man could possess the nation for himself. His ball cap had a pink brim, but we would have expected that even if we hadn’t seen him. There was at least one Heather Heyer sign, but as it turns out, the grossly overweight pig actually died of a heart attack several feet away from the path of the famous gray Dodge Challenger. The media will never correct the error, because they have already convinced the public of the lies and it fits their own agenda to perpetuate the lies. The truth may not be officially available to the general public for years, and by the time they have an opportunity to hear it the media will have a new drum to beat so as to distract them from finding it.

Regardless of what we think of the counter-demonstrators, their purpose at every one of our rallies is to prevent our message from being heard. The objective of the Antifa is not to introduce their own ideas to the public, their college professors and the controlled media do that for them. Rather, their purpose is to completely silence right-wing dissent, by any means possible. When they cannot do it by numbers, they instead resort to violence, like they did in Charlottesville. Now the media grouses that the White Nationalists have claimed to have been the victims in Charlottesville, but the hundreds of videos of incidents in the streets prove us to be correct. The media just doesn’t care. They push the same agenda that the Marxist White-hating professor Jesse Daniels pushes.

The following court decision is from a case labelled United States of America, v. Roger David Handley, et al. It stemmed from interaction in a criminal case between the Southern Poverty Law Center and the FBI, where depositions taken by the SPLC and submitted to the government were barred by the Court. The criminal case resulted from a clash between the Klan and a group of negro civil rights protesters, in which there was a violent confrontation. The ruling was made in 1984, and reaffirmed by the same Court in 1986. Here is a paragraph from the conclusion which is pertinent to our recent experiences:

It would certainly be incorrect and unfair of anyone to surmise from this opinion that this Court has sympathy for the Ku Klux Klan as an organization. This Court agrees with the general understanding that the Klan is a vigilante group which undoubtedly from time to time violates the constitutional rights of citizens. However, one vigilante group does not justify the creation and operation of a counter-vigilante group in violation of the constitutional rights of the first group. The basic distinction in this case between the Klan and the Center is that the Klan members were and are unsophisticated, impecunious and ignorant of legal procedures, whereas the lawyers and investigators at the Center are quite sophisticated, socially acceptable and well financed. To tolerate a rape of the rights of members of the Klan would be a recognition that some sort of double standard exists for the application of constitutional protections. A member of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference surely has every right to expect the federal courts to uphold and to protect his civil rights. A member of the Ku Klux Klan has every right to expect the same.

So as recently as 1986, we still have a right to make demonstrations and profess our message publicly, no matter how odious some may think it to be. Regardless of how badly our enemies want to silence us and prevent us from speaking at all, we cannot stop doing the things that we are doing. We cannot stop making public demonstrations and appearances, and in fact, we should conduct them more often. But of course, I am only speaking for myself.

Once again, I am not saying these things because I think that we have a political solution. The Courts will burn us in the end, if we fall into the trap of the court system. We cannot trust in either Courts or in politicians, and if anyone still thinks Donald Trump is going to make America great again, they are five times the fools that they were last November. We have no political solution, and we must continue to bring our cause directly to our people for that very reason. The day is coming when we may have no speech at all, either in public or on the internet.

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