The Wrong Stuff, Inside Edition

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The Wrong Stuff, Inside Edition

At Christogenea, we have always denigrated the Alt-Right and its leaders and for various legitimate reasons. We have spoken about Mike Enoch and other Alt-Right figures in the past, such as Andrew Anglin and the character known as Weev. But except for Mike Delaney’s long-ago and former friendship with Anglin, we never had an insider’s perspective on any of these individuals. But now we have Dasho, who has recently come to Christian Identity, and perhaps he can introduce himself by explaining his transition. Dasho is a former member at the forum of The Right Stuff, and a former moderator of the break-away Forum called The Purity Spiral, who was an Alt-Right insider for several years. We first met him when he joined the Christogenea forum several months ago. Perhaps this is timely, as Mike Enoch once again aspires to be an Alt-Right leader, having announced just weeks ago the formation of his own political party, calling it the National Justice Party, of which he is now chairman.

All of the sound clips used for this presentation, as well as many of the full-length sources, are found on the page for Mike Enoch at the Christogenea Media Sharing website.

What follows include my post-program remarks...

I will start with information that I wish I'd have had before the podcast was recorded Thursday afternoon, but it came to me too late. It is now certain that Mike Peinovich took the alias "Enoch" from what is apparently one of his mother's middle names, as she is known as Paula Enockson Sippel, or on as Paula Katherine Enockson Peinovich Sippel. The name "Enockson" is claimed to be Norwegian, but I will remain skeptical. The way it is used here, it may have been her mother's maiden name, which she retained. Notice that she used her own surname, although she was married to Peinovich, Mike Enoch's father. However in her professional life, it seems that she did go by "Dr. Paula Peinovich". She can be located on Facebook and other social media, but evidently died in 2019. Former Rebel Media reporter Laura Loomer tweeted a photo of Paula Sippel together with Hillary Clinton in August of 2017, but I never saw it until yesterday.

During the podcast, Dasho explained that the real name of Mike Enoch's wife was Ames Friedman. Later, Dasho provided us with a copy of a meme that was circulated, which is made over a screenshot of a Youtube page belonging to "TixGirl ConcertShots". As of this writing, the Youtube account is still active, but all of the controversial videos visible in the meme are now gone. But displayed within the meme are pages which had been stored at the website of the Internet Archive where it certainly can be seen that  "TixGirl" is Ames Friedman, using the same profile image used on a November, 2016 archive of Ames Friedman's Facebook page. TixGirl also has a Twitter page, which has beeen inactive since 2017.

Here is the TixGirl archive: (Click here for screenshot.)

Here is the Facebook page archive: (Click here for screenshot.)

What is interesting is that while in November 2016 Ames Friedman's Facebook page displayed a woman who had claimed to be a "her" and who had photos of herself and Mike Enoch, now as of this writing the same page belongs to someone who claims to be a "him" and has all different friends. (Click here for screenshot.)

To this day, the About page for the TixGirl Youtube account says "New and vintage concert videos from both the photo pit and the fan perspective. Special focus on LGBTQ+ performers and musicians." It was created in September, 2016, only months before Mike "Enoch" Peinovich was doxxed, and it was learned that they are Jewish. (Click here for screenshot.)

Here is the Detox "This is How We Jew It" video on Youtube: The comment introducing the video says in part "From the 2015 album 'Christmas Queens,' produced by PEG Records, available on iTunes." Of course it is available on iTunes, but Christogenea won't be.

Dasho explained that once it was revealed that Enoch's wife had been an activist in the Jewish B'nai B'rith organization, as well as with Antifa and with the LGBTQ agenda, that Enoch attempted to downplay her participation in his own work, and any role she may have had. Yet it is clear that she was indeed fully involved. While Dasho could not find the episode of The Right Stuff where she had sung a particular antisemitic song for a Christmas broadcast, we have located another that is probably from a different year. What follows is a clip from the Enoch podcast, The Daily Shoah, #64, which is a spoof on a traditional Chrismas song. As of this writing, this episode, which ran in 2015, is missing from The Daily Shoah archives at The Right Stuff website. It features Mike Enoch's wife, who is apparently introduced as "Sue", after the host said "speaking of Fascism and strong female leads", and gave her credit for writing the lyrics. So the host evidently thought that Mike Enoch's wife was of the same political persuasions as the rest of the Alt-Right members of The Right Stuff. She sounds like a serious advocate of alt-right issues, but that is completely contrary to all of the actions of her private life.      

The more we look into The Right Stuff, and the Alt-Right in general, the deeper the rabbit hole turns out to be, and the more we discover that the key figures of the Alt-Right are only a cast of actors and pretenders, shills who are more interested in rhetoric and entertainment that they are in political leadership, and who through the use of Internet media are leading a generation of sincerely concerned American youth down the road to nowhere. If you consider yourself to be "Alt-Right", you are being played by Jews, Sodomites and hypocrites.

Some graphic-based resources from Dasho:

A page of memes made from evidence collected against Enoch,  legitimate and dubious: Click here for attachment.

The original meme from the TixGirl Youtube Channel: Click here for attachment.

Screrenshot photo of Enoch's wife with a transvestite entertainer from TixGirl: Click here for attachment.

Some quotations from the sodomite Greg Johnson with readable links that lead to pages recording the sources: Click here for attachment. We hope to follow-up on these one day soon.

This is late, as it is now March 23rd, 2021, but here is a copy of Mike Enoch's wife singing her Christmas song: